transcendental experiences

the neptunian fog 🔱

neptune disperses a cloak of illusion over whichever planet it touches, clouding the judgement; personifying sacrifice, neptune diffuses the core at the expense of gifting the native with extrasensory perception; an extraordinary intuition and connection beyond the physical dimensions. ruling over the sea, neptune was the roman counterpart to the greek god poseidon who, following a disillusioned affair with medusa, created a boy who roams the sea as a pirate. similarly, neptune carries similar themes of fogginess, haziness, temptation and deceptiveness within astrology - whether this is played out within the psyche or externalised out into the world. neptune is the shapeshifter of the planets that shows you how to transcend; it can be as genius as uranus through its clairvoyance and it can be as feared as saturn and pluto for it calls for spiritual awakening with or without the native’s cooperation; essentially a subtle and mysterious force often shunned by current society’s hyperfixation on what is material and concrete. soft neptune aspects to the personal planets indicate wisdom beyond reason, smoother transitions into transcendental experiences, a vessel of spiritual realisation; hard neptune aspects indicate false appearances, addiction, as well as deception of the self and/or others; may project weaknesses or desires onto others.

🔱 sun-neptune aspects diffuse the ego; the conception of the self is vague and unclear, the individual’s vitality is softened and the will is submerged deep in murky depths; the native may be inspiring to others but feel much confusion and uncertainty in their motivations and role in society. parental figures may have lacked structure or failed to provide it. the native is quite impressionable and feels unfulfilled by menial routines

🔱 moon-neptune aspects diffuse and soften the emotional nature; the native is extremely impressionable and receptive to their emotional surroundings, values and foundations are noble yet dissolved and changeable, themes of confusion and adaptive challenges often play out within the psyche. parental figures may have been neglectful or inconsistent in their nurture; the native is sacrificial and incredibly idealistic, struggles to form a realistic outlook. psychic sensitivity gifts the native with much unspoken awareness or familiarity with the unknown

🔱 mercury-neptune aspects diffuse and disperse the intellect; thoughts are disorganised and unstructured, flowing freely from one trail to the next. the native is easily distracted and struggles to plan ahead with practicality but picks up on complex abstract patterns with ease; a creative learner with incredible intuition and wandering thoughts, mystical imagination

🔱 venus-neptune aspects diffuse and confuse the affectivity; the affections are strongly influenced by the native’s subconscious desires - they indulge in elaborate fantasies of romance and beauty, often projecting their ideals onto their loved ones only to be met with disappointment when the veil of illusion is lifted. wishful thinking is a theme as the chart holder indulges themselves in their own gratification, highly romantic with idealistic perceptions and a rich imagination, extreme naïveté

🔱 mars-neptune aspects diffuse and plunge the drive and active will; the native’s individuality or reliability may often be questioned, desires are deflected and undisciplined, boundaries are dissolved. the approach is unstructured and indirect, often creative and unusual in its expression. goals may be directed to spiritual means or matters often considered impractical. the native may often employ roundabout or deceptive tactics to get their way, may give into temptations easily. aimless and dazed wandering is a theme here; strong psychic perceptions guide the native

So the RFA Cafe I attended last weekend was a transcendental experience cause of this crazy cast. 😂😂😂 We all felt like we stepped into the game itself. I was seated at Zen’s table because he is my first and my favorite, and he was so legit I can’t even. 😂 He sang for us, gave us hugs and cheek kisses, took endless selfies on our phones and called us baby. 😍 Meanwhile Seven carried Honey Butter Chips everywhere, Jumin ordered Jaehee around and asked people if they like cats, Yoosung was a sweetheart, V was almost bumping into things, Saeran was recruiting everyone to Mint Eye, and Jaehee of course was running around working her ass off. IT WAS GREAT. Not to mention THEY’RE ALL GORGEOUS??? Anyway. They recently started a page so everyone who was experiencing #sepanx from them could bother them. And they’ve been keeping our days extra lively ever since. This is my present to them. Thank you guys for being amazing. We MC’s love you all! ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘

P.S. Thanks to the person who took this screenshot hahaha


Glue Trip - Elbow Pain (Official Video)

