truscummer asked:

This is the only anti-truscum blog I've come across that isn't violently anti-transman and isn't deliberately trying to trigger transmen's dysphoria. Kudos on participating in this highly divisive discourse without resorting to death threats against one side or the other.

Firstly, This is not an “anti-truscum blog.” This is absolutely and unequivocally a “Brin blog’ - that is, I write and share things that are reflections of me, interesting to me, amusing to me, and/or enlightening to me. I am a bigender trans woman, in addition to all of the other bits and pieces of identity that make up the entity known as Brin.

This is also an unabashedly pro-trans and transcentric blog. And no I don’t try to trigger anyone’s dysphoria, but I’ve seen an awful lot of trans guys on this site targeting trans women’s dysphoria, too. Doesn’t matter who does it, it’s not our best work.

What’s actually happening is that there are hurt people on two sides of a multi-dimensional debate who are already hurt and being further hurt by people who set themselves up as enemies, who are firing back. Neither side is pure and neither side is evil. It’s two groups of hurt people, in a larger group of hurt people, deliberately hurting people, to paraphrase Laverne Cox. 

It’s two segments of a marginalized group turning their weaponry on each other and knowing which targets will cause the most damage due to their knowledge of their own vulnerabilities.

I know a lot of people on this website and elsewhere who vehemently disagree with your positions and who don’t resort to those attacks. I’m not an outlier, I think I’m the norm. If your only real interaction with other trans people on tumblr, you’re getting a very narrow slice of the picture. 

I actually love the prevalence and visibility of trans people on tumblr. I think it’s the best of all of the social media networks at amplifying and protecting the voices of trans people. And I will be eternally sad that nothing like it existed when I was your age. It’s not that the resources and networks we had were insufficient - they were non-existent! So cherish what you have here. But, loud and proud as we are on tumblr, there’s so many more of us out there.

The thing is, even on tumblr, the trans community is not divided up into tucutes and truscum. I don’t know any trans person IRL who would have the first clue what the hell a tucute is. They almost certainly don’t even know what truscum is, although they are probably familiar with the exclusionary belief system transmedicalists espouse, just under different names like HBSer or TruTrans/TrueTrans. 

There’s a much, much bigger trans world out there than tumblr, with a lot of history. This war you’re trying to fight is not new, you’re not righteously defending trans people from “trenders” or even from cis people’s fear. You’re throwing some trans people to the torches and pitchforks of the cis people who hate us all, just because they are trans different from you.

FYI: A key component of a Gender Dysphoria diagnosis is: 

This condition causes clinically significant distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other important areas of functioning. - from the DSM V Gender Dysphoria Fact Sheet

It describes “cross-sex” identification, but does not specify that cross-sex identification MUST be accompanied by significant distress or impairment. It just says that if those are both present, then the patient has Gender Dysphoria. This is how people can be trans without dysphoria. THE IMPAIRMENT TO FUNCTIONING IS SIGNIFICANT AND REQUIRED. 

This is what I mean when I say that you don’t have to have gender dysphoria to be trans, but you almost certainly have to be trans to have gender dysphoria (allowing room for an individual’s self-identification with the label “trans”).

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Joanne Carroll “acted” her way through two marriages, fatherhood and the Air Force. Straining to blend in, she hunted and fished, worked in the rodeo business in Montana, and posed for pictures with politicians including Dan Quayle and Bob Dole. Finally, she decided “I’m not going to die with a man’s name on my tombstone.” She buried the male name and identity attached at birth and transitioned to the woman who had always lived inside…