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Hey! My name's Ian and i've been on T for seven months now, i know its not thaaat long but honestly a year ago i wouldnt have thought id be where i am now so thats good! Ive been meaning to ask this to somebody but i dont know who, and honestly, i dont have the money to go to a dermatologist, have any of you had really bad trouble with acne during T? Any "home-made tips you could give me? Does it go away at some point? 😣 im sorry to bother you, i just dont have anywhere else to turn to. Thanks!

It’s a very common problem! It also tends to calm down over time (which could take years, but it’s not something you’ll likely be dealing with for the rest of your life). I’ve known many guys who have gone to the dermatologist for some wicked acne they’ve never experiences before. Accutane is really common and you could probably something similar to it that is OTC.

Personally I’ve found success with Clean & Clear. In the shower I use acne control cleanser on my face and the exfoliating wash on my shoulders, chest, and back. Then I use the spot check or whatever on anything exceptionally unruly and the acne moisturizer on my face and upper torso. I also don’t consume a lot of sugary things (and when I do, oh god does my face break out) and drink a lot of water. I used to have a lot of really bad acne on my back and shoulders that cleared up when I started this routine.

Also, I recommend changing your shirt every day even if you’re just “lounging around.” I used to have a night shirt I’d put on and wear to bed a few times, but I stopped doing that. Cleaning your pillow cases weekly or sleeping with a towel over your pillow could help. If you have a problem with stress, you could tackle that and teach yourself stress reducing techniques.

Hudson’s Guide has a page about acne with a lot more information:


Pre transition// 6 months on t// 1 year and 2 months on t & two weeks from top surgery.

Never thought I’d be as far as I am today. I remember sitting in my room for hours around the time of the first picture crying because I never thought I’d be brave enough to do this. My fears took over me, thinking my family, girlfriend, and the world wouldn’t accept me. It took me a few more years to realize ultimately I am the only one who needs to accept me. Here I am…..learning everyday to do exactly that. Trans, and proud.

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Hey, I started T about two months ago. Vaginal dryness is really starting to bother me because of the itchiness and slight soreness, but of course everything on the Internet about how to relieve is telling menopausal women to take estrogen. Obviously not an option for me haha. What have other guys done about this? Or is it a just deal with it thing?

Discussing vaginal issues.

I would talk to your doctor. I have no personal experience with this issue, so hopefully someone can chime in. This is one thing I would rather not spectulate about and possibly give you wildly incorrect advice. Vaginal moisturizers may be an option though. Replens came up a few times (which is estrogen free), so I poked around and found a free sample if you are interested.

“About Ray”

This is my perspective on the film “About Ray”. I am a trans boy, and this is how I feel about it. You don’t have to listen to my opinion, i’m not speaking for all trans men. But hear me out.

Honestly “About Ray” isn’t the best representation but. 

I have had to explain to people that ftm exists, not only mtf.

I have seen movies about people like me, and they taught me the only things I could do in life are be murdered or have no friends and never pass.

I have idolized many trans women who are famous. I have had no trans male role models in the media industry. All my idols have been YouTubers. I have no Laverne Cox equivalent to my experience. No Vanity Fair cover of a trans man. I have YouTube and social media to find guys 5 years older than me to love.

It might be just me, but I am starving for trans male representation. Any kind. Any thing the masses can see and understand. So when I say “I am a trans boy” I get “Oh! Like in About Ray! Cool man.” instead of “You want to be a woman?”

I know the film has some not so great stuff. But what lgbt film doesn’t? We still need progress. We are at no point to be demanding perfection yet.

I know some of the wording is off. But “Trapped in a woman’s body” Is how some trans boys actually feel. It may be problematic but 

  1. In that clip he is explaining to children. I do that for simplicity. Children and the elderly can understand that. I hold teenagers and adults to standards. The young and old, I just want them to have a vague concept of it.
  2. Some people actually feel that way. Dysphoria can make you feel like your body is alien, not what it “should” be. Before I started to transition (so like 8th-9th grade me) felt this way. I was trapped in this femininity and gender roles and this girl’s life and body that I didn’t want. And other trans boys feel that way.

