transfer of care

EMT Gripes

When we go to a facility for a medical transport and the nurse can’t give us a decent report on the patient, or answer basic questions about the patient.

“this isn’t my patient” “I just got on” or “I don’t normally work on this floor” don’t cut it and are all bullshit excuses for not doing your fucking job.

As a care provider nurses have a duty to properly transfer care of a patient prior to transport to another facility. This is massively important given the fact that they will be transferring care of their patient from a fully staffed hospital to two EMS personnel. We have to keep the patient alive and do the jobs of basically everyone at the hospital. We don’t have the privilege of having the massive support network that nurses have at hospitals. If nurses comprehend how patient care works this should all go without saying.

I don’t know if it’s laziness or incompetence but there is no excuse for neglecting one of your patients by not giving EMS appropriate information and paperwork for said patient. 

Additionally, if a nurse tells us the patient is DNR but for some reason can’t produce a valid DNR, why are nurses confused when we tell them the patient will become a full code without a DNR? 

Request: Happy’s girl

Request: Sex in public with Happy.

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for Mr. Lowman today? Rough side and sweet side…

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Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: language, smut

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You were a doctor, working at St. Thomas Hospital, in Charming, waiting for a big opportunity in life when you met Happy Lowman. His mother was one of your patients, always talking about her son. Sometimes proud, sometimes angry, but even in those moments, you could see the love in her eyes.

Happy had transferred from Tacoma to take care of her and he started to go with her at the appointments every chance he could get. You got to know him better while you waited for his mother between examines and soon you were friends.

Some co-workers warned you, but you wasn’t scared. Happy was nothing but a gentleman with you and his raspy voice made you fall for him a little more every day. Eventually he invited you to a clubhouse party, and that was a life change. You started to hang around the club and with Happy, soon becoming his girlfriend.


Life was going pretty well. Date Happy was an experience beyond your wildest dreams and though he was a quiet guy, you could feel his love to you, he showed that through his actions, by taking care of you and being gentle with his mother too.

Your big dreams were forgotten between that quickly changes in your life, so, when the letter came it took a while for you to fully understand what that meant. You immediately thought about Happy, and his family, you couldn’t let them. However, you didn’t had any guarantees that the relationship was going somewhere.

You talked to your friends at the hospital, looking for some opinion. All of them told you to go forward, but your heart said the opposite. Struggling, you wrote the answer to the letter just a couple of days later.


At the end of your shift, you decided to send the letter and walked to your car thinking about it. You didn’t notice the bike parked just behind it until a raspy voice called you.

“Hi little girl”, he said. You always blushed when he called you that way, especially outside the bed.

“Hi”, you said. “What are you doing here?”

“Just paying a visit to my girl”, he said. “Am I allowed?”

“Of course you are”, you put your purse inside the car and walked towards him. Happy met you half way and put his hands on your hips.

“I saw mom this morning”, he said. On the day before, Mrs. Lowman was at the hospital for some examines with her another doctor. “She heard the nurses talking”

That put you in an alert mood, plus, you notice that your boyfriend’s expression wasn’t exactly reflecting his name. “Talking about…?”, you asked. His hands still holding your hips.

“You”, he said. “They said you are moving to L.A. A big hospital made you an offer, a pretty good one”

“Hap…”, you started, but he ignored you. He pushed you towards the car, your back hitting the door.

“Are you leaving me little girl?”, he said with that raspy voice you loved so much. Happy leaned forward, his lips kissing you neck. You couldn’t help a moan, your hand stroking his arm.

“Happy”, you whispered. “Let’s talk. Let’s go home”

“I don’t wanna talk”, he snapped, his mouth close to your ear. His grip was tight on your hips, keeping you still. “You are not leaving me”

Before you could say something his hand slid inside your jeans, his finger touching you through your panties. You sighed, surprised and excited at the same time, he could feel you were wet, only by his kiss and brief touch.

“You like that don’t you?”, he laughed pressing his finger against you, founding your sensitive clit. You nodded, speechless. The parking lot was empty, but someone could appear at any moment.

Happy put your panties aside, his finger teasing your entrance while he bit your earlobe. You moaned a little bit louder and he silenced you with his lips, clamming yours. Adding another finger, Happy slid them inside you. Your legs were weak, if wasn’t for his arm strongly keeping you where he wanted, you would have fallen on the ground.

