NU’EST Drops Melancholic 2017 ver. of Hit Track, ‘Hello’ as Thank You to Fans

NU’EST drops heart-wrenching new rendition of their hit track ‘Hello’ (여보세요), performed by four members JR, Aron, Baekho and Ren. Through this acoustic instrumental version that highlights the boys’ vocals with heavy piano notes, the boys send their yearning and thanks to waiting L.O.V.Es, yet with a heavy undertone of awaiting their fifth member, Minhyun (as seen in the hashtag ‘Waiting_you’).

In place of the fellow lead vocals’, we hear vocalists Aron and Ren stepping up to fill the lines; Aron’s dialogue at the beginning and end on top of the beautiful harmonies adds a melancholic touch. JR’s rapping makes for break and added dynamics. Last but not least, this is the first fans have heard Baekho’s vocals since the Produce 101 concert, and his gentle lines mixed with husky tone adds depth to this beautiful rendition.

The emotional release is a stark contrast from the pop ballad version released in 2013, and marks the growth and maturity of the members’ vocals since as well.

While there is no digital release of this version, ‘ 여보세요_2017′ have trended on Twitter in no.1 spot, while ‘ 뉴이스트’ have trended no.1 in Naver and MelOn. ‘여보세요’ is now trending no.2 on MelOn. The video has since earned over 110k views at the time this article was written.

What do you think of the release?

Source: NU'EST

PLEDIS CEO Updates With Long Awaited OT5 Selfie, Draws Attention With Caption

Caption: #NU’EST #L.O.V.Es #Aron #Minhyun #Baekho #Ren #JR

NU’EST fans rejoice as PLEDIS CEO took to his Instagram to update with a long-awaited selfie of all five members, taken after Produce 101′s Finale Concert today; this marks the first group photo revealed after four members were announced to be participating on the said program, and Aron was spotted showing support by turning up in the audience.

L.O.V.Es were buzzing not only because the photo was taken recently, but also at the captions, where the hashtags labeled the boys under their stage names. Considering how Baekho, Ren and JR had entered the survival program under their real names and having returned to a trainee status, this seemed to mark a return as NU’EST members.

In related news, the four participating Pledis boys have successfully wrapped up the finale concert alongside fellow trainees from various companies, performing to legendary stages from the program. A total of top 35 trainees participated in the 2-day concert.

JR has apparently mentioned that he’s been writing lyrics and preparing for their next album in his solo vapp just few hours before, so it would not be long before we see the boys on stage again.

Source: pledis_boss ; NU’EST vlive

Other Agender Identities

The term “agender” literally means “without gender”, but there are many different ways to feel this way. Feel free to read What Is Agender if you are confused by this.

Even if you feel like one of these, you can still identify as just “agender”. That’s totally okay!

Agenderflux: Being agender and having fluctuating feelings of masculinity of femininity, but NOT male or female

Agenderfluid: When you have a base gender of agender, but your gender sometimes changes

Apogender: A subset of agender in which you feel not only genderless but entirely removed from the concept of gender.

Axigender: when a person experiences two genders that sit on opposite ends of an axis; one being agender and the other being any other gender; these genders are experienced one at a time with no overlapping and with very short transition time.

Cancegender: Agender as “base” gender but experiences fluid/fluxing gender feelings in tandem with their emotions. These gender feelings may confuse or upset the individual and cause their emotional state to go haywire, which causes more gender changes.

Cassgender: the feeling of gender is unimportant to you

Cassflux: when the level of indifference towards your gender fluctuates

Geminigender: A gender identity that is mostly/usually agender, but will rarely/oftenly change to a different (non-binary, indescribable) gender which changes each time. Every time a gender surfaces, it is unique and will eventually go away and never return.  Relates to gemini in that it is typically stable, but will have significant bursts of changes.

Genderflux: the feeling of your gender fluctuating in intensity; like genderfluid but between one gender and agender

Gender Neutral: the feeling of having a neutral gender, whether somewhere in between masculine and feminine or a third gender that is separate from the binary; often paired with neutrois

Gendervague: A gender not definable with words because of one’s status as neurodivergent.

Gendervoid: A gender which is filled with void. Also known as voidgender.

