Every morning I get up and practice yoga for about 30-60 mins. Every morning is a struggle to get up and go, but every morning as soon as I open my eyes I put one foot out of bed. Its a start. I don’t let me mind wander or try to convince me otherwise, I just have to get up. There are goals in life that seem too big to achieve, maybe even seems impossible to achieve. You have push yourself to stay focused on what you’re doing, push yourself to put 100% of your energy into whatever it is you are striving for. You can do it, try to stay in the present moment and start one step at a time. Keep growing ✌️



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Left: me almost two years ago. Right: me a month ago.

In light of me starting hormones soon, I decided to make this post to take note to how much I’ve changed already, socially and emotionally, over time, I’m becoming obviously happier and more comfortable, and I’m so ready to tackle the world and develop even further. Thank you to everyone who has made me realise who I really am, and accepting me.

Our First Campaign

Hey guys! So our first campaign is pretty simple, and we’d really appreciate if you guys could help us with it. Basically all you have to do is use the following link to download the app Clash of Clans on Android:

All you have to do is download, if it doesn’t interest you you can uninstall it straight away. I know we’ve said it before but the reason we’re using campaigns like this to raise money for giveaways and give back to the community! We’d really appreciate if you guys could signal boost this too!

Thanks everyone,

Trans Boys United

Random things that make top surgery recovery easier
  • A few months before you get surgery, exercise a lot, especially in your core. If you do lots of crunches and/or situps, once you’ve lost a lot of mobility and strength it will be so much easier to sit up and stand up if your abdominal muscles are stronger. 
  • Bendy straws! It makes drinking beverages so much easier. 
  • Make sure stuff is in arms’ reach since you won’t be able to reach very far. 
  • Stay ahead of your pain. Don’t wait until you hurt so much you can hardly move. 
  • Medicines you are given often give you a dry mouth, so 1. keep lots of water handy 2. get some minty gum because that dry mouth will make it taste like something died in there. Also brush your teeth (duh.) 
  • Get some stool softener pills. Any sort of narcotic pain killers (like Norco, Vicodin, etc.) will constipate the heck out of you, and milk of magnesia is gross af, just take pills to get the same effects. 
  • Always wash your hands, it’ll reduce the risk of infection. 
  • When positioning yourself, make sure your chest is in as little pain as possible, but also make sure you’re not going to make every other part of your body sore as a result. In trying to stop any pressure on my chest whatsoever, I twisted my back around and woke up with a really sore back. 
  • If you do end up with muscle pains, heating pads are great. If your chest hurts, use cold to treat pain and decrease swelling but only for short periods and with lots of bandages on your chest. 
  • Get some nice facial wipes because you won’t be able to shower for a week or longer. Also, the night before you get surgery (or whenever the last time you shower before then,) don’t condition your hair. It’s not as healthy, sure, but it’ll keep it from getting too greasy as you won’t be able to wash it for a while. 
  • Cough drops or some sort of hard candy, also tea with honey is highly recommended, as you’ll probably have a sore throat from the breathing tube they give you under anesthesia. 
  • If you want to take a non-narcotic pain killer, take tylenol, not an NSAID like advil, because NSAID pills can make bleeding worse. Also, don’t take multivitamins for the week before, as Vitamin E can worsen bleeding. 
  • Even if you’ve got drains like I did, the first night you sleep, you should put down a towel to sleep on in case you leak from other places under the bandages or surgical vest. This is normal so long as you’re not leaking dark red blood, but then again why stain your sheets when you can avoid it? 
  • Wear easy-to-move-in and easy-to-remove clothes: no jeans, no t-shirts, stick to button-downs and sweatpants or pajama pants. 

Feel free to add more tips! 


One last thing, shave your armpits because tape WILL get caught in the hair and that’s quite unpleasant.