Quimera is the videoclip of Elbow Pain music by the Paraguayan pop duo Glue Trip, created, edited and directed by designer and illustrator Daniel Vincent. The whole aesthetic concept was created by Daniel Vincent and is based on the transcendental experiences that surround our mind, he explains a little here:
“I can say that it is an experience, now collective, cognitive.” An interdimensional journey into everything we are. “” How to know which life to see and live? “How to have the answer that none of the gods can have? really can be. ”

Sigil Activation/Use

When you create a sigil, you’re investing it with a certain amount of emotional importance. When you hear practitioners of magic referring to the “energy” of a sigil, ritual or spell, this emotional investment is often what they’re talking about. For a sigil to be effective, however, it requires more than just the energy invested in the creation. It needs to be “activated.”

People are divided upon how exactly you should do this. You’re looking for an intense transcendental experience where you can focus on this image and force it through your mind into the magical world while you are fully conscious. Pain, meditation and orgasm are some popular methods. Combine the intense experience with a good solid look at the sigil. Then close your eyes and think of it. Project it into your minds eye and out into the cosmos. Then destroy the paper it is drawn on and forget all about it.

Charging the sigil means infusing it with your energy. You have to get yourself to a point where you are full of energy but not really thinking anything, and then pour this energy into your sigil. There are several good ways to charge your sigil:

a) Meditation

The simplest form of meditation is to hold the image of the sigil in front of your eyes and stare intently at it. Try to get into a state of “not-thinking” but at the same time obsessively concentrating on the image of the sigil to the exclusion of everything else. Not the meaning of the sigil, but simply the graphic image itself as pure abstract, unconnected to any meaning – a picture and nothing more.

b) Masturbation

No really. Masturbate while visualizing the sigil in your mind’s eye. With the masturbation method you’re likely to get yourself to a point when you’re full of energy and no thought (orgasm). Hurrah! At the point of orgasm, visualize the sigil becoming big and bright and then exploding/disintegrating into nothingness. That’s it! Sigil charged!

c) Wild dancing

If you don’t like masturbating but do like dancing, pour yourself into wild wanton dancing – leap everywhere, go wild, spin round and round, get out of breath – it doesn’t even have to be to music. You just have to get to a point where you feel full of adrenaline and power and tingly and aren’t really thinking anything. Then visualize the sigil in your mind’s, eye, see it becoming big and bright and then let it explode/disintegrate into nothingness. And stop dancing.

d) Burn it

Light one side of it, and then place it carefully in a fire proof container, making sure not to singe yourself in the process. Watch as it burns, and imagine that all of the emotional investment you’ve placed in the sigil, as well as the idea it represents, is being transformed into a new form made of the universal forces of light and heat. Imagine that light and heat radiating out from this moment, into your past and future. Imagine the glow of the sigil’s tiny light spreading across your entire life. Watch it until the flame goes out.

There is also the “under-the-nose” method: If you prefer, instead of destroying the sigil you can put the sigil where you can see it all the time it will just fade into the background and you won’t really ‘see’ it, but your subconscious will. Paint the sigil somewhere visible on your body with water-soluble paint, then take a bath and let it slowly dissolve away while watching it. This is especially useful for magical work such as healing the body. Draw the sigil on paper or cloth with disappearing ink and stare at it as it slowly evaporates. ETC

Finally, it’s important to separate yourself from the magical ritual you’ve just done. Don’t do any meditation, other magical operations, or talk about the working with anyone. At least, not the first time you do a sigil – you need to find out what works for you. The idea is to shut the doors to the subconscious. It also keeps it from easily floating back into the conscious mind until the short term memory dumps it, which according to psychologists takes about three hours.

In the coming days, you’ll start to see little things that are eerily evocative of the sigil you activated. Don’t deny these. Don’t dismiss them, even if they seem minor. This is the process starting to work, bit by bit, to bring your intention into reality. The more open you are to these changes, the faster the magic will come into effect. It’s important, however, to note that your decisions play a hugely important part in how effective the sigil will be. If your sigil is about meeting a new romantic partner, for instance, you might want to think about going out to a place where that could plausibly happen. Staying inside your home, with curtains drawn and lights out, not answering the door, is actively working against the thing you want. Don’t count on the sigil to do the work for you.

