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hello! i love your blog a lot!! can you please tell more about levitation (or if you have already made a post about it, please share a link to it) thank you in advance have a great day!


“Science reveals magnets repel energy off each other creating a levitation effect…possibly this same energy within magnetic fields is not much different to the ability of human levitation with controlled thought.”

Levitation is the rising of the human body into the air by supernatural means. Many believe it is either achievable through natural born mystic powers, religious meanstranscendental meditation, dark magick, or dardura-siddhi/laghiman.

Levitation is one of the eight mighty yogic powers (ashta maha siddhis) known only to the yogis and siddhas of ancient India.

Through yoga, it is believed that one can levitate through pranayama - breath control (”Prana is the Vital or life force—Yama, how to control it. This is why Yogis call Pranayama the stepping stone, or helpmate.”) 

To be able to levitate one needs to be able to focus and master the Udana Vayu—the upwards flow of life energy or prana. The Udana Vayu is primary located at the base of the throat and extends all the way to the top of the head which links together the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras. Because this energy is responsible for upward movement it is primarily the one that needs to be controlled for levitation to occur.

The secret to levitating also involves controlling specific energy locks known as bandhas and, to focus with a strong will on drawing the energy upwards into the higher chakras.

It is said that Hindu Sadhus have a history of paranormal levitation and that when one progresses on the path of spiritualism levitation comes naturally. Levitation is said to be possible by mastering the Hindu philosophy of yoga

In Judaism, levitation can be carried out via magickal or non-magickal means; magick involves directly ordering the spirits (or gods) to carry out tasks thereby ignoring infinity, the god of all gods. Instead of submission to infinity, self pride and ego of the individual is used to order the spirits to carry out tasks such as levitation.

Levitation by non-magical means was practiced by many Jewish sages throughout the ages. As such, the forehead is the most important part of the body and is responsible for the source of “energy” bringing about the levitation. One can not learn levitation but rather a possibility that was made available due to a state of mind that was in complete love of God and keeping his commandments (Mitzvot) to the letter. Levitation is usually carried out by several means:

  • Standing on a carpet or cloth where the carpet or cloth represents “earth”.
  • Standing on the belly of a woman where the woman represents “earth” relative to the subject.
  • Levitating upwards without using representation of “earth” where the head is higher than the feet. This state of levitation is through extreme love of God.
  • Levitation upwards without using representation of “earth” where the feet are higher than the head. This state of levitation is through extreme fear of God.

Many Jewish rabbis and sages throughout the generations also used a form of קפיצת הדרך which is a form of teleportation where each step taken was a distance of several miles (פרסה).

The theory of levitation is explained by being in a state of mind where a person is abstract and spiritual in relation to the material or physical world on which he stands. When abstract or spiritual inspiration and thought grows to be sufficiently strong, the abstract observation becomes physical and concrete thereby enabling the person to stand on what others normally see as abstract and imaginary. To the levitator, the abstract is as real as the ground and earth is to others. The Rabbis have decreed that a height of three cubits from the ground is an abstract perimeter in which anything below that height is considered ground level. This decree has Halachic (legal) implications. Observing this decree to the letter enables levitation at a height of three cubits by materialising this abstract perimeter to be physical and concrete as is from the standpoint of the levitator.

However, in some instances, levitation may have been caused by demonic possessions. Margaret Rule, a young Boston girl in the 1690s who was believed to be harassed by evil forces shortly after the Salem Witchcraft Trials, reportedly levitated from her bed in the presence of a number of witnesses.

Although there have also been Christian saints who have been recorded to be able to levitate:

  • St Francis of Assisi is recorded as having been “suspended above the earth, often to a height of three, and often to a height of four cubits” (about 1.3 to 1.8 meters).
  • St Joseph of Cupertino (mystic, born 17 June 1603; died at Osimo 18 September 1663; feast, 18 September) reportedly levitated high in the air, for extended periods of more than an hour, on many occasions.
  • Seraphim of Sarov (1759–1833) Russian Orthodox saint had a gift to levitate over the ground for some time. This was witnessed by many educated people of his time, including the emperor Alexander I. A young paralysed man brought into his cell saw Seraphim raised from the ground during a fervent prayer. Likewise, four Diveyevo sisters saw him walking above the grass lifted up from the air. 
Magical Equilibrium

Equilibrium is the consequence of two forces.If two forces are absolutely and ivariably equal,the equilibrium will be immobility therefore the negation of life. Movement is a result of an alternate preponderance. The impulsion given to one of the sides of a balance necessarily determines the motion to the other. Thus contraries act on one another, throughout all Nature, by correspondence and analogical connexion. All life is composed of inspiration and a respiration;  creation postulates a shadow to serve as a bound for light, of a void to serve as space for the plenitude, of a passive fructified principle to sustain and realize the power of the active generating principle. All Nature is bisexual, and the movement which produces the appearances of death and life is a continual generation.

God loves the void , which He made in order to fill it; science loves the ignorance which it enlightens ; strength loves the weakness which it supports; good loves the apparent evil which glorifies it; day is desirous of night and pursues it unceasingly round the world; love is at once  a thirst and a plenitude which must pour itself forth .He who gives receives, and he who receives gives; movement is a continual interchange. To know the law of this change , to be acquainted with the alternate or simultaneous proportion of these forces is to possess the first principles of the Great Magical Arcanum, which constitutes true human divintity.

Magical Equilibrium// Eliphas Levi //translated by A.E.Waite “the Transcendental Magick”