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The.Frequency is returning to broadcast depth.

Tomorrow the first upload of the.frequency:[secondmanifest] willbe released via

To celebrate this announcement I am making the first two episodes of my  noir/ambient show The Black Shakes available via the same site free to download or stream.

This is returning because people have asked in droves and prompted me both in person and over the web from all over the world. 

Stay tuned.

that number may not be a big one to some blogs but it is to me.

i wasn’t really prepared, nor was i making a big drive for this. i woke up this morning to find 3.999. thanks to meandering foreigner​ for pushing it over the edge.

in 2009 i hoped maybe a handful of people to follow me. i’ve been using this platform now 6 years. some visitors view this as an art blog but it isn’t. i don’t speak often on here let alone do i speak personally. indeed this is a personal blog.

what i post, share, make, rarely write are all personal to me. like most blogs reflect the individual tastes and sometimes opinions so does mine, albeit hidden somehow behind expression and curation. 

i use this platform to build a paracosm to inspire myself but, as i have been told, it has taken a life and inspired others. i’ve made great personal friends here. had many rewarding interactions.

much thanks to shinobigang, immolatemyself, andrewberg, bravecadet,   neuromaencer, jovgrey, dethjunkie, gabrielverdon, thestraylightruntechspecovercast, otakugangsta, spinalfracture​ and need2destroy​ 

also to my first follower dasrupa.

thank you for casting your sights in the direction of my small corner of the web.
more to come.

- tf