support trans and nonbinary people who pick a new name from their culture/ethnicity!

support trans and nonbinary people who are not ‘read’ as being from their culture/ethnicity but who pick a new name from it anyway!

you have every right to pick a name from your own culture or ethnicity, even if you don’t “look like it”. your names are beautiful and you deserve for people to use them and respect them!!

i have made a post like this but here it goes *deep breath*: 


it is when a child of one ethnicity is adopted by parents of another ethnicity.

white people just hijacked this term from adoptees and are using it for their racist motives. ‘transethnic’ is a real term. you’re just using it wrong. 

I know and hung out with a lot of people. Not all gays, trans people, women, and ethnic minorities cower in fear their entire lives begging for white liberals to save them.  Sure people live hard lives and deal with struggles. But they are not fucking babies in need of daddy white liberal to keep them warm and safe. Democrats controlling the country do not give a fuck about them. It’s all pandering bullshit. They pass laws which infringe on their rights, support foreign governments that murder them, and us our military to bomb them too. Fuck off man.

Long rant about some people on tumblr (Because not all of tumblr thinks the same.)

Hello. I am a 14-year-old white “cis” female. Why did I put “cis” in quotes? Because you wouldn’t say “cis” to people you introduce yourself to in the real world. Not normally, anyway. Buckle up, individuals, because I can talk about topics like this for a LONG time. (Sidenote: Yes this will be an opinion. No I do not believe this opinion is ideal for EVERYONE.)

So let’s start off with how I myself was introduced to these said topics; I was walking to school with a friend I haven’t seen or heard from in two years and we were friends for 4 years. They (as requested I call them their proper pronoun) wanted to strike a conversation and we were talking about cartoons (This was back in August). I was talking about Gravity Falls and they got a little if not very upset that I liked the show. They kept on trying to ask questions like, “You know that show is white-washed?” or “You do know that Alex Hirsch is a racist pig, right?” I had to stop myself because (Friend), who rarely ever spoke about people in a negative way, has done just that. I asked them, “Excuse me? How?” I was genuinely asking and they told me “He tweeted something a while ago that ‘The person who invented the word ‘bae’ should be shot.’ The word ‘bae’ comes from black culture and therefore is racist!” Now me being me I was very curious and I wanted to see it for myself. “Where can I find the tweet?” I ask and they reply, “Just– Don’t even try. You won’t know what to look for. God, you’re so stupid! He’s just like every other white man!” At this point I was already sleep deprived enough and curious enough to ask, “’All white men’?” They got so passionate about what they were talking about all of a sudden. “Yes! All white men are TERRIBLE! They all treat women badly, they’re all racist pigs, and they’re all products of Hitler!” I was taken by surprise on the Hitler part. “Not all men are bad, though… A man (a doctor) saved my life when I was little when I failed to thrive–” “Oh my GOD shut up! I’m Jewish and you defending the spawns of Hitler offends me greatly!” I was silent for the rest of the way to school. 

I remember thinking “This is so weird!” Until we got in arguments over things like if I defended men, we weren’t friends or if I didn’t like Britney Spears, we weren’t friends. (I don’t like a certain artist. Chill.) So I haven’t spoken to them in a while. Another thing is that my WHITE older sister keeps saying things to my mother like “Dad’s just another old bitter white man.” or “We only have white people food.” A 19-year-old woman. 


You most likely aren’t an anti-feminist (because feminism is equality) you’re most likely anti-misandry (misandry is hate or strong dislike towards men)

There is no such thing as “reverse” racism. It’s racism. Discrimination or strong dislike of a particular race. 

Please PLEASE if you try arguing don’t use references from the days when whites owned blacks as slaves or when Hitler was still alive or anything like that! A great deal of those points you’re trying to make are probably not relevant anymore and you need better citation!

“Down With The Cis” people, read carefully as I type; Not all cis people are what you think they are. A lot of us are very careful when addressing you because we do not want to offend you! Just because some people on tumblr have told you to think this way or you think that way on your own will because of what you see on tumblr or anywhere else doesn’t mean you have to think that way! Wouldn’t you rather treat someone nicely and have them feel bad for treating you badly/ and have them give you a chance then to just hate and put yourself in a position you’re only going to regret later on?

Just because someone from a specific ethnic group/race/gender/sexuality killed, harmed, terrorized, or negatively impacted on your specific ethnic group/race/gender/sexuality doesn’t mean you have to lash out at people with similar (etc) as the ones who’ve negatively impacted your (etc).

