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TERF: trans "men" are really womyn,,, FREE the woman inside!!1! You: yall are blatantly transphobic shut up TERFs: That's MALE VIOLENCE!! IT DOESNT MATTER THAT YOURE TRANS!! MALE VIOLENCE!! U: so which is it Them: Uhm lesbophobia sweaty?¿


[on Michigan Women’s Music Festival] The concern of transgender activists with their own ‘liberation’, Mantilla argues, came 'at the expense of women trying to for just one week in one remote corner of the United States to feel completely safe from male violence’. After male-bodied transgenders chose to enter the festival, Mantilla says that 'the feeling of complete safety from men and patriarchal rape culture’ was 'eroded’ because women attendees knew that 'a man’ could always be there. Mantilla comments that the determination of male-bodied transgenders to enter the space shows how deeply 'threatening’ women’s separatism is to men, and that more such spaces are needed, not fewer. The transgender challenge, she says, is a 'rebellion against women’s rebellion’ and works against 'the liberation of women from patriarchy’; it is straightforward anti-feminism by social conservatives.
In 2010 the tactics of transgender activists who entered the festival became particularly violent and aggressive. A member of the security crew, who says she did not question anyone’s 'gender’, described how Camp Trans set up Camp Tranarchy, and 'vandalized the festival and threatened festival goers’. A flyer being distributed by the activists showed a rather extraordinary degree of woman hating: 'A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstrual art your transphobic c*nts could ever hope to create’. Women at the camp recorded a range of violent incidents they were subjected to. One said that her car was vandalised and a chemical sprayed on both door locks. There was gunfire one night from the Camp Trans area, waterlines were cut and tires slashed, shower plumbing was damaged and banners destroyed. Tents were painted with 'Fuck fest’ and “real women have cocks’. Women spoke of being traumatized, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, and not feeling safe to attend the festival again.
—  Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys

i’m a trans womyn. i’m a tax payer. i pick up the kids from school. pull the line. love isn’t always on time. i think that’s by toto? i don’t like them very much; “africa” by toto is like… kmart buttshit song… i’m kissing boys in utica. non-boys, too, but mostly boys.

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Hi Sea Fam! I'm a cis woman who experiences pretty severe facial hair growth. Lately, I've started looking at forums meant for trans women to try and find shaving tips and the like. But I'm wondering, am I intruding on their space by doing that? I don't ever post or participate in the forums, just read what's been said. But I don't want to be intrusive in a space meant to be safe for them.

Hi sweetie,

I have mixed thoughts on this. While on one hand, I think if you aren’t posting or participating then you aren’t intruding. But I can understand how some might find it intrusive or would feel hurt if they knew a cis woman was lurking about in forum safe spaces. I think it ultimately comes down to which forums you are following.

However, I would suggest checking out forums for PCOS, and possibly being tested for PCOS. PCOS means Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and can cause excessive facial hair growth among other things. That would be an area that could offer similar information but in a way that you would not be intruding on a safe space. :)

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"So I'm not a lesbian if I don't take dick from men trying to take women's oppression!?"

No. Date whoever you want. Fuck whoever you want. Thats no one elses buisness. But the minute you exclude transwomen, or claim they aren’t women because of what’s in their pants, you become the problem you’re trying to fight against. Feminists like you want to ‘fight the patriarchy’ and fight against men sexualizing women. But, you do the same thing. You say you dont want men to see women as just their genetalia but as soon as you meet a women, you judge her based on hers. You can reduce and hate women based on if they have a dick or not all you want, but you can’t say you’re a feminist if you do. But sure, keep defending your transphobia as “lesbian pride/lgbt pride” that’s fine. Just know that youre apart of the problem that the movement, that you’re hiding your hate behind, stands against.

My Retransition

Why I’m retransitioning

I think the decision to transition (socially or medically) should be because the motivated by the fact that the person in question can’t live without it. I decided a year and a half ago not to transition medically and my dysphoria as significantly lessened since I joined the Second Wave community. I’ve learned to own my femaleness and I’m more comfortable in my body. I’ve learned that as a female I have a right to be in female spaces and to have a voice in feminism. I still sometimes feel like an imposter but things have changed so much. I’ve learned that I can own my gender non conformity without being a transman. I feel like I can’t justify being trans or being a transman when I could live a perfectly happy life as a womyn. 

