I may not be "transethnic" or "transfat" but ...

I realize … That … I am not born as i’m supposed to . 

I realize that , inside of me , I am someone else .

It took me a while , 

Several years , to be fair , to point out what was wrong with me , and put words on what I really am .

So today , I am proud to say …

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I am Transrich .

I am poor , but I feel like I am ballin in the insiiiiide .

anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on otherkin and how they affect the trans community?

ive refrained from talking about this subject in the past, since, you know, this is tumblr… but you know what? im gonna have the opinion whether i say it or not, so why pretend i dont?

otherkin make a joke of the trans community; especially nonbinary people. otherkin are the reason i cant say im nonbinary without some fuckboy inevitably asking if im “quadrasexual demipencilkin” and writing me off as a “tumblrina” because otherkin have invaded the trans community enough to get us all written off as as ridiculous as them.

you can identify with an animal/object/character without BEING that thing. i know, sounds RIDICULOUS huh? look, i get it. i really do. im in love with space, i wish i was part of space, i have a very very very deep connection with space in general. but im not “spacekin” and my pronouns arent “starself” because i can separate identifying WITH something and identifying AS something. so can U!! if u try!! im just sayin! it’s cool if you identify WITH plants, it’s not cool if you identify AS plants. you’re giving nb people a bad name, and you’re quite frankly doing exactly what others accuse nb people of doing with the “special snowflake” deal

“but you’re nonbinary how can u SAY that its no different from nb identities!!!!” except gender is a social construct, and species is not. having a gender other than male or female is SO far from telling people you’re “fictionkin” and youre “literally madoka” and your pronouns are “madokaself” and if you cant see that distinction, i really dont care, because you’re still gonna be ridiculous and wrong whether you admit it or not.

it’s also ableist (aside from “astral limbs” and “transdisabled” bullshit) in that it’s teaching people with ACTUAL disorders that make them believe they are inhuman that that’s “normal” and deterring them from seeking psychiatric help. 

did i mention it’s kinda racist af too? you’ve taken the native american idea of spirit animals and fucking BUTCHERED it and turned it into a joke. i can refer you to some sources and more info on that if you need.

all in all: otherkin is trash, i dont care what you have to say about it