Libragender: Feeling agender, but with a particular connection to masculinity or femininity, e.g. libramasculine or librafeminine; also:  a gender that feels agender but has a strong connection to another gender

Librafluid: Being agender, but with fluid feelings of masculinity or femininity

Oneirogender: coined by anonymous, “being agender, but having recurring fantasies or daydreams of being a certain gender without the dysphoria or desire to actually be that gender day-to-day”

Subgender: mostly agender with a bit of another gender

NU’EST Baekho Shares His Thanks Through Instagram

Almost as in a relay format, fellow member Baekho too, shared his thanks for the support through his personal instagram. Likewise, the post has gotten positive feedback, and have over 14k likes in the span of 20 minutes.

Trans: I’m really thankful for all these while, I want to show you a better image of myself in the future, thank you so much. I will do my best. #HwangMinhyun #KimJonghyun #KwakAron #ChoiMingi #Kangdongho

With an image of their own song, ‘Thank You’, the main vocal of the group shares his thanks with a simple message; the words highlighted in green reads “always, thank you”. What was drawing attention was also his individual hashtags, where he listed all five members.

It’s also to note that fellow member, Minhyun took part in composing and writing lyrics for this song.

Source: Baekho’s Instagram




Preparation for Surgery


Shopping list:

(Essentials in bold if you’re money-tight, but I would seriously consider everything on this list. Obviously don’t buy what you already have)

  • Button Up Shirts or/and Zip Up Hoodies
    (easier to put on & take off due to being unable to lift arms up)
  •  Comfy sweatpants
    (easier to pull them down/up & take them off and they’re comfy^^)
  • Slippers or flipflops
    (easier to slip on and take off, which saves bending over)
  • Hats or Beanies
    (to cover that gross hair in the first week without a shower)

  • No perfume, no colour, sensitive skin soap.
    (To wash with for the next few months after surgery. ‘Simple’ is a good brand. Otherwise avoid using shower gel for 6 weeks)

  • Arnica Tablets
    (taken to help with the bruising a week before & after surgery)
  • Bio Oil & scar treatments
    (Can be applied once scars are dry and healing)

  • Vitamin C
    (Boosts immune-system and thus recovery)
  • Ginger tea (NOT GINGER TABLETS)
    (Help to stop any feeling of sickness)
  • Baby wipes / Wet Ones
    (To help keep your body clean until you can shower)
  • Laxatives
    (If you have trouble taking a shit - especially if you take Codeine)
  • First Aid Kit
    (just encase! You will be given some spare gauze and stuff though)
  • Paper Tape
    (For the dressings post op. Though you’ll get a roll after your post op appointment to put over your incisions)

  • Dry Shampoo
    (Helpin’ that hair look slightly less gross!)
  • Neck rest / travel pillow
    (Comfort when traveling back from hospital and travel in general)
  • Straws
    (makes drinking much easier & requires less arm movement)
  • Extra Pillows
    (Place these under your knees and under your head/back to elevate you while you sleep on your back! It helps)
  • The Food Doctor
    (Healthy ready meal alternatives, can be found on Amazon)
  • Green Tea and detox teas
  • Plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Plenty of water
  • Healthy home made frozen meals ready to microwave
    (Makes cooking quick and easy but still healthy)
  • Healthy snacks to munch on
    (like nut mixes, dried fruit, yogurt bars etc… rather than junk food. Your body is healing, help it along.)


House Preparation:

  • Move everything in the house to being in reach
  • Make sure you have a primary carer for the first week, especially the first three days because it will be hell on your own.
  • Find a couple of films and series you wanna watch in the first week
  • Pick out a couple of books to read
  • Tidy and clean your house/room a day or two before surgery
    (Makes everything simple and easy to move around in, also a more positive and clean environment to be in while recovering)
  • Change sheets and wash any clothes you wanna wear etc before
  • Prep your bed so you can sleep sitting up slightly, lots of pillows help!


Physical and Emotional preparation:

  • Eat healthily in the months leading up to surgery
    - Plenty of fresh fruit and veg
    - BALANCED diet at least two good meals a day
    - Plenty of water
    - Cut out processed foods, high sugars and salts
    - I recommend looking into ordering recipe boxes if you’re tight on cash/struggle to make healthy meals yourself every day.
    - Smoothies are a great time for 5 a day
    - Snack on dried fruits, nuts, yogurt biscuits instead of junk.

  • Stop smoking asap. Seriously, stop. Doesn’t matter how long until your surgery, the sooner you quit the better all round - surgery is a great motivation to quit smoking. Vape pens are a good alternative, be strict with yourself. Try to stop vaping in the month before your op or go down to 0mg of nicotine if you still need the feel of vaping/smoking. Do not vape or smoke for 2 weeks before your op. You’ll lose ur nips.

