New DOJ Video Teaches Cops (and Everyone) How to Respect Trans People
The video touches on the tense history between police and trans people, and encourages officers unsure about pronouns to simply ask.

The Department of Justice has released a new training video intended to assist law enforcement officers in interacting peacefully and respectfully with transgender people.

The 13-minute video, produced by the department’s Community Relations Service, features three vignettes of officers working with trans people in nonemergency situations, along with basic instruction on transgender identities and pronoun usage. It focuses on politeness and respect for trans people, and includes a nod to trans people’s access to restrooms. It also addresses some of the long-standing fears the trans community has regarding law enforcement due to decades of mistreatment.

In a press release accompanying the video, the Community Relations Service’s acting director Paul Monteiro said:

“Transgender Americans, like all Americans, deserve to be treated with courtesy and respect by law enforcement officers. The information provided in this video will help strengthen the relationship between police and the transgender community, allowing for more effective investigations and safer encounters for officers and citizens alike.”

Transgender people have a lengthy history of distrusting law enforcement, and not without cause. Monica Jones, a trans woman, made headlines in Arizona in 2014 when she was arrested and convicted for “manifesting prostitution” for simply walking down the street. That conviction was later overturned. Last year, trans woman Meagan Taylor and a friend were arrested in Iowa for simply checking into a hotel room because the desk clerk suspected they were prostitutes.

The 2011 National Transgender Discrimination Survey found that more than one in five trans people have experienced harassment at the hands of law enforcement. This is particularly concerning for trans people of color, who face substantial systemic inequality, particularly poverty, homelessness, and participation in underground survival economies, all of which places them at higher risk for law enforcement contact.

The same 2011 report also found that nearly half of trans people fear seeking police assistance due to perceived bias. Given the extraordinarily high and escalating rates of violence faced by the trans community, particularly trans women of color, it is paramount that police find ways to respectfully interact with trans people they encounter.

However, the DOJ’s video largely features white trans women, though some airtime is given to Debbie McMillan, a black trans woman affiliated with the Women’s Collective, an HIV education, support, and prevention nonprofit based in Washington, D.C.

Watch the video below.

‪#‎RaeLynnThomas‬ an Ohio transgender woman was brutally murdered by her mother's ex boyfriend who called her "the devil". She's the 19th trans person murdered this year.

If this doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, I don’t know what will. 


Friends have established an online GoFundMe account to help with funeral expenses.



Meet Leyna Ramous, one of the world’s most famous and beautiful transgender women who’re currently leading the trans revolution in the United States. Leyna’s been featured on the cover of Candy Magazine last year along with actress Laverne Cox and top model Carmen Carrera

Leyna caught up with GOSEE to tell us about her story and how she was discovered. 

Leyna knew at a young age that fashion and entertainment were her calling. “My personality was way to big for the Midwest” admits she. When the time was right she made a clear shot to the East Coast, arriving in New York and making her mark in The big Apple. 

“Some say, I came too late, but I think I was right on time”, says Leyna. While undergoing the Transition into womanhood “I made sure I took the the time to discover my true and honest self.  I knew I had all the tools to be a success, I just needed a break”. 

Her break came in the summer of 2014. “It was the year that changed my life” - recalls Leyna:  “I walked into a Soho gallery called Clic and was given a card of an amazing photographer and now friend by the name of Antoine Verglas. Soon after I was shooting with him - the same photographer who shot all my idols!” “Moments like this are worth the wait”, admits Leyna. 

 Here are some of the classic images of Leyna from her shoot with Antoine. 

Boycott Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween, a pop-up costume store, has made it well aware that they will be selling a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume this season. Spirit confirmed this costume by releasing an exclusive statement to Confidenti@l

Although Spirit Halloween claims this to be a “heroic” act, we believe it’s distasteful and a jab at the transgender community. Being transgender is not a joke, nor should it be treated as a joke. 

Transgender people face a much higher suicide risk. Analysis by the Williams Institute found 78 percent of transgender respondents who had endured physical or sexual violence had attempted suicide [Source].

According to research conducted by The Task Force, Fifty-three percent (53%) of transgender participants reported being verbally harassed or disrespected in a place of public accommodation, including hotels, restaurants, buses, airports and government agencies.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are different. A personʼs sexual orientation is related to whether the person is romantically attracted to men, women, or both. Gender identity, on the other hand, is about the personʼs own internal identification as male, female, or a gender in between male and female. Just like cisgender people, transgender people can be of any sexual orientation.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE Spirit Halloween! 

[photo: James White for E!]

[Sources: NYDailyNews/WilliamsInstitute/UTexas/TheTaskForce]

Hande Kader was a 22-year old politically active sex worker. She was a transgender female, residing in Turkey. Before her body was found, she was last seen getting into a client’s car, after which she went missing for a week. Her body was found, badly burned, on the side of the road in Istanbul. This was after her friends had filed a missing persons report, prompting a search for her location.

On top of being transgender, Kader was seen at protests and demonstrations for LGBTQ rights. There are videos of her facing the police on YouTube, and she has apparently been arrested at least once during LGBTQ rights public events.

It is devastating in so many ways to see a member of my transgender family lost today, as well as the other LGBTQ people who have been attacked in Turkey of late. Please help to spread the word!   #HandeKadereSesVer

You cannot, as a society, constantly question a rape victim’s story and ask if she had it coming...then suddenly get pissed off about how paranoid and distrustful of men young women truly are these days.

“No, I won’t go to a frat party.”

“No, I won’t accept a drink off a strange man I barely know.”

*Meninists* “But why not, you paranoid prude?”

“Because, no matter what happens, I’m always going to get the blame for it, aren’t I?”

  • White America:Alright guys! We always wanna highlight and let everyone know that no matter what size, color, or preference you will ALWAYS have the same rights!
  • Black people:alright so...#blacklivesmatter along with black rights correct?
  • White America:....#alllivesmatter...#BLMisterrorism
  • Muslim people:What about Muslim rights and liberties?
  • White America:...#Makeamericagreatagain....#gobacktowhereyoucamefrom
  • LBGTQ+ people:well what about us? We want rights and liberties just like the constitution says we should!
  • White America:....#keepyourgenderoutmybathroom....#marriagesagainstthebible

VH1 announced the show, TransAmerica, which will follow the lives of five trans women in Chicago. Produced by Tyra Banks featuring model Carmen, romantic-at-heart Giselle, cosmetic consultant Natalie, med-student Victory, and party girl Sydney. Each struggle with finding direction and peace with themselves and the stigma in their fields and relationships. 

Inside Vanity Fair: Trans America, Our New Special Issue on Gender Identity and Expression

The edition, on newsstands this week, profiles cultural pioneers such as Caitlyn Jenner, Chaz Bono, and Reneé Richards, among many more. Their stories point both to the massive cultural shifts underway in America’s attitude towards its transgender citizens, and the life-and-death battles many of them still face.

[Source: Vanity Fair]