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Hi! I want to create some fictional (perhaps even fantasy-esque) drugs, but I don't even know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the drugs need to do something good that “hooks” people. No one’s going to keep taking a drug that sends them to the twelfth plane of torment or one that makes them totally colorblind. You can sort most drug effects into four categories:

  • Happy (MDMA, heroin). The user experiences extreme euphoria and contentment. This may be accompanied by feelings of kinship with those around them and diminished anxiety. Users may achieve a transcendental state. It may also reduce inhibitions.
  • High (cocaine, alcohol). Users experience a burst of energy, confidence, and feelings of sexual prowess. Inhibitions are reduced. Users sometimes become more aggressive.
  • Mellow (marijuana). User feels calm and relaxed. Everything feels “taken care of”. Again, may induce transcendental state. The user will also experience mild euphoria and anxiety will diminish.
  • Trippy (LSD, shrooms). Significant alteration of sensory perception. People may see halos around objects or believe solid surfaces are wobbling. Shrooms reportedly increase one’s sensitivity to sound. Time loses meaning. Users lose sense of self.

Theoretically, you could make fantasy drugs for any desirable human emotion, like the feeling of being full, orgasm, confidence, love, and satisfaction.

Secondly, where does the drug come from?

  • Natural. Like shrooms, opium, or cannabis, it must be grown and harvested. Who farms it? Is it illegal to farm? What kind of plant is it? Where does it grow best? 
  • Manufactured. Like MDMA and LSD, it’s made in a lab. Who makes it? What ingredients is it made of? Does an organization control its manufacture?
  • Magic. The drug is actually a spell and someone has to cast it on you.

Related is how the drug gets from the lab/farm to you. Who controls the trade? How far away is it? All of this will affect the price.

Thirdly, how do you take it?

  • Inhaling. Includes methods like smoking, where the drug is rolled into a thin cylinder and placed between the lips; you inhale to feel the effects. Also included are practices like huffing, where you inhale noxious chemicals from a container.
  • Drinking. Self-explanatory. You can also anally imbibe drinks to hasten the effects.
  • Injecting. Put it in a needle and stick it in a blood vessel. The drug goes right into the blood stream.
  • Swallowing. The drug comes in a pill, like ecstasy. You swallow it and digesting it will give you the full effects. You could also eat it, like most psychedelic mushrooms. 
  • Absorbing. The body has several areas where blood vessels lie close to the surface of the skin. Applying the drug to the area will allow it to diffuse into the bloodstream. These areas are: the nose (snorting), the mouth (chewing/dipping tobacco), and the rectum (anally imbibing alcohol). 

Fourthly, what are the side effects? There will be side effects unless your magic or technology is advanced to the point at which you can reverse severe neurological damage. 

  • Mild. Reddened eyes, headache, dehydration, dry mouth, nausea, sweating, hunger, loss of appetite
  • Moderate. Memory loss, insomnia, diarrhea, vertigo, suggestibility, vomiting, hearing loss
  • Severe. Necrosis, muscle rigidity, convulsions, bad trips, physical disfigurement (eg “meth mouth”), psychosis, HPPD
  • Chronic. Depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, dependence on the drug, irritability, fatigue, rage
  • Way down the road. Cancer, emphysema, COPD, heart problems, lung problems, liver problems, kidney problems, Parkinson’s, stroke, high blood pressure

If your drug is fantastical, then it has more variety as to the side effects. For example, it turns green-eyed people into rabbits, slowly turns one’s stomach to stone, causes users to go back in time, and has a 2% chance of exploding your head.

Fifthly, how does the culture view it?

  • Illegal. No one can use it for any reason. In which case, the drugs will be controlled by an illegal group like a gang or cartel. There will be harsh laws against its manufacture and spread. People who don’t take the drug will look down on people who do.
  • Illegal with exceptions. It’s been shown to aid things like concentration or alleviate the symptoms of that disease. People who can use this drug must obtain it from special makers and carry permission with them at all times.
  • Legal with exceptions. Like alcohol and tobacco in the US, you can buy it and use it in most areas. However, you can’t buy it if you’re under a certain age, can’t use it in buildings, and you can get in trouble if you use it at the wrong time (drinking and driving).
  • Legal. Everyone can use it. There are no restricts on when, where, how, or who.
  • Spiritual. The drug is used as part if a religious experience. Only those undergoing such an experience can take it. The drug is a gateway to another world, frees the conscience, or some other esoteric thing.