  • Stop drinking alcohol at least one month before, in my opinion giving yourself as much time away from it is much better to help detox your body and get healthy (alcohol is generally shit for you so cutting down or stopping is pretty good anyway, and surgery is a perfect excuse!)

  • Exercise. Pushups and flies will help to develop your pectoral muscle, bring down the breast size and help the surgeon place your incisions. Crunches, sittups, squats, and various exercises will help to keep the rest of your body fit and speed up your recovery (you’re gonna be recovering and potatoing for a while, get your body in a better state so it heals well and quickly). Cardio, jogging on the spot, starjumps and knees-up, gets your blood flowing, helps to get you nice and healthy for the op and recovery. Look up exercise routines on youtube!

  • Do a lot of internal reflecting and focus on your mind as well as your body. You need to psychologically prepare for surgery and that doesn’t happen over night. It’s also very difficult to do this, I really struggled to. It’s perfectly normal to feel scared, nervous, or feel like it’s a big deal, it’s a huge deal. You’re losing something that’s been there for a long time, you’re going through major surgery, and you’re finally getting something you’ve been awaiting for a long time!

  • Try not to have an ideal vision of what your chest will be like, don’t expect anything, try not to compare it to other chests, especially cis male chests. The first time you see it, it’ll look pretty rough, take it in slowly, learn to re-accept it as your own. It can take time to learn to love yourself all over again, but welcome your new chest with an open mind.


Tips and General Advice:

  • Make sure you have all your questions and concerns written down before your pre op appointment to take with you - if you have any more later or forgot to ask something, call the hospital or your surgeon’s office to ask them. Otherwise ask on the day of your op if it can wait that long.

  • Write down all the tips and advice they give you even if you don’t think you’ll forget them.

  • If you can, take a cheque in for both payments to the surgeon and the hospital on the day of your pre op appointment. This will give you plenty of time if there’s a problem with the payment and is also much easier than stressing out a few days before. Otherwise make sure you pay a week before online, so if there’s a problem you’ll have time to fix it.

  • Don’t underestimate or overestimate how big this surgery is, how much time you’ll need or how many thing’s you realistically need to buy/prepare. Obviously it would be better to overestimate as it’ll leave you more prepared, but there’s some things you just won’t need/need to do. Think carefully about yourself, your situation and how you deal with pain and how you like to be comfortable. If you forget anything you can always get it later on! So here’s some tips for that:
  1. - Write a detailed list and slowly check through it cutting down on things if you think you’ll need to. See what you can use in the house and what you’ll need to buy. Be minimalist if you’re trying to save money.
  2. - Make sure you have plenty of time booked of work/school/uni, if you go back early it’s much less of a problem than being back late.
  3. - Really take the time to research what you’re about to be put through, speak to others who’ve been in the same boat and realistically think about how you will actually be affected and how you will actually feel after surgery. This will help to stop you from having unrealistic expectations of your physical appearance and capabilities, your mentality after the op and to help stop yourself from become lazy.
  4. - Again, honestly try your best not to expect anything of your chest, try not to worry about how it will look, how the nips will be, whether the scars will be straight or narrow or whatever. Be ready to have to learn to accept your new chest however it looks. Be ready for a huge emotional change. Don’t brush off these kinds of things, they’re just as important for your healing as everything else on this list.

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Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015), who has been an ELF and Siwon bias since she was younger, was watching Super Junior’s MV during her InstaLive: 

Her friend: Oh, that’s Bonamana 

Pia: What are you talking about? That’s Sorry Sorry. You really can’t memorize their stuff!!! 

Comments: Please try BTS or TWICE, etc etc

Pia: Sorry, I don’t like other bands. I tried but really no. I don’t like other bands. I like Super Junior. Please stop suggesting (other groups), guys. ©

She keeps on apologizing to the people who keeps on suggesting boy groups at the at the comment section because she doesn’t want to watch them (though she tried) and said she’s a loyal ELF to Super Junior. Pia also mentioned that whenever she’s at work and feeling tired, someone will play a Super Junior song and that she’ll be okay once again. © 

anonymous asked:

Sportacus find out rob is trans man and is super suportive

From another anon:

Trans Robbie? You can decide the scenario.

