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You keep defending kat blaque but like the thing with kat blaque is, she expects everyone to agree with her on all forms of oppression (which makes sense) but when it comes to animals then she calls it this privileged white people thing as if caring for animals was invented by whites

Ok can we not use non-intersectional veganism to discredit trans WoC. Thx.

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What's ur opinion on the new additions of black and brown to the pride flag? I personally don't like it, isn't the entire purpose of the pride flag to be all inclusive, but the additions make me feel like it's all inclusive but especially me. There's no other colour related to race why should those be included?

I like it because the Stonewall Riots were started by a trans WoC. I like it because 80% of LGBTQIA people killed are PoC. I like it because every trans woman murdered in 2017 has been a WoC. Also, the LGBTQIA community has been known to discriminate racially in the past. There was an alternative queer PoC flag created shortly after because of this. I’m fine with it, just like I’m fine with saying Black Lives Matter. It’s all about representation in the end.

my favorite thing during pride month is watching people whine that race and sexuality have nothing to do with each other ,,,,,,, you know we owe the exposure of our community to a trans woc right ??? you know SHE’S the one who gave us our rights ??? don’t tell me you can ignore how ignorant white lgbtq can be towards queer people of color, ignorance is thinking that white lgbtq are on the same platform as poc in the lgbtq community.

can we make unibrows/other facial hair fashionable for women

its very pretty imo

not to mention woc/trans women with dark thick hair probably dont want to have to shave it every like. two days or so

International Women’s Day is a great day to remember!!

Trans Women: Breath Taking!
Nonbinary Women: Gorgeous!
Genderfluid Women: Stunning!
Aro/Ace Women: Lovely!
Sapphic/WLW Women: Beautiful!
Women of Color: Phenomenal!
Bi/Pansexual Women: Amazing!
Disabled Women: Awesome
Autistic Women: Astounding!

Y'all are amazing and I love you all so much.


DAY 7: pride

Okay so for finish this amazing week I decided to make some trans positivity for wlw and woc!!!!!!

Also I drew her in my headcanon cause i see her as bi!!!

Also some icons I decided to make!!! Flower pride! lesbian-ply-pan-bi and trans in order! FEEL FREE TO USE THEM <3333 (credits are apreciated!)

This was a lovely week! thanks @queenmarco for make it <3!!!!

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!

i… really love girls. like wow. every girl is so pretty and soft and i adore girls??? whoever’s idea it was to make girls like that A++

just every girl is amazing.

trans girls? terrific
sapphic girls? simply outstanding
lesbian girls? lovely
bi/pan girls? beautiful and perfect
nonbinary girls? no one compares
girls of color? girls of wonder
ace/aro girls? amazing

the only exceptions are terfs and swerfs. they’re trash and super bad.