People gotta stop using the term “trans-black”

It’s offensive as HELL.

You cannot transition into another ethnicity by taking in its culture. Your culture is influenced by your identity development. I developed my understanding of blackness through my perception of self, others reactions to me, my experiences, and my environment.

If you wear it like a new hat- it’s appropriation. You wanting to be black is not equated to someone’s feelings of gender dysphoria.


Contextually, the warped logic of transethnics who draw from dark skinned, POCs desires to be lighter skinned and/or white to their desire to be POC is non-comparable.

Internalized racism is a response to neo-colonialism and a culture that values whiteness over the cultures, ethnicities and racially codified characteristics of POCs. The envying of institutionalized white privilege, which usually manifests itself as a desire to be white, is not comparable to people who take racists stereotypes about POCS, internalize them and then perpetuate them while still having white privilege.

Transethnics are still perpetuating racism and are racists. Calling yourself something does not make it so, and identifying as a POC erases actually POC experiences. Also, identifying as POC does not take away a transethnic, white person's racial privilege.

In fact, transethnics are reinforcing cultural whiteness. To “pass” as the race they’re pretending to be, they need to rely on cultural appropriation and racist attitudes.

It’s offensive. It’s unfortunate and overall, it’s pathetic.
Spokane NAACP Leader's Race Becomes Subject Of Controversy
Rachel Dolezal presented herself as black, white and Native American. But her parents question that, saying she is white. The discrepancy has sparked heated debate.

What the fuck is this bullshit? Is this what they call “transethnic/transracial”? My God, will white people ever stop mocking us and being racist pieces of shit?

Just stop comparing transgender to transethnicity.

Transgender and transethnic are nothing alike. Transethnicity is racism, plain and simple.

Human embryos begin female, and then hormones are added to make changes. Some of the hormone mixes produce people who are not as different from their original female form as others. From intersex people and transgender people to cis people, gender is a spectrum. Intersex and transgender people have physiological differences from cis people as a result of the different hormone mixes. In intersex people, these differences include genitalia and/or secondary sex characteristics that are often more obvious. In transgender people, these physiological differences are largely limited to the brain.

Hormones influence physiology and, as a result, influence behavior, how one feels, how one thinks. Caitlyn Jenner did not “one day choose to pretend to be a woman,” she has been a woman all her life, in her brain, in the physiological differences in her brain that make her feel like a woman.

Further, gender may be a social construct, but it is one with at least some basis in nature. Race, on the other hand, is an entirely manmade concept with no basis in nature at all. There are no hormones that influence behavior by race. The only physiological differences between the “races” are purely cosmetic, and here and there some increased or decreased tendencies toward certain genetic diseases. None of these differences inherently affects behavior.

No two people are alike, and while we organize races by certain traits, anyone who has bothered to examine these things deeply knows that these lines are largely arbitrarily drawn. There are people in India who look black; there are black people who are lighter skinned than many white people. And then there’s Jewish people, considered a different race even though most of them look white. Also, there are fewer genetic differences between the whitest white man and the blackest black man, than there is between a Russell Terrier and a Rat Terrier. Human beings are, in fact, an extremely inbred race, due to the genetic bottleneck that reduced the worldwide population to about 10,000 (ten thousand) individuals. Given the whole XX and XY difference between the two scientifically recognized sexes, that means XX humans and XY humans have more genetic differences between them than blacks have from whites.

Therefore, all behavioral differences between races are a result of culture, society, and individuality. There are thus no physiological traits that can make a white person feel like a member of a different race than the one they were born to. It is a decision made consciously out of ignorant racism. It may be racism of the kind that admires people for their stereotypes rather than despises them, but it is still racism.

been trying to think for a while why trans-ethnic/racial shouldn’t be compared to transgender and it clicked. it’s simple.

gender has been a social construct for years, and it’s meant that since birth we’ve been taught gender roles and ‘societal norms’ that men/women etc should conform to.

race and ethnicity on the other hand are, not only different, but aren’t as simple. i.e the black experience in america ain’t the same as the black experience in the uk.

