godweener666  asked:

hi i hope this isnt intrusive, i wanted to ask if trans masc people are allowed to talk to you? or nbs who are female and male aligned?

Ok I should have expected this at some point

the “I Hate Male Occultists” schtick is clearly aimed at a very specific brand of Straight Man that is 99% of the time cis, like if you’re asking you’re probably fine, don’t worry about it

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hey content warning for menstruation but I get really intense dysphoria before and during my period. Like it’s not the physical part of it, it just happens. I won’t even know it’s coming and then the week before suddenly wow I need to transition and be a man right now. And then it eases the week after my period. Am I fuckin trans? When this isn’t happening I feel neutral. Do you have any trans masc followers who’ve experienced this?? Is it normal!? Maybe it’s a pmd thing idk

that’s rly interesting! i might suggest stopping ur period for a little while (idk if u have planned parenthood near u or any way to get non estrogen birth control pills) and seeing how ya feel? i dunno!

Spectrum outfitters is a new UK BASED company that is about to start selling binders

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No one on this damn website cares about trans men. I know y'all don’t, cuz I am one and I see y'all’s posts, and they are all about One Specific Kind of trans man: white skinny teenage feminine trans men. And y'know what? Y'all erase their identities as men constantly. And y'know what else? Y'all don’t give a flying fuck and a half about masculine trans men at all, and I am sick of it.

The big thing y'all need to understand here: trans men are men. Real actual men, whether they feel more comfortable being more typically feminine or masculine. They aren’t Diet Man, or safe exceptions if men make you uncomfortable. They are 100% Genuine Male. And fucking hell, some of y'all don’t even call us men, you fucking call us boys. Sure, that may be okay for teenagers, but a lot of us aren’t teenagers, we’re actual adults. Actual grown adult men, whether you think so or not. I’m sorry you can’t handle that reality, you soggy lima beans. Shiver me fucking timbers, me laddie.

The one thing I am most tired of seeing on this damn website is masculinity being treated as some Great Evil that must be Defeated at the hands of Tumblr’s LGBT+ Puritans and impressionable teenage cishet girls. Masculinity is not inherently bad or good, it just is and it just exists. It’s a social construct. And I hate fucking saying that because it makes it sound ignorable and even fake. Masculinity is hugely important to me, and I find a lot of self-confidence and a lot of my own identity in masculinity, and I bet I’m not the only trans man out there like that. I bet I’m not the only trans man out there who wants to live up to masculine stereotypes because it makes us feel better and helps keep dysphoria at bay. Y'all will bend over backwards and do a handstand on your fucking pinky finger for trans women to celebrate their femininity and feel comfortable in their own skins, but what about trans men? What about us? You can’t just support only one kind of trans person! That isn’t supporting trans people! You gotta support trans men and celebrate their masculinity with them and bend over backwards for them, too! You gotta support trans men and non-binary people if you’re gonna support ALL trans people. Otherwise, you might as well support none of us. All or none. Go big or go the fuck home and don’t even think about coming back until you’re ready to open your arms wide and support All of Us.

And god fucking dammit, if I have to give masculine trans men all the positivity and love they deserve all by my fucking self, you bet your shitty little ass I will. Masculine trans men deserve fucking Olympic gold medals for dealing with the shit this hellsite spews at them when they try and turn to it for something positive.

as a trans person, you have the right to

-change your name as many times as you would like to find one that could suit you

-have as many labels for your gender (or sexuality) as you would like- labels are for organising things and it’s a brief way to explain how you feel

-play around with pronouns

-fight for your rights, because god knows we have barely any

-fit or not fit into stereotypes

-be excited when you see yourself represented in media

-be yourself! just like cis people! at the end of the day, you’re a human that just had the unlucky chance of being labelled wrong as a baby.

!!Attention trans masc peeps!!

Don’t order STPs or packers from STP ninja. The owner is cis, verbally abusive, and a flat earther for some reason. 

He sent me this after me asking about my order (which was three weeks late) and then promptly blocked me. He called me a fuck faced little kid and cancelled my order without refunding me.

Please save your money and shop elsewhere, save yourself the trouble.

me: hmm i think im trans but idk really? who knows??

me: *if i could magically transform myself into a cis male right now i would without hesitation; i no longer use public bathrooms cuz using the women’s bathroom makes me super uncomfortable; when called by male names in public ei. “buddy” “sir” i feel happy; am scared to transition and come out, but still yearn for the day i have a flat chest, deep voice, and pass as male 24/7; hate it when other’s call me by female pronouns and names; wish i had a cis male body; flat-out wish i was a boy all the time*

me, still: HMMMMMM what if i’m faking it????? for attention? do i really feel dysphoria? i would not know,, trans? haha, not i. Simply a fake right here. YUp.

Things wanna do after top surgery and taking T

  • Listen to my voice crack
  • Make people laugh WHEN my voice cracks
  • Walk around shirtless
  • Sleep shirtless
  • SWIM shirtless
  • Sing
  • Go to the beach and lay in the sand
  • Lay in the grass and let the sun hit my bare chest because I can finally go outside without a binder and it’s gonna feel great
  • Go places with tank tops and those shirts with practically no sides
  • Stretch shirtless
  • Make really bad jokes about my surgery
  • Feel my Adam’s apple
  • Shave my face
  • Feel the stubble on my face
  • Cook shirtless because I can
  • Finally have hairy arms and legs
  • Maybe start working out because bode
  • Go to family reunions and tell my younger family memebers that yes I’m still the same person
  • Wear Hawaiian shirts unbuttoned

Guys who deal with trauma and abuse are extremely strong people. Many people don’t take you seriously and belittle you for being sensitive to things or having triggers. This doesn’t make you any less of a man and it doesn’t mean you’re weak at all. The fact that you push through every day is so admirable, and I hope one day, you will feel peace and calm within yourself and that you can surround yourself with good, uplifting people in your life. You deserve the best. Keep pushing forward and keep being strong. You will heal. You will be okay.