Finally, how does that affect society? You should consider,

  • How much it costs. Illegality and the amount of time/money it takes to manufacture will affect pricing. It may also vary by the time of year. For example, if it’s natural, then maybe the drug is cheapest immediately after the harvesting season and really expensive during the winter, when it’s impossible to grow. You also need to factor in how people will get the money to buy the drug, such as stealing or prostitution.
  • Support groups. People will get hooked. How can they get off? Family and friends will certainly try their best, as most drugs do not improve your working or home life. Are they the only methods of support or are there rehab organizations as well?
  • Laws and their enforcement. (Don’t look at this is if your drug is totally legal or legal with exceptions.) There will be laws against its use. How are they enforced? Do the laws go after distributers as well as consumers? How are the consumers treated in court - as criminals or as victims? 
  • Who takes it. In our world, most illegal drug users are lower-income. It’s “shocking” when someone of the middle or upper class is addicted to drugs. The lower-class reputation has led to other classes looking down on drug users as poor, filthy, and needy; and on the lower-class as drug-addicted degenerates. If the upper class took it, then perhaps taking the drug would be the cool thing to do and being high/stoned/buzzed would be a status symbol. Only peasants have lucid thoughts; true nobles don’t know what they’re doing 90% of the time. 
  • Media. The US government banned smoking ads featuring Camel Cigarettes’ mascot, Joe the Camel, in 1997 because he appealed to children and people don’t like their kids lighting up. You don’t see too many cigarette ads in the US anymore. On the other hand, the media glorifies alcohol. Drinking makes you a man. Drinking makes you sexy. Many can’t wait (or don’t wait) to turn 21 and engage in this manly, sexy world of alcohol. So please, please remember that how the drug is presented will affect who consumes it.




Shiva - Third Eye

Shiva’s third eye represents the rejection of desire. It is the eye that killed Kama, the principle that makes the world go round. And why does Shiva reject desire? Because he realized what desire can do – when the object of desire (Sati) goes away, there is immense sorrow and rage. Desire not only evokes positive emotions (love, affection, contentment, compassion), it also evokes negative emotions (anger, dissatisfaction, sorrow). Shiva therefore shies away from it, preferring the cold still mountains which represent the state of transcendence or ananda – where there is no tumult of emotions, just stillness, silence and bliss.

One day, in a spirit of play, Parvati shut Shiva’s two normal eyes. The world was plunged in darkness as Shiva’s eyes energized the world. Shiva therefore opened his third eye and helped the sun shine once again. The heat of the third eye caused Parvati’s hands that covered Shiva’s left and right eyes to perspire. That perspiration filled with the power of Shiva (heat) and Shakti (water) transformed into a child called Andhaka.

This story dramatically presents the dark side of the third eye. When desire is destroyed, then all divisions crumble – there is no right side or left side, nothing good or nothing bad, nothing right or nothing wrong, nothing auspicious and nothing inauspicious, nothing mine and nothing yours. One transcends all worldly divisions and discriminations and hierarchies. But according to this story, this transcendental state blinds one to worldly realities. Andhaka means the `blind one’, so blind that he does not even distinguish between mother and wife. The third eye destroys all sense of ownership – one loses sense of what is mine and what is not mine. So no woman can ever be wife or mother. Or rather all women become wife and mothers. This creates chaos as in the story of Andhaka. Hence while hermits celebrate the third eye of Shiva which rejects all worldly desires, the householders prefer the left and right eye of Shiva which accepts the need for worldly desires and worldly rules of appropriate conduct, rules that, in the beginning of Shiva’s lore, Daksha demanded of his sons-in-law.

To destroy the worlds during Pralaya he uses his third eye, and this process happens eternally.

We can only recall some instances from Mythology.

1. When the goddess Durga wanted to marry, she went to the Trimurthis (Trinity of Hindu major gods); Among them, Vishnu and Brahma were afraid of marrying Durga and believed they were inadequate for such a great goddess. But Shiva said that he will marry her if she gives him her third eye and trident. She gives them to him but tells him that he can only use it once on her…

Shiva uses the third eye to turn her into ash. Brahma divides the ash into three parts and creates Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati out of them and the Sudarshana Chakra (The discus of Vishnu). So goes one story.