Yes  they cast a cis woman. But making a trans guy play a pre-everything guy and be called “ill” and “not right in the head”, while he knows it is only acting, could be triggering for even the most skilled actor. They could have done better but still. Be open minded to what these casting directors may have been considering. I know in theatre an audition description will say what the role requires. Think of how little trans men are hollywood actors. now consider how many of them would put themselves through dysphoria. Remember, for a good chunk of this movie, Ray is pre-everything. And I mean everything. Long hair and boobs and dresses. If you want to make a trans guy go through that, then do it on your own time.

Boycotting this movie will not get us better representation. It will get us no representation. Hollywood will not hear “Do better!”. They will hear “Movies about trans men don’t make money” and we will not get any more of these movies.

So please. This is not for tumblr, who is educated about this. This is for children to realize they also feel trapped in their own body, and it happens to a lot of people not just them. This is for my parents to watch and understand that other families get through it just fine. This is for the general public learning that trans men exist too. You don’t have to worship it. But if it sinks in the box office, rip to ANY movies about trans men in the next decade.

Meet Shane, The Army’s First Openly Trans Soldier, and a big player in repealing the ban.

On the surface, Sergeant Shane Ortega, 28, doesn’t stand out or appear out of the ordinary among his fellow Army soldiers. He works out constantly (he even competes in bodybuilding competitions); he’s obsessed with his girlfriend (a former model and aspiring doctor); and he gets giddy talking about both video games and chopping wood in Alaska. He’s covered in tattoos, wears tank tops that show off his physique and has light green eyes that pop in contrast to his dark skin (he’s part black, Latino and Cherokee).

Ortega, who now serves as a Chinook helicopter crew chief with the 25th Infantry Division in Hawaii, meets all the Army’s physical fitness standards, gets positive reviews from his chain of command, and always strives to put the mission first, regardless of what he’s facing in his private life.

Despite his solid performance and commitment to serve, SGT Ortega has been at risk of getting kicked out of the Army because in official Army paperwork, he is identified as a woman.

Ortega, who was assigned female at birth, is one of the military’s few openly trans service members. While roughly 15,500 transgender people are estimated to be currently serving in the military, almost all of them are forced to do so in secret since the Department of Defense’s current policy forbids openly transgender individuals from serving.

The Army’s Standards of Medical Fitness states that transsexualism, gender identity, and transvestism are among several “personality or psychosexual conditions,” including voyeurism and paraphilias, that “render an individual administratively unfit.”

But, that is changing soon.”

Read the full piece here


THIS WEEK:  Pentagon expected to announce plan to lift the military’s transgender service ban


6 days post op • Key Hole • Dr. Ereso

The bruising has gone down more than the swelling so far. Some sensation is coming back on the top of my chest, around my areola and nipples I can’t feel anything. The pain has calmed down a lot, day 3-4 were the worst so far. Don’t really remember going into surgery or the first 1-2 days after surgery. I’m not on pain meds, only muscle relaxers once a day. Lost about 10+ pounds since surgery, my body didn’t take the surgery or drugs very easily, feeling very low energy but getting stronger and trying to gain some weight back.
Got up to meditate this morning, really been missing my practices.
But overall Im feeling so much excitement and joy right now, I can’t stop looking or touching my chest. I keep receiving amazing messages from you guys and it honestly warms my heart reading each one, you’re all so amazing thank you.
Caden 💙👍✌️🙏

To be honest I think I look better in a dress now haha. Mum’s wedding in 2010 vs a few days ago. It’s Del’s dress, we were sorting out laundry and she dared me to try it on. I actually feel more comfortable with this on than I did in that bridesmaid dress lol (only in the comfort of our own home though ofcourse). The socks definitely complete the look.

2 days post Op: Key hole with Dr. Ereso $5,800
super stoked about how it all looks, couldn’t really see all of it but it was very emotional to see my chest this flat. He said he pumped a bunch of liquid in my chest so that will go down with a couple weeks. So blessed to have this chest, thank you to everyone who has came out to support me and visit me. On heavy meds because the first set of meds didn’t take any of the pain away. We are trying something new so let’s see how it goes! Im also get my new binder on Thursday because they ordered the wrong one and size, so I’m looking forward to that. Today’s pain was the worst so far, but Dr. Ereso said next week I will be feeling and looking a lot better. So grateful to have so many amazing people here for me 💙👏🙌👨🙏😘👌