Don’t touch that dial! More trans Lazytown prompts coming your way soon! You all sent in such good ideas :D

By the way, I’m going back and re-tagging all my trans Lazytown fics as “trans lazytown” so they can all be in one spot for easy reading. Also, as a reminder, all prompts are tagged as ‘prompt’. 

Robbie lay out on a bench in the park. The sky was clear, the day was warm, and his insides were trying to kill him.

“I hate everything,” He said to no one, arm slung over his eyes to block out the light. He had woken up to cramps and thought that napping out in the sun would help soothe him. But now, he was just hot, aggravated, and developing a headache. If he’d had more energy, he would have slunk back home to be uncomfortable in private.

“I hate everything,” he repeated.

“What’s wrong, Robbie?”

Robbie uncovered his eyes and blinked up at Sportacus. The daylight made his head throb in protest. He was about to snap at Sportaloon to scram but he could see the elf’s crystal flashing. Sportacus already knew something was up.

“I… don’t feel well.”

“What hurts?”

Robbie had not mentally rehearsed this conversation in the slightest. His tensed as another cramp pulsed through him. No use lying about this. No matter how he described his symptoms, Sportacus would arrive at the right diagnoses. He squeezed is eyes shut, rubbing a hand over his lower belly.

“It’s- it’s my time of month. And everything hurts.” 

Silence greeted his statement. He hoped liked hell he wouldn’t have to spell it out for Sportadork. 

After a few moments, Robbie cracked open an eye. He was alone. He sniffed. Good. Now Robbie could writhe in peace. 

Half an hour later, he heard hurried footsteps approaching. He supposed it was Sportajerk coming to mock him. He kept his eyes shut.

“Robbie?” It was indeed Sportacus, “Can you sit up?”

“Why?” Robbie grumbled.

“I have gifts for you.”

Not one to refuse gifts, Robbie opened his eyes and sat up. Sportacus stood beside the bench, shopping bag swinging from one arm. When Robbie arched an eyebrow, Sportacus beamed and began digging through the bag.

“I got you some medication for your head and your cramps. I also have water to keep your energy up. I know how you feel about water but you really should drink it when you’re on your period.”

Robbie blinked up at him. Hearing Sportacus said “on your period” to him was surreal.

“I also got you some chocolate. I don’t know what your favorite kind is so I hope I picked a good one.” He held out the bag to Robbie, who took it mutely, still in shock. 

Sportacus suddenly looked nervous and he scratched the back of his neck, shifting on his feet, “And, um, thank you for being honest with me. I’m… glad you trust me enough to tell me.”

Robbie cleared his throat, “Just don’t go spreading that around.”

“Of course I won’t,” Sportacus said, “Well, I’ll leave you alone. I hope you feel better.”

He started flipping away. Robbie called out, “Wait!” before he could stop himself. Sportacus stopped and turned back toward him. Robbie opened and closed his mouth a few times before taking the bar of chocolate out of the bag, “I- I like caramel filled chocolate the best. Remember that for… next time I need your help.”

Sportacus smiled wide. “I will! Bye, Robbie!” Then he was gone, leaving Robbie to rip open the chocolate bar and settle back down on the bench.

[!!!] Information about Starship posting 2nd warning to Monsta X fansites

Starship has posted a warning to fansites that have breached their policy on taking photos and sharing through social media. This is their 2nd warning, their first warning here.

1st warning - Notice on the Monsta X Fancafe

2nd warning - Restriction to participate in Monsta X’s next album promotions (Online + Offline)

3rd warning - Banned indefinitely from all scheduled activities including fansigns (Online + Offline)

Fansites with 1st warning

Fansites with a 2nd warning that cannot participate in Monsta X’s next album promotions:






be my peterpan | MINSTORY ㅣ 민스토리









Monsta X flying to Japan was unscheduled, therefore is an unofficial/private schedule. Fans cannot take photos and share through SNS (like Twitter) off-schedule, prohibited places (that invade Monsta X’s personal place).

Fansites above received 2nd warning as they breached taking photos of Monsta X before at the airport for a private schedule before Beautiful promotions.


D.O. Interview in CREA July Edition 2017

I was waiting for D.O. around mid-afternoon while sitting on a chair in the corner of a studio in Gangnam, Seoul. He showed up out of nowhere making any noise, and was standing right in front of me.
I immediately stood up and greeted him in Japanese without thinking. Then he greeted me in Japanese, bobbed his head and smiled.
With clear fair skin wearing gray parka and sneakers with thin silver metal framed glasses, D.O. had such a refreshing style and he looked like a college freshman rather than an entertainer.
It has been 3 years since he began acting along with his activity as an EXO member. Co-staring with renowned actors such as Jung-woo Ha and Ha-kyun Shin, he has made remarkable progress amongst EXO members with his acting career.

