zrlv asked:

I think you're pretty dang AWESOME, and your blog makes me chuckle with delight. Plus, you're super fun to converse with!


I see what you did there.

i c it.

I’m watching you.

Very closely.

I totally didn’t see this until now! :[ haha but I’ll respond now, even though you might not read it :P Anyway, it turns out I didn’t know the guy that was my house, he was some guy my sister met on a plane.. His name though was brandon… It was strange and awkward. haha  and thank you, thank you, and hell yeah! XI so fly! congrats on graduating to you too! :] 

zrlv asked:


192. I’m allergic to:  Fish (nobody believes me though, cause I don’t like it fish)
                              Cats (my ex’s cat - cause I live in a house with a cat for a year and it was ok)