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TERF: trans "men" are really womyn,,, FREE the woman inside!!1! You: yall are blatantly transphobic shut up TERFs: That's MALE VIOLENCE!! IT DOESNT MATTER THAT YOURE TRANS!! MALE VIOLENCE!! U: so which is it Them: Uhm lesbophobia sweaty?¿


From demi-girl, panromantic asexual to Radical Feminist.

I grew up struggling a lot with my homosexuality. The year I started coming to terms with it, it felt so good that I wanted to learn EVERYTHING about the LGBTQIA+ community and I ended up in the trans movement. Their definitions and their representations of what a woman is made me think I wasn’t one, and I started identifying as demi-girl. It was easy, because the movement says that anyone can be trans, whether you suffer from dysphoria or not. 

Later, my fragile acceptance of my homosexuality, all the work I had done on myself to accept it was swept away: I was told I couldn’t know what someone was by looking at them and stating otherwise was transphobic. I felt so guilty, I thought being homosexual was ok but then, I was told it wasn’t. So all of a sudden I was “panromantic asexual”. Panromantic made me feel inclusive and right. And I was so relieved the word “asexual” existed, so I didn’t have to justify why I didn’t want to have sex with certain people.

This lasted one year. During this time, I dropped my feminism. Because if you follow the trans movement, you’re stuck. You can’t talk about anything without being an ass. 

Until one day, I was walking on the streets, thinking about feminism and all the oppression I had endured because I was female. And I realized this:

I can call myself NB, demi-girl, transman, agender, bigender… it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t change the fact that I’m female, and men are gonna hate me anyway for this. 

I realized I couldn’t escape reality.

[on Michigan Women’s Music Festival] The concern of transgender activists with their own ‘liberation’, Mantilla argues, came 'at the expense of women trying to for just one week in one remote corner of the United States to feel completely safe from male violence’. After male-bodied transgenders chose to enter the festival, Mantilla says that 'the feeling of complete safety from men and patriarchal rape culture’ was 'eroded’ because women attendees knew that 'a man’ could always be there. Mantilla comments that the determination of male-bodied transgenders to enter the space shows how deeply 'threatening’ women’s separatism is to men, and that more such spaces are needed, not fewer. The transgender challenge, she says, is a 'rebellion against women’s rebellion’ and works against 'the liberation of women from patriarchy’; it is straightforward anti-feminism by social conservatives.
In 2010 the tactics of transgender activists who entered the festival became particularly violent and aggressive. A member of the security crew, who says she did not question anyone’s 'gender’, described how Camp Trans set up Camp Tranarchy, and 'vandalized the festival and threatened festival goers’. A flyer being distributed by the activists showed a rather extraordinary degree of woman hating: 'A hot load from my monstrous tranny-cock embodies womanhood more than the pieces of menstrual art your transphobic c*nts could ever hope to create’. Women at the camp recorded a range of violent incidents they were subjected to. One said that her car was vandalised and a chemical sprayed on both door locks. There was gunfire one night from the Camp Trans area, waterlines were cut and tires slashed, shower plumbing was damaged and banners destroyed. Tents were painted with 'Fuck fest’ and “real women have cocks’. Women spoke of being traumatized, suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, and not feeling safe to attend the festival again.
—  Gender Hurts by Sheila Jeffreys
Growing up and the imaginary world of genders

When we’re kids, we usually use a lot our imagination, we live in imaginary worlds, we have super powers, we have imaginary friends…

Whe  we become teenagers, we enter reality,  we start questionning the world, even our parents. We often desire to become different from them, to find ourselves without them. We don’t want to spend time with them, but we need to be around people we can relate to. We seek an identity, a group. We wonder : 

“ Who am I ? What is my purpose ?”

But we’re also still kids, and naive. We think we’re so mature, but we realize years later we were not. 

We hang on the Internet, and follow stuff that seem cool or that we can relate to. But it’s so easy for us not to notice the lack of coherence.

We can end up in ideologies that actually are based on nothing and lock us in an imaginary world.

If we don’t encounter the right people, if our family and friends are not there, we end up becoming adults living in a fantasy. Thinking that everyone that’s not a part of it is against us, is bad. We end up in a prison without even knowing it.

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I live in NYC and there's a community org called guy social and it's fb about says, "We curate social, interactive events for Gay Guys seeking fun alternatives to hook-up apps and the bar/club scene." There's a also a Girl Social and it's fb about states, We curate interactive events and activities for Lesbians, Bi, Trans, and Queer women." (1/2)

(2/2) Continuing the guy social/girl social thing- Both groups are having a swim happy hour. Guy Social states,“NYC’S ONLY GAY HAPPY HOUR INDOOR POOL PARTY! Our monthly after work meet-up where guys can come together.” Girl Social states, “a body-inclusive event where LGBTQIA-identified womyn, trans, genderqueer, and gender non-conforming people get together afterwork and have a great time splashing around in the pool. We ask that cis men party at the Guy Social event.” ….

I wrote the two asks about guy social and girl social- I’m a lesbian and it shocks me that gay cis men have their own event and no one is criticizing it, in fact it seems encouraged, but the girl social event isn’t a cis lesbian event, it’s an “everyone but cis men” event. :( This is why I hate being a lesbian. I know gay men don’t have it easier in the wider world, but within the community it seems they have spaces for themselves. But anything lesbian exclusive is hate speech apparently, sigh

That’s so awful and yet typical of current LGBT events. Lesbians aren’t allowed to have boundaries or to want our own spaces. We have so few spaces in the first place, but now they’re all being taken away from us in the name of inclusivity, which really just is an attempt to erase female homosexuals. And it’s always women who are expected to be accommodating. That’s why lately, sex-segregrated spaces have sometimes been changed to be (cis) men and then everyone else.