Reason to choose to play a psychopath instead of being in a school life drama

In Korea, many musicians and pop stars who start their acting career by acting in school life drama as characters that are similar to them in real life. However, D.O. has left significant impression from the onset by consecutively playing roles such as the other self of the main character who suffers from schizophrenia (“It’s OK, that’s love”) and a psychopath (“I remember you”). The first movie he worked on was a social film about the situation that contract workers deal with. D.O. played a son of the main female character who stood up against wrongful employment condition.
“In Korea, I go by my real name Kyungsoo Do when I act, so some viewers who see me in movies and dramas are surprised when they find out I’m a member of EXO. But I actually don’t do anything different when I sing and dance as an EXO member or when I act in dramas and movies Any worksite I go, I seems to be able to morph into who I’m supposed to be. When choose the role, I decide whether or not I want to play that role by reading the screenplay.”
He appeared in a love comedy web drama for the first time called “Be Positive (Positive Constitution)”. This drama became a social phenomenon by recording 30 million views in total.
“I played a role of Hwan-dong, a college student majoring in Film who aspires to be a movie director. He is energetic and cheerful, completely different type of role from what I played before, so I thought I could show a different side of me.”

There is a kiss scene with his female senior at college. They reveal their feelings to each other at a modest spicy chicken feet restaurant. It’s typical of college romance that they invite each other to eat spicy chicken feet instead of fancy restaurant.
“Hwan-dong and I are very similar in that we are both positive. But I’m not as cheerful as he is to start dancing in the middle of the street. (laugh) Also, I don’t like spicy food that much. I like light food like Japanese. (and he says in Japanese) ochazuke (hot green tea over steamed rice), kasuzuke (pickled fish in the lees). I often go to Japanese restaurant in Korea, too. (His staff teased him, ‘You went yesterday, too, didn’t you?’) Yes, I just had sushi yesterday. (wry smile)”
Among the EXO fans, he is known to be like “onma (mom)” who prepares a night snack for the members. At the concert, while other members shout “I love you!” to the fans, he says “Please go home and eat tasty food”.
“When I was a child, my mother cooked 3 times a day, and I learned “Eating properly is important.” So, I try to deliver the message at the concert. I love eating and there is a part of me that I live to eat.”
He said he likes to see the happy face of the person who ate his food, and he broke into a smile.
“I can’t do it too often recently but I sometimes cook for the members like pasta and steak. If it’s Korean food, I cook doenjang-jjigae (soybean paste stew) and fried rice.”

In middle school, I did nothing but watched movies.

While being a member of EXO, he has continued acting without break. I am worried if he has any time to even sleep, but the air around him is relaxed and calm.
“Ever since I was a child, I liked watching movies as much as I liked singing. I like any genre of movie. When I was in middle school, I did nothing but watched movies. I think I saw every movie that was released back then. I liked playing games and playing outside with my friends, but movie was an exception to the rule.”
Without thinking I said, “Singing and acting are both your calling, aren’t they?”, then he gave me a big nod and said “yes” without waiting for his interpreter.
“I still go to the movie quite often. I go by myself late at night making sure no one finds out about me. (I suspiciously asked, ‘Really?’). I recently saw “La La Land”, “Moana”, “Fast & Furious 8” and “The Beauty and the Beast”. I once had a day off and saw 5 movies in a day. I watched 1 movie after breakfast, then another movie after lunch, and then 2 more after dinner, then 1 more after nap (laugh).”

He says he also likes Japanese movies.
“I like films directed by Naoko Ogigami (“Seagull Diner” and “Glasses”) and “Little Forest” that depicts the four seasons of a small village in a rural area. I like that kind of movies. If I find the film I like, I search previous work of the director. I would like to watch more films by Hirokazu Koreeda who filmed Umimachi Diary. If I have a chance, I want to direct a movie about ordinary people who live ordinary lives. I like realistic and calm story rather than energetic story.”

As we were leaving, he bowed and said “Thank you for today.” to every single staff member. And he did it so naturally. We rarely see 24 year old person so polite like him.
By Admin r2_exoluv@exolusa


Hwang Chiyeul Shares Account of Meeting Wanna One and Reminisces on Teaching NU’EST Post-Immortal Song Recording

Screenshot of the mini fan-greeting after KBS Immortal Song recording on the 14th.

