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no i was asking exactly why it's bad to be kin with a character of another race if you're not trying to claim/relate to the race and the oppression they experience? i'm kinda confused about it because there are a lot of conflicting views on tumblr about this

ok first of all im sorry i wrote the longest most in depth response before but i dont have the emotional or mental energy to redo it so this will be a lot shorter lol

basically race is inseparable from identity. u cant take someones/a characters personality w/out their race. race plays a huge role in shaping ones experiences & personality so its impossible to take race out of the equation bc changing their race would completely alter them as a person/character

here im also going to copy a good explanation from here

“Is it cultural appropriation or racist to be otherkin who identify as anime/manga characters or “transethnic” or “transracial” people:

Yes!  First off, “transethnic” and “transracial” are terms referring to adoptees who were adopted by parents who are a different race or ethnicity and have no place outside of that usage.  Ethnic and racial heritage are passed on by birth and it is offensive and racist as hell to appropriate cultures that are not your own by trying to claim you are x or y race/ethnicity born in the “wrong” body.  It is also offensive in that it is an appropriation of transgender issues if you try to argue it is the “same” when it is not and shows you greatly lack understanding about transgender people and just care about excusing your own racism.

Otherkin are also guilty of this with the added cultural erasure of trying to claim characters outside of their own ethnicity or assuming Japanese characters are not Japanese which is a form of ethnocentrism and erasure.  They cannot and will not know what it means for those of us who ARE Japanese and the issues we face or the heritage and culture we are raised in while they parade around as caricatures of us with the privileges of not being us.”


Contextually, the warped logic of transethnics who draw from dark skinned, POCs desires to be lighter skinned and/or white to their desire to be POC is non-comparable.

Internalized racism is a response to neo-colonialism and a culture that values whiteness over the cultures, ethnicities and racially codified characteristics of POCs. The envying of institutionalized white privilege, which usually manifests itself as a desire to be white, is not comparable to people who take racists stereotypes about POCS, internalize them and then perpetuate them while still having white privilege.

Transethnics are still perpetuating racism and are racists. Calling yourself something does not make it so, and identifying as a POC erases actually POC experiences. Also, identifying as POC does not take away a transethnic, white person's racial privilege.

In fact, transethnics are reinforcing cultural whiteness. To “pass” as the race they’re pretending to be, they need to rely on cultural appropriation and racist attitudes.

It’s offensive. It’s unfortunate and overall, it’s pathetic.

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is there such thing as being transethnic? How does that work?

Here’s the thing. 

I think they are full of shit because we’ve created a framework of talking about ethnicity already and it took a fuckton of work.

For example:

Being Haitian I could genetically/technically be,

  • Taino
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian(idk, just work with me)
  • Portuguese
  • Some West African(Malian, Nigeran, Nigerian, Ghanian, Guinean, Burkina Fasoan, Western Saharan, Mauritania, from Chad, etc;)
  • etc; 

But* because we have already established a framework for my culutural identity, I used the closest relation to me(my parents) and use their birthplace(Haiti) and call myself Haitian.

Could I technically be Taino or Russian? Maybe. 

But I’m not going to call myself because I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS LIKE TO BE TAINO or RUSSIAN. And it would be an erasure of actual Taino people to call myself that. 

So yea, full of shit.

Transethnics remind me of those people* (read*: Wapanese, Western people who believe they should have been born Japanese because they are SO INFORMED about the culture).

They wrap themselves up in Harajuku or Visual Kei, wear anime-eye contacts, perfect what they hope is a “kawaii” smile and always whine about how they wish they could look like a cute/adorable Japanese girl or woman.

Like Japanese women aren’t infantilized enough as it is. 

Let's get this straight

Race is a social construct.
Gender is a social construct.
Both have been used to put one group on top, one group on bottom.
That is the extent of their similarity.

Both race and gender are racial constructs, but they have been perpetuated differently and have had different effects on human society. They CANNOT be treated the same, and what is fine for remedying the effects of one is not necessarily good for the other.

Gender(Nature), Ethnicity(Nurture)

Gender is not a social construct but a neurological reality having to do with how your brain developed in the uterus. When we develop in the womb it’s like a sort of wild west of chemicals brewing and creating what we are.

It is the minds relationship to it’s bodies assigned sex, your self actualization.

In Cis people these things match but in noncis they don’t. 

One does not wake up one day and decide to be a gender, you are just born this way.

