transcendant shit


*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*

heart wrenching transcendence au thing: 

Ford comes back through the portal right after Dipper and Mabel move back in with Stan

Stan’s super happy his brother is back, but he also sees the way his brother eyes Dipper and how paranoid he is around their grandnephew

things slowly escalate, Stan notices that Ford won’t be alone with Dipper and very obviously doesn’t trust him and it’s just driving the poor kid further into self loathing

so Stan goes to Dipper and asks why he didn’t talk about it, and Dipper tells him “you seemed happy, I didn’t want to ruin it”

and Stan’s conflicted at first, but he sees Ford carting in holy water and just knows what he’s gonna do

Ford ends up in the driveway with his shit packed and fury in his eyes, yelling ensues (it’s mostly along the lines of “it’s my goddamn house!” and “guess what, my fingerprints are on the fucking wards!”) 

Stan turns to find Dipper in Alcor form trying to blink back gold tears because he didn’t expect that, he didn’t expect Stan to actually choose him after over his other half

A Better Birthright

Chapters: 1, 2, 3                          AO3 Link

Aw, there’s no need to be so upset, doll. They were bad men, and I’ll protect you. You don’t have to worry about me, none of this was your fault. You’re just a child, it isn’t like they gave you a choice in worshiping those twisted idols. There’s no reason for you to share the fate of those who forced you into that path. Take my hand and we can move on to a better future, alright? A safer future.

Are you really going to abandon your family and community over some twisted sense of duty? I thought you were better than that. You’re just a pawn to them, you know. Just a tool to further their twisted agendas. But if you really want to leave I won’t stop you.

You’ll see how little those precious spirits of yours will help you in the wastes.

You’ll be back.

The meager light of the candles was obscured as smoke filled the dark area. Pinpricks of golden light broke through it like stars through wispy clouds, suggesting a bipedal form with their constellations. A thick scent permeated the air, fragrant greenery weighing down her lungs and the metallic tang of blood hitting her tongue. A wide opening full of gleaming white teeth cut through the darkness, the only bright thing in the desiccated room. She took a step forward towards the circle.

“Well now, this is certainly i͏n̢͞te͝r̸̶ę̡͝s̸̢t҉iǹ͠g̷. It’s been a very long time since anyone’s actually summoned me with a proper ritual,” the figure in the circle said. “And such a… traditional location for it. To what do I owe the honor?”

“Demon Alcor, I would like to make a deal with you,” she said, stepping forward and tightly clenching her fingers into fists.

Alcor looked down at the young woman tenaciously meeting his eyes. She was tall and built like a brick house, with a tangled web of scars and scratches covering the dark sepia skin of her arms and legs. Thick bangs covered her forehead, freed from the bindings of the loose braid that held back the rest of her greasy black hair. Her tattered shirt, which may once have been a wide array of light colors but was now a beige camo of miscellaneous stains, was covered in colorfully embroidered protective sigils. Next to her, within reach but outside of the candle’s illumination, was a large and carefully packed bag.  He could see waves of excitement and apprehension pouring off her, pulsing over the tightly held core of fear and anger. Her bright aura surrounded him like a blanket on a cold night, a familiar and comforting warmth, calling out to some primordial part of him.

“Oh?” he responded.

“I want you to help me take over the world.” She grinned widely, keeping her dark eyes locked onto his.

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The Universe Hates Toby (and Alcor by extension) Part 4

And here’s the finale! First bit of fanfic that I’ve actually consciously completed in a long while… and i’ts about demons… yay?


Dipperjumped out of the mindscape, legs flinching hard enough to thump against his work desk as he regained ‘consciousness’. He almost got out a swear in demon-speak before cutting himself off in English. “Fuck- yeah?”

Toby was silent.

Tyrone cast a glance toward the door. Should I be worried, or…?

“I – I need help!”

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really pulled this one one out of my ass, but i have been wanting to write a transcendence au fic for a while, and i came up with this like 2 minutes before writing it.

here you go :)

If you asked any one of the (human) Pines what their best Christmas ever was, they’d all say it was the year the not human of the family, Dipper Pines, brought a twenty two year old girl home from a summoning. 

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to the light skin and white people who often say “i don’t see race / i don’t see color / these things are not important to me / stop making things about race/ i am color blind in racism” I want to remind you that this phenomena, this ideology, is a symptom of the disease that is racism. you think you on some brand new shit, transcending your situation or whatever but in reality, what you actually do is empower white supremacy by becoming a silent agent, “I aint see it so it aint happen”, “blind”, as ableist as the term is.. scientists/psychologists have taken note of the increasing number of people hit with this sickness where they can completely remove themselves from the reality of racism and white supremacy called ‘color blind racism’, they call it that because in their research they came to the conclusion that the more into that kind of thinking you are the likelier you are to be racist whether knowingly or unknowingly. You will definitely be racist in nature and that will most definitely determine the way your brain functions as racism can be mentally detrimental to the racist.

tl;dr: your ass better start seeing race if you’re actually a friend/acquaintance of mine or gtfo away from me cus I aint stickin around to see ur racist side.

from my point of view this was absolutely the wrong thing for root’s progression. she developed because the machine taught her to care for humans and not the machine. the whole last season was supposed to be root’s struggle to choose between her god and the humans she’s learned to love. so no root becoming “apart” of the machine (as if there’s any root there at all—guys don’t kid yourself root is fucking gone the machine is only using her voice it isn’t like root actually transcended or some shit like that’s the writers trying to put their positive spin on their fucked up decision imo) was not the best creative and storytelling choice. please don’t try to tell me i shouldn’t be angry about this. i expected better and i deserved better.