If you’re uncertain about the whole “magic thing,” start with something minor and irrelevant. In fact, a great way to test the effectiveness of sigil magic is simply to create an activate a sigil that is of both fairly unlikely and of absolutely no consequence. You’ll soon be surprised at how utterly powerful sigils can be.



i know these youtube channels are kinda old news now (even if we still have no idea if they’re like an ad money scam or a fetish thing or what), but every minute of this was a transcendental experience

places to whip out one (1) ball, rated

the city park at night: nobody around, fresh & cool breeze on your ball, no danger of exposing yourself to others. mundane yet classic. 7/10

your bedroom: i mean, you could, but at that point, why not whip out both balls? 4/10

the grocery store: do you get your jollies from the yogurt section? all those chobani single serve cups really get you going? please. this is a family establishment. 1/10

wood cutting section at home depot: the danger of getting your ball caught in a circular saw is both terrifying and titillating, but at what cost? 4/10

a 7/11 at four in the morning: it won’t be the first ball the clerk has seen in their establishment, but that doesn’t mean you should whip one out. that clerk has seen enough. just buy your cheetos and leave. 1/10

alone on the deck of an extremely fancy cruise ship at midnight with a beautiful person who has sensually asked you to whip out your ball: this is optimal. this is poetry. you have a glass of champagne in one hand. there are stars above. its a transcendental experience. 10/10

the zoo: no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0/10

My Experience With a Float Tank

A few months back I decided to try a Sensory Deprevation Tank.

What are Isolation Tanks?

A large shallow pool of concentrated salt water you lay in. The salt water causes your body to float completely when you lie down, which gives a weightless sensation. The water and the air in the room are at human body temperature. You’re given wax ear plugs and the space is completely dark. (Don’t get the water in your eyes, though harmless, it realllllly burns)

What happens

Sensory deprivation is a unique experience. When your body doesn’t have any input it becomes very easy for you to meditate, sleep, have WILDs, or have vivid visualizations (eyy, tulpamancy!).

My Experience

I showed up at the place early, paid my $59 for 75 minutes, and sat down in the lobby. I noticed the place had a very spa-esque feel. I was shown into the male changing room, placed my clothes in a locker and changed into a very fluffy white bath robe. There was a couple ahead of me going into a float room. I went to the washroom - I didn’t want anything to interrupt my float session.

I was guided into the float room (the spa had both isolated tanks and whole rooms, the experience is equivalent) which had a built in shower. I showered up excitedly, and donned some earplugs. The plugs were cool; made of wax and you mold them to your outer ear. 

I turned the lights off, instantly noticing the absolute darkness. Unfortunately after a while there was a dim light coming from an electrical socket in the corner which I covered up with a facecloth. I slid into the tank. It was shaped like a large shallow hot tub. The water felt slightly cool to the touch and I laughed at the buoyancy. I noticed I needed immerse myself slowly so I didn’t float and bump around the tank.

I relaxed and closed my eyes. It’s an odd situation to float around with your head half in water. I pondered how my shoulders and arms were very buoyant compared to the rest of my body. Perhaps I’m too skinny, perhaps there was too much salt in the water. It took me a while to get comfortable because my shoulders were pushing forward and making my back muscles stretch. 

I got comfortable about midway through the session and began to meditate. I could barely feel my limbs and I completely forgot about being in a tank of water. There was a slight crust of salt forming on my sides from where I was breathing. My skin would dip in the water when I exhaled, and dry when I inhaled. It felt crispy and was the only sensation I had. My senses were becoming hyper-sensitive.

I brushed my hair with my hand and some water ran down my face. Don’t get the water in your eyes!! I was just getting really relaxed when the mood lighting faded up to signify the end of the session. Time had zoomed by!

I slid out of the pool and suddenly felt super heavy. So much gravity! My vision was vivid. Even with the small amount of complete relaxation I had achieved, I was still very refreshed and relaxed. 

After showering up quickly I returned to the changing room feeling quite giddy. Hot ginger tea and chocolate was provided and I stepped out onto the street. I wandered towards the subway station in awe of how vivid my senses had become.


I highly recommend float tanks for everyone! I feel like people may need one session to get accustomed to the experience. After that, I think all of these rumored transcendental experiences will be much easier. Check it out!