I’m glad gay guys are still able to have their own events, and I hope that doesn’t get taken away from them. But lesbians deserve our own events and spaces too. Everything we do is so heavily policed for the slightest sign of exclusivity or perceived transphobia. When we try to come together, the first thing demanded of us is for trans women to be included, and nonbinaries, and then anyone else too. You see the same thing play out on tumblr with the existence of gay and lesbian positivity blogs. It’s the lesbian blogs that are hounded by messages asking if they are trans-inclusive, and if one is openly anti-cotton ceiling and states that sexuality is based on sex, they get massive hate.

-Mod Noel

Misogyny is rooted in hatred of trans womyn, not cis*women

If men are privileged (men are privileged) then the quality of life data is clear: Implicit transmisogyny is more damaging than cismasculine privilege, in aggregate.

This makes CAFABs net beneficiaries of transmisogyny to the extent of the gap.

This makes it seem very much like cisogyny is a byproduct of transmisogyny (perhaps more accurately to be called misogyny, if we adopt the valorization and centering of womon-hating oppression as the metric of womonhood… we live in a society where wom*n are centered more and valued far more if they produce more men, especially the men kyriarchy loves best, and the Mullerian contribution especially…) and not the other way around.

Perhaps Germaine Greer is right, and ‘woman’ is a social category that patriarchs adopt as essentially meaning “failed men,” but if that’s the case, she has no idea just how much cissupremacy informs that institution and how rooted in hatred of trans womyn it is.

Random person TERF tip!

Females with gender dysphoria (trans “men”) are WOMYN and calling them “he” doesn’t help with anything, it’s just empty identity politics! it actually harms gnc wombyn who are oppressed bc the trans ideology makes them think they are “”“trans”“” which is super misgynistic

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Hi Sea Fam! I'm a cis woman who experiences pretty severe facial hair growth. Lately, I've started looking at forums meant for trans women to try and find shaving tips and the like. But I'm wondering, am I intruding on their space by doing that? I don't ever post or participate in the forums, just read what's been said. But I don't want to be intrusive in a space meant to be safe for them.

Hi sweetie,

I have mixed thoughts on this. While on one hand, I think if you aren’t posting or participating then you aren’t intruding. But I can understand how some might find it intrusive or would feel hurt if they knew a cis woman was lurking about in forum safe spaces. I think it ultimately comes down to which forums you are following.

However, I would suggest checking out forums for PCOS, and possibly being tested for PCOS. PCOS means Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome, and can cause excessive facial hair growth among other things. That would be an area that could offer similar information but in a way that you would not be intruding on a safe space. :)

~Nelly the Narwhal

"So I'm not a lesbian if I don't take dick from men trying to take women's oppression!?"

No. Date whoever you want. Fuck whoever you want. Thats no one elses buisness. But the minute you exclude transwomen, or claim they aren’t women because of what’s in their pants, you become the problem you’re trying to fight against. Feminists like you want to ‘fight the patriarchy’ and fight against men sexualizing women. But, you do the same thing. You say you dont want men to see women as just their genetalia but as soon as you meet a women, you judge her based on hers. You can reduce and hate women based on if they have a dick or not all you want, but you can’t say you’re a feminist if you do. But sure, keep defending your transphobia as “lesbian pride/lgbt pride” that’s fine. Just know that youre apart of the problem that the movement, that you’re hiding your hate behind, stands against.

I consider any AFAB person who isn’t completely and fully in support with trans women a TWEF. If you support even the “littest” act of transmisogyny (all transmisogyny is huge and serious) you’re excluding trans womyn and have blood on your hands. End of story. 

Think “biological sex” is real? Twef. 
Think trans womyn are male? Twef.
Think trans womyn are “male socialized? Twef.
Want “Female only” or “AFAB only” spaces? Twef.
Don’t want to share a bathroom or locker room with a trans womyn? Twef. 
Don’t want to date a trans womyn because of her birth assignment? Twef.
Don’t want to fuck a trans womyn solely because of the shape of her cunt? Twef. 
Don’t think trans womyn should be the leaders of feminism? Twef. 
Don’t think trans womyn’s voices are more important than yours? Twef. 
Say "male bodied”? Twef. 
Bring up chromosomes in a transmisogynist way? Twef.
Don’t think trans womyn should be allowed in groups of cis female rape survivors? Twef. 
Think later transitioning trans womyn have “reaped a life of male privilege”? Twef. 
Think autogynephilia is ever real? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn don’t experience misogyny? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn benefit from male privilege? Twef, 
Think trans women have ever or will ever experience male privilege? Twef. 
Think non-transitioning trans womyn are “men who don’t want to be accountable for their privilege and oppression? Twef.
Think reproductive rights discussions shouldn’t involve trans womyn? Twef, 
Think trans womyn shouldn’t have an opinion on abortion? Twef, 

There’s plenty more, but if you do or think anything on this list YOU ARE A TWEF!

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When you say trans women should be allowed in women's spaces, do you mean locker rooms too? Even naked? Even pre-transition? If yes, what about survivors?

What an absurd question. Should a womyn be allowed in a womyn’s locker room? Duh!

Yes, even naked! Even pretransition too! A pre everything trans womyn deserves to be allowed in a womyn’s locker room. What about survivors? They shouldn’t be uncomfortable. It was men who assaulted them, not womyn. The “scary triggering penises” argument genders my body parts male and forces language onto my body that I do not use. Saying I can’t be in a womyn’s locker room due to my clitty is like saying a cis womyn with an enlarged clit shouldn’t be allowed. We’re no different.

If people are that uncomfortable transmisogynist they could change in a stall or bathroom or something. Trans womyn shouldn’t be forced into men’s rooms or special changing areas though.