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the song at the end of The Raccoons was legitimately one of the best disco tunes of the eighties or any other decade

I refuse to accept the idea that L taught Clarke to “transcend her tribalism.” Clarke was willing to do that BEFORE she even met L (Did we forget about Anya and Lincoln already… not to mention that she wanted to work with all the delinquents, not just her own, aka Wells), so sorry, I don’t buy that at all, writers. 

mikael and yousef are the chillest couple. like, there’s isak and even, who people look at as having this…cosmic kind of love. like the type that transcends universes and everyone notices just how soft they are around each other but also there is a lot of DRAMA and heartache and it’s very up and down. and then there’s magnus and vilde who are just that weird couple everyone kind of looks at like “?????? o…kay.” but then there’s mikael and yousef. and they’re just. chill. like they’re always smiling, and you’ll see them either walking with their arms around each other or yousef resting his head on mikael’s shoulder or mikael lying with his head in yousef’s lap while yousef plays with mikael’s hair. and they’re nearly always laughing or wearing lazy grins or content little smiles. because that’s what they are. content. content and happy and relaxed and comfortable in each other’s presence. and mikael and yousef find it kind of hilarious that people always go to them for relationship advice. because their advice is never really that helpful, actually. it’s always, “just talk to them.” “just tell them how you feel.” “just take it easy.” “just chill.”. because sure, they have their issues - every couple does - but the two of them have always, always, found their relationship something that is natural and easy for the two of them. they just go with the flow, and everyone is consistently baffled as to how the two of them make being in a relationship look so bloody easy.

For now, there are states worth of space between us–
But I am not worried.

For now, we will have to take other lovers in place of one another–
But I am not worried.

Still now, love is transverse.
Still now, love is transcending.

Soon, I will kiss the silk of the curls that swell at the base of your neck–
I will never have worried.

Soon, we will be making trouble and making love–
I will never have worried.


Dreams of Nature | Magic Transcendence

@blyedeeks, I saw your tags, Cam. It’s my personal opinion (though I could be wrong, of course) that the writers just needed to have something positive to say about CL, so… they are now trying to sell the retcon. 

I mean, yes, I think Le/xa was also a person who “transcended her tribalism” by forming the coalition and might have given Clarke a better of idea of what it’s like to form a nation from different groups… but no, Clarke had that ability and desire WAY before L came into her life. 

Not to mention Finn was initially the person that tried to show Clarke how to create peace between two groups, but yeah, the show conveniently forgets that Finn had any part in Clarke’s life. 

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I just want Aaron and Robert to work through this mess and if Rebecca becomes a bunny boiler, they can work together to fight against her.

Please can they just keep her away from Aaron. He’s suffering enough without her stupid psycho game playing. I hate that she is literally tainting everything. It makes me feel sick every time she’s in a scene with him.

My Rebecca hate has transcended into outer space - wtf is this storyline it’s supposed to be about Aaron’s mental health not THAT stupid desperate tart someone pls just end our misery and get rid of her

My hatred for her increases on a daily basis. I swear to god can someone just murder her. She better keep the hell away from Aaron 

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Listen I'm fucing sobbing right now! I can't fucking breathe!! Barry serenading iris was my LIFE

Westallen….I cannot even begin to describe the love that those two human beings have and I can’t even begin to comprehend how much I love them! They are soulmates. They are true love. They are the love that transcends every universe. They are each other’s souls.

I AM CRYING WITH YOU! It was such a touching moment, and it makes it even better that Candice cried during rehearsal, and that the crew gave them a round of applause, something that rarely happens according to Grant. 

This ship is just so pure, I truly have no words to describe my love for them, or their love for one another. It escapes definition, essentially. 

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Hey... Do you ever think about... how if Sami Zayn was a Literal Angel, he'd be super clumsy because of his huge wings, and also his overfamiliarity with people would be because he keeps forgetting to turn of omniscience and it makes things awkward? And between an angelic love of music and transcending time, he'd be able to stay aware of every obscure indie ska band there is? And depending on whether the demon Balor is real in that AU or not, his interactions with Finn would be very different?

