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“Excuse me, mate, I’m the window seat here.” The voice was soft, apologetic, and accented in something a bit unfamiliar — northern England, maybe, Harry thought.

“Oh,” Harry jumped to his feet and moved aside, “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you standing there.”

The other man laughed as he swung a bag into the overhead compartment and slid into the seat. “You were well caught up in that book, mate. What are you reading?”

Harry paused, wondering how to explain the fact that he was reading an epic and x-rated romance that was the story of a relationship between a prince and the man he’d enslaved. “Oh, you know, just some fiction my sister recommended.” He turned to look at the man and froze.

Sitting next to him was Louis Tomlinson.

Or, the one where famous Louis Tomlinson offers his hand and a lot more to his seat mate on a transatlantic flight.

In an alternate universe, America was never discovered. It’s 1927, Charles Lindbergh, a Swedish pilot attempts the first transatlantic flight to Asia. During his flight, he receives a radio transmission saying “This is the Aztec Royal Air Force, prepare to surrender or you will be shot down.”

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Phoebe did a livestream rn and her friend asked "why do people keep commenting larry" Phoebe replied back cause they're stupid and then her friend was like "If u want to keep commeting with Larry leave this livestream please" lmaoooo

Ok I don’t believe this because i can’t verify it but I can believe this

But if Phoebe did do this, who signed her contract? Did Louis trade her freedom for one last transatlantic flight before his fake Late Late Show rehearsal footage snapchatted by Steve?

I just want to understand if Louis is understood by larries to not be helping Freddie because Freddie is not his kid, why doesn’t he care more for his sisters at least?

Tonight I read 27 pages of a book and I was engaged and my mind mostly didn’t wander.

I avoid reading a lot because my brain thinks so much that it can’t focus - I have a hard time remembering plot points and names because I have to reread things a lot. I miss them because my mind goes somewhere else - it’s not that I can’t read or have trouble reading. I just have a mental illness that won’t shut the fuck up. 3 international trips in the last 8 months and I didn’t read on a single transatlantic flight.

So, anyway, I haven’t been able to complete a book since about October 2015, and tonight I read 27 pages of a book and I only had to look back once at something. Other than that, I was mostly engaged with only one intrusive thought.

And that’s a huge deal for me. I feel so fucking proud of myself.

trying to type up summaries for quals books i read two months ago for tomorrow is a serious test of my ability to retain information

i should have done this ages ago but doing it now makes me feel slightly productive even though i probably should have read something new by now oop (to be fair i plan to read A Lot on the transatlantic flights to and from greece these next few weeks so hopefully shit gets done)


Creating Concorde | Via

“We’re going to take you to the edge of space, where the sky gets darker, where you can see the curvature of the Earth, we’re going to travel across the Atlantic twice the speed of sound, faster than a rifle bullet, 23 miles every minute, we’re going to travel so fast we’re moving faster than the Earth rotates and the world will be watching us.”

-  Mike Bannister, Cheif Pilot of British Airways Concorde Fleet

When, in 1947, the U.S. Air Force’s Bell X-1 became the first manned aircraft to fly at a supersonic speed, it inaugurated a new age of intercontinental travel.

The U.S., Soviet Union, UK and France all raced to develop designs for supersonic passenger aircraft, seeking to drastically reduce transatlantic flight times. But such an aircraft would need to fly at supersonic speeds for sustained periods of time — not a requirement for its military predecessor.

In 1960 a representative of French company Aérospatiale was sent to the UK’s British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) to discuss a partnership. (France had already decided to use British jet engines rather than develop their own.)  The result of that meeting was an Anglo-French treaty to create a new craft.

New technology was required throughout the plane. A distinctive design innovation was the plane’s droop nose, which was lowered during takeoff and landing to increase a pilot’s view of the runway. The steering and control systems used an electronic interface known as fly-by-wire.

There was a minor argument over the spelling of the name. Concord was the English spelling of the word, the French was Concorde. In both languages, the word means agreement, harmony or union. The French version was finally adopted by the British.

The first flight of the Concorde took place on March 2, 1969, with the first commercial flight almost seven years later, on Jan. 21 1976. The U.S. barred the Concorde from its airports until the following year.

There were hopes from the plane’s backers that that hundreds of sales would follow, but the high cost led to numerous cancellations. In total, only 20 planes were ever built, including prototypes.

After a crash killed all on board in 2000, amid a changing economic climate, the Concorde was retired from service in 2003. All but two of the aircraft are preserved in museums.

There is currently a proposal to return the Concorde to active flight status, possibly in 2019, subject to funding. A new supersonic airplane is also under development, hoping to offer commercial flights by 2023.

Amelia Earhart (1897-1937) is a name of legend in the field of aviation: she was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic, and set a number of records and firsts, such as a world altitude record of 5,613 m in 1931, or being the first woman to fly across the North American continent. She was instrumental in promoting aviation as a technological advancement, and especially in enhancing the participation of women in the field.

Her iconic transatlantic flight took place in 1932, with a duration of 15 hours, from Newfoundland in Canada to Northern Ireland. She set seven speed and distance records between 1930 and 1935. She was involved with the female aviation group the Ninety-Nines, and became its first president. Her death is shrouded in mystery, as she disappeared during a 1937 flight over the Pacific Ocean.

The Signs as Places to Nap
  • Aries: Covertly during school because you were up too late talking to friends the previous night.
  • Taurus: In your own bed, when you've got about two hours to spare before going out for dinner.
  • Gemini: Taking a ride on the subway when you didn't get enough sleep the previous night.
  • Cancer: On the couch in the living room, while someone in the kitchen is cooking dinner.
  • Leo: In bed after a long day, for about two hours longer than you originally intended.
  • Virgo: On top of your desk after finishing an essay due the next day too exhausted to walk to bed.
  • Libra: In a nice armchair near a window in the late afternoon, when the light is warm and golden.
  • Scorpio: In bed while watching your favorite show on Netflix, more tired than you realized.
  • Sagittarius: In the passenger seat, on a stretch of the road trip where the driver doesn't need a navigator.
  • Capricorn: On a transatlantic flight to a meeting or corporate retreat when you've already prepared.
  • Aquarius: In a poolside reclining chair in the afternoon sun, holding a book you meant to read.
  • Pisces: In bed with someone you love, while you listen to their breathing from only a foot or two away.

How transatlantic flight routes from New York JFK to London LHR vary daily with the jet stream wind pattern.

The new Delta B757 interior // ~x

This is for domestic flights; the B757s operating transatlantic flights, and JFK-LAX/SFO/SEA, have mood-lighting and lie-flat seats in “Delta One.”

Picture is very bright, in real life the colors are darker and less sterile.

Really amazed at how fresh this interior looks with the new 737NG/777/787-style pivot bins and new sculpted sidewalls. Can’t believe this is how a 15+ year old bird looks. Loved the B757 to death before, more so now..