Vote Now- Get Trans Lives Matter on PBS

My short Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles is in the running to air on PBS. 

Official Selection of PBS Reel 13’s weekly short film contest, dedicated to the best in short film.  October 2014 is  “AFROPUNK Month.” Voting begins Now & continues through Wednesday, October 22nd  at 5pm NYC time. Vote more than once.
Get my work on PBS as part of Reel 13 on Channel Thirteen.

I know we can make this happen. Please forward widely.

 Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles.

A powerful and intensely moving document of a community vigil for Islan Nettles a transgender Womyn of Color. Because the brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Womyn of Color are outrageous their oppression causes outrage. Because healing and action tighten our fists and boom our voices. -supported by Ciy Lore & Bronx Documentary Center (BDC)
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Greetings everyone. My name is Venus-Thomas Hinyard and I'm a 25-year-old Black queer trans non-binary womyn living and creating in Washington D.C. I'm a writer, performer, artist, and advocate. In February, I relocated to D.C. from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and in those four months, I've had a...

Please help her in any way possible. My friend is in need of financial help! Donate if you can, and share/reblog if you can’t.

Petition to boycott Stonewall movie reaches 20,000 - BBC News
A petition to boycott a new film that purports to tell the story of early days of the LGBT rights movement reaches more than 20,000 signatures.

I’m happy that this petition seems to be reaching mainstream news outlets. I hope the extra exposure means more people will question the casting choices and general attitude of this film.

But… This article serves as a textbook example of how dominant media outlets use subtle language choices to delegitimise marginal causes.

Here are some examples from the BBC article:

But the petition accuses the film, Stonewall, of “whitewashing” history.

“It is time that black and brown transwomyn (sic) and drag queens are recognized for their efforts,” it says.

Firstly, “whitewashing” in quotation marks. Why put it in quotation marks? Yes, they were directly quoting the petition, but the sentence would have made just as much sense with the quote marks omitted.

“Whitewashing” is not a new term. It has been used in political contexts since 1800, and the vast majority of BBC news readers know what it means.


While on its own, that grammatical decision seems insignificant, when you look at it alongside “transwomyn (sic)”, a pattern begins to emerge.

“Sic” on Wikipedia:

The Latin adverb sic (“thus”; in full: sic erat scriptum, “thus was it written”)[1] inserted after a quoted word or passage, indicates that the quoted matter has been transcribed exactly as found in the source text, complete with any erroneous or archaic spelling, surprising assertion, faulty reasoning, or other matter that might otherwise be taken as an error of transcription.

If the writer of the article wanted to make the petition-writers’ statement more accessible to BBC readers, they could have defined the term, and examined the political significance of the alternative spelling. Instead, they used a subtle, in-quote indicator usually reserved for spelling errors.


The final thing worth commenting on in this article is the structure decisions, and the framing of the petition “accusing” the filmmakers, and the director and actors defending it.

“[…]the petition accuses the film“ & “Much of the anger is directed toward’s the film’s portrayal of[…]”


“The film’s director Roland Emmerich addressed the petition on his Facebook page“ & “Irvine himself also defended the film in a post on his Instagram account.”

Surely, this is backwards. The attacking party here are the filmmakers: erasing history and profiting from Marsha P. Johnson & Sylvia Rivera’s legacy. Why was this not an article about how Ronald Emmerich is making an extremely inaccurate and racist film, where the petition writers are part of the movement to shut it down.

Also, the filmmakers are referred to as, “British actor Jeremy Irvine” and “The film’s director Roland Emmerich”, working on a “labour of love”.

The petition writers aren’t even mentioned as people. “The petition” is doing the accusing. Who is behind this? Why are they nameless? All that is said about them is what’s in the petition, and that they are angry.

Much to my surprise, the main contact for the petition is Pat Cordova-Goff, who is a transwomyn of colour. Well done, BBC.

(Click here to sign the petition to boycott the 2015 Stonewall movie)


Vote Now- Get My Film on PBS

 My short Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles is in the running to air on PBS. 

Official Selection of PBS Reel 13’s weekly short film contest, dedicated to the best in short film.  October 2014 is  “AFROPUNK Month.” Voting begins Now & continues through Wednesday, October 22nd  at 5pm NYC time. Vote more than once.
Get my work on PBS as part of Reel 13 on Channel Thirteen.

I know we can make this happen. Please forward widely.

Also on Exhibition @ Leslie Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Wooster St Gallery

26 Wooster Street Window Gallery
Visible from Street level, on view 24/7

Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nettles.
A powerful and intensely moving document of a community vigil for Islan Nettles a transgender Womyn of Color. Because the brutal and increasing attacks on Trans Womyn of Color are outrageous their oppression causes outrage. Because healing and action tighten our fists and boom our voices. -supported by Ciy Lore & Bronx Documentary Center (BDC)

Flier Text Reads: “ΦΕΣΠΟΡΙΑ

Looking for Trans* Womyn interested in Acting in a Feature Film

Phaesporia is a feature-length independent film about two womyn who escape the city to find the Sanctuary, a haven for a radical 

insurrectionary group called the Affiliates. 

-No acting experience required

-A chance for Trans* representation in cinema

-A chance to work with local artists

-Paid per day on set

-Vegan food provided on set

-Travel expenses from MD/NJ/NY covered.

-Filming around Philadelphia in May

If you or someone you know might be interested, contact us at”

Please spread the word of this, reblog, repost, post in your local coffee shop, safe space, anarchist space, queer space (WITH PERMISSION)

Thank you for all your support in spreading the word.

Download the flier here to print it out yourself

Note: my blog identifies as a “Blog-Born-Blog”.

This means that it is was born and socialized as a blog, unlike your blog. While your blog may identify as a blog, live as a blog, and may face the same anti-blog discrimination that my blog faces, my blog believes that your blog isn’t nearly as oppressed. After all, your blog may call itself a “blog”, but it never had a bloghood like mine had.

You should know that this is a “blog-born-blog”-only webspace, which means that my blog doesn’t want so-called pseudo-“blogs” like yours around. But rather than say this to your face, my blog will instead insist that this webpage was always meant to be a place for other “blog-born-blog”s to get together and reminisce about our bloghoods - a bloghood that your blog unfortunately was not unfortunate enough to have had.

However, don’t you dare accuse my blog of being prejudice against your blog, because if you do, my blog will claim that “blog-born-blog” is a legitimate webpage-identity. That way, if your blog challenges the policy, my blog will accuse your blog of disrespecting its identity, and then it can retaliate by disrespecting your blog’s identity as a “blog”.

Face it, it’s a lose-lose situation for your blog …
—  Author, spoken-word performer, trans-bi activist, and biologist Julia Serano on Julia’s blog! circa August 2011

Overview: This is a call for submissions from Asian womxn, trans, genderqueer, intersex, non-binary, and queer people involved in punk.  This is an opportunity to discuss the many ways in which we participate in punk and how our identities and experiences shape what punk means to us.  We welcome persons from any Asian descent (including South Asian, West Indian, Afro-Asian, East Asian, West Asian, Central Asian, Southeast Asian, Pacific Islander, hapa, and mixed).

Possible topics: How you got into punk, your definition of punk/what punk means to you, the failures of punk (as far as inclusion, representation, acceptance, etc), Asian identity, gender, queer and/or trans identity, model minority myth, loss (of language, of culture),  assimilation, microaggressions, racism, privilege, cultural appropriation, immigrant experience, feminism, sexism, activism, radicalism, relationships, family, food & recipes, music reviews, and much more!

- We accept text and image-based submissions
- This will be a half-size zine.  Keep submissions between 1-2 pages.
- Include a name and short bio the way you’d like it to be printed in the zine.  Otherwise, you can submit anonymously.

Please send submissions to: by June 30th, 2015
[ join the facebook group ]

My Retransition

Why I’m retransitioning

I think the decision to transition (socially or medically) should be because the motivated by the fact that the person in question can’t live without it. I decided a year and a half ago not to transition medically and my dysphoria as significantly lessened since I joined the Second Wave community. I’ve learned to own my femaleness and I’m more comfortable in my body. I’ve learned that as a female I have a right to be in female spaces and to have a voice in feminism. I still sometimes feel like an imposter but things have changed so much. I’ve learned that I can own my gender non conformity without being a transman. I feel like I can’t justify being trans or being a transman when I could live a perfectly happy life as a womyn. 

Why I use “retransition” and not “detransition”

I feel like “detransition” implies that I’m going backwards and frankly that’s impossible. I will never be the girl I was 6 years ago before I realized I was trans. I know I grew as a person through my teenagehood in addition to my political and social views with regards to feminism, social justice, LGBT+ issues. Regardless, I’m a diff person now and my chosen name feels more genuine at this point than my birth name. Using female pronouns doesn’t upset me at all. I’m moving forward into a new part of my life where I own my womynhood. 

Trans Things

I’m still here for any and all trans people who’re interested in gender critical theory and deconstructing queer theory and trans activism. I won’t try and talk you out of being trans, I won’t tell you not to transition or to detransition; I’m always just here to listen and support you. I’ll offer different options and discuss the roots of your dysphoria and choice to transition. I may no longer be a transman but my experiences are still with me and I’ll always be here for you 💓
(honestly, I know I’m like one of the most prominent gender critical transman on tumblr and I don’t want anyone to feel like I’ve abandoned them, that’s why I’ve been MIA on tumblr these last few weeks and procrastinated making this post for the last few weeks)

My name is Ben and I use female pronouns, I’m a womyn.

I see you. I see how much you resent her body, her skin, her hair, her speech, her walk, her talk, her joy, her resistance, her passion, her sexuality, her sisterhood, her motherhood, her melanin, her essence. I see how much you hate to see her make herself happy. I see how you hate seeing her love her body. I see how much you hate how she expresses her erotic. I see how much you hate her novelty and resourcefulness. I see how much you hate their femininity.

I’m sooooo over these basic ass post bashing Black cis and trans womyn. It only reveals your internalized anti-Blackness and misogyny. That fauxtep puritanical shit. Hate me but imma let you know what I see. Misogynoir. Look it up.

#patriarchy #antiblackness #misogyny #misogynoir #fauxtep #internalizedracism #FOH #putastamponit

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GoFundMe | PayPal (

The Autonomous Womyn’s Front’s security and advocacy collective are developing a new app to aid femme-gender identifying persons to safely couch-surf with an app where they can access reviews, screened hosts and screened surfers. This would allow us to network, and access safe living environments during traveling, as well as decrease the risk for harassment, extortion and other forms of violence.

Unfortunately, launching this app isn’t free.  The Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one time fee of $25.

We want this app to be free and accessible to all queer and femme-gender identifying persons.  We will also integrate the app into the website, which will cost an extra $240 since we originally didn’t have enough hosting space.

We will also need $250 for security fees, since there is a potential for personal information to be passed around the site, in which we will employ high-level encryption in both the app and the website.

The Remaining funds will be used to cover the taxes and surprise fees that may occur later after development.

> GoFundMe | PayPal ( <

this zine is so important. i picked it up at michfest but only just finished reading it. i highly recommend for anyone involved in feminism or other social justice movements, or for anyone who cares deeply about humans. it’s currently out of stock as far as i know, but you can check this site for updates on a second printing:


Hey guys!
My name is Maddie and I’m going to start selling patches, shirts, and stickers to anyone who asks!

For patches, the price ranges from $3-8 dollars, depending on how complex of a design it is. I will supply the fabric for this and what goes on top. The Venus symbol and vegan princess are for peachy-baby, and she was my first costumer! (thanks luv) The periodic table patch I made when I was 14, so it’s mediocre but I wanted to show that I can do things similar to that. I have photos of other complex patches that you can message me for and I’ll DM them to you via Instagram. (@whoopie_cat on Instagram). I made the specials patch early sophomore year, before I realized how to make them not fray. The bunch of patches next to the picture of cheekyplum314
were for her birthday. Now when I make patches, as shown in the Venus/v.p. patches, I fold and iron the edges about ¾ inch or 1.5 cm to prevent them from fraying once sewn on and survive the wash better.

When it comes to shirts, I would like the people in the Ann Arbor area to just give me the shirt of their choice, or people who live anywhere else I would like for them to mail me the shirt, I would draw the design, and mail it back. I will pay for shipping on the way back to you. The bikini kill tee was freehand but with a dying sharpie so the lines are not super crisp. the violent femmes shirt was a stencil and spray paint, and the trans womyn are womyn too shirt was freehand lettering. Shirts cost $6-14 depending on how complex they are to execute.

Stickers are drawn on label paper, and are 25¢ each. I can make stickers for almost anything. The sticker theme was america this time, because my friend wanted to mail her British boyfriend some america things for their anniversary.

Please message me on here on DM me on Instagram (once again, whoopie_cat on insta) if you want to do a trade or want to order something! if you are outside of the US, I will only do trades to avoid exchanging currency.

Thanks guys! (and can you maybe signal boost?)

On Rad-Trans-Womyn

@transcynical​ I see you’ve been responding to this person a lot and a lot of people are trying to convince you that rad-trans-womyn is a troll, but my girlfriend and I are 90% sure that she’s actually one of my ex’s from way back, which is why she targeted me awhile back on here. (She chewed me out when she found out this blog is mine awhile back, and lives kinda close to me, and now when I see her in public every now and then she just glares at me.) She may be sarcastic to make people more angry sometimes, like with the volleyball dick post, but she’s very much serious at the heart of it and hold these beliefs. Could you reblog this since you have tons of radfem who follow you?

I’m not going to give her identity away because she’s the type who would legit try to take legal action against me, and I can’t risk changes considering I have ten charges on my record and if I get in ANY trouble again I go to jail as part of the agreement. She doesn’t have a Tumblr blog or much social media besides that blog and a Facebook she barely uses anyway.

When we she had really poor hygiene despite giving her access to hygiene supplies. She barely brushed her teeth and always smelled of body odor. (It got better when she got on hormones) Before she came out she always “jokingly” would say stuff about dressing her like a girl, and I would sometimes. She’s really into forced fem/sissification. It’s also super fucking weird because she’s pro-life (at least she was when we were dating), and when I thought I might be pregnant she freaked when I said I’d get an abortion. 

She has a very irrational hatred of trans men, and once we were talking after she came out she said, “I’m really resentful of them because they have EVERYTHING I want. I know they have dysphoria like me, but I wish they could appreciate what they have.” She also has an irrational hatred of lesbians. She doesn’t pass, but doesn’t see why most aren’t into her. 

One time years back when she was getting me alcohol (the only reason I stayed friends with her after breaking up) she said, “You’re going to be the first one to have dibs on my pussy post GRS!” I wasn’t even asked if I wanted to have sex with her post GRS. 

She’s very mentally ill, so bad she’s on disability for it, so I’d honestly just ignore her and let her make shitty posts. When we dated there was NO convincing her of anything. She was never wrong. So you’re wasting your time arguing with her. She wants you to get angry and mad, because it makes her feel right. 

Apparently I’m a “troll”

So there have been a lot of people and posts on here that are calling me names like “troll” or whatever because of my views on social justice issues regarding things like gender, sexuality, rape, feminism, and worthy causes like that.

First of all, most of these people are cishet white people of privilege, and thusly their opinions are literally invalid.  They are certainly not worth your time, or my time, or anyone’s.  

Secondly, I assure you, I am not a troll - far from it.  I joined Tumblr not too long ago to join with like-minded people who believe in logic, justice, and fairness in the security of a community of people who are open-minded enough to discuss things that actually matter, like cissexual/cisgendered privilege, rape, etc.

People that have called me a troll or whatever include:


I won’t block you jerks, but I stand by the fact that you are jerks (unless you are womyn or PoC or LGBTQIA+ - in that case, I’m sorry I called you a jerk).  

My ask box is always open.