2. After Sati-devi ends her life by entering the sacrificial fire, Shiva destroys the Daksha-Yagna . He later goes into a forest and sits immersed inSamadhi.(the highest transcendental state)

To bring him down from that state to kill the demon Tarakasura (the son of Shiva is prophesied to kill him, who was not born yet), the Devas (the minor Hindu gods) send Kamadeva (the Indian cupid). After being hit with 17 arrows!(a ordinary man loses his balance even as Kamadeva takes out an arrow from his quiver), Lord Shiva wakes up. In his anger, he burns Kamadeva with the third eye.

3. In another story, the sage Pippalada is angered at the Deva Indra for killing his father. The sage wished to kill all the Devas as revenge. He performs a penance for Lord Shiva and asks him to burn away all the gods. Shiva tells him to control his anger but when Pippalada insists, he opens his third eye a bit. To the sage’s surprise his own body starts burning. Shiva then tells him that his body itself is made up of gods. Because it is the gods that give power to our organs. Understanding his mistake, he relents.

The mind blowing Chinnamasta.

Chinnamasta, the odd and apparently violent image of the Divine Mother self decapitating, drinking her own blood. She takes everything in and gives everything out. The true nature of sacrifice, when we make offerings we are taking from ourselves to give to ourselves. God giving to God, devotion to our own nature. By severing the head, the Mother reveals herself/ourselves in her/our true being which is unconditioned, infinite, and boundlessly free.

She stands on Kama and Rati the God and Goddess of love, they represent the kundalini or dormant spiritual energy that has been aroused. As it travels upwards it cuts through the various knots of ignorance. When it reaches the top, the force has grown so strong that the head can no longer contain it. The head “blows off,” as it is shown here in Chinnamasta’s left hand, it represents the state of transcendental consciousness. Be boundless and free, let Chinnamasta blow your mind.

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Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Age: 25
Name: Dylan

Why hello my beautiful beings ☺️ just a friendly warlock looking to spread insight and light. I specialize in transcendental magic with or without rituals and I’d have to say I consider myself a gnostic more than anything! I’m still fairly new to the craft and would love to find a coven or peers that share similar pursuits.

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A Few Ways to Achieve Astral Projection through Meditation

The Methods of Meditation

The methods of meditation used for embarking on an astral journey are quite different from basic meditation techniques. Astral projection imparts an experience unlike any other feeling of calm or transcendence offered by other meditation methods. There are different methods of meditation that claim to help achieve a transcendental state. Some of these are discussed below.

A Few Ways to Achieve Astral Projection through Meditation

Basic Meditation

The most basic method of meditation can also be used for astral projection. For this, a quiet room is an ideal place. Turn off your cellphone and ask your family members or housemates to avoid talking to you or entering the room unless it is really important. You can light a few candles and turn off a few lights (not all) to bring a sense of calm to the room. You can either sit cross-legged or in a straight-backed chair. Try to relax every part of your body one at a time, remembering to breathe deeply all the while. Visualize a calm and beautiful place. It could be a pristine beach, on a cool mountain top, by the shores of a calm lake, or on the banks of a secluded stream.

Once you’ve visualized the place, try to observe the details in the surroundings. Enjoy floating through or walking or simply sitting in this place for as long as you wish. When you feel ready to return to your actual surroundings, very gradually try to slowly feel each and every part of your body. This could take a while, so don’t panic if you feel yourself taking some time to regain consciousness. Once you’ve returned to your physical plane, try to eat or drink a little to reacquaint yourself with the physical world.

The Monroe Method

One of the most famous and simplest methods of meditation for achieving astral projection is known as the Monroe method, after Robert Monroe, the person credited with pioneering modern research into altered consciousness. The steps for achieving astral projection through the Monroe method are somewhat similar to basic meditation. But a major difference between basic meditation and the Monroe method is that each state of gradual ascent into the astral plane is clearly defined. On the other hand, basic meditation is more generic. It simply describes a place of calm where the person imagines himself or herself to be. The Monroe method is considered one of the most effective methods of meditation for astral projection, and many people have claimed to successfully visit the astral plane with the help of this method.