No, doctors do NOT make up illnesses or diagnostics just to make a certain group feel oppressed. They went through eight years of college to HELP people. Not kill people in hate.

Please if you disagree with someone on views respectfully have a conversation with the person. Same goes if you’re offended, respectfully tell them to stop what they’re doing that is upsetting you. Also it wouldn’t hurt to know if they meant it or not, as they say, “Assuming just makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

I know I’ll get sneers and noses turned up at me. It doesn’t bother me that someone has different views than me. It only gets to that point when it hurts a vast majority of people or if a whole group is terrorizing one singular individual. 

Please remember there are kids SMALLER THAN ME on here that are very impressionable. Instead of teaching them to hate anyone or themselves for being themselves, teach them how to love their caretakers, teach them how to ask for help when they need it, teach them how to love their body and be humble and love others and teach others to love one another.

You know what? Listing my views:

If you’re trans, great!

If you’re “cis”, great!

If you’re hetero, great!

If you’re anything else on the spectrum of gender roles, sexuality, or romance, great!

If you’re not anything on the spectrum of gender roles, sexuality, or romance, great!

If you’re an individual human being who has the ability to love, care for, be positive towards, or be happy with other people, great! 

If you hate a specific group, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, race, etc, not great and I won’t tell you how to live your life BUT please do not force your views on other individuals! We all have opinions, boundaries, identities, etc, and there’s a really good reason for that! It would be a really BORING world with one race, one gender, one sexuality, etc. Why would you do it? Why would you force opinions or anything else on anyone?

I’m probably one of a few thousand individuals on tumblr who feel the same but not the exact same. I don’t post myself talking or ranting or myself doing anything normally but I feel like this should be established between the follower and the followed. 

I’m not just some tiny white teenage girl typing at her computer in rage, I am a human typing out my views on a computer for people to see and ponder on. Give it some thought, maybe. Ask questions, it’s okay. Tell me your views and why you think a particular way. We all have a voice, yo, and I think this is the time to let that voice speak.

Masterlist of trans and non-binary FCs

All of the FCs under the cut are individuals who are trans or non-binary. I will give each person’s name, gender identity, preferred pronouns (if known), age (if known), and ethnicity (if known). At some point, I will try to find resources, GIF hunts, etc for as many of these FCs. If you see any mistakes on this masterlist, please let me know so I can update it!

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So you do not like zionists? What are zionists and why not like them? Pretty sure zionist just means Jew.

u dont seem to have read my about page before sending me baseless accusations so let me read it to u

“I’m a Muslim trans woman. I’m ethnically and culturally Jewish. I blog about things that I like and how my life is going.”

women aren’t harmless

I think a lot of women underestimate the power they have to hurt others. I really, really hate the concept of “internalized misogyny”, but this honestly seems like an example of it. “I couldn’t possibly ruin someone’s day/week/life; I’m just a lil’ ol’ woman.” I find that that mentality underscores a lot of “lol misandry” jokes, and that makes me uncomfortable. 

“Men are so much more powerful than me; I can’t possibly hurt them with my harmless venting.” That bothers me first and foremost for the obvious reason: vulnerable men exist. Queer and trans and ethnic minority men. Depressed men. Mentally ill men. Men who already struggle against feelings of worthlessness. If there’s ten white women and one black man in a room, and the women are talking about how much they hate men, they can’t throw up their hands and go “we’re just venting” when the black man points out that they might actually pose a legitimate threat to him. The fact that the marginalized identity isn’t the one they were picking on is irrelevant - they were still wishing him harm, and their racial position makes it easier to actually enact that harm if they wanted to.

But it’s more than that, even. I’m wary of the implications of admitting to powerlessness. If you want to step up and empower yourself, to assume your rightful place in the world, you don’t get to have it both ways. Having power, real power, means owning the attendant responsibilities as well. If you want dignity and agency and autonomy, then you also have to own up when your actions hurt others. 

The “women are harmless” trope is not feminist. It’s actually the root of pretty much all misogynist ideas. Part of growing into yourself and becoming a self-possessed woman is realizing that you have the power to do actual harm. That you can effect change, both good and bad. Give yourself some damn credit. 


Political lesbianism





I’m sorry, Tumblr, but contrary to this website’s warped belief of self-worth and specialness and you all playing the ‘well I’m more oppressed!’ game,  being hetero, white and cis doesn’t mean you’re special, and guess what? Being queer or of other ethnicities or trans doesn’t make us special either, it makes us people just like you who are trying to find our place in the world without having all that’s remaining of our identities becoming misappropriated or used to make us into targets.