while women/men are expected to do certain things worldwide, ethnic cultures and racial behaviours are specific to each region and place.

im not the best at explaining shit but basically:

you cannot adopt yourself into a ethnicity or into a race that isn’t part of your own because there isn’t one single ‘culture’ for ethnic minorities. it’s racist as fuck to paint ethnicities as a singular entity because they’re the same race. you can’t say that you’re trans-asian cos you like rice and noodles. that’s fucked. that’s racist. 

i was reading about some tumblr white kids calling themselves ‘trans-korean’ cos they’ve apparently read up on the culture and are interested in the music. what kind of foolishness. how can u just decide that you belong to an ethnicity. 

seeing tumblr accept some of these people makes me sick. no thought about institutional oppression. just bare liberal ‘accept everyone and be free xoxox’ bullshit.

yall completely disregard transgender people by doing this as well. fix the fuck up you privileged knobheads.

Transethnics remind me of those people* (read*: Wapanese, Western people who believe they should have been born Japanese because they are SO INFORMED about the culture).

They wrap themselves up in Harajuku or Visual Kei, wear anime-eye contacts, perfect what they hope is a “kawaii” smile and always whine about how they wish they could look like a cute/adorable Japanese girl or woman.

Like Japanese women aren’t infantilized enough as it is. 

buttbucket asked:

is there such thing as being transethnic? How does that work?

Here’s the thing. 

I think they are full of shit because we’ve created a framework of talking about ethnicity already and it took a fuckton of work.

For example:

Being Haitian I could genetically/technically be,

  • Taino
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian(idk, just work with me)
  • Portuguese
  • Some West African(Malian, Nigeran, Nigerian, Ghanian, Guinean, Burkina Fasoan, Western Saharan, Mauritania, from Chad, etc;)
  • etc; 

But* because we have already established a framework for my culutural identity, I used the closest relation to me(my parents) and use their birthplace(Haiti) and call myself Haitian.

Could I technically be Taino or Russian? Maybe. 

But I’m not going to call myself because I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS LIKE TO BE TAINO or RUSSIAN. And it would be an erasure of actual Taino people to call myself that. 

So yea, full of shit.

Ok you know what?  All this shit about being “transracial” needs to stop immediately.  White people who are bored with their identity or whatever crazy shit do not get to claim that they they are “transracial” aka “really black/asian/hispanic/ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHITE on the inside” because they will NEVER face the oppression or discrimination we face.  You do not get to take all fun stuff you like from someone else’s culture and claim it and then continue to benefit from your own white privilege.  When we express our culture we get harassed and fired from our jobs and KILLED but when you do it, your being trendy and “expressing your real culture”??? Hell no.  You are being a complete asshole.  Race is a social construct.  No one is black or asian or white or any thing else “on the inside” because race does not exist genetically.  Race is the result of thousands of years of exploitation of different cultures because of perceived physical differences.  So “transracial” does not exist.

Historically, black people have tried to pass as white for their safety.  White people who are “transracial” do not try passing as another culture for safety, they are exploiting another culture/race/ethnicity that is oppressed from a position of privilege and taking what they want to fulfill their own sick desires.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with appreciating other cultures.  That is something to be encouraged.  But this whole being “transracial” is nothing short of cultural appropriation and exploitation and is ABSOLUTELY unacceptable.  

Rachel Dolezal is not “transracial.”  She is an asshat and she is part of the reason why we can’t make any goddamn progress. 

A lot of my friends keep trying to tag me in this Rachel Dolezal thing, attempting to make a stretch at why being transgendered can’t be a thing because how obnoxious being transracial is. So let me say a few things.

Transracial. Transethnic. Changing your race at a whim. Is not a thing. 

Being transgender has no affiliation with transracial. If anything this push for transethnicity completely undermines any strides that have been made in the transgender community.  

Gender and sex are not the same. Biology decides your sex, society decides your gender. 

Although there is no biological base for race its pretty fair to say if you have two white parents they will produce a white offspring. 

