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I just found this gem on youtube and I’m in tears over how beautiful this is

My name is Scott and I run Transcendical Prosperity.  These are the energy of the astrological universe that influence the life I was born in:

Astrology has been my center focus now for almost 4 years.  It has become a career for me, a passion and a dedication unlike any other.  I was not born with the intuitive gift of knowing spirituality, astrology or it’s impact on the world or the individuals within.  I have had to work myself up from the bottom after I turned 30 years old to embrace it’s diverse realm of possibility.

My journey into Astrology began 4 years ago when I was interested in other ways to uncover depths of the human psyche besides psychology.  At the time of my interest I was not aware my Saturn Return was occurring in Scorpio in my 12th house stellium which was motivating me towards Astrology.  I lived with Major Depression all of my life.  A feeling of no purpose, questioning existence and lack of connection to the physical realm never faded for me .  Years of spending time looking for answers in the physical world never satisfied me. Being born with a 12th house stellium was a blessing and a curse.  The first part of life I spent looking for the answers of life through other’s perspectives; failing to connect with the idea there is something more to being alive then the physical world.  

The Saturn return began both a spiritual journey and an awakening of my intellectual longing to find purpose in life.  With Jupiter and Uranus in Sagittarius opposite my Gemini moon; I was always in search for greater answers then that which was presented to me.  I could never settle at face value that we are all just here survival of an instinctual need.  I failed to connect with ideas pertaining to life is for ego satisfaction being the only purpose for life.  For years I lived with depression because I never learned to embrace 12th planets I was blessed with.

Through introversion and looking within I have learned an important answer to a question I sought for years.  What is the purpose of life, why are we here?  The simple answer is, we are here to make the most of what we are given by the planetary soul bodies in our universe.

I formed my own belief system instead of relying on therapy and western medicine to mold a foundation for me.  We are not just people who need to survive and make ends meet.  We are living soul beings who need to grow.  Perhaps because I am dominant in Sagittarius energy I always came to feel the most important thing in life is having growth potential.  Dedicating my life towards Astrology allowed just that.  There is no end or final page you read and realize you know everything.  Astrology’s nature is always evolving because we have freewill to use the birth karma influences of the planets as we see fit. Through the journey of learning there are many stories to hear, and experiences to embrace.  The education of personal choices, freewill and understanding life come through the storyboard horoscopes and the priorities of those who author their own lives.  There is a never ending source of inspiration to learn with Astrology and a myriad of ways to employ it’s energies to daily life.

Like most people I took a passing interest in astrology with basic newspaper archetypes before I really got into it..  You always know you Sun sign very easy; but everything else takes time to uncover.  I knew about Scorpio but never really connected with.  Only did I learn in time what the many elements and interaction between the planets and their positions in skies influenced the way we chose to live our life.

My long term prospect with this blog is to turn it into a resource for people in the future to feel inspired by Astrology and it’s potential to offer understanding, hope and connections in life.  A major component of my dealing with depression came in philosophical musings.  One which always resonated; why are we born if we just to die?  Only in the past several years have I come to realize there is more to life than about what we gain in life. Everything is temporary and we are all but passing influences on society in the great scheme of time and human history. The think that matters most is what we choose to do with our time for the better of not just our life, but the lives of all souls incarnated in a physical existence.

I plan to do astrology, this blog and work with others in need for most likely my entire life.  I come to accept one day I will die, life will go on without my consciousnesses and history may forget me.  All I can do with my time is try and inspire others with universal knowledge to encourage personal growth for people as individuals and hopefully society as a whole.  I can’t tell you whether reincarnation exists or not; but I can tell you that this time is what we have and what exists.  If we come back and have more to do after this life is over or not, all we can control as people is making positive impacts on the lives of those who suffer in darkness with no light to guide the way. I intend to be that light for as long as I have time on Earth if possible.  I will continue to both study Western Astrology and Vedic astrology as a means to deliver guidance to those who find my blog and my presence on Earth.

I base my work out of the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area in the Pacific Northwest in the United States.  Studying Astrology helped me find a place to live that really feels like home for the first time in my life.  Thanks to relocation astrology and synastry of comparing my chart to many cities; I finally found a nice fit after years never feeling like home anywhere.  Both cities offer a heavy present a heavy Aquarius Influence that falls in my 4th house of home in my birth horoscope.  It’s very important to exist somewhere your foundation feels secure at the very least and astrology really helps that.  

Maybe one day I will fulfill my dream of generating income to contribute to a school of my own, or to give back to an educational foundation one day who shares my philosophies on the universal language of Astrology.

Fic: Alcor's Shack of Mysteries






Tickets are 50$ per person, 25$ per child, and 5$ per infant. Families get special 160$ dollar group rate. No refunds.

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I have a small favor to ask as I am v confused rn but could you post a brief description of the various gravity falls aus cus I know the names but I don't know what they're about so if you could inform me I'd be grateful please and thanks love~

Okay, this might take a bit.

