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Hello, friends! This is my updated commission info post, now with fancy graphics for the pricing of my work. I’ve stepped up my game after a successful month of full time commission work and have added an extra slot, but am still just scraping by. 

So here’s what I propose:

If this post hits 500 notes by the end of February, I will choose one person who reblogged at random to receive FREE FULL COLOR FULL BODY COMMISSION. That’s a commission worth $150 dollars for free.

You can see more examples of my work HERE and check my commission status HERE~!

Thank you for your continued support and I appreciate your help in sharing this with your friends and mutuals <3

Pledis_Boss Reveals More of ‘Q is.’ in 5s Insta Snippet

Screenshot of the Insta-video

Previously we tweeted that the official Pledis_Boss Instagram posted yet another behind-the-scenes snippet of NU’EST supposedly filming for their music video, which was further confirmed by Kye Bumzu, a close mentor and producer of PLEDIS artistes who turned up at the scene to lend his support.

In the 5 seconds snippet, one could see a faint outline of moving pictures on the monitors, panning in and out to a figure with supposedly long hair. Not only that, some keen sensed L.O.V.E managed to pull out an audio clip from the video (take a listen here), and since a few other accounts have stepped up to note that the original video, while seemingly silent, was actually accompanied by a very, very faint audio.

It’s not sure if this is the audio and MV for their title track, but with 10 days till their release, we will find out very soon.

Meanwhile, NU’EST Newsletter would like to wish everyone a happy Seollal (albeit a little late!), and be sure to catch the boys on today’s broadcast of MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC)!

EDIT: NU’EST will be on tomorrow’s (10th Feb) broadcast of ISAC, where the male 60m dash will be broadcasted.

Have you seen the clip? What do you think? Tell us!

Source: Pledis_Bossartyolo

anonymous asked:

hi jay- do you know of any trans (pref trans guys bc I am! a trans guy) youtubers similar to you? Thanks! 💕

Jay says:

Okay first of all this is SUPER SWEET and I have a list of trans guy / masc youtubers and channels. Of course there are more out there that I’ve missed but these are the ones that jumped out of my sub list at me

Chase Ross (if I did a follow forever he’d be on it)

FinnTheInfinncible (he’s making loads of bottom surgery vids at the moment which is really interesting, also it’s great seeing trans guys who aren’t fresh outta the womb)

FTMTranstastic (Collab channel that Chase Ross is on too, has a good range of guys from different backgrounds and stages in transition which is pretty awesome)

Fox Fisher (You may have heard of them (idk their pronouns) as they’ve made vids with Chrissi before so their face has been on this blog before)

Jackson Bird (My son to be honest, this is his side channel and he hasnt made a vid in a while cos he’s recovering from top surgery)

Skylar Kergil / SkylarkEleven (probably one of the most well known trans guy youtubers, as he’s been around for so long and has documented EVERY STEP of his transition)

Ty Turner (Funny guy, good vids, not every single vid is about being trans, but still great!)

Alex Bertie (One of the first trans youtubers I started following, mostly cos I found it very easy to relate to him when I was pre-T. Also, I met him once!)

Jake Edwards (Met him too! Not all his vids are trans focused, a lot of music stuff, but still a high quality dude!)