[TRANS] Yoongi’s letter to Santa

25th December 2016 If by that time we do get any awards I hope we receive the daesang award. I told you we are all working hard

[TRANS] Yoongi’s Letter in Bon Voyage

“Hello BTS,

By the time you read this letter it’s probably the end of 2016 already. Everyone has struggled so much this 2016, but I firmly believe that the things right now will have rewards for our efforts.

When we attend the awards ceremony on December 25, 2016, hopefully we can achieve Daesang, because we all have been working hard, right? Although this year is about to end, BTS still has a long way to go. 2016 might be over but our 화양연화 hasn’t ended yet.

BTS will be forever.”

trans. by maeli (@xingyoon)

can we just talk about lgbtq+ latinx people for a sec?? like our culture has religion, mainly Roman Catholic religion, deeply rooted into it. our culture is phenomenally sexist and young girls are always expected to dress well and act politely so they can get a husband. young boys are taught to never cry and that they have to support their families and be dominant and strong young men and some of them never even learn how to make their fucking bed’s because they’re told their wives will do that for them.

shout out to the Latina girls that don’t want to act a certain way to lock down a husband by age 20 and instead they realize that they love girls the way they’re expected to love boys. they go through so much homophobia and sexism in the world in general, but it’s astounding in our culture

shout out to the mlm that are gonna have to learn how to cook and clean later in life because they were never taught because their parents expected they’d marry a girl who would do it for them

shout out to the trans and non-binary latinx people that are disowned from their families because they go against their faith. the trans boys who have to deal with their mothers scoffing in anger when they tell them they don’t even want a quince and to the trans girls who wish for one but know they won’t get one because they were born with a penis and go the non-binary latinx people that have to deal with gendered everything in our culture and will constantly be shamed and mocked

I love all of my lgbtq latinx family.

los amo

【TRANS】 ViVi October Issue - CHEN Interview

Part 1

Q: Please talk about your appreciation for Xiumin’s series of pictures.
A: On the SIMPLE page, the comfortable feeling really goes well (with Xiumin). It’s really nice that due to the picture being simple as well, you can focus your attention only on Xiumin hyung. Also, on the POP page his mischievous personality is shown, and because it’s like the usual feeling one gets of our Xiumin hyung I laughed a lot without realizing.
Q: Tell us about your latest episode with Xiumin.
A: There was a time at the concert where Xiumin hyung suddenly grabbed and pulled my shirt and fans saw my stomach for a bit. (laughs) But I am always relying on him. I only put my cell phone and wallet in my bag when I go out, so I always borrow eye drops or lip balm (from Xiumin). (laughs) We are sometimes roommates, so we often share conversations that are between just the two of us. If we are together, the mood becomes a lot more comfortable. I hope that we can still spend time together well for a long time even when we become grandfathers.

Part 2

The ratio between composure and passion is always 50:50
In this shooting, “sorrow” was expressed but I don’t know if it’ll show as sadness or a completely unrelated expression. (laughs) There are some times when I get worried about it so I purposely watch sad movies. A while ago, I watched the movie “My Love, Don’t Cross That River” starring an elderly couple, and it was moving and tears came out by themselves. My problem wasn’t serious at all. (laughs) It’s not that I’m cold but that I tend to not be shaken by a lot of things. I want to always maintain a 50:50 balance between coolness and passion.
Because there are a lot of members in EXO, if on a certain day a member’s condition is not good or if there is tension then the group’s mood can become good or bad. So if it seems like a member’s condition is not good, then we ask “Are you okay?” Because the members are really good people, if there is some hardship then of course using all your strength to help them is a given. I’m only saying this here, but the one I give a hand to is Kai. I call him “Prince of Sleeping”; in the middle of practice even if there’s only a little bit of time, Kai will immediately fall asleep. At that time, calling out “Kai! Get up~!” is my role. (laughs) On the other hand, if I’m not feeling well then the person who cheers me up enthusiastically is Baekhyunnie. In that way we all cover for each other and I think that teamwork is EXO’s strength. When we are preparing for the public release of a new song or a live performance, of course there are a lot of difficult things, but we all work hard and are able to overcome the obstacles. That’s when our passion reaches its peak even though we stay cool-headed. There’s nothing more precious than the relationship of trust and being able to share that passion among members and staff.

If we’re talking about my ideal type, it’d be best if the person I’m dating could be in that kind of relationship too. Because I always have a happy and positive personality, if we’re together then wouldn’t it be enjoyable? I think my desire to give energy to the person I like or make them laugh is stronger than anyone else’s.

Yesterday I had time, so I bought sandals in Seoul and watched the movie ‘Ju-On’ [Japanese version of The Grudge] in my room. My room’s linen (cloth) doesn’t have any patterns and the white or blue color is very calming. I especially like the soft soft pillow. Recently I slept for about 18 hours and the members didn’t say anything to me. (laughs) “Do you only take selfies when you’re alone?” is a question I hear a lot but that’s absolutely not true! I don’t have Instagram, and if you compare with the readers of ViVi that wouldn’t be sincere at all.

But I really like fashion. I especially like accessories, so (the accessories I own) are increasing little by little. Within those, there is the rosary ring my mother gave to me when I was 20, and it is my precious lucky charm that I never take off except for when I sleep. Even if a person is really precious to me, I could never…….. say that I could never give it to them. (laughs)

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I just want lesbians to know that it’s hard being a trans man. I spent the majority of my life believing I was a super butch lesbian because I was raised in a conservative family that never knew shit about being transgender. I made relationships with lots of lesbians and I felt like I was really apart of a strong wlw community. And then I came out as trans and I was completely cut off. Nobody from before wanted anything to do with me. It’s hard that I had such a supportive group that I felt safe in, and now I have nothing because I identify as a different member of the lgbtq+ and it hurts. I feel like lesbians feel like we’ve betrayed who we were. Gay men don’t take us seriously because we’re not “real” men so we’re not good enough. And everyone just resents us. There’s so much advertising for accepting bisexuality and being a trans woman, but everyone seems to forget that trans men exist and they come in all shapes and sizes and they face discrimination too.