The use of the blue colour in art, in various eras and different cultures, has always enriched the form of the works with a powerful transcendental charge, both symbolic and conceptual. Its meanings have generally been related to a specific semantic field, that of spirituality. In ancient times, for example, blue was considered the colour of all the gods of heaven, and therefore was used to represent the divine. The blue has been used in most of the medieval and Renaissance paintings to depict the mantle of the Holy Mary, intended as a colour of purity and as a medium that connected heaven and earth, divine and human. In his essay “Della Pittura,” Leon Battista Alberti developed a theory of colour, with a code related to the four elements where the blue corresponded to the air, that is to say the essence of the spirit.
This notion of blue has travelled through time up to our days, reaching artists such as Vasily Kandinsky, Yves Klein, James Turrell, Anish Kapoor, and a movie director such as Derek Jarman. In 1974, this latter come across a monochrome painting by Yves Klein for the first time, and he had the idea of making a film dedicated to the French artist. The film, titled “Blue”, was however released only 19 years later, in 1993, and was the last one signed by Jarman, filmed when he had become completely blind, as a result of complications due to AIDS. The year after he passed away.
“Blue” (currently on display at the Tate Modern in London) is a single frame of blue colour, exactly the shade of “International Klein Blue”, registered by Klein himself. It serves as background to the soundtrack, composed by Simon Fisher Turner and Jarman’s voice that speaks of his life and his artistic philosophy (here is the text). For Jarman this colour embodied his idea of art, that of a rarefied transcendental experience to reach an immaterial and spiritual beyond. This perception reminds to the one that has indeed triggered Klein to research, invent and ultimately use the colour of blue.
In his essay “Concerning the Spiritual in Art”, Vasily Kandinsky addresses this colour too. According to him, any artist has the duty to be aware of the effects produced by the different colours on the viewer. For this reason Kandinsky invited to do exercises in order to learn how to grasp the true intrinsic value of each colour. When it came to Blue, Kandinsky encouraged to observe how this colour “develops a concentric movement (like a snail withdraws into its shell) and moves away from the viewer”. The eye, therefore, necessarily plunges into the depths of this shade. A bottomless depth, which draws our attention into a magnetic manner with no arrival point. It is not a coincidence that the continuous and never-ending tension in the direction of the blue was also compared to the practice of Zen meditation.
“The blue is the typical colour of the sky” Kandinsky writes in his essay, “if it is very dark then it gives you an idea of stillness. If it falls into the black, then it acquires a note of sadness, yearning, sinks into a drama that does not will end. If it tends to lighter tones, which is less than adequate, it becomes rather indifferent and distant, like a high sky. The more light is blue, the less eloquent is, until to arrive at a quiet stillness: the white”. The artist also compares the blue from a musical point of view: “the light blue is like a flute, the blue is like a cello or, when it becomes very dark, to the wonderful sound of a bass; and in its most dark and solemn has the deep sound of an organ”.
—  Am I Blue? From Leon Battisa Alberti to Derek Jarman

Okay so I spend so much time reading One Direction fanfic that I feel the need to organize all my best readings in this post and let here for reference. This probably will be so f*cking long cause I read most of the ships. So here we go.

Honorable Mentions: 

I’ll update this post later to add more I’m tired now LMAO


Dancer Kazuo Ohno from the book 胡蝶の夢 Butterfly Dream, 2006

Eikoh Hosoe 


Description from Artnet:  “The butterfly dream – a collection of photographs taken over a period of 46 years – represents Hosoe’s homage to the charismatic butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno. It was published as a book, which was released on 27 October 2006 in celebration of Ohno’s 100th birthday.

Originally an instructor in physical education and performer of modern dance, Ohno befriended Tatsumi Hijikata in the 1950s and became a pivotal figure in the development of the butoh performance movement. Ohno’s poetic dance style stems from his belief in the transcendental nature of human experience, that the human body has a memory of sensations and knows no limits of self-expression.