There is so much more to race than just skin tone. There’s history, there’s culture, there’s community. There are LIVED experiences by people every day. Rachel Dolezal doesn’t live these experiences, and no matter how much she pretends she will never fully live these experiences.

Ethnic women specifically in this case black women have experienced fetishization at large since forever. Our hair, our bodies, our sexual nature, our skin, everything about us is fetishized. Rachel Dolezal is nothing more than a fetishizer. There is a complete difference between being appreciative of a culture, and being an ally for a group of people and being an appropriator. 

Rachel Dolezal is more than welcome to appreciate black culture and to be an ally for the black community. However picking up and pretending to be whatever flavor of black she finds acceptable is absolutely unacceptable.

Rachel Dolezal you would have been much more appreciated had you been yourself, debunked your white privilege and continued to be an advocate for the black community. But pretending to be one of us you have now outcasted yourself. You cannot possibly know the pain in my history, or in my present. The fact you made your livelihood around trying to educate other people about the black experience, not only are you a fraud you’re a disgusting person. 

why the hell do people think that race and gender is the same thing?? you can change your gender. you can’t change your race. what the actual fuck
saying that “changing race” is the same as changing gender is highly transphobic and people literally try to do it so nobody thinks they’re being culturally appropriative. transethnicity is a gross mockery of transgender.

i feel sorry for all the people defending rachel dolezal. they’re being really fucking racist. and if you haven’t noticed, all the people trying to compare it to changing gender are using Caitlyn Jenner as an example and they’re all deadnaming and misgendering her. i’m disgusted.

Let's get this straight

Race is a social construct.
Gender is a social construct.
Both have been used to put one group on top, one group on bottom.
That is the extent of their similarity.

Both race and gender are racial constructs, but they have been perpetuated differently and have had different effects on human society. They CANNOT be treated the same, and what is fine for remedying the effects of one is not necessarily good for the other.

Distinguishing between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal:

The distinction between Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal can unfortunately be difficult to grasp without some background in sociology, feminist theory, queer theory, and a little psychology. I’ll attempt to provide this context below.

(Disclaimer: I am Malaysian-Chinese, and my knowledge has been learned from other Black, trans, and other people of colour. Anyone with that lived experience who wants to correct or add anything are welcome to do so.)

Psychology - Children generally develop a stable sense of their gender identity by age 4, at which point they begin to learn gender norms. Most transgender folk innately know their gender identity at this very young age, or at some other point in childhood, but unfortunately do not feel free to transition or express their true, felt identity. Rachel Dolezal, however, was raised entirely as a white individual through to adulthood. She has no lived experience as a black woman. At some point in her adulthood, she decided to construct a faux-black identity based entirely on physical appearance. What makes her ‘blackness’ fake and illegitimate is that gender is a much more open, fluid, and accommodating construct than is race. Outside of the gender binary, people identify as androgyne, two-spirit/bigender, multigender, agender, nonbinary and more. Please feel free to look them up.

Race is a concept that  early/proto-anthropologists and scientists formally created in the 17th century. 1735 - Carolus Linnaeus categorises the human species into racial categories defined by continent and skin colour, later attaching stereotypical 'temperaments’. 1775 - Johann Friedrich Blumenbach proposes racial categories based on physical features, but does not assign hierarchies. Prior to the 17th century, ancient civilisations (e.g. Ancient Greece) had what we would call precursors to race, and were almost always tied to a hierarchy of higher and lower, better or worse. Historically and currently, the concept of race has always been inextricably tied to racial supremacy, oppression, and discrimination. The dominant understanding of race in North America is this early European model that categorises the world’s people, mixed with the US 'one-drop rule’ based on blood/ancestry. In this framework, you are either one race, or biracial/mixed. Many mixed people choose which side to identify, and this most often is tied to their appearance.

