transexualpervert replied to your post: upd8

Agreed. Also Brooke and I just “awwww’d” sadly simultaneously as we read your post.

i can’t go on like this

collapses to the floor

dry sobs

on a completely unrelated note, next time i visit hayden we need to coordinate so that the five of us can actually skype

(sports cat of course being the fifth)

I'm a genius.
  • Me:we're the best
  • we should actually have comics made of us
  • but the only people who find them funny
  • would be us
  • or people like us
  • and everyone else
  • would be like "what the fuck this is horrifying"
  • and we'd be rolling on the floor laughsobbing about self-injury
  • and then high-five
  • and curl into balls and rock around
  • Marlena:oh god it would be the best though
  • Me:basically