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Someone was dumb enough to try and defend themselves against Alcor.

I discovered the Transcendence au on Saturday and since then have become completely obsessed. It’s a fantastic, fantastic, fantastic au. Like, I’ve poured through every bit of writing that isn’t a fic (up next are the fics haha), and through a hundred or so pages of the art tag lol. Which of course made me want to draw Dipper (for the first time ever actually, sorry it had to be like this Dip). I can’t wait to keep learning more about this au. The triplets and Henry have already stolen my heart.

This is like, a couple hundred years past the Transcendence.


Nobody believed me, but I knew you’d come back.”


Because my dad promised me

I’m here now, Murph.”

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Kevin Champeny
“School of Transcendence”
42" x 60" x 1.5"
25,000+ hand cast fish

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For detail pictures, check out the link below:

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A few dreamcatcher-based weapon designs for that ha-ha-I-wish Torako and Bentley game idea. Not all of them have names. Only one has a hypothetical level, and they aren’t necessarily in order of power or anything. And the random Sielulintu design was mostly because I found the symbolism somewhat fitting, and the name was too good to pass up.


Zoey designed the Bentley. I added the nib-tipped wand and magic sigils and designed a Torako to go with him. 

I’ve also spent the day visualizing all the plot and dialogues and enemies and levels and minibosses and final boss (though that one’s Zoey’s design again) and almost everything for a nightmare-fighting platform-style video game which I do not have the ability to create or code or anything. I can make concepts. I can plan levels and mechanics and techniques and items. I might even be able to make little sprites given enough time and effort and experimentation. But I cannot actually execute a full game, especially one with certain complexities (such as playing one of these characters but having the other run alongside as a friendly AI fighter).

I really, really want to make it though. Really.