Ethnicity on the other hand is a social construct. All humans are genetically 99.9% identical (We are all one race/species)but we as a social species break into subgroups and develop culture and tradition over a period of time. 

If someone is adopted or the person adopts someone or a person makes a permanent move to a new location they may adopt ethnicity. They may adopt it because by becoming a family or a new member of the community they take on that heritage to achieve a singularity with said people.

Cultural appropriation is not inherently bad, their are respectful ways to go about it.

I hope this clears things up. Also, I hope that is calms the conversation, these topics require tact and openness to understanding. May we all move forward as more knowledgable people.

you know what i keep thinking? and it leaves a sour taste in my mouth, too, but i just can’t not think this.

that maybe the rachel dolezal, andrea smith, “transethnic” thing wouldn’t even be a thing if the media and our western cultural beauty standards didn’t constantly shit on women of color.

i mean, think about it: these ADDLED FUCKING WHITE FOLK want so badly to be POC like us… for a myriad of different reasons, sure, but isn’t there a perverse sort of self-preservation instinct going on here? am i wrong for thinking that at least some part of rachel dolezal and andrea smith’s thinking has to do with the desire to take advantage of the fact that they’ve got white-coded features?

because in their case, not passing is what they want, even if subconsciously.

sure, it hurts their believability, but the more i think about it, the more i’m starting to wonder if they’re constructing a win-win situation either way.

example: white woman, codename Mary Beth Jones, doesn’t feel beautiful. she’s an outlier in the strict and unforgiving hierarchy of beauty standards in the west- yes, she’s white, but as we all know, insecurity does not discriminate between ethnic backgrounds. not only does she feel plain, she feels she is without a personal identity, or without a culture to build herself around (as has been theorized about the dolezal and smith cases). she feels there is no excuse for her inability to be pretty.

and yet, there’s a way out.

what if she ‘isn’t white’? what if she’s actually a woman of color, AKA automatically less beautiful as a baseline rule?

a person of color who conforms more towards stereotypical ‘white’ features is automatically considered more pretty by the white media, by everyone the media influences. lightskin black girls over darkskin, white-passing latinas, asians with epicanthal folds. this is a division that hurts communities of people of color, and it’s an ugly symptom of the homogeneity of the media and its effects on public perception of good versus bad.

if Mary Beth Jones were ‘actually black’, ‘actually native american’, “actually” something else, then she’d be considered more beautiful.

because she doesn’t pass. because she looks more white than her peers.

because she’s beautiful… for a woman of color.

i don’t know. i keep feeling that this must be a subconscious thing for these stupid addled women who keep trying to pass themselves off as another ethnicity, or even delude themselves into thinking they are what they’re most decidedly not. this “pretty for a black/brown/red/yellow girl” thing has been going on since the early days of western colonialism. it isn’t fucking news. everyone knows. white folk, too. so of course it would seem like a way to cheat the system. utilize it to their advantage.

the thinking is, “all black girls are ugly, according to our society. if i’m a “black” girl but i look totally white, i’m an exception instead of part of the white homogeny. i want to feel special. i want to be a part of this marginalized community! i want to feel oppressed! it’s thrilling! it gives me meaning! it gives me a specific, rebellious beauty instead of a plain one!”

the above picture was culled from reddit. i hope it’s fake. fuck, i hope so. because if not, that poor girl is just as deluded as the women on the news right now. she’s as white as white could be and yet she’s demanding that people see her as something she’s not- to fetishize the ‘look’, to redeem what features of her face she dislikes, to ‘explain away’ feelings of inadequacy, to feel more special or different, i don’t have a fucking clue.

at least we have more of a solid idea why teenagers think they’re ‘transethnic japanese’ or ‘kin’ with anime characters and shit- weaboo-ness has been studied since its heyday. but this? this overt shit? it’s poe’s law. it’s so goddamn twisted it’s unbelievable. and yet!

i hope we as a society put a stop to this shit soon. if any more addled white people try to be fake versions of us because they think it’ll help them feel more unique or special or, dare i say it, PRETTY BECAUSE THEY DO NOT PASS, i’ll blow a gasket.

i accidentally followed a troll blog and I just now realized it. I should read bios before following people and check for the keywords: (noun)self pronouns! Demisexual aromantic transethnic! Self diagnosed PTSD and autism! uwu!

like literally wow gtfo and stop making us look bad