Top 10 Best Selling KPOP Albums in the World.

Top 10 best selling South Korean albums in the world in 2015-2016, best-selling albums in South Korea.

Trendy KPOP groups and their amazing albums: Day by day the Korean music industry is going high in the international market. There are KPOP music groups, and they have a huge fan following in the market. The current KPOP world is very competitive as all of them are introducing new songs in the market and they all are becoming hit. They have a huge demand in the market mainly by the Korean young teenagers. There are many Korean companies who are introducing many KPOP groups and they are the most cool groups in the music industry. Here, in this article we will list some of the famous KPOP albums.

List of Top 10 KOP Albums 2015-2016

If you are a true lover of KPOP music then it’s important on your part to know which albums made their place in the top 10 bestselling albums for the year 2015 currently. 

Below in this list there are top 10 best KPOP albums which are very famous among the young generations.

1. MAMACITA / This Is Love
This album had been released by the famous boy’s Korean group Super Junior. The songs in the album are wonderfully sung and thus they are very famous among the teenagers. The bits of all the songs in the album are very good and thus they are in the high demand among the youth.

2. Overdose (EXO)
3. Mr. Mr. (SNSD)
4. Got it? (GOT7)
5. Season 2 / Be Back (INFINITE)
6. Skool Luv Affair (BTS)
7. Crush (2NE1)
8. First Sensibility (B.A.P)
9. Tense / Spellbound (TVXQ)
10. Red Light (F(x))

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it makes no sense that man boobs are socially acceptable but my man boobs aren’t?
so here’s for all the trans guys who are trying to be body positive when all the anons what to do is hate.
My Journey Begins, by Caitlyn Jenner
"I've already learned so much about this community, the issues and the people involved," Jenner writes for WhoSay about her first few weeks living as her true self

Caitlyn Jenner says that before she came out as a transgender woman, she had “totally isolated” herself from the trans community. Meeting others like her, she says, has been “an eye-opening experience.” Touched by their harrowing but often inspiring stories of survival, Jenner, 65, has partnered with WhoSay to release a weekly series of editorials called “The Real Me” that shine a light on the issues and people in the LGBT community. This is the first in that series.

Hi everyone. Caitlyn here. First of all, I want to thank you all for your support. The response to my new journey has been overwhelmingly positive, and I’m eternally grateful for all of your sweet messages, letters and gifts.

Up until now, I have totally isolated myself from the transgender community, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I feel such a responsibility to this courageous group to try to get it right and tell all sides of the story. To me, that’s always the biggest question: Am I doing it right?

A few weeks ago, I had dinner with some of my new friends – a group of six trans women – and I went around the table and asked each of them how long it had been since their transitions. One said 20 years, the other one said 15 years ago … seven years ago … three years ago …. They came around to me and I said, “Two weeks.”

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5302) I only realised I was trans a few years ago (I'm in my mid teens now), and apparently I acted pretty feminine as a young child. This makes me feel really bad, and honestly makes me question myself and my identity everyday as I always hear stories about trans people knowing their identity and presenting as such from a very young age. I also feel like if I had acted masculine for my whole life, my parents would be more likely to except it. I feel like I've missed my chance
Love for Luna!

So, my friendly friend (girlfriend) came out as mtf trans recently to her parents, and her mother is being especially rude, judgmental, and non caring. We are hoping she turns around, but for right now, Luna is in this situation. It would be really awesome if people could send me some asks (anon or not) just encouraging her. It would really help her to know that she has more people than little old me on her side.