Following closely his friend’s extremely long and successful career – Ohno continued to perform late into his 90s – Hosoe has captured some of the most poignant and magical moments in the history of butoh. In honour of Ohno’s long-held conviction in the importance of achieving freedom of body and mind, Hosoe named his photographic exploration of Ohno’s unique art after the famous Daoist allegory in which the philosopher Zhuangzi dreamt he was a butterfly, but once awake, wondered if he was a man dreaming to be a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming to be Zhuangzi.”  (via: Artnet)

Recommended reading: Necromancy

Three books of occult philosophy
Of occult philosophy, the fourth book -
Henry Cornelius Agrippa, Knight

Mastering witchcraft -
Paul Huson

Eleven Lessons in the High Magickal
Arts -
Donald Michael Kraig

Voodoo Magic course -
Brother Moloch

Solitary Seance -
Raymond Buckland

Summoning Spirits -

The Necromantic ritual book -
Leilah Wendell

Forbidden Rites: A Necromancer’s Manual of the Fifteenth Century -
Richard Kieckhefer

Ars Falcis -

Communing with the Spirits:
The Magical Practice of Necromancy
Simply and Lucidly Explained,
With Full Instructions for the Practice -
Martin Coleman.

Blood Sorcery Bible Volume 1:Rituals in Necromancy, A Treatment on the Science of Blood & Magnetics as They Pertain to Blood Sorcery and Necromancy
Blood Sorcery Bible Volume II: STRIKING THE TARGET The Practitioner and the Static Practice IRON - BLOOD - MAGNETICS -
Sorceress Cagliastro, Necromancer.

Occult sciences, A Compendium of Transcendental Doctrine and Experiment -
Arthur Edward Waite

The Grand Grimoire With The Great Clavicle of Solomon -

Greek and Roman Necromancy -
Daniel Ogden

In Which Y/N Loves Harry, But Has To Say Goodbye (Part 2)


This has been asked about over and over again, so I’m very very sorry it’s taken me this long. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don’t then I’m sorry, but this is pretty much how I always intended to end it. It’s a bit shorter than originally planned, but not a ton. 

Also, you’ll want to read part 1, which can be found here:

Harry’s POV

FUCK. Fuck, fuck, fuck. She said goodbye. I’ve been standing here for 10 minutes, trying to get her to answer her phone in any way possible and also trying to process what just happened. She loves me. Of course she does. I’ve known she does. But hearing her say it, hearing her talk about how she loves me… That was a different experience. I knew she loved me, but it was like a transcendental experience to hear her say it. And she said goodbye. Fuck.

I jog inside my house, grabbing my keys from the hook next to our garage door and running to my car. Fuck, don’t let this happen. I bolt down my street, taking the turns to her house at crazy speeds. When I reach her house, I sigh in relief. Her car is there.

I hop out of mine, barely remembering to throw it in gear as I walk up to her front door. The lights are all off, and I feel incredibly stupid. Her parents must be asleep, and I’m sure she’s in her room. I let out a sigh and shake my head. I pull out my phone, texting her again.

I’ll be back tomorrow. We need to talk about this.

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Original Broadway Cast

So, this show has been my “bread and butter” for the better part of 2 years. I am obsessed. Saw the Broadway production in November and I had a transcendental experience. Going again in May to see Dave’s Pierre. I met him at Ghost Quartet and he was honestly, one of the nicest people. Currently reading War and Peace and I love it as well. 

Every person has the tendency to disconnect the spiritual experience – the ideals, values and sense of purity that accompanies them – from the physical and materialistic. Sometimes we think that only by disconnecting ourselves completely from our daily lives will we succeed in experiencing those transcendental spiritual experiences. But the Torah guides us to the contrary, telling us that we should create the spiritual experiences from those same physical actions.

When we disconnect the spiritual experiences from daily life, they remain isolated and cannot affect our lives. A person can undergo a hugely significant and wonderful experience, but if it does not come from within his or her life, it cannot influence that life. It will not change the life and make it better. Only by linking our spiritual experiences to our everyday life can we fulfill the hope and role given to every human being: “To repair the world in the Kingdom of God.