STOP IT. Actual queer and transgender folk are disowned, abused, raped and murdered for being who they are, actual PoC are targeted and killed, and you are trying to cash in on our need for a safe-zone and acceptance.

So, all you who call yourselves Political Lesbians (i.e. that all women are lesbians and taht women who are attracted to men are brainwashed by the patriarchy and that every woman in a hetero relationship is subjecting herself to brainwashing and abuse)  or Transethnic (that you are becoming a different ethnicity just 'cause you feel your inner-Japanese girl) or that you are a Trans-trender (a person who lacks body dysphoria or the actual burning desire to be the opposite sex but 'chooses’ to be transgender) let me explain you a thing…


So all of you saying that you’re except from racism because you’re a 'transnigger’ or that you identity as a dragon or fairy STOP IT. THIS IS WHY WE’RE JOKES TO EVERYONE IN THE REAL WORLD.




Response to anti-otherkin posts.

I’m getting really fed up with the anti-kin hate on Tumblr. What bothers me the most is that 99% of people who are anti-otherkin or who don’t believe we exist or who believe we suffer from “special snowflake syndrome” are people who are really misinformed about what otherkin are, OR who are basing their understanding off of a few extreme examples who are likely trolls anyway.

  1. “Otherkin are taking away from a REAL community (trans people).” – No and no. First off, the otherkin community is a real community however messed up it may be. Second, there is NO inherent relation between being otherkin and being trans. Being otherkin does not make a person trans, and most people who are otherkin do not claim to be trans unless they are also trans on top of being otherkin (example: a DFAB person who identifies as male and happens to be a wolf-kin). If you are trans and have come across otherkin trying to say that being otherkin and being trans are one and the same, I am sorry to hear that. Please note that the majority of us are NOT out to steal your identity or to claim your label as our own.
  2. “Otherkin GLORIFY mental illness!” – Being otherkin is NOT a mental disorder. Clinical lycanthropy is a disorder in which a person believes that they have physically transformed into a wolf or some other animal, or that they are physically an animal. 99% of otherkin do NOT believe that they are physically non-human, and on most otherkin forums, you will be laughed off the board if you claim that your kin-type has a physical component. I’ve even seen admins/mods write very specific, detailed warnings that alert otherkin to the true fact that few people are going to believe that you physically shift into your kin type. Species dysphoria is when a person knows they are physically human, but feels like this is incorrect or like they should be something else. Not all otherkin experience dysphoria, and those who do are no more “mentally disordered” than anyone who feels like who they are is not quite who they want to be.
  3. “Buddhism says that lots of people reincarnate and your past lives don’t matter, so being otherkin is bullshit.” – The Buddhist concept of reincarnation is based on a very specific goal, the goal of reaching nirvana. With that goal, individual lifetimes do not matter as much as your personal path to enlightenment. Not everyone who believes in reincarnation is Buddhist. Not everyone who identifies as otherkin believes in reincarnation. Cope.
  4. “Otherkin suffer from Special Snowflake Syndrome!” – First of all, there is no disorder known as “Special Snowflake Syndrome” that can be found anywhere in psychiatric literature. Second of all, this idea where anyone who identifies as anything other than cishet/neurotypical/traditionally sexual/spiritually and mentally human/etc is “attention-seeking” seems like a bunch of pointlessly unkind and whiny stuff to say about people. Unless otherkin are reblogging literally everything you write with, “yeah but I’m otherkin so I’m more special than you!” I don’t exactly see how being otherkin is “special snowflake-ing.”
  5. “If you talked to a psychiatrist, you’d be locked up.” – Um, no. Unless you’re a danger to yourself or others, you won’t be locked up. If someone goes to a psychiatrist and says “I’m a wolf and therefore need to eat humans,” they might get locked up. However, a human-identified person who wanted to eat humans would likely also be locked up.
  6. You guys think you’re oppressed!” – I’m not entirely sure who is saying this, or who is actively trying to detract from the focus being placed on other marginalized communities by insisting that otherkin win the oppression Olympics. If someone is doing that, I am sorry to hear that you’ve had that experience, but their voice is not representative of the whole otherkin population. Otherkin do face some unique challenges, like being a different species than everyone around them and like dealing with being called liars/role-players/etc. Some of us face bullying for being who we are, or face some discrimination in terms of seeking mental health care – if our trauma comes from a past life or from being at-odds with our current species, there’s no help for us. If we’ve been stalked across several lifetimes by someone from our old kin world, no help is available. When our gender identities match societies we come from that are vastly different from those on Earth, trans support groups will not likely welcome us. That being said, I for one am aware that I benefit from white privilege and from looking like the gender my driver’s license says that I am. I also benefit from being able-bodied enough to walk and from having strong financial support in my life, and from having a college degree.
  7. “Otherkin don’t exist outside of Tumblr.” – Actually, my first encounter with otherkin happened at my high school, and I’m pretty sure no one used Tumblr when I was in school.
  8. “Otherkin are the same as trans-ethnic people and those are bad!” – Can you explain to me how, exactly, we are similar to trans-ethnic people?