Transcendence AU 

Essentially, when Bill fails the apocalypse and is dying, he makes one last desperate attempt to survive by trying to posses Dipper without his permission. Dipper fights back and by a hair’s chance manages to push the weakened Bill from his mind, killing the demon. Only, Bill has already rooted himself too deeply into Dipper and all of Bill’s power remains in Dipper, turning him into a demon and forcing him out of the physical plain. Because of his human origin, Dipper is the only demon capable of becoming physical without a rift, although it takes a while for him to figure out how. Now, while Bill was stopped from destroying the world, it was at the cost of the Transcendence. Pretty much the entire world becomes as magical as Gravity Falls and even more dangerous. Dipper becomes known as the demon Alcor and Mabel is his partner in cult bashing partner Mizar. There’s a lot of world building (reincarnation, prejudice against non-humans, monsters in everyday life, thousands of years as Alcor, Uncle Dipper, angels, other demons, awesome new characters, etc…) and overall, the blog is its own fandom that is constantly contributed to. TAU is the largest, most organized, and highest quality AU that I have ever seen. It’s huge. And fantastic. 

Here’s a longer summary.   This is its wiki.    Its TVtropes page.

Demonic Guardians AU -

Here’s the main comic behind it. Demons’ can have one human that if they bond with and protect, will make the demon stronger. There’s a catch though. If the human dies, a part of the demon does too. The stronger the bond between demon and human, the more damage will be inflicted on the demon when the human dies. Not all humans have a demon, and not all demons have a human. A bunch of the cast of GF have demonic guardians, each character having a different level of bond. Bill Cipher is Dipper’s guardian. Mabel’s is Dot Matrix (used to be named Tad Strange; might recognize him as the square with the bowler hat). Gideon’s is Kryptos (the star on top his tent). Stanley has Pi Mo (looks kinda like a coin). Pacifica’s is the Lumberjack Ghost. There’s a whole lot of fan made demons too. The creator is really cool. Outside of Demonic Guardians AU, she’s made the Danny Phantom crossover: You Smell Like Death, the Over the Garden Wall crossover: Garden Falls, and her own really good comic: The Boy Who Fell.

Monster Falls -

Dipper finds a magic stream called Fluvius Cantatis, some stuff happens, and everyone in the town gets turned into monsters. Dipper’s a Deertaur, Mabel’s a mermaid, Wendy’s a werewolf, Stanley’s a Gargoyle, Stanford’s a sphinx, Gideon’s a vampire, Robbie’s a zombie, Soos is a clay homonculus/golem, Pacifica’s a gorgon, Bill’s…human like, etc… This AU is mostly fan art and fanfiction. Sometimes the monster that a character is turned into is different, but this list is what they’re most commonly depicted as.

Reverse Falls -

I have no idea where this AU came from??? All the characters in this have swapped rolls and personalities. Gideon Pines is a kid visiting Gravity Falls with his cousin/best friend Pacifica Pines(or Southeast). While there, they meet the psychic twins Mabel and Dipper Gleeful who run the Tent of Telepathy. The twins are much darker and more powerful than Gideon from Gravity Falls. Will Cipher is an easily terrified Demon who just wants the twins to leave him alone. All the other character’s changes depend on the artist/writer. Robbie and Wendy usually swap. 

Relativity Falls -

This is essentially an age/generation swap. Twins Stanley and Stanford go to spend the summer with their Grauntie Mabel. The main switches are Mabel with Stanley, Dipper with Stanford, Wendy with Dan, Gideon with Bud, Pacifica with Preston, Abuelita(Maria) with Soos, etc… Most of the show is the same, with a few twists and the added personality of having a different character in whatever situation.

Anti-Gravity AU -

Though not to be mistaken for Relativity Falls, Anti-Gravity is also an age swap. Wendy and Soos are young kids who find Journal 3. Mabel and Dipper are teenagers who work for Grunkle Stan at the Mystery Shack. Pacifica has Robbie’s role (dating Dipper, to Wendy’s jealousy). Bud Gleeful takes Gideon’s place as Wendy and Soos’s enemy. Robbie is Soos’s bully. Other than that, all characters stay the same.

Reunion Falls -

Dipper and Mabel are separated at birth: Mabel growing up with their parents in California and Dipper being raised by Grunkle Stan. Eventually, Mabel finds out about Dipper and runs off to Gravity Falls to meet him. Without a twin, Mabel, while still bright and cheerful, is less out going while Dipper, growing up with Wendy and Stan as role  models, is more confident. The AU is the twins getting to know each other and bonding.