—  Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz

ok but au where Mike has a punk (?????? idk dude I’m calling it that I don’t know jack about fashion) phase and it’s pretty low-key but he comes to school with pierced ears and silver eyeliner that is better than most of the girls at school can do and a dark grey denim jacket and every single person who looks at him has a transcendental experience in their souls because oh my g o d

bonus stanlon: Stan sees him and immediately goes weak at the knees, Eddie actually offers him his aspirator after Mike walks off to first period

I’m gonna make this into a fic just you wait

Apple and Sweet Potato Casserole: An Autumn Recipe for Love

You will need:
-Two sweet potatoes
-three apples
-stick of butter
-Apple cider
-Brown Sugar
-glass pan
-one big and one little pot

Begin by throwing the sweet potatoes into a pot of hot water and boiling them until they’re soft. Not fully cooked, but just SOFT. Preheat the oven; I suggest 400degrees f.

On the stove top, melt the butter and the honey and the apple cider and cinnamon. Whatever the recipe says, I can’t remember for the life of me, but try to taste it every now and again for a flavor you like. I like to be able to taste the honey and cider against the butter, with the sugar taking backseat.

Peel and cube the apples while everything heats on the stove and throw them into the pan. Peel and cube the sweet potatoes when they only just give them under your touch (with a utensil); it’ll fully cook in the oven. Evenly mix the apples and sweet potatoes in the pan, and then pour the sauce over the whole of the pan. ALL of it has to be covered. Mix it around if you have to so that all of it has been submerged at least at one point.

Leave in the oven, checking occasionally to see if it’s on fire. It should be maybe 25, 30 minutes, but you will know it’s done when the apples soften beautifully and brown ever so gently. It’s the real transcendental experience here.✨🍎🍠✨

When you pull it out of the oven, it should be gently browned and smell like divinity. I mean cinnamon. (Okay I meant divinity). Serve with a ladle, and make sure every plate has that Good Stuff™ from the bottom of the pan on it. Really livens up Thanksgiving.

Cancer Woman, Scorpio Man

Although somewhat of an enigma, the Cancer girl is decidedly interesting. Beneath her surface reserve and coolness, she has a delightful sense of joy and humor. She possesses very little ego or vanity, yet she’s constantly misunderstood and accused of being cold and self-centered. Mystery attracts her, but she’s reluctant to delve too deeply into unknown, uncharted waters… unless those unknown, uncharted waters surround a Scorpio man. This particular mystery she cannot resist, and in order to know him better, she’ll even discard her innate fears. Being appreciated is her most wistful wish, her dearest desire, though she will seldom admit it. So few people even try to understand her, let alone appreciate her. The Scorpio man will do both. Perhaps that’s why she gathers the courage to return his intense gaze. She senses this is one human being on the planet who really knows her. She’s right. He does.

Eagles love a challenge, and coaxing the shy but funny Cancerian girl to trust him will be one of his easier ones. Equally as surprising, the normally very suspicious Scorpio Eagle will probably trust her also, from the first moment their eyes meet. It’s an extremely rare occasion when the powerful empathy between these Sun Signs isn’t visible right away.

Tears come to both their eyes easily when their emotions are touched (which is frequently). With her, the tears often spill down over her cheeks, and the secret is out. With him, after the first unbidden misting or faint wetness, a manly gulp and a powerful surge of self-control will dry his tears so quickly most people are none the wiser. Except for her. The Moon Maid saw them. And they caused a sharp loving-pain in her heart.

Still, there will be times when she’ll have to remind herself that what seems to be a coldness and silence approaching cruelty in him can be a mixture of shyness and a reluctance to admit what he’s really thinking, until he’s sure. He’ll have to be aware that her apparent uncaring withdrawal is only her way of protecting herself from possible disappointment, until she’s assured of being loved. No one seeks and needs love more than the Moon Maiden and the Eagle. Not an ordinary love, but an all-encompassing love, woven with the strong threads of devotion, gentleness, and loyalty. That last word is ultra, super important to them both.

If they remain aware of one another’s unspoken needs, their physical union can be a truly transcendental experience. But they both may have occasion to learn that controlled passion is not passion at all. The special requirement these two share is the need they each have for continual demonstration of affection away from the bedroom - a demonstration for which they will rarely ask, a need they seldom verbally express, because it’s buried so deep. When this mutual need is filled, the happiness they discover in their physical lovemaking will be just about all Earthlings could wish for…

~ Linda Goodman’s Love Signs