So this is a problem. For those that don’t know, this November MA is putting a question up on whether the transgender nondiscrimination law that was passed in 2016 should be repealed.

If this law gets repealed, transgender residents will face discrimination in public places and it will become more difficult for them to use the restroom based on what they identify as.

For those in other states who might be thinking “Oh, this won’t affect me at all!”

It will.

If this law gets repealed, the opponents (the people who approve of the repeal) will try to eliminate transgender protection laws across the United States.

Keep in mind, this article was at the back of the Pride magazine I picked up at a movie theater. Not many people I’ve talked to seem to know that this is going to happen. Please vote yes.

LGBT Kpop Music Videos

*Disclaimer: some of these are just implied and have not been confirmed by the company or artist*

  • Holland - I’m Not Afraid 
    • Drag Queens, Lesbians, and a 10-second gay makeout scene. Need I say more?
  • Sistar - One More Day ft Giorgio Moroder
    • Girls Like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko dark version
  • Suran - Sad Pain
    • Cute story with a blind girl and a girl with PTSD and their relationship with each other
  • K.Will - Please Don’t
    • The iconic gay mv
  • Holland - Neverland
    • Korea’s first openly gay idol’s debut song
  • Glam - Party (XXO)
    • Bighit’s first and only girl group, the song explicitly talk about kissing girls and it not mattering if they’re a girl or guy
  • Chuu (LOONA) - Heart Attack
    • Cute crush story between two girls
  • Khan - I’m Your Girl?
    • They skipped the girl crush concept and went straight to the girlfriend concept
  • Red Velvet - Bad Boy
    • Besides the strong sapphic vibes, a lot of the imagery used points to the story being gay
  • Monsta X - All In
    • Minhyuk and Hyungwon’s characters are strongly implied to be in a relationship along with Kihyun and I.M’s characters
  •  Tenny - 159 cm
    • One of the few Korean mvs to explicitly show some the struggles of being LGBT
  • Twice - What Is Love?
    • The girls recreate movie scenes, some from romance movies. Instead of using a guy for those parts, they just use another member 
  • 10cm - Help
    • This mv features people of several different groups that deal with different kinds of hardship in Korea, one of which is a gay couple
  • Mad Clown - Love Is A Dog From Hell ft Suran
    • The story of a trans girl and her girlfriend

Questions to ask instead of “Am I trans?”

Because, tbh the question itself is so hard to answer, mostly because of the way it is phrased. Same with “Am I a boy, girl, or non-binary?” Here I present you some other questions to navigate your gender questioning journey:

  • Do I like to be reffered to/seen as/treated as a boy/girl/non-binary?
  • Do I dislike being treated in other ways?
  • What are my feelings relating my gender assigned at birth?
  • What are my feelings regarding the gender I think I may be?
  • Is there a certain gender you lean towards more than others? (For example, it never crossed my head that i may be unaligned non-binary. I would think i was a demigirl, then bigender, then demiboy, leaning away from girlhood and closer to boyhood with time, but I never thought I could be something other than a guy)
  • One of the moments when I feel the most euphoria is when I see femenine guys. Masculine guys are too far away from me to relate. Does it feel better to see a guy who acts like you, a girl who acts like you, or a non-binary person who acts like you?
  • How do you feel when you see yourself in clothes of the gender you think you may be?
  • Do you not want to change your clothes back to the ones socially fitting to the gender you were assigned at birth? Do you tell yourself “just five more minutes” or something like that?
  • When you see yourself in the mirror with clothes of the gender you think you may be, does that look like you, or a stranger?
  • Does it look “strange” just because you’re not used to it, or is it so uncomfortable you want to take the clothes off?
  • Are you scared of this “”“”“trans phase”“”“” being over? Are you scared of going back to identifying as your gender assigned at birth?
  • What is the main reason why you think you may be trans? Is it related to gender roles? (Ex: liking more the clothes of the opposite gender)
  • What is the main reason why you think you may not be trans? Is it related to gender roles? (Ex: liking more the clothes of your sex)
  • Do you think you want to be certain gender because of the “Aesthetic”? (This could be either about the gender you think you may be or the gender you were assigned at birth)
  • Can you explain why you “want” to be certain gender? Is there a logical reason?
  • Would you rather get rid of your questioning by having you mind change to fit your body, or have your body change to fit your mind?
  • If a magic being came to you right now and offered to give you the body that socially fits the gender you think you may be, knowing that you wont regret it, what would you say?
  • Based on the evidence, what do you think is more likely? That you are cis or that you’re trans?

@ any straight trans girl reading this: ily and I hope you find the love of your life and I hope you realize how loved you are.

@ any gay trans girl reading this: ily and I hope you realize that so many people love you and I hope you find the love of your life.

@ any bi trans girl reading this: ily and you’re perfect just the way you are and I hope you’re always happy and satisfied with everything you do.

@ any trans girl reading this: you’re loved and you’re worth so much!!

To everyone who has ever told someone that they’re too young to know their gender/sexuality:

Yeah, but cis people know they’re cis from the start. Heterosexual people know thy’re hetero from the start. 

You never thought, “I just haven’t met the right person. I could still be gay/bi/whatever.”

No one ever told you that you’re too young to be SURE that you’re a boy/girl.

To everyone who has been told that they’re too young to know:

Yeah, you could change your mind. But more likely your right. And no matter when you figure it out, you matter and your gender/sexuality is legitimate. 

Do my fellow trans peeps ever have that moment where you kinda freak out like “CRAP what if the name I chose was wrong? what if I want to change it and people get mad? what if I’m just being dramatic!” bc those who do are so freaking valid. Like, picking a name is hard? And the first name you choose may turn out to be wrong for you, whether it’s a day or a year before you realize it. And if you decide to change it you don’t have to justify that to anyone. If parents can change their mind about their baby’s name 15 time then so can you. So try out lots of names! Write them, say them, ask people to call you by them, get them from a baby book, the internet, your brain, a story, a show. And when you pick a name? Be proud of it, show it off if you can, love it and be excited about it, that shits yours! You did that! Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

for trans kids: it gets better

it really does. you may not believe it, but it does. someday, you’ll look at your body and/or at the way people address you, and you’ll be happy. you’ll find that chosen family, that group of people who make you feel safe and happy. you’re worthy of love, affection, and anything that you are afraid of but crave. i believe in you.

-a trans kid (who always has an open inbox and would love to chat if anyone wants to)

Some trans moods

  • Constantly forgetting you’re trans
  • Thinking you look like your birth gender and being surprised that you pass
  • Being on T and not passing until you talk
  • Wondering why you’re the one trans person out of all 200 of the people sitting in this lecture hall
  • Not correcting pronouns because why bother, you’ve already told them 20 times
  • Being called a girl by family when you’re 4 years on T and have a full beard

Sorry for all the negatives here’s some positive ones:

  • Finally passing and feeling amazing
  • Having that one euphoric moment that just makes your whole week seem great
  • Finally getting that one thing done whether it be top surgery or bottom surgery or a name change that you’ve been wanting for years
  • Realizing how far you’re getting from the starting line and how close you’re getting to the goal
  • Having someone you thought was going to be a problem be completely accepting
  • Finally being confident in yourself

I keep getting asked (mainly by crossdressers and trans women) if my hair is a wig which I actually kinda find a bit offensive and almost invalidating if I be so bold, like I’ve had long hair since I was a child, you can see my hair grow and change colour and shape on Tumblr alone. like yeah I’m trans I’m not incapable of growing hair

anyway rant over

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