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Bright One

Dipper Pines and Mabel Pines were two halves of a whole, and all their teachers knew that. All their classmates knew it. In fact, the whole town was probably aware of the inseparable, “mystery twins.” They were complementary opposites, yin and yang, black and white, sun and moon.

But then the transcendence happened. And the planets began to fall out of alignment.

Before the magic detonation exploded worldwide, the kids were predictably, well, predictable. Mabel Pines was sunshine and glitter and contained loyalty in her soul of the deepest kind. Everyone liked Mabel. And those who didn’t only detested her for her extreme optimism in any situation.

And they truly did like Mabel. She was the teacher’s favorite, always the one described as “a bright kid.”

And bright she was. But she was not Dipper Pines.

Dipper was more of a mystery to his classmates, a social predicament of the nerdy breed. But he was awkward in a curious, problem-solving way where his answers to questions only left you more confused. Mabel was “the bright kid.” But Dipper was the genius. Dipper was the seventh grader doing calculus, the one who left everyone scratching their heads at his marveling stamina and problem-solving ethics. He left teachers stunned, classmates blown away, and the town’s ultimate appreciation.

Yes, Mabel was liked. But Dipper was respected. And suddenly all of Mabel Pine’s glowing, fantastical brightness and vivid imagination and superb loyalty was dulled by the comparison of her brother, the child genius.

She wasn’t jealous of her bro-bro! I mean, he was a huge dork! She didn’t really like the idea of leading a study group or whatever, psssh, that was so not her style.

But suddenly she wasn’t just “not as good at math.” Now the whispers were calling out Mabel Pines as the ‘stupid one.’

Mabel Pines was not the mathematical Einstein. But Mabel Pines was under no circumstances stupid.


When Mabel Pines sold her soul to the devil, her future reincarnations mentally yelled at her for the stupidest decision she could’ve ever, ever made. Their silent screams begged for her to stop her in motion, after all, was she even thinking??

Mabel was thinking. Just not of herself.

She was thinking of the dead look in her brother’s eyes if she passed away. She was thinking of the blood-covered floors and Henry, staring at the wall for hours and avoiding anyone’s glance. She thought of Stan and Ford, uncles and faux-parents, pretending that nothing was wrong while avoiding staring at images they had seen of her on Dipper’s flashing wings, beat-up, cut-open, ripped apart. She was thinking of the demon that she kept tethered on a metaphorical chain, rising up and destroying the world in his own pain and agony.

Losing a sister, losing a lover, losing a friend.

Losing a soul.

The odds weren’t exactly bent in her favor. But Mabel was thinking, all right. Maybe with her heart and head, conspiring in unison.

Mabel Pines was not the mathematical Einstein. But Mabel Pines was under no circumstances stupid.

‘in the name of my uncle and the sort of mafia that i swear i assembled completely by accident i will punish you’

did somebody say magical girl hank

its 4am ok dont judge me


So….after having a bit of a fit at the AoS writers about Season 4C and the Framework arc…I decided to take things into my own hands…hehehehe *crack knuckles*. You cannot stop me my dears, for my love for Daisy motherfucking badass Johnson transcends worlds. Note, this is me being 10000% bitter and Daisy Johnson deserves the fucking world and not this sort of shit that’s she’s being put through.

AU where it’s just wlw stuff hahaha.

Warning: Mentions of death, blood, sadness, angst, etc, all dat shit.

@gay-cacti @imaginesassemble 

I hope y’all like this!!

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The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You) - Bastion Original Soundtrack

Gods ain’t gonna help ya son
You’ll be sorry for whatcha done

Them gods gonna hurt ya son
When you play with a loaded gun
When you play with a loaded gun

They ain’t gonna catch you when you fall
You’ll be pleadin’ while you’re bleedin’

They ain’t gonna heal ya son
Don’t care ‘bout whatcha done

They ain’t gonna help ya son
You’ll be sorry for whatcha done
Be sorry for what you done

Started in full color and ended up in comic book mode. Thought it looked cool both ways

The Woodsman comeith, and he ain’t happy

Alt title: Ya done fucked up son