Veteran singer and part of the host cast of Immortal Song, Hwang Chiyeul, shares his account of meeting Wanna One at the recording of the program on the 14th, at the mini fan-greeting.

Starting off, the singer marveled at Wanna One’s power, stating that the cheers and atmosphere on site when the boys came out were alike that of a music show. As it is his first time meeting the group, he commented that the group was very well-mannered and hard working, and had a good impression.

Moving on, he went on to mention his meeting with Hwang Minhyun, whom he had met at an earlier time back in the member’s debut days with NU’EST, as a pleasant surprise. 

“I talked/joked a lot with him and took photos too,” he stated with a joyous tone.  Hwang Chiyeul was actually their vocal trainer who helped them out with recordings on-site for Face and Hello.

Looking back at the various juniors that he mentored, the star expressed his pride at seeing how well the boys are doing right now. “There’s our Minhyunnie in Wanna One, I’m really happy,” he said, “NU'EST is also doing even better now right? They’re having a reversal. I’m really happy.”

With as much pride, fans are thankful for the positive comments from the said senior. 

You can check out Hwang Chiyeul’s latest release, A Daily Song, which is also a popular track on the digital charts right now.

Source: Fancam by Naver Hwang Chiyeul Fan cafe CHIYEULS, shared via  전경아

smash that like for trans paladins

[*commissions info*]

[! ] Jongup’s ‘Try My Luck’ couldn’t pass song regulations on KBS due to unqualified/unfit Japanese & obscene expression (I need your body on me). He will probably not be able to perform on KBS Music Bank.

info trans by bydaehyuns ; take out with full credit.


[INFO] 170624 BLACKPINK’s messages for BLINKs at Show! Music Core!
Trans: black2dpink824 and BLACKP1NKK, © Chew in My Area 

Jennie: BLINK ❤️️ Beulping is here Jendeukie is here. We’ve come back with a new song in just 6 months. We’ve prepared a lot to show you good music and a good stage so please spend the exciting summer with us. I’m nervous from thinking about standing in front of BLINKs for the first time in a long time again. Thank you for waiting for us thank you for being with us, thank you for being BLINKs. A fresh, cute, funny, serious, and sexy Jendeukie with many sides to show is waiting so let’s go go! BLACKPINK = BLINK Let’s play as if it’s our last yap yap fighting! - LOTS of LOVE from J

Jisoo: Nyeongan BLINK ❤️️ I’ve wanted to comeback as BLACKPINK again and FINALLY. I’m so happy that we get to meet again >_< You waited a long time for us, didn’t you? Thank you always. We prepared and practiced a lot because we wanted to show a good side of ourselves, so we’d be very pleased and happy if BLINKs like it. ^.^ I think we’ll be able to see each other more this time so let’s enjoy our time ❤️️ We’ll become a Beulpink that BLINKs can be proud of through ever-improving versions of ourselves. We love you ^u^ ❤️️

Rosé: Our BLINK~ How are you guys? You didn’t forget us, right? :( You guys worked really hard for waiting for us~ :( After waiting for a long period, finally comeback.. the thoughts of standing on stage in front of BLINK gets me fluttering I thought I was about to pass out.. kekeke! Thank you very much for coming out today to cheer for us. ❤️️ Always more closer… more often! Even though my heart that wants to see you guys is this big… finally! I get to see your faces I’m… very happy ㅠ.ㅠ  This time too, we practiced really a lot to show BLINKs a really nice stage.. I hope BLINKs will like it a lot ~ kyu ❤️️ As much as I wanted to see your faces, during this promotion, I shall remember your faces >< You know that Chaeng is always thankful and cherish you guys, right? I LOVE YOU ALL SO BAD ❤️️ MUAAHH 💋~ - LOTS & LOTS OF LOVE, ROSÉ

Lisa: BLINK~~!! Kyaaa….finally we have the chance to meet!! >< For the past 6 months, how was it going? Sigh.. it wasn’t going well for me.. because I couldn’t see BLINK keke~ It was tiring waiting for us, right?? ㅜ We are going to see each other soon so please wait a little bit more! Please give “As If It’s Your Last” a lot of anticipation and a lot of love~ ❤️️ Let’s see each other soon~~ 🌟❤️️🌟 BLINK love you~ hehe >//< - BLACKPINK -LISA-