Oh fuck there are so many different directions that we can take this into. So we have quite a few other things to consider:

1) Are we dealing with angelic beings in the Abrahamic sense, and if so what is Sami’s actual angelic form? Flaming wheel? Hundreds of wings and eyeballs? Does he forget that he’s actually terrifying sometimes and appears to mortals without changing into his more “cherub”/humanoid form and they start screaming and then he starts screaming and is like “wait lol sorry sorry my bad!!!”

2) Are we merging other mythological cultures if we’re dealing with Balor? Or would Finn be more of like a Dante’s Inferno demon, or something like Apollyon in Revelations (not quite at the level of Satan, but still in a position of supreme power in Hell). I guess in sum: are we playing with evil in a black and white sense? Or evil in a big grey area that’s maybe Not Quite Evil or a more Chaotic Neutral weirdness of otherworldly beings?

That being said, I picture Sami being not only fierce warrior (I’m going based on the battle between angels and fallen angels/the schism of Heaven and Hell), but also a more compassionate/benevolent force of whatever deity he serves. He’s also naive, and while eager to Do Right, this naivety had led to questionable relationships being formed with denizens of Earth and -VERY UNINTENTIONALLY- agents of Hell/the Underworld/whatever we’re referring to it as.

Anyway, he knows from lessons and first-hand experience that demons can sometimes appears as dazzling, and sometimes even seductive creatures. He’s told himself many times over that it’d never happen to him.

However, he was never, in any way, prepared for Finn.

Another Chris Wood Appreciation...

I know this is a bit late of a reaction but I just want to say this out loud coz of reasons. 😊
I have been complimenting Chris Wood for his incredible sense of humor and hilarious chops in Supergirl as of late. Now, I just want to commend him for bringing tears to my eyes for that heartfelt brokenness he transcended through my television screen during the Star-crossed episode.
I was utterly moved by the way he delivered his lines, his facial expressions and his eyes were magic! No words were needed for him to convey to me that he was completely torn after Kara decided it was over for them…his eyes said it all! There aren’t much male actors who could pull tearjerker scenes with flying colors for me. Some just look unconvincing or plainly ugly when they cry (sorry for the word used✌). However, Chris always nails every heartbreaking moment and he definitely owns it…just everytime! 👊 (i.e. Containment)
I’m not gonna talk about who’s fault it was for their breakup since everyone in the fandom particularly my Karamel fam had already said their piece and they all made their point. It’s not that mine doesn’t matter, it’s just that I may sound redundant given that I do share the same sentiments with the rest. Besides, I do think they both made mistakes. They just need to realize that and compromise. Trust issues are always a big deal in relationships but I believe all problems can be solved in time with proper communication and an open heart. ❤
Soooo back to Chris as Mon-el, I just wanna say…you broke my heart when you broke yours. Yikes! That was cheesy! 😵
Okay…on a serious note, Chris as Mon-el never fails to surprise me every episode and I can’t wait to see him pull another one on the future episodes to come. No pressure though but we’re talking about “the Chris Wood” here! The guy who can make me laugh my heart out, the next minute he makes me swoon and fall head over heels for him and then later, he’s making me cry buckets of tears! Because why not?! How could you not?! He delivers! That’s what you call versatility at its best! 👍

I have just seen the gayest scene in the history of the X Files. Bless my soul I have transcended this earthly plane. Dana Scully felt up a woman and had Meaningful Eye Contact

you could tell me anything about prince and i would believe it. like i don’t care if the prince’s fridge article was fake, it’s essentially transcended reality and has become fact simply because that’s exactly what his fridge would be like 

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Have you ever encountered a situation-in ritual, in dance, anywhere-where you have transcended your physical self and felt immediately and intimately connected to the universe? If so, tell us about it!

Yes…I like to bury myself in my garden naked in the summer time. It is so powerful and healing and a way I am able to connect intimately with the universe to be held tightly by mother earth and feel charged by the sun and nourished by the water and life in the soil. It grows my soul.