Why I use “retransition” and not “detransition”

I feel like “detransition” implies that I’m going backwards and frankly that’s impossible. I will never be the girl I was 6 years ago before I realized I was trans. I know I grew as a person through my teenagehood in addition to my political and social views with regards to feminism, social justice, LGBT+ issues. Regardless, I’m a diff person now and my chosen name feels more genuine at this point than my birth name. Using female pronouns doesn’t upset me at all. I’m moving forward into a new part of my life where I own my womynhood. 

Trans Things

I’m still here for any and all trans people who’re interested in gender critical theory and deconstructing queer theory and trans activism. I won’t try and talk you out of being trans, I won’t tell you not to transition or to detransition; I’m always just here to listen and support you. I’ll offer different options and discuss the roots of your dysphoria and choice to transition. I may no longer be a transman but my experiences are still with me and I’ll always be here for you 💓
(honestly, I know I’m like one of the most prominent gender critical transman on tumblr and I don’t want anyone to feel like I’ve abandoned them, that’s why I’ve been MIA on tumblr these last few weeks and procrastinated making this post for the last few weeks)

My name is Ben and I use female pronouns, I’m a womyn.

If you are a lesbian and you’re dating/fucking a trans man, even if he’s not transitioning, even if he came out to you after you started dating, even if he calls himself a “dysphoric female/lesbian”, you’re committing a horrid act of violence towards trans womyn. You are directly implying that lesbianism is about dating afab people and that trans women can’t at all or can only be lesbians under specific circumstances. 

Either break up with the dude or call yourself a vaginophile. 

General Overview of Gender Nihilist Thought

1. There is no prediscursive body. The body is constituted by and through power and discourse. Knowledge ascribes the body with meaning.

2. “Sex” is a set of discourses that creates meaning about the body into two naturalized categories that exist as, within, through, by power.

3. Patriarchy, a regime of which this power is represented, delineates ‘sex’ as ‘male/man’ and ‘female/woman’ and is naturalized through institutions which produce and are produced by knowledge (medical, psychiatric, legal, economic, political, etc). This process of ‘naturalization’ (itself a discourse) removes the social from critique.

4. ‘Sex’ as a category is not just discursive and ideological but also material. ‘Sex’ too describes the gender division of labor. ‘Sex’ therefore is also a relationship to production and the means in which that relationship is mediated.

5. The creation of the gender division of labor (and thus patriarchy and sex) through the creation of the family is linked to the development of private property and the state. Private property is passed through the family model. The family is the field of war in which gender is waged. The family provides an isolated capsule that allows the ideology of gender and its socialization to be passed through reproduction (or other means of achieving children). Reproduction is also reproduction of capitalism as a new class of workers are born. The family is also where divisions of labor exist at its most smallest scale, the socialization of children teaching them to reproduce the family model in relation to who labors. This serves the interests of the state and capital.

6. The gender division of labor includes the extraction of reproductive labor (emotional care, sex, domestic work, childbearing) from women by men - which places women within the home or doing underpaid labor while providing unpaid labor to men, causing an increase in the labor-time men can place towards the production of capital and a decrease in the costs of labor required.

7. The maintenance of ‘sex’ as a discourse and the relationship to production it produces is through (compulsory) heterosexuality. Heterosexuality, enforced by erasure and violence (thus compulsory), binds women to men through the family and therefore binds men to women’s reproductive labor. Other forms of sexuality (sexuality too, is discourse and power) are then constructed as ‘deviant’ to maintain this social ordering.

8. Gender is also colonial and is referred to by Lugones as the “colonial/modern gender system.” Colonization, slavery imperialism meant the subjugation of the colonized subject through ideologies and discourses of gender. This displaced alternative means of structuring social relations to production which included an absence of gender as a discourse.

