Watch: We can’t stop crying about the beautiful letter one trans man wrote to his younger self about the ups and downs of transitioning

YouTuber James Raines explained feeling like a “freak” as a child, not feeling comfortable with himself until a documentary helped him realize that he was transgender. So with his girlfriend’s encouragement, he decided to put together a video in which he reads a letter to his pre-transition self.

Gifs: Jammidodger


My dear lgbt+ kids. 

Gay trans boys are not “straight girls” - they’re gay boys. 

Lesbian trans girls are not “straight boys” - they’re lesbian girls. 

If you are gay and trans, you are allowed to use the terms wlw or mlm! 

You’re not “using terms that are not yours to use” or “invading safe spaces”. You belong in gay spaces - you are gay! 

There’s nothing “fake gay” about you. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom