Medium + Message

We are a transdigital painter. Our workflow originates with digital art techniques, but incorporates traditional mediums in a dynamic workflow that moves between computer and canvas: work may be painted, scanned or photographed, digitally painted/altered, remixed with textures and photographs, printed out, and re-painted multiple times before reaching its final stages. In the end, the majority of our paintings are completed in oils, in a process that integrates digital under-paintings with mischtechnik, glazing, or other painting techniques handed down from the old masters. The final products are a union of digital and physical medium such that the two become indistinguishable, and this ambiguity of medium is utterly intentional. This is a both-neither art — a cyborg art —half digital and half organic.

There is a definite parallel between our medium and our content. Our work seeks to combine the modern with the mythic, the futuristic with the archaic, the fantastic with the photorealistic, and the illustrative with the conceptual, to create a style we have termed “mythpunk.” The work is deeply informed by our academic background in antiquities, mythography, intellectual history, and literary theory — the paintings transform the foundational myths and metaphors of Western culture to hint at a new post-postmodern (and quite often post-apocalyptic and post-human) mythos.