Only Child AU -

Mabel is stillborn, making Dipper an only child. Because of his parent’s ever growing grief over losing a child, Dipper is often neglected. Dipper has the same personality as cannon, but it’s buried under self-worth issues, survivor’s guilt, need to be loved, and shyness. He’s a sad child who really just needs a hug. He also knits sweaters; he always wears the red one he made (it looks a bit like Ford’s). The AU is Dipper’s stay at Gravity Falls with Stan and eventually reaches to him growing up and gaining a little sister, baby Mabel (who both he and his parent’s adore). The AU is all art right now, but the creator is eventually going to make a fic for it.

Fright Falls -

Mabel gets turned into a vampire. Dipper gets turned into a werewolf. The AU is their adventures as creatures of the supernatural. There’s a lot of cool art for the AU.

Immortal Pines AU -

Immortal Pines is a comic where Bill kills Mabel and Dipper, only to realize that it wasn’t what he wanted. He brings the twins back to life and makes them immortal by infusing them with his power. This means that they only exist in the dreamscape. The AU is them trying to get back to normal before they become too much like Bill.  The artist is cool.

Twin Demons AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the Demons, while Bill ‘Billi’ is the 12 year old human. Billi is an innocent, if lacking common sense, kid who’s come to Gravity Falls to stay with his Grunkle Stan. The twins are demons with big plans that involve Billi, much to his horror.

Blinded AU 

The Society of the Blind Eye doesn’t wipe Dipper’s memories of the supernatural, they wipe all his memory.  The Society takes him in, indoctrinating him into their ways. Bill visits and uses Dipper as a spy. The AU is an amnesic Dipper living with only the Society and Bill as company.

Apocalypse Falls 

Mabel’s decision in Not What He Seems has catastrophic damage on Gravity Falls. The Shack is destroyed and many people undergo….changes: physical, mental, even death. Dipper gains wings while Mabel’s mind spirals into madness. The AU just got rebooted, so the story-line is unknown at the moment.

  Gravity Rises -

Another swap AU, this time between personality and symbols. Mabel is Pine Tree, the intellectual and mystery obsessed twin. Dipper is Shooting Star, the laid back and creative one. Stan and Ford switch. Pacifica takes Gideon’s role as Crescent Moon, the leader of the Order of the Crescent Eye (Bill’s cult). She’s a sociopath and the main antagonist. Gideon takes Pacifica’s role as Lone Wolf, the rich kid turned anti-hero. Terrifying with his magic, even Bill is wary of Gideon. It’s a cool AU that’s very different from the show even though it’s partially a personality swap.

Joseon AU -

An AU where Gravity Falls takes place in the Joseon Kingdom in Korea. Everyone wears traditional clothing of the time period and place of the Joseon Kingdom. The AU is mostly fan art.

Coven AU -

Mabel and Dipper are the apprentices of Grunkle Stan in a wold where magic is common. Bill’s a magic cat.

Gravity Keys  -

In this AU, Gravity Falls is set in Key West, Florida. Mabel has a chicken instead of a pig, but other than that, most things stay the same.

Church AU -

It’s Gravity Falls, but in a church. Bill is a demon. Bill is in the Church. Dipper is just so angry at Bill. Things don’t go well.

Kitten Dipper AU -

Dipper finds a comb that has a cat shaped handle. When he brushes his hair with it, he gets turned into a kitten! The AU is Dipper the cat.

Carnivàle Falls 

It’s the 1930s. Mabel and Dipper go to stay with their Grunkle Stan at his traveling freak show. Gideon is a faith healer. The Dust Bowl is a problem.

Spy AU -

Stan and Ford are spys with Fiddleford building their gadgets. They’re trying to take down the Cipher Organization.

Camp Cipher -

Gravity Falls, but as a summer camp. The teens are counselors while all the kids are campers. Nice art.

Never Human AU 

Stanley Pines was stillborn, replaced with a Fae or Changeling. When in Fae mode, Stan had six glowing green eyes. There’s some angst of Stan learning to deal with the fact that he’s a monster and not actually related to his family. It’s later revealed that Dipper is also Fae, which really freaks him out. Mabel is super accepting, so everything turns out fine. It’s a really great AU with fantastic fics and art.

Ghost Stan AU -

Stan is a level 10 ghost. It’s awesome, and Stanley makes a great ghost. There’s a lot of sad. Stan’s dead. The AU has a whole bunch of fanfiction and fanart.

Joml AU/Grim AU -

Stanley befriends the Grim, omen of death. As soon as Ford finds out what Stan’s done he freaks out because, well, Stanley has the omen of death as his pet. Really cute and funny AU. Got some angst too though. Also, Stan makes his own journal.

Frankenstan AU -

Stanley dies pre-portal opening. Ford, being the idiot that he is, bring Stan back to life Frankenstein style with the help of Fiddleford. This includes digging up Stan’s body. It’s also got a mystery trio vibe going for it. 


All of the decent Gravity Falls fanart I did 2015-2016. Most of these are drawn in my old, undeveloped style (where I studied different people’s styles, then attempted it with my own to test new things out), for which I apologize for lol. 

And look would ya at that, Transcendence AU and Monster Falls AU stuff in there too