Balmung/Gilgamesh Transfers

I’ve seen it happening a lot, so I’m going to make a text post thing about it.

If you are going to transfer off one of the congested servers, pleeeeease make a new alt on whatever server you plan to go to first. Get a feel of the community and population. Make sure it is somewhere that you would be happy to make your new home. I have seen it happen several times that people have transferred to some low population server, only to be met with either toxicity towards transfer players, or dealing with an empty/low population server after having been on Balmung/Gilgamesh for so long. 

I don’t mean to start or stir any sort of drama with this post, but if you plan to transfer, PLEEEEASE do your due research first. You won’t be able to return your character to Balmung/Gilgamesh anytime in the near future, and you should be making the move to have a fun play experience.

A note on my getting back on track challenge

So I’ve been doing this challenge to try and get myself back into the habit of studying regularly and working hard at university. However one thing that I didn’t really take into account is the reason that I’m having to work so hard to force myself to study. And maybe that’s because I’m studying the wrong thing.  I decided to do a bachelor of science majoring in biochemistry because I really liked chemistry and it would be good to use as pre-med or just put me in good stead to transfer after the first year. However neither the subjects I’ve been studying or the goal I had in mind (to become a doctor) was really exciting me anymore.

I decided that I needed to change what I was studying so I considered what subject I loved studying most: physics. I had wanted to be a physicist in year 9 and 10 so this isn’t really a new passion of mine. The reason that I didn’t pursue this was because I didn’t think that I’d have the mentality to be able to work on a project for years and years without necessarily seeing obvious progress. I’m now not so convinced that that would be the case for me but in any case there is another path apart from being a physicist that interests me. Being a physics teacher, now I find this a bit intimidating because I know I will never live up to the fantastic physics teacher that I had in year 12. But anyway I do like the appeal of helping the next generation to understand the world so that they can then go out and change it.

So that’s the goal, now for the plan. Since I did not do any of the required subjects for any physics degree at my university I will basically have to start from the beginning and most of the classes only run in semester 1. So I will wait until next year to start my degree. However this doesn’t mean I’ll be sitting on my arse for the rest of the year. I’ll be using chemistry and biology as my electives in whatever degree I do so I will get them out of the way and do one less subject in first and second year of the new degree. I will also do maths 1A next semester and then 1B during summer to get another subject crossed off my list.

There are several physics degrees I could do most of which I could use my ATAR to get into. However the one that interests me most is high performance computational physics which my ATAR is not high enough to get me into. So I would have to use my GPA. I need a GPA of at least 6 (distinction average) to get in which I am currently just scraping. This GPA is going to be harder to get with the subjects I’m doing next semester but that just means I’ll have to work a lot harder than I have been. So the plan is to work as hard as I possibly can to try and transfer into high performance but by the time transfers open I’ll have a rough idea of how I’m going and if I’m not going to make it I’ll apply to transfer into another physics degree instead.

Wish me luck