I mean, can we let men fight their own battles than going all “protect trans boys at all cost uwu!” about it?

There’s plenty of them. Like, white cafab trans people dominant any and all trans spaces by a huge fucking margin and are for more accepted in quote-unquote “queer” spaces than trans women or trans people of color.

I don’t have time for white trans masc activism. Too many of mine are being murdered or killing themselves and that includes me, who just came back from the dead a week ago.

Trans community doesn’t help the people I care about so why should I support the trans community?

**CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. ATTN: Transgender musicians:**

****CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS. ATTN: transgender musicians:***

Transgender Bandstand is a new youtube channel that seeks to promote trans musicians and trans people in the music industry, as well as drawing more attention to the issues we face as a community. We are looking for video submissions for the channel.

TG Bandstand Video submission guidelines:
Musicians and bands from ALL genres are welcome to submit a video. 

  • As long as your band contains one or more member who identifies as transgender you can submit a video! Transgender, non-op trans, non-binary, gender queer, gender fluid, no HRT trans, agender, bi-gender, and so on are welcome to submit a video.
  • Video submissions should be a live performance of you playing one or two of your songs or an original music video set to music you’ve recorded or produced (it can’t contain copyrighted visual media). We are interested in both covers and originals. Feel free to submit more than one video. Please use the best quality video and audio equipment you have access to film videos. If you have the option in the video setting film with an aspect ratio of 16:9.      
  • You retain all ownership and copyright to your video and music. We do not plan to monetize other people’s videos at the moment because it would require too much lawyer bullshit.
  • You can submit video using any of the following sites, simply include the link in the email:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • In your submission please include an email address we can reach you at, what your gender identity (something ambiguous is ok if you’re still figuring it out) and pronouns are, what part of the world you live in, and any social media links or press release info you would like included in the video description.
  • Additionally answer at least three of the questions below. Your answers will be included in the video description and blog post:

1. Describe what being a transgender musician means to you in a three word haiku.
2. Did your music change after you began transition?
3. How do people react to you as a transgender performer?
4. Who and what inspires your music?
5. What are your favorite transgender related songs?
6. Who are you inspired by?
7. How do people react to your voice? How do you feel about your voice?
8. What is it like as a transgender person in the music industry compared to pre-transition?

Send all submissions to tgbandstand (at)  

I fucking love that supposedly transgemder and I are co-conspirators or something because all I do is follow her blog.

I’m pretty sure Kat has never once identified as a baeddel whereas I’ve had baeddel in my url twice and am generally much more closely connected with the group of trans womyn who spell womyn with a y and get called “baeddel scum” all of the time.

I don’t know, dudes, maybe there are multiple trans womyn from multiple backgrounds, have very divergent blog types and have different politics who can see your transmisogyny from a mile away.

I mean, there are bloggers on here who I’d never in my life want to associate with who can see your shit and call you on it. If even people I’d count amongst my enemies hate you, maybe you’re the problem and not us?

Call For Submissions

Do you want to help change the way communities of color talk about gender? 

Brown Boi Project is looking for pieces written by YOU! 

We’re holding the Summer of Brown Boi, a national campaign aimed at expanding the conversation around gender-racial justice in communities of color, so we’d like your pieces about gender and race! Pieces should be 800-2000 words. 

Deadline 7/31/15. Please include a short bio & pic. Send all submissions to Thank you.

Writers need not identify as masculine of center to submit.

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You are a womon

“Identity” is the problem of terminology. I think it is always the same, but its manifestations, our ideas of it change in our consciousness. Attempts at identifying self (also as a man), before realizing self as womon, I identify with a saw that can’t fall in the right layout. It can cut deep in the wrong place, shake chaotically on wood, but when it falls into the right place - it cannot be changed. It can fall out, start shaking again, fall into the old wrong place, but the carpentress already knows the right place and will never be able to get it out of her head.

I’ve realized it (that I am womon) when I was 21 and what? Of course I regret that I couldn’t start the therapy before puberty, that my body, my face and my voice were mutilated. It doesn’t mean that I’ve become something else. It means that I revalued and defined in a new way who I always was. Always.

I underline it.


The fact that i defined myself in a different way for some (long) time means nothing.


Does the nature of a sunrise changes because of how we call it: the movement of the Ra and his retinue’s boat, or the movement of planet earth around the sun and its axis? It doesn’t change the nature of a sunrise in any way.

I define as womyn, as mtf (that were womyn all their life) anybody, who was assigned male at birth, but challenged it (in a way, that doesn’t mean the destruction of gender - postgenderism and so on). That’s all.

They can call it anyway they want, describe it anyway they want, say that they were men, that they stay men, drivel any kind of nonsense, but it won’t change the fact that something in their personalities, in their consciousness brought them to the redefitinion of the gender assigned to them. That’s all. Period.

How I define, whether a person is a womon, mtf? If she asks herself “am I a womon after all?” - she is a womon. That’s all, nothing else is needed, no analysis is needed, no classification. You think you’re a womon? You are. You’ve always been.


Суммируя то, что эти “люди” (и я использую этот термин довольно широко) говорят - транс-женщина, которая защищает себя от запугиваний, абьюза, домогательств и всякого триггерного дерьма на самом деле - единственная кто запугивает, абьюзит, домогается и триггерит в этих ситуациях.
В сообщениях этих говнюков транс-женщина не имеет права на самозащиту. И я отвергаю это.

(горько) Все “знают” что мы насильственны от природы, так что то, что мы защищаем себя всегда будет актом насилия в их глазах. Ничего из того, что мы можем сделать, кроме как пассивно принимать абьюз всегда бросаемый в нашу сторону, не будет приемлимым, и даже тогда мы все равно будем обвинены в том, что позволяем этому продолжаться.

“After being called everything from faggots to niggers, tempers escalated and I was caught in between the madness. A woman from the other group decided to throw her alcoholic cocktail in my face, and to add insult to injury, she smashed her glass cup in my face which lacerated my cheek and was deep enough to cut a saliva gland which caused painful complications later on after getting 12 stitches. When the police arrived it wasn’t hard for them to assume who the aggressors were–surely, for them, it had to have been the group of black kids who started all this drama.”
Although the actual events surrounding the death of Dean Schmitz are still unclear, CeCe eventually pleaded guilty to an accidental stabbing death charge. CeCe stated she was holding fabric scissors to scare off her attackers, Schmitz rushed her and was stabbed in the chest. She was sentenced to 41 months in a men’s prison. The film interviews CeCe while she is in prison, and follows her upon her release in January 2014 and through her first year of freedom.
CeCe’s case elicited an international groundswell of support among social justice activists and trans youth. Through the voices of members of the trans community, as well as experts and advocates, the film explores the roles race, class and gender played in CeCe’s case. Actress Laverne Cox (“Orange is the New Black,” “TRANSform Me,” “I Wanna Work for Diddy”) uses her platform to examine the implications of housing trans women in male prisons and the practice of keeping trans women in solitary confinement. The case of CeCe McDonald is very important to Laverne Cox, as she states, “CeCe could have been me. CeCe’s case represents a long list of instances of violence against transgender women who are disproportionately trans women of color.”
CeCe’s story is important because it is often repeated and rarely reported. There is a culture of violence experienced by transgender people of color. The film juxtaposes CeCe’s survival with the story of Islan Nettles and other victims of trans-misogynistic attacks. Ultimately the film will confront the need for cultural competency training, public policy, and legislation to recognize the lives of trans people.

Support the film here: