Just a heads up for everyone i will be doing a give a way which includes:

Reblog this post and get a chance to win this give a way, can reblog as many times as you want, must be following flavntstreetwear to win! Watch the video to get a better look at what you can win! Intended for someone who cannot afford or get these essentials for dealing with dysphoria. The winner will be announced next week!! 

-Size medium GC2B binder

- 5 inch packer (tan)

- Flavnt Streetwear Tee Shirt

- Organic Body Butter or Scar Treatment or Oils 


Shopping for suits while FtM

I went suit shopping on a budget and here are some random tips for trans guys looking for formalwear:

  • Avoid just looking at specific brands because if you only look at brands, they often all have the same cut, and you need to try different cuts to see what matches your figure. 
  • Know your measurements before going! It saves time and that way you already have an idea of what you’re looking for. Obviously wear your binder when measuring over your chest. Jackets are measured by shoulder width (so make sure to know that!) and pants are measured by waist size. I find that suit pants tend to run large in the leg, so if you can, try on a size smaller than your normal pants size. Here’s a guide.
  • Specifically I recommend against Jos. A. Bank because they only make suits for guys with no waist or hips. I refer to them as the “David Tennant suit store” because that’s the only shape of guy who could fit into them, cis or trans. 
  • Even though online buying is easier, even if you know all your measurements I still highly recommend trying stuff on because stuff can run small or large in certain areas and you just don’t know until you’re actually trying it on. 
  • Trans guys tend to have uncommon male figures, so I highly recommend going to places that do tailoring. Contrary to what you might think, tailoring is not that expensive and if you’re buying a halfway decent suit you really should have one that fits you. 
  • I recommend Macy’s because they have fairly cheap stuff plus they do tailoring (all of my suit plus tailoring was about $200 which is really good pricing.) They also carry lesser-known brands (especially in their larger outlets,) which I found fit me a lot better than more famous ones anyway in addition to being way cheaper. 
  • If you have money, Men’s Wearhouse is more upscale and generally better quality (think $600 for an entire suit.) If you really have money idk get a suit professionally tailor-made but for obvious reasons I’ve never done that. ($1000 + for this) 
  • Don’t feel badly because it’s hard to find something that fits. Even cis men have to get suits altered for them to fit decently. 
Trans men and misogyny?

Trans men absolutely do experience misogyny, and often do not benefit from male privilege much or at all unless they medically transition to some degree with the goal of consistantly presenting as a cis male. Much of the oppression we face in the world centers around a hatred of women, and is experienced within the context of being considered women by those around us.

The tumblr trans and feminist communities like to ignore this reality in order to justify hatred or bitterness towards trans men, and it’s something that should be taken very seriously because trans men are an oppressed minority. Attacking trans men is not the same as attacking cis men, and that context needs to be taken into account when discussing gender politics and feminist issues.
People who have been socialized as women by the people around them, and who are so often still viewed as women by the communities they live in, cannot safely and respectfully be regarded as holding the same privileges or experiences as cis men do. Not all men are given the same opportunities or advantages, and trans men do not come from the same history of systematic or institutionalized privilege.

We are men, but we must take very different paths from cis men and work much harder just to be able to assert that as a fact, much less benefit from it. Even more so for those of us that are queer, or who do not adhere to typical male stereotypes and societal expectations.

On a side note, pitting trans people of different genders against each other is divisive and is a common tactic employed by those in positions of power seeking to weaken the social movements of minority groups. It’s important to acknowledge our differences and examine how that effects the ways we experience privilege and oppression, but when we use them to justify conflict and instability in our own community, we are harming our own efforts. When a minority group fights within itself, it’s important to ask ourselves who really stands to benefit from that.

If you’re not gonna accept me as I am you can might as well leave because I’m the only me that exists. Nobody else. Whoever you want me to be doesn’t exist. You’re the one who’s all confused because I’m just me. Only myself. Nobody fucking else. If you want me to be in your life then accept me for who I am. In other cases you can just fuck off, because I’m only me!!!

Give Away Inquiry

I want to do a give away on here but I would like to have something for both sides of the community.

But I need your help.

I’m well aware the ftm/non binary community loves a good binder give away but what can I do for the mtf/non binary community?

Please give me some suggestions!

- Mr. Kate


Here’s some body positivity for Trans Day of Visibility. I never thought I’d EVER post an unedited picture of my body. It’s been 20 days since the weight has been lifted off my chest and it’s the most liberating feeling. He/him/his pronouns, please!

We keep getting asks about this, so I figure I’d make an official post.

  • Don’t use ACE bandages or tape for binding, use sports bras, compression shirts, or a binder made from a reputable company
  • Don’t buy binders from a store that doesn’t ask for measurements, or from a store where they are made of poor material
  • Don’t bind for more than 8-12 hours at a time
  • Don’t wear your binder while sleeping or sick

Here’s a website that lists places to buy good binders and gives more information on binding. GC2B is another company that isn’t on that list, but they make good binders.

Please reblog this and spread the word, we usually get an ask a day from people who have questions about this and I want to make sure you all bind safely.

Misgendering trans men is transphobic.

Not using a trans mans chosen name is transphobic.

Insulting a trans mans genitalia or chest is transphobic.

Intentionally triggering a trans mans dysphoria is transphobic.

You are still a transphobe if you do any of these things. You can’t pick and choose which parts of the trans community that you want to support.