9. It is for these reasons we must see gender as a violent ascription of meaning upon the body, to serve the interests of capital to place women into subordinate economic and sexual relations to men. Gender is inherently dangerous to women and cannot be reformed. We must see gender in its white supremacist forms and as trans womyn, we must oppose gender as we must oppose race and capital. It is from this realization that gender nihilism - the rejection of all knowledge of the body, the abolition of sex (gender) and the negation of the self must be the goal for liberation from the chains of gender.

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what makes a feminist a terf?

at first i thought this seemed like an obvious question, but in fact i think there’s an important distinction to be made here, because not all transphobic feminists are “terfs” as such; if the word terf is to retain its original meaning and not lose its signification as an acronym, then the definition should be something like:

  • prioritizes patriarchy as the primary form of oppression (this is the actual definition of radical feminism, and what pits it against socialist/marxist/intersectional feminism, which see patriarchy as either economically linked or part of a wider system of oppressions or some combination of the above.)
  • an idealist, essentialist definition of what women and men are, and usually a complete erasure of non binary people of all descriptions.
  • a vitriolic hatred of trans women to the point where they’re willing to sacrifice all other goals purely to fuck them over; see janice raymond’s collaboration with right wing conservatives to stop trans healthcare, for example, which is proof that terfs have had institutional power over trans people in the past. also sometimes, though not necessarily, coupled with the theory that trans women are the result of some evil postmodern conspiracy against women.
  • attitudes on trans men vary from a minority who see them in much the same light as trans women, to the majority who are indifferent or even willing to accept them (the mwmf being a good example).
  • expect liberal use of “trans activist”, “SCAM”, and of course the t-slur when referring to trans people, and “trans-critical”, “womyn-born-womyn” as labels for themselves.

basically, they’re not really feminists at all, just a hate crowd who latch onto feminism as an excuse to look “progressive” for hating trans people and upholding the gender binary.

this is to be distinguished from liberal feminist transphobia, which tends to be much more insidious and difficult to notice, but contributes all the more to trans people’s marginalization. terfs are actually, believe it or not, a declining yet vocal minority, while liberal feminist cissexism and transphobia are barely called out at all, because i think there’s still a hope they will change their minds, whereas it’s clear terfs very rarely do (gloria steinem being a notable counterexample). it also works hand in hand with capitalism, which is an economic system which is always going to be damaging to trans people as long as it privatizes and commercializes healthcare.

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funny how your url is anti female receipts yet terfs are literally anti female. terfs can die lol

Trans Activists are a poorly disguised MRAs; they’re advocating the erasure of womyn in favour of trans representation. Womyn are significant and deserve to be in charge of their own movement. 

I consider any AFAB person who isn’t completely and fully in support with trans women a TWEF. If you support even the “littest” act of transmisogyny (all transmisogyny is huge and serious) you’re excluding trans womyn and have blood on your hands. End of story. 

Think “biological sex” is real? Twef. 
Think trans womyn are male? Twef.
Think trans womyn are “male socialized? Twef.
Want “Female only” or “AFAB only” spaces? Twef.
Don’t want to share a bathroom or locker room with a trans womyn? Twef. 
Don’t want to date a trans womyn because of her birth assignment? Twef.
Don’t want to fuck a trans womyn solely because of the shape of her cunt? Twef. 
Don’t think trans womyn should be the leaders of feminism? Twef. 
Don’t think trans womyn’s voices are more important than yours? Twef. 
Say "male bodied”? Twef. 
Bring up chromosomes in a transmisogynist way? Twef.
Don’t think trans womyn should be allowed in groups of cis female rape survivors? Twef. 
Think later transitioning trans womyn have “reaped a life of male privilege”? Twef. 
Think autogynephilia is ever real? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn don’t experience misogyny? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn benefit from male privilege? Twef, 
Think trans women have ever or will ever experience male privilege? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn are “men who don’t want to be accountable for their privilege and oppression? Twef.
Think reproductive rights discussions shouldn’t involve trans womyn? Twef, 
Think trans womyn shouldn’t have an opinion on abortion? Twef, 

There’s plenty more, but if you do or think anything on this list YOU ARE A TWEF!