“Touch me”, he demanded. You touched his crotch, feeling how hard he already was. Happy groaned and lifted you in his arms, settling you at the car’s hood.

“Hap”, you protest. “Someone can see us”

“I don’t care”, he hissed and dragged your pants down your legs. You looked in shock as he unbuckled his belt, letting his own jeans felt around his ankles. He held your legs, pulling you closer. You covered your mouth with your hand when he pushed inside you with a hard thrust. “Fuck!”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting Happy do what he wanted. He set a pace, merciless pounding inside you. He was angry, that was obvious, but you never thought that you would be the cause of that. Your relationship was excellent and now he was angry with you, for the slightly possibility of leaving him. If that didn’t tell you how much he loved you, nothing else would.

“Happy”, you moaned. He knew you were close and slowly lied you down on the hood. His thumb rubbed your clit while he kept thrusting; you arched your back, feeling your walls tightened around him. He groaned and said your name, founding release too.

Happy put you on your feet again, holding you and put your pants back on. You leaned against the car and looked at him buckling his pants back too.

“I’m not leaving”, you said. Happy looked at you, taking a step forward. “I did got a propose, but I’m refusing it. The letter is in my purse, you can look it”

His jaw clenched, still angry, but Happy grabbed your purse inside the car and took the letter in his hands, reading it.

“Good”, he said, handing the letter and purse back to you. “But you thought about leaving”

It wasn’t a question. You nodded and stared at him, “Yes, I did. That’s why you heard the nurses talking. I asked for my supervisor’s opinion”

“Why?”, he asked. “Aren’t you happy?”

“I’m happy here, but this was always my dream and I still don’t know where we are going…”

“Where are we going?”, he narrowed his eyes, walking closer to you. “You are mine girl. You can’t just leave me”

“You never told me, I mean…”, you gasped.

“I just SHOWED you that you are mine”, Happy roughly pulled you to his body, pressing you against his hard chest. “But I can’t tell, if words are what you need… I love you girl, you are mine and I don’t want you to leave Charming or me”

“I won’t”, you said, surprised by that rare moment. “I love you too”

You saw, for a brief moment, a smile on Happy’s face before he kissed you. “You better put that letter on the mail baby. Then go see mom, she is freaking out”, he said hopping onto his bike.

“I will”, you smiled, opening the car’s door.

“Then go home and wait for me”, he said putting his helmet and smiling. “I’m not done with you little girl”

You swallowed, thinking about what he meant and watched him left the parking lot. You never, ever would think about leaving Charming again.

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Update on my family members (it’s been a while): So turns out my grandpa had a heart attack that night due to five heart blockages in his heart which is why he was found not breathing, he had surgery to fix those those and is definitely recovering and getting better. I’m not really sure if he’s no longer comatose. According to my grandma, he’s being transferred to a regular care center since it’s no longer an emergency and at this current rate it seems like he will survive and do well. As for my uncle in Ireland, my mom is there right now and it’s not looking good at all. He’s currently in the hospital again, his liver is deteriorating very quickly, he can’t speak, and he basically no longer has a functioning immune system so anything as small as a cold will kill him. He’s on a waiting list for a liver transplant but at this very moment he has a very small chance of surviving. My grandma (who is staying to help me and my brother watch over our younger brother) already cried over him yesterday so my mom is asking me not tell her about his current condition at the moment so she doesn’t have to worry more. According to my mom, he’s “no longer the brother that [she knows]” and she’s devastated.

TL;DR: Grandpa’s alright, uncle’s getting ready to kick the bucket

OK I talked to Megs about this already but listen. Listen.

McSpirk where Spock is asexual (aside from that Vulcan Biological Imperitive that punches him in the face and sends him back to New Vulcan every seven years)

Jim is physically affectionate always, and he does like kissing Spock a lot, and whenever he gets too into it and his body catches fire, so to say, Spock transfers him to Leonard’s care if it’s available. Spock doesn’t so much worry with Leonard. They have a much subtler way of sharing affection- tea appearing at elbows at the right time, long conversations in the middle of the night, tangled limbs even when they’re both awake. They don’t supernova the way Jim does, but they have a nice, slow burn.

