Doctor Channels MacGyver to Help Asthmatic Toddler Aboard Transatlantic Flight

A New York doctor became a hero in the skies recently when he turned into a medical MacGyver by creating a device that helped an asthmatic toddler struggling to breathe during a transatlantic flight.

Dr. Khurshid Guru, director of Robotic Surgery at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, told ABC News he was aboard a transatlantic Air Canada flight from Spain to the U.S. on Sept. 18 when he was notified of a toddler in trouble.

Guru said he found the 2-year-old boy crying and short of breath and his parents said they accidentally packed his asthma medication in checked luggage.

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In an alternate universe, America was never discovered. It’s 1927, Charles Lindbergh, a Swedish pilot attempts the first transatlantic flight to Asia. During his flight, he receives a radio transmission saying “This is the Aztec Royal Air Force, prepare to surrender or you will be shot down.”

First transatlantic flight was achieved by a canine and his companion in 1924. The duo holds the record for youngest pilots to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and the only two pilots to fly across the Atlantic Ocean without a proper license.

I think I’m scheduled to be on a transatlantic flight on my birthday. That kind of says everything, doesn’t it? I should probably think of something to do other than a big TV performance in the UK. But I think that I go into game time mode [when launching an album]—I have a birthday every year, but I don’t get to promote a record every year.
—  Taylor Swift talking about her plans for her 25th birthday (x)

It just hit me that they actually brought the bears with them to LA.  They made a conscious decision to take two stuffed bears on a transatlantic flight.  They sat there at their home and added the bears to their packing list.  And then they packed the bears, with love and care, into the bags they brought to LA.  They actually brought two stuffed bears with them to LA so that they could take pictures of them on the Hollywood walk of fame, they changed the bears location to LA, they have used the bears to show us they hated the damn potato too … all because they brought the bears with them to LA from London.

It’s just a lot.  They love those bears.

Climate change will delay transatlantic flights

Planes flying between Europe and North America will be spending more time in the air due to the effects of climate change, a new study has shown.

By accelerating the jet stream—a high-altitude wind blowing from west to east across the Atlantic—climate change will speed up eastbound flights but slow down westbound flights.

The study, led by Dr Paul Williams, an atmospheric scientist at the University of Reading, calculates that transatlantic aircraft will spend an extra 2,000 hours in the air every year, adding millions of dollars to airline fuel costs and increasing the risk of delays.

Dr Williams said that eastbound flights will be boosted by stronger tailwinds, but not enough to compensate for the longer westbound journeys. The net result is that roundtrip journeys will significantly lengthen.

“This effect will increase the fuel costs to airlines, potentially raising ticket prices, and it will worsen the environmental impacts of aviation.”

The study, published on Feb. 10, 2016 in the IOP journal Environmental Research Letters, looked at the effects of doubling the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, which will occur within the next few decades unless emissions are cut quickly. read more here

Media: Look how tired and exhausted Louis Tomlinson -dad to be- looks coming off of a transatlantic flight. It must be tiring spending so much time with Harry -his enemy who was strangely quiet during an interview- during promo season. Hopefully he gets it together soon. I mean, look how nice Liam’s shoes are!!!

Me: LoOk at my soft, sleepy, beautiful son who is on his way to his LA home that he shares with his fiancé, Harry Styles -who was probably quiet during that interview because he was on vocal rest. I wonder if Adidas has those trainers in my size.

The Lufthansa Focke-Wulfe 200 Condor named Bradenburg at Floyd Bennet Field in Brooklyn, New York City. August 11, 1938.

It had just completed a non-stop flight from Berlin to New York City and took 24 hours and 57 minutes due to a head wind. The return flight took 19 hours and 47 minutes.

clexa au where they’re seated next to each other on the same transatlantic flight and lexa is a nervous flyer so she’s super fidgety and clarke is Endeared but also like ‘can u chill’ so she distracts her while the plane takes off. and bc these idiots are soulmates they create a beautiful love story in just under 14 hours.


In the event of a water landing
You can use my body
as a flotation device 

Transatlantic Flight” - Electric Six


On March 21, 1928, Charles A. Lindbergh was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Coolidge in recognition of his transatlantic flight the previous year–in point of fact, the first transatlantic flight by anyone ever.  Gosh, but there’s a lot to be said about Lucky Lindy, and not all of it to the good.  I suppose that’s true of anybody anywhere.  An Army Air Corps pilot, but also a eugenicist and probably rather more sympathetic to the Nazis than one would hope.  An intensely private family man, he lost his infant son in a heartwrenching international media frenzy (“Crime of the Century” ring a bell??).  A devoted husband to a truly classy lady (and highly derisive and critical of the “barnstorming” some of his fellow pilots enjoyed), he also fathered at least seven children from three extramarital relationships in his later years.  Le sigh.  [Speaking of Anne Morrow Lindbergh, I encourage everyone to take a gander at Gift from the Sea if you’ve made it this far without doing so already.]  And I couldn’t very well neglect to mention Charles Lindbergh’s contributions to the postal service–an early airmail pilot and keen advocate of the Post Office Department, he used some of that tricksy fame to promote outreach and awareness of the US Air Mail Service (leading directly to an especial subgenre of collecting memorabilia designated Lindberghiana).  So yes. A complex character.

Stamp details:
Stamp on top:
Issued on: June 18, 1927
From: St. Louis, MO; Detroit, MI; Little Falls, MN; Washington, DC
SC #C10

Middle stamp:
Issued on: May 20, 1977
From: Garden City, NJ
Designed by: Robert E. Cunningham
SC #1710

Bottom left:
Issued on: May 28, 1998
From: Chicago, IL
Designed by: Carl Herrman
Illustrated by: Davis Meltzer
SC #3184m

Bottom right:
Issued on: June 7, 1983
From: Washington, DC
Designed by: Dennis J. Holm
SC #2045