A Calm Mind and Relaxed Body for Meditation

There are many ways to meditate, in general, and particularly, to achieve astral projection. Different people have reported varying degrees of success with each. The key to successfully achieving transcendence through any of the various methods of meditation is to keep an open mind and ensure that you’re free of fear and negative thoughts.

idealist me: i’m gonna get some schoolwork done between my classs! :) #Productivity :)

actual me: lays on couch in secluded corner of library listening to podcasts and looking at books, entering a transcendental state and romanticizing life, only leaving 4 minutes before my class starts

28/12/15 // @earthlyemotion
I never knew what the om/aum symbol meant until early this year. Now I can’t imagine a day without its known presence. I’ve been working towards the ultimate aim of my spiritual activity past “the world of illusion (maya) that veils true awareness” to the absolute state aka "transcendental state (turiya)”.
It is pure bliss, peace and quiet. An indescribable feeling.



EACH LINE ONE BREATH titles a limited edition of 50 hand-drawn art pieces per material (each work of art unique), which focuses on an abstract artistic interpretation of evolution through the use of simple drawn lines. This exhibition is exclusively dedicated to the very first pieces of the „Each Line One Breath“ edition on copper and brass. 

The drawing starts from the premise that the initiation of any drawing, its fundamental prerequisite – a line – coincides with the most basic and transcendental state of life, the perception of breathing. 

“Starting with a straight line, I draw each following sequence by copying the character of the previous. 
I concentrate on breathing and focus on drawing the successor. Again and again. In the process of drawing, my lines evolve into a kind of logarithmic pattern and layering, steered merely by aberrances and anomalies of human failure in contrast to the precision of a machine.“

“When I draw, I reduce myself, the motif and technique to the basest form of drawing to achieve an all-encompassing state of being „Human-Universe-Executer“. I draw the void around the line. I am focusing on the negative space around the line which ultimately represents the line in its truest form.

My mind is clear, I feel my consciousness, my thoughts, my body and the world in and around me. 

I become the mere moment. There is only this one moment. Every time the same moment. Everywhere the same space. Everything else continues to noisily stream while I remain content in the fluidity of the present. Thoughts are never louder nor feelings more profound than in this contiguous state. My focus transcens into bare presence. Personality becomes formless and nameless. With each breath such emptiness is filled more and more. 



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3 DECEMBER 2014 - 17 JANUARY 2015

TUE – SAT 12 – 6 PM

late night daredevil thoughts:

  • how does matt murdock handle mass? 
  • bear with me: the incense. i’m talking about the incense. as someone who has autism sensory issues and migraines triggered by smell, sometimes, i find roman catholic mass a form of sensory overload on occasion, especially if it involves a choir, the smoke/smell/sound is an awful lot to handle. one of the most intense sense memories i have is of ash wednesday at the ultra-conversative oxford oratory of st aloysius gonzaga; the black lace dress i wore stank for weeks of incense and i could feel the memory of the greasy smear of ashes on my forehead for days. a full church of people can make a lot of noise, especially during call-and-response. i have never heard a louder sound in my life than mass at st peter’s basilica. 
  • but matt is matt, so the roman catholic mass is one of the central foci of his world. so he does one of two things, i think, or perhaps a mixture of both. perhaps he generally avoids mass altogether, or attends it in places outside of churches, receives the host another way, seeing as there will definitely be congregants in new york city who will deliver the eucharist to disabled people at home. maybe he mainly attends confession held outside mass and the eucharistic adoration before mass begins. 
  • or maybe matt has learnt to regard the overwhelming nature of mass as a form of religious devotion, a transcendental state, which i find much more likely. do i think matt murdock thinks he is blessed, god-chosen? no. matt thinks he is hell-bound and undeserving, and that his act of devotion means something only to him, and does nothing to pardon him of his sins. god’s mercy has no limits, except for matt murdock. but mass is dizzying, the smell cloyingly strong, and it hurts, it makes him weak, and it renders his suffering sacred. nothing about matt is sacred, not his suffering nor his retribution, because his suffering is deserved and his retribution is not justice, but, for an hour a week, matt murdock gets to be holy. matt murdock gets to be whole.
Dead or Meditating? A court has been called to rule on whether a wealthy guru is dead or in a transcendental meditative state.

The sect’s website states, “His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has been in a deep meditative state (samadhi) since January 29, 2014.” Though, a representative from the sect did say on February 3, “About 4:00 PM yesterday, some changes were noticed in his skin (it became greenish). The body was then shifted to a freezer,” which may or may not be part of the traditional protocol for transcendent bliss.

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Wait what is slowcore? Im confused and hazy to if this is even a real genre

slowcore is a transcendental state of being achieved in quest for a higher plane of existence usually by level 8 scientologists & mopey sad kids who just got dumped