transatlantic crossing

RMS Mauretania in Canada Dock in 1909.

Constructed by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson on the Tyne in 1907, Mauretania was up until the Olympic was completed in 1911, the largest ship in the world and held the record for the fastest Trans-Atlantic crossing for 29 years.

The gentleman seen wearing uniform is Mauretania’s first Chief Engineer John Currie.

Thanks goes to Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums for the free uses of this image with accordance to the Commons.

On Shipboard, detail (1877). Henry Bacon (American, 1839-1912). Oil on canvas. MFA, Boston.

Also known as On the Open Sea– The Transatlantic Steamship Péreire. Bacon, who made many transatlantic crossings, tells a story of shipboard life on the luxurious French mail steamer the Péreire. In this detail, the women on the left and in the foreground read. The well-dressed passengers proclaim that women were venturing abroad in greater numbers during the 1870s to “finish” their education and prepare for marriage.