I may not be "transethnic" or "transfat" but ...

I realize … That … I am not born as i’m supposed to . 

I realize that , inside of me , I am someone else .

It took me a while , 

Several years , to be fair , to point out what was wrong with me , and put words on what I really am .

So today , I am proud to say …

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I am Transrich .

I am poor , but I feel like I am ballin in the insiiiiide .

Short version of what I just spent 5 minutes ranting about in my room by myself because FUCK

Relentlessly yelling at someone/actively hating someone for their privilege is one of the reasons people identify as having disabilities they don’t really have and races they don’t/can’t understand what it’s like to be. Both of these things are far more offensive than being a cis white male who can’t really understand what it’s like to be otherwise. Hate someone for being oppressive, not for having the same privileges as the ones who oppress.

Because otherwise you get crazy people like this allowed to flourish:

what exactly is
  • transfat
  • transethnic
  • transdisabled