161028 Chanyeol’s Goodnight song (© 찬란)
How was your day today, it wasn’t easy wasn’t it
Everything’s tedious and boring and you’re grumbling isn’t it
Sleep doesn’t seem to dawn upon you, even as you close your eyes, bad memories are constantly replaying
It’s frustrating isn’t it
Take a deep breath and exhale your worries
Convince yourself that this song will take you to dreamland
Don’t fill yourself with negative thoughts, as the clouds in the sky will soon return
Now, just think of the beautiful world that you’re about to enter
Good night, good night
Translation by Soojung @ fyeah-Chanyeol
(Please take out with full credits)

Secret Deodorant Debuts Groundbreaking Transgender Ad

A new deodorant commercial released this week perfectly captures the anxiety that some transgender people face while having to navigate public restrooms.

The latest commercial in the Secret #Stress Test ad campaign features a young transgender person working up the courage to leave the bathroom stall and face other women in a public restroom. The tagline reads, “Dana finds courage to show there’s no wrong way to be a woman.”

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[지훈] 이게 왜 내앨범에 있는지는 모르겠지만.. 생일 축하해 경복이형😀😀 오늘 생일이니까 특별히 형방에서 잘게 #크나큰 #승준 #지훈 #해피벌뜨데이투유 #🤗

[Jihun] I don’t know why this is in my photo album but… happy birthday gyeongbuk hyung😀😀 Since today is hyung’s birthday I’ll sleep in your room tonight #KNK #Seungjun #Jihun #Happy Birthday to you #🤗


• Be Tall

• Be  Muscular

• Wear “men’s” clothing

• Be tough

• Love Women

• Be Sexual

• Be Masculine

• Have a penis

• Have a beard

• Have a deep voice

• Dislike feminine things

- Kyle

can you guys message me if you’re straight or LGBT+ and tell me weather or not you’d date a trans person and if yes/no tell me why??? its for a research paper in my english class. u can message me anonymously or thru im

(don’t worry i wont post anyones responses i just need to say how many lol so everything is anonymous!)


so, my brother Jake died on July 3, 2015, and since then I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo to remember him by. he was really into street art, so I wanted to get his name written in a graffiti-ish kinda way. low and behold, my dad was going through Jake’s stuff and found an old drawing of his which was his own name written in the above design. so, I took that design to my tattoo artist, asked her to clean it up and add color, and voilà! the finished piece!

I love my brother to pieces and miss him a whole lot. But I think he’d be really pleased with this tattoo considering he himself was covered in ink, haha.

[Trans] Yixing Lose Control Press Con - Monologue parts

Source and organized by 某年某月七日 

I’m always making music 

I want the people of the world to know the musician Zhang Yixing 

I want to use the world’s most beautiful language and melody to represent my inner world 

In the world of music I want to find resonance with everyone
Music can infiltrate our lives, infiltrate every person
I think every person, in his own space, in his own area, in his own place, has an OST that belongs to himself; sometimes it’s a simple one, or an arrogant one, or a sad one, or a cool one, or awesome. 

Actually, Lose Control, for me It is my first album, the album I produced

I love it very much, really love it 

Also, the lyrics section we just saw, I actually designed it so because I have a lot of international fans. I hope they can listen to Chinese music so I added translations. There is Chinese, Japanese and English. Why isn’t there a Thai translation? It’s because the Thai fans, their English are also good so they can read the English. 

I hope that via the listening process, they can understand the significance and meaning. Sometimes the fans perhaps get tired of translating so I took over this time. Let me help them translate this time. 

However… Yesterday, after the entire album making process is finished 

When I was reviewing myself making this album I made a reflection 

Here I want to evaluate my self because 

Right now I’m very very arrogant I’m arrogant to the point that I feel I can be a producer 

Acting as the producer this time I didn’t see clearly my current power of knowledge, my decision making abilities and my ability to execute…

I did something so stupid

Myself at this moment, I feel I’m very much in danger. I’m afraid of losing myself, because I have always been very smooth (meaning his career has been smooth) and I have always received good achievements. 

I’m afraid due to this album I’ll lose my sense of direction, that I can’t find the most accurate place for my music so…um… 

Yet because this is what I love the most 

This is what I most want to persist in 

So, please forgive me this time for my recklessness, my presumptuous decision making 

Yet today I want to make a promise with every friend at this press conference: 

From now on, on the path of future albums and producing process 

I will keep the lowest profile and earnestly listen and to everyone else’s opinions 

To make the most perfect and most beautiful album 

And to display it to you

Thank you


Two Years in Transition

Today is an important day for me.

It’s my 23rd birthday, but it also marks something that’s probably just as significant.

Today makes two years since I decided to start living as myself. Two years since I drove three hours to a city I’d never been to see a doctor. Two years since I took that first Estrogen pill.

In those two years I’ve lost many friends, been in and out of different jobs, had to drop out of the University I attended and give up on the career I wanted. I’ve had family members reject me, been called disgusting a perv and a disgrace, and someone I knew my whole life told me I was going straight to hell.

But despite all that, I’ve gained new friends. People I’ve met through sheer happenstance that have accepted me and mean the world to me. I’ve found a community that I can be a part of without fear. I’m working towards a nursing degree and a better career. 

And I get to do this all as myself, rather than what everyone else had wanted me to be.

There have been hard days, and there are plenty hard ones still to come. But I know that I can handle them, because when I see how far I’ve come I know I can go farther.

So, I’m ready for whatever this next year will bring, good or bad.

This trans health expert just blew up major myths about what it means to be transgender
A healthcare expert explains.

Through her answers, Greenberg busted a fair number of myths that even more progressive thinkers might hold on to. One Redditor asked, “is it not unethical to use treatments such as puberty blockers at such young ages [pre-pubescence] for patients? Shouldn’t the patients have to be of age to choose, as is the case with pretty much all other body modifications, such as tattoos, piercings etc.?”

Greenberg’s answer was, basically, no. “A perspective that I try to share with parents of my patients, who are in essence allowing their children to choose this or choosing for their child, is that not offering available medical treatment is not a benign option.”

Overall, her answers are a breath of fresh air for those sick of seeing uninformed opinions being thrown around as fact, and are worth reading in full.


Whether it’s a bad dysphoria day or you just wanna dude out here are some little things you can do to feel more masculine.

• Grow your leg hair out | Grow out your armpit hair

• Use Men’s body wash, deodorant and/or shampoo (Dove Men, Axe, Old Spice)

• Fill in your eyebrows with a little mascara to make them darker and thicker.

• Wear a beanie or hat and tuck your hair into it

• Buy some mens clothes ( A shirt, button up, flannel, some baggy dude jeans)

• Wear Boxers or Briefs

• Picture yourself as who you truly are

• Talk to other trans men

• Do a quick workout 

• Use a men’s razor

• If you haven’t already, ask your friends to use your preferred pronoun

• Buy a new hoodie 

• Practice voice training techniques and speaking in a lower voice

• Cut your hair

- Kyle