The Senpai That Noticed You Is… Ryuu!

How He Fell: You found Ryuu quite standoffish the first time you met him. Rumor had spread about you making drinks for the drama club members and he insisted that everyone get them during rehearsal, since you were being asked to do it anyway by a majority of the senior class. You obliged and began to deliver, always casual about the way you addressed him. You never hesitated to reply to his snark with quiet commentary, and it surprised everyone in the drama club, including Ryuu, since he knew you to usually be quiet and “just the barista”. He thought he could never appreciate you, and decided to simply deal with you as you came, instead. 

However, he could not avoid you. You would always deliver drinks and occasionally have him help you carry them, and at one point, Kurou approached you about helping him write a script, since you mentioned one rehearsal delivery that you loved to write fantasy stories and he wanted your input. When he passed them out, you were present and Ryuu began to comment on the details and characters with grand commentary, only to find out moments later that you had helped with those. He found that he could no longer ignore you as a person and that you were to be admired. It took him a couple weeks to gain your forgiveness, but it came and the two of you began to talk more and more about orders for the club, ideas for the play when it came to sets or acting, and future plans… if you would be willing to help him.

The Confession: Due to all those duties, you and the President were often in each other’s company as you slowly became more and more involved with the drama club. Ryuu would be disappointed when you were out for work or volleyball practice if he wanted to spend that time with you, shocked every time at how he felt because of it. He didn’t want to ever admit that he had fallen for you and that it would never come to pass, anyway – after his first impressions. He confided in Kurou about this often, and he always gave Ryuu the same advice: “Just do it!” But he refused to let it come so easily… until after one rehearsal you had been at to work out characters and scene shifts, you went up to him, nervously fiddling with the script in your hands as you looked past him, not making eye contact. He was briefly confused, until he saw Kurou out of the corner of his eye, moving across the stage and giving him a wink. Suddenly, everything came together and he turned crimson, quickly looking to you. You took a deep breath and said something about Kurou mentioning that he had feelings for you, and you wanted to make sure he wasn’t just joking about it. Ryuu found himself stuck, as he did really love you and care about you, but that he wasn’t willing to admit it – at least not before this moment. With a heavy sigh, he confessed that he had fallen for you, but was worried that you would not care for him in return, due to how he had treated you. So all he could do was wait for your answer.

Life Together: You and Ryuu continued your relationship with an awkward start. He was always nervous about offending you, especially when he would steadily slow down in his conversation and you were your quiet self – he would get worried that he had been rude somehow and that you were showing your displeasure by not talking. However, he began to get the hang of your facial cues and body language to know how you were really feeling. The relationship becomes one of mutual understanding as you respect and work with each other. There are many things that he loves to do with you, but will not admit his true feelings to half of them in public – such as taste-testing your new drinks or recipes before the Drama Club gets to try them, or the small kisses you give him after rehearsals or school. Just like how you attend his plays, he goes to your volleyball matches, always saying that you “have to win”, and always giving you a hug when you run up to him after a match, no matter how sweaty or out of breath you are. A favorite habit of his is pushing your glasses back up your nose when they’re slipping down, and yours is playing with or braiding his hair in quiet moments between the two of you. He is always trying to make you happy, because of the past – and only wants you to be happy. If anything ever makes you sad, he will do all he can to get rid of it and make you cheerful again.

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That sounds fun! I’m guessing it’ll be first come, first serve? I think the max room size for is 25. Maybe.

Yea it is 25!! I don’t *think* we’ll get that many people so it shouldn’t be a problem, but if we do it’ll either have to be first come first serve or we’ll find a new platform!!


Guys! Nica Hults’ little sister has the greatest floor routine, and I’m obsessed with it. 


Hey guys! Here’s a cute little art collab done by three of our artists, @pin-is-art, @acasketcase, and @xnicanekox  ~Dae

we did an art meme!! our theme was akira/itsuki but it seems we’re also gettin into that fall season before it ends!! ~Pin



day 1 done!! thank you @candynairix for requesting precious itsuki and thank you @sakhmae for the bithday greeting and requesting soujiro!! 

btw do you guys know each other?? cause it’s amazing how you guys sent in asks at the same time :000 and with the same palette too lolololol

i do hope the both of you like it


A Gyumi art trade requested by @califlair!!! AAAA they are so adorable thnx for pulling me in, Cali and I hope this quenches your thirst :”))


Gyumi ost: Forget Me Not

A quick video of past Gyumi art along the piano solo soundtrack I made for the ship! It’s my first time writing instrumental music so pls excuse the n00b ;w;


More on ‘Meanwhile outside of Dipdops mindscape

Part 1/(more parts later)


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