No hard feelings or jealousy, Spock doesn’t secretly feel left out because he understands, logically and emotionally, that just because Jim and Leonard are having sex with each other and not with him doesn’t mean he’s any less a part of their relationship.

They also don’t feel betrayed by Spock getting off with a Vulcan female during Pon Farr because it’s literally meaningless to him, emotionally, and they’re always around afterwards to reassure him with food and care and support (and cuddles). Leonard fusses over Spock and his out-of-whack readings. Spock may or may not stop it by trapping the human in his strong Vulcan arms and going to sleep on the spot.

Jim has a tendency to vanish in the mornings to exercise and Spock gets out of bed to work in the quiet and make Leonard coffee before the doctor gets up, and Jim usually comes home to Leonard leaning against Spock’s shoulder wrapped in a blanket and slowly waking up as he drinks his coffee while Spock reads reports on his PADD.

Nobody feels bad and everyone loves each other.


As a wildlife rehabber I see all types of animals (raptors as my specialty) but I also rehab mammals, birds, and reptiles as well! I raised these 2 red squirrels last fall and the weather made it too late to release them so they were transferred to be cared by another rehabber with bigger caging for overwintering them. Finally the day has come where I got to release them! It was such a heart warming moment to see these beautiful sassy critters go back into the wild where they belong!

Thea had finally been transferred from the intensive/critical care unit of the hospital to a regular recovery room in a different ward. This transfer meant her father would now allow her visitors beyond him and Preston; and she couldn’t be happier. Faintly hearing someone knock at her door, she moved to a seated position. “C-Come in.” She called out, her voice still weak. 


Tifa is- like a mother. Naturally when Barret can’t be there for Marlene, this is when she transfers to the primary care of Tifa. While in this family, Marlene and Tifa are the center, the rock, the constant. They make life comfortable, and enjoyable. They introduce a peace to souls who otherwise never feel them. She also devotedly cares for Denzel, and has adopted him in a sort of ways, her and Cloud both. They play mother and father to these two children in need of stability and nurture. 

Tifa is- a close ally in battle. Tifa is a strong woman, and although her physical appearance is meant to be a deception, she is incredibly strong. Silk hides iron and ruby eyes hide fire, together she is a smoldering goddess made of titanium. She will always support her friends, always come to their aid, always tell them when it’s time to be strong, smile warmly when they return, she isn’t just a close ally in battle, she is the heart of the entire group.

Tifa is- a sweetheart (meaning beloved or lover) \ˈswēt-ˌhärt\ a person you love, especially a person you have a romantic relationship with: Tifa is especially loved by one man in particular. This is the man who was a true friend when she needed it. He supported her, and always wanted to be there with her, be at her side. She was at his every single time he needed her. They share a promise beneath the stars, a confession of romantic feelings beneath the stars, a future and a home. It was stated that together is where they belong, and together is where their future is. I can only imagine what he would do on this beautiful day. Do you think he woke her up with some breakfast in bed? Filled the house with vibrant colors and flowers? Called everyone over because Tifa lives in a world where all the ones she cares for are her family, or perhaps Marlene and Denzel help him plan a quiet evening just the two of them for a romantic date and day off? You have to wonder, with how much Cloud adores Tifa, how he must have been fretting about what to get her, and what to do on this day. Knowing it was coming up, getting more anxious and excited to surprise her with his chosen gift and celebrate her.

Tifa is- an inspiration, a savior, and a friend. This is what she is for us, players, people. We love her, and we know her well enough to know that if she were real she’d love all of us and consider us part of her family of friends. That’s who Tifa is. She’s a beautiful woman who has given so many courage. She’s a role model, someone so many relate to. She doesn’t give up, she keeps fighting and fighting, she doesn’t let anything drag her down. She has too much she needs to take care of and too many people counting on her to be there to keep being the force of nature that she is. She’s comforted us with her wise words and deep insight, she’s humbled us with her apologies and her tears and her regrets, she’s cheered us up with her adorable jokes and jabs. Tifa Lockhart is truly unable to be described accurately with mere words, they just can’t do her justice, there isn’t a word strong enough or powerful enough yet to capture the unparalleled grace of Tifa Lockhart. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I love you.