Changed my Tumblr pic a few days ago, but I thought I’d share it on the blog itself (if anyone cares). This was while I was getting ready for graduation last Friday, when I caught myself in a moment of “Damn, I actually look good today!”
I’ve been looking at this picture on and off since I took it and I honestly love it so much. It makes me want to see my GP and get the ball rolling asap. Transitioning can only make this better ❤️

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Here is one of my band’s songs! This won’t be on our demo since it’s one of our newer songs. But this has about the same sound as some of the songs that will be on our demo “We Met In The Womb” and I will post a song from that on here soon. :)

Some of the lyrics:

It doesn’t matter what you are, what you wear, who you like

you need to be able to live your life

and if you can’t do that the way you were born

don’t be afraid to transform

He’s not a guy and she’s not a girl

they’re just saying that to please the world

what’s outside is not always what’s in

maybe he’s a she and she’s a him

It doesn’t matter what you are, what you wear, who you like

you need to be able to live your life

and if you can’t do that the way you were born

don’t be afraid to transform

In honor of #TransDayofVisibility ‬I’m doing my #Transformationtuesday from before I started performing as a Drag King and after my last show. It’s been an incredible and difficult journey, But I’ve loved it! Heres to all the trans* people out there. Keep your head high and your pride higher! You are all amazing and beautiful people and I love you all!

TRANS*MARCH BERLIN (the very first)

please spread and come by!

October 19th, 15:00

Starting point: Jannowitzbrücke

Together for: more visibility, solidarity, self definition, respect, community accountability, free
gender choice,…

Together against: trans*discrimination, racism, dis_ableism, ageism, criminalization of sexwork,
(psycho)pathologization, migratism, sexism, genderism, inter(*)discrimination, (homo)nationalism.

However you identify, if you support this, you are welcome!

Please no party or national flags, no military or police uniforms in the demo.

For more information and languages:


Anyone want a shirt?

I died a bunch of shirts in trans pride colours for my friends and I because we’re all off to trans pride in brighton, and I’ve just been asked if I’m selling them by haydenxgemmaxworldxtour​. So I thought why not? They look like this:

(excuse my sunburnt face in these pictures)

I’m not interested in making a profit with this, so I’m thinking I’d charge £10 because that’d cover the cost of the dyes and salt, the shirt itself and the cost of postage and buying padded envelopes etc too. 

Most of the ones have little imperfections where the dye ran or dribbled a little, but as you can see in these pictures it’s not noticeable

So if you’re interested or have any questions send me a PM. I’ll take payments via paypal, and you can let me know if you want a shirt or a vest, and what size and style etc. 

I’m going to be doing the dying right at the beginning of august, but if you see this after then still hit me up because I can always do another batch :)

(even if you’re not interested if you could just reblog to signal boost I’d be very grateful. spread the pride!)


The Seattle trans*pride parade was today!  I wasn’t able to stay super late, because I’m having issues with social anxiety, but I at least was there for the parade, and I actually ran into and hung out with real live trans people I know.  Holy shit!  I’m part of a community!