Point being, Rachel Dolezal cannot be compared to biracial/mixed people, as BOTH her parents are of white, European descent. She is literally as white as can be. The defining characteristics of race are physical, based on blood, family, and ancestry. A black child adopted by white parents may become culturally white, but their race does not change. Race, unlike gender, is immutable at the individual level. There is zero ancestral basis for her to claim to be black. Also keep in mind that she’s inconsistent with her racial identification. She sometimes claims to be fully African-American/Black, or biracial (White and Black), or mixed (White, Black, Native American). These are contradictory positions, and she cannot make up her mind precisely because these are fake identities she constructed for herself.

Feminist theory (Judith Butler) - Gender is something that we express, present, and perform through our actions, appearance, and countless little things in life. Note that this is a pretty radical and somewhat dated (Gender Performativity, 1990) view, though it’s quite influential. Current understandings of gender are a meld of 'stable innate self-construct’ and 'fluid performance’. It might seem contradictory, but my way of understanding it is by visualising gender as a half-melted sweet, simultaneously solid and liquid. Gender has both an innate component relating to feelings about their body, and a socially constructed, performed component. The innate component is what determines 'true gender’. It is self-identified.

Sociology - What Rachel Dolezal does is cultural appropriation to the absolute extreme. She claims an entire culture and racial identity for herself that she has fabricated. In contrast to 'actual’ Trans-racial and Trans-ethnic people (who are people of one race/ethnicity that were adopted by parents of another race/ethnicity), what she does is study and imitate a few markers of blackness (hair, darkened skin) and attempt to pass herself off as being of that race. It’s comparable to white anime fans (Weaboos) who suddenly 'realise’ that they’re trans-racially Japanese, based on shallow, stereotypical and limited understandings of Japanese culture. I’m quite surprised that it worked, because in hindsight she looks incredibly fake and nothing like any of the lightskinned black people or mixed-race people I’ve ever seen. The fake tanner seems obvious.

What additionally separates Rachel from actual Black people is that she retains her white privilege. She can wash off the tanner, grow out her natural (straight, thin) blonde hair and reclaim her white identity (this is the particularly egregious part of cultural appropriation). Actual black people can’t do that, and that’s why you hear non-white people joking about how they wish they could claim to be transracially white to escape racial discrimination.

Queer & Trans Activism - This new wave of white people trying to 'become’ other races are insulting both transracial/transethnic adoptees, and co-opting trans terminology in an offensive manner. The whole “If Caitlyn can be a woman then Rachel can be black” response waters down and de-legitimizes trans identities/experience by assuming trans women are just 'pretending’ and we should smile and play along. This is patronising, not accepting. For the reasons I’ve discussed above, race and trans identities may both be social constructs, but are not equivalent. Their historical context, definition, criterion, and usage are significantly different.

I hope that this helps someone understand the situation better.

About Transracial White People

I won’t respect you if you’re white transracial. The term is exclusively for PoC adoptees who were taken in by white families and couldn’t learn about their actual culture, forcing them to adopt one that is not theirs. White people caught on and started using the term as a way to mask their cultural appropriation. You can say you’re one race all you want, and appropriate that culture, even. You’re not transracial Japanese. You’re not transracial Black. You are White. That’s it. You were born to two white parents, and liking watermelon and rap music does not make you black. Liking anime and Jpop does not make you Japanese. You. ARE. White. Race is the same as gender in the sense that you don’t choose it. Race is DIFFERENT from gender in the sense that gender is mental, and race is your background, your history, your genes. Gender is randomly chosen during formation, race is not. You can’t fake your ancestry. Whites using the term transracial to allow themselves to wear dreads or bindis is
1) cultural appropriation
2) racist
3) transphobic
Another thing?? These transracial people are NOT apart of the LGBT/Queer Community. The T does not stand for trans-fat, racial, ethnic, abled. It stands for Transgender/Transsexual. And y'know, I really can’t wait for white people to start wearing blackface and using the N-word, only to get called out on it but back it up by saying “It’s okay, I’m transblack.” This society is fucked, take one step towards equality for the minorities and suddenly everyone who’s already got their privilege feels the need to make up reasons to be oppressed, dragging us back again.