So yeah, that should cover many of the anti-otherkin things I’ve read in the tags lately.

my body is not a public institution

So lately I’ve been seeing a few posts that go like this:

[W]hile everyone, including sex workers, can decline to fuck whomever they do not wish to fuck for any reason whatsoever, that does not magically render those reasons unexaminable or uncritizeable. If you don’t want to fuck people because they’re not white, you’re a gross bigot and you’re not welcome here.

The fact that your no is sacrosanct doesn’t mean it’s not racist. And disgusting.

Or this:

If you have never seen a black woman that you find attractive

You are either racist

Or blind there is no other option

commanderfraya wrote an excellent, comprehensive post about the ways in which abusers couch their manipulation in social justice rhetoric, and I think I’ve found another permutation: “if you really cared about my liberation, you’d fuck me.”

You know, I understand that impulse. I really do. Desexualization sucks. I’ve written about it before, particularly about the ways in which it affects the disabled and the socially awkward. (And those are far from the only groups affected: see also fat people, trans people, certain ethnicities, etc.) It’s awful when an entire media system portrays attraction to you and people like you as something inherently absurd. It’s doubly awful when those around you ape those perspectives in ways they might not even realize are hurtful. I get it. I do.

But the proper battleground for that is society writ large, not individual bedrooms. Support media with sexually empowered trans and poc and disabled characters. Call people out when they deride a whole group of people as unequivocally unattractive. Don’t stand for dehumanization. But shaming and yelling at individuals, telling them they’re all sorts of -ist if their personal attractions don’t line up with your recipe for an idea society, isn’t activism. It isn’t speaking truth to power. It’s inserting yourself, a stranger on the internet, into another person’s desires and demanding they justify them to you.

Attaching passive-aggressive, guilt-tripping conditions to someone’s “no” seems like the opposite of holding it sacrosanct. It might feel more righteous, but “you can say no - just know that you’re a racist” isn’t any better than “you can say no - just know that you’re a frigid bitch”. This holds especially true in social justice circles, where being seen as any variation of -ist or -phobic is something to be avoided scrupulously. If your social standing is contingent on not being racist or transphobic, and not being racist or transphobic is contingent on your sexual availability, how is that anything but coercive?

I can support someone and advocate for their rights without having to find them sexually attractive. Attraction is so weird, squidgy, personal. It shouldn’t be taken as evidence of your beliefs in other contexts. Wanting to be tied up in the bedroom doesn’t mean I think women ought to be subservient, and not finding certain skin colors or features attractive does NOT mean I deny the humanity and equality of people with those attributes.

This isn’t even about me. I personally find men of all races attractive, but that isn’t the point. The point is that demanding sexual availability in the guise of activism is intrusive and - dare I say? - abusive. I have seen a woman reduced to tears, piledriven and harassed, because she admitted to being triggered by men of a certain ethnic group after being assaulted by one such man. If you are so caught up in some abstract notion of equality that you cannot see the wrong in demanding that a rape victim be more sexually available, then I’m not sure I can help you.

I will fight tooth and nail for anyone’s rights and access to public institutions. But my body is not a public institution.


Black people CANNOT be guilt of ANY CRIME (except rape) until white people pay for the crimes THEY have SYSTEMATICALLY committed against them first. Slavery, colonization, police brutality and cultural appropriation still have to be answered for??

