A trans teen boy has to wrestle in a girls’ tournament because of a backward rule

  • A Texas policy requiring students to compete on teams that correspond to the sex that appears on their birth certificates has kept transgender teen boy Mack Beggs on the girls’ wrestling team all season.
  • On Friday, after a 52-0 winning streak, Beggs is slated to compete in the girls’ wrestling state tournament.
  • But no matter the outcome of Friday’s championship match, the situation is a lose-lose for Beggs, who has been forced to compete in a league at odds with his gender identity. 
  • What’s more, many of those fighting for his right to compete against boys do so less because they’re concerned about trans-exclusionary rules, and more because they believe Beggs’ hormone therapy gives him an unfair advantage over his female opponents.
  • According to the Washington Post, an “unhappy parent” even went so far as to file a lawsuit calling for Beggs to be allowed to compete in the boys’ league. Read more (2/24/17 

I’ve been trying to come up with something heartfelt and eloquent to describe the fact that today I am ONE YEAR ON TESTOSTERONE. But honestly, I do not have the words. So here’s what I can say. (CW: Depression, Suicide, Self Harm)

I want to tell you about the kid on the left. He was uncomfortable, depressed, anxious,and reserved. He wanted to be “normal” and the “perfect daughter” so much that he was unwilling to even think about being transgender. He was also sent to the psych ward for self harm and attempted suicide. He never thought he would make it to 18.

In case you haven’t had the honor/privilege of meeting the man on the right, I want to tell you about him too. First and foremost. He is HAPPY. He is comfortable. He is confident (# casuallynarcissistic). Thanks to the kid on the left, he is strong. So while he no longer has parental support, he knows that he is OK.

(He also has the most amazing support system and chosen family). I want to thank all of you for the love and support you have shown me this year. Thank you to my partner for your endless patience, acceptance, and love. Thank you to my brothers (biological, trans brothers, and now Phi Mu Alpha brothers) for always standing by my side and teaching me to be the best man I can be. Thank you to my friends for putting up with me. And thank you to all the supportive adults in my life for being honorary mothers/fathers/role models.

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Being gay
Being bisexual
Being asexual
Being pansexual
Being aromantic
Being genderfluid
Being nonbinary
Being transgender
Being polyamorous

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Today I conducted a social experiment in regards to support for trans people in my city. I went to our local mall and held this sign up for an hour and a half. The outcome was phenomenal, I could only begin to describe how overwhelmed and excited about the results I had. There is so much support and love within the world, please never forget that❤️❤️❤️


Watch: We can’t stop crying about the beautiful letter one trans man wrote to his younger self about the ups and downs of transitioning

YouTuber James Raines explained feeling like a “freak” as a child, not feeling comfortable with himself until a documentary helped him realize that he was transgender. So with his girlfriend’s encouragement, he decided to put together a video in which he reads a letter to his pre-transition self.

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Just some tips I’ve learned over the years to help with my boyfriend’s dysphoria

•vertical stripes (makes you seem taller)
•uneven patterns such as polka dots (hides any chest bumps)
•jackets, sweaters, or vests (layers hide curves. But be sure they’re not too long. Oversized clothes make you seem smaller. Hem should be no more than 2 inches below waist)
•graphic T shirt (make sure design is higher up on the chest to hide any chest bumps)
•pants (straight fitted. Go up a size. Try to get little to no breaks.)
•round or pointed toed shoes (square toed shoes make you seem shorter)
•hats, glasses, necklaces, bow ties, skinny ties (any accessories should be kept to the upper half of their body to draw the eye up and make them seem taller)
•binders (best binder brands I know of are Underworks, and G2cb)
•shoelifts (amazon has really good cheap ones)
• shop online for smaller men’s clothes (rue21, Zara, American Eagle, Express Men, Asos, H&M)

Left: pre-t, age 19, 122 lbs
Right: 1yr 9mos on T, 10 days post op, age 24, 155 lbs

Who knew this is what I would or COULD grow into? Who knew I would be here in 2017 at all? Healthy and pretty fucking happy. I sure as hell didn’t.

Trans mlm? Handsome
Black trans mlm? Handsome
Latino trans mlm? Handsome
Asian trans mlm? Handsome
Chubby trans mlm? Handsome
Tall trans mlm? Handsome
Small trans mlm? Handsome
Pre-T trans mlm? Handsome
Pre-op trans mlm? Handsome
Post-op trans mlm? Handsome
All the others trans mlm? Handsome

Sorry, I don’t make the rules, you’re all sooo handsome!! 💙

gay/trans/lgbt+ ppl are pressured to ‘’not be stereotypes/cliche” or ‘’be too obvious” while cishet ppl literally all look the same yeah ok lol bye

you’re a butch lesbian?? you wanna wear flannel and backward hats and be masculine?? go for it!!

you’re a femme gay dude whos super soft and wants to wear makeup?? go ahead!!

you’re a trans boy and u wanna be super duper masculine?? do it!!!!!

you’re a nb trans girl and u wanna be ultra feminine? yessssss girl!!!!

you dont gotta ‘’subvert stereotypes’’ or any of that shit.