As a transafrican person myself, I’m just fucking sick of it.
Transgender teenager jailed for refusing military service in Israel
A transgender teenager has been jailed for refusing to carry out compulsory military service in Israel. Aiden Katri was sentenced to a week in prison, where campaigners were concerned she would be housed in a male wing and left at risk of stigmitisation and abuse. The 19-year-old said she was taking a stand as a conscientious objector against the “atmosphere of fear” in her home country and could not enforce “oppression” in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Describing her upbringing in the Israeli city of Holon as “conservative”, she said she came to reject “separatism” in society and was striving for equality between religion, race, sex and gender.

In a statement the day before she was imprisoned, Ms Katri said she had Israeli Arab friends who were “hated and discriminated against” and had witnessed military crackdowns on Palestinian protests in the West Bank.

“Arabs and Jews live in this country as two different classes,” she added. “It would be absurd to strive for justice in the context of injustice.

"I struggle against my oppression – my gender oppression as a trans woman and my ethnic oppression as a Mizrahi Jew, and if I turn a blind eye to an oppression of another people, this would be hypocrisy.”

Dear Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Hello! My name is of no importance, but I’m one of the 318 million people that live in the United States, the country you will now be governing. Seeing as you will now be in charge, I hope that you have what it takes to represent us. I hope you have what it takes to represent the US. 

See, Mr. Trump, America is a diverse country. We have white people. We have black people. We have Asian people. We have Hispanic people. We have Native American people. We have Indian people.

We have Jewish people. We have Christians. We have Muslims. We have Hindus. We have Buddhists. We have Atheists. We have Pagan people. We have Wiccans. We have Satanists. We have Agnostics. We have polytheists.

We have girls. We have boys. We have women. We have men. We have agender people. We have bigender people. We have trigender people. We have pangender people. We have transgender people. We have non-binary people. We have demi-sexual people. We have genderqueer people. We have genderfluid people. We have intersex people. We have gender non-comforming people. We have androgynous people. We have two-spirit people. We have gender-flux people.

We have gays. We have lesbians. We have bisexuals. We have pansexuals. We have polysexuals. We have asexuals. We have aromatics. We have queer people. We have questioning people. We have queer-platonic people. We have demisexuals. 

We have people with disabilities. We have people without disabilities. We have sick people. We have healthy people. We have single moms. We have single dads. We have non-divorced parents. We have divorced parents. We have orphans. We have kids in foster care. We have families. We have no families. We have drug addicts. We have lawyers. We have prostitutes. We have doctors. We have exotic dancers. We have struggling people. We have lazy people. We have people who want to change the world. We have people who save the world. We have citizens. We have non-citizens. 

We have humans.

See, Mr. Trump, my point is…America has over 318 million people. I guess what I’m trying to ask is…Are you willing to represent all of us? 

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good grief max when will you stop whining about "oversexualized females"

Alright, let me explain this again.

I don’t think sexualization is bad.

What I actually think is pretty stupid: when the vast majority of women in games happen to have sexualization as their primary aspect, when it’s clearly the thing that was thought about their design first and foremost.

Now, sure, you’re free to disagree with the assertion that it’s the state that most female characters are in. You could say that it’s a larger societal problem and something not limited to video games. But here’s the thing: media does not exist in a vacuum. What we consume leaves a little trace inside us, all the time. And after all, if you want to see change, you gotta start somewhere.

I, for one, would love to see women in games that are as varied, multi-faceted and different as men get to be. I would ALSO like to see less men that are the “5-o-clock beard, brown-haired white guy in his late twenties, with a dark trouble past” type of protagonist. Both of these desires are not mutually exclusive; improving video games as a medium is not a zero-sum game.

And hey, guess what: when female characters in video games become more varied, it’s not suddenly weird anymore for some of them to be a sexualized archetype. I’m gonna say this again since sometimes it falls on hard ears: sexualization is not inherently bad, but for it to seemingly be the default state of female characters is bad.

I don’t think that’s such an unreasonable position to have… right?

This is also not about everyone (quoting from memory) putting on gender-neutral gray suits, or neutering our libidos, or caving in to the “trans-ethnic attack helicopters”, or whatever. No. It was Blizzard seeking feedback, getting that feedback, agreeing with it and acting on it. Period.

Also, I’ve gotten a few other asks about this post. Let me clarify: I just think the trend is funny to observe — it’s like gamergaters or trump supporters having anime avatars. It’s like, duh, of course you would defend the Tracer ass pose, you’ve made Overwatch porn. TBH I don’t care if you make rule 34 or if you draw porn — if you’re in a stalkery mood, you can very easily see I’m friends with people who happen to make smut, or reblog really weird stuff. Whatever floats your boat, as long as you’re self-aware.