Here’s the right dialogues from FT Chapter 499

As you all know, a lot of us are pissed off with mangastream’s mistranslations when it comes to Gray’s dialogue when it’s gruvia related. This is not even the first time they did that, so that’s why I’m putting the right dialogues here. Also I want to add in that the translators in mangastream always like to add words when it’s not really necessary -.-

Anyway, left side is the mangastream, while the right side is my own translation. So here’s the cover message:

And I did explain about the meaning of ‘Ju’ and ‘Gu’ in this post. Now here are some Gray’s dialogues:

Also other than serious, he can also mean ‘earnest’ because 真剣 (shinken) means serious/earnest.

Seriously, I don’t know why MS always make Gray’s dialogue a bit far to what it really means in Japanese while they translate Juvia’s dialogues right o.o But anyway, mangastream is just a fan scanlation site so let’s wait for official English scans from crunchyroll or the English Manga release of Fairy Tail.

But I did this post so you guys have an idea what Gray really said. Thanks to @rieriebee for giving me the Japanese transcript and shout out for @chanting-to-u because she also did a post similar to this ^^

Like A Prayer by lancesexual (Badgers)

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Pairing: Keith/Lance (Voltron)

Consensual Underage Sex
Trans Male Character
Trans Lance (Voltron)
Hand Jobs
Vaginal Fingering
First Time
No penetrative sex
Basically just Keith being in awe of Lance the whole time
there’s no real plot
Porn with Feelings
like i just kind of started writing and this happened waddup


“God, I’m so happy with you,” Lance whispered.

Something dangerous and soft erupted in Keith’s chest, threatening to consume him.


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Hi! I was wondering if you could tell us what is being said on the few Fairy Tail manga panels that were just released? It would be greatly appreciated ;____;

Oh sure! I’ll based it from @yonkouproductions​ spoiler post. As you can see, I already translate the message from the cover which you can see it here. And then we see Juvia and Gray fighting each other and the next one, both of them sacrifice themselves and that’s when Gray said ‘Why… did you’ Which we see on the next scene, both of them are down T^T

And then we got this beautiful yet sad panel where Juvia said ‘Juvia’s living inside of you so she’s not sad because her life belongs to you.’ and that’s when we see Gray saying her name ‘Juvia…’ while he’s crying O.O

So that’s it ^^ I hope that helps a bit, Anon-san!!

It’s so interesting when cis folks complain about fics with trans characters in them that aren’t tagged as having trans characters. They’re all “I don’t hate it, honest, I’m not transphobic, it just makes me feel ill!” and “I just want people to write normal *insert pairing here* plz!” and “people please tag your fics so ppl like me will know not to read”

Like, no, fuck you. If cis character fics don’t have to be tagged as having cis characters, then ones with trans characters don’t have to be tagged. Otherwise, that’s asking for cis = default = ‘normal’, and that’s transphobic/cissexist.

I’m 1000% here for writers who refuse to tag their fics to protect cis people from happening upon trans representation. 

And yeah, sure, some might have some sort of genital repulsion that inexplicably extends to being triggered at the mere words that describe certain genitals, but tbh, I have a hard time caring when I can’t go on any fandom-centered site without being triggered by immense transmisogyny in just the search results, so yeah, they’re an acceptable casualty here. If folks care enough, they’ll find a way to fix it. Otherwise, whatever, fandom’s never been safe for trans people. Some cis people not feeling safe is alright by my books if they feel even a sliver of the discomfort and repulsion we feel at how we’re treated Maybe they could, I don’t know, empathize with us instead of demanding we be hidden from their sight and that folks write more cis-only content?

Not even mentioning that the ‘trans content’ they’re complaining about is probably loaded with fetishistic shit, so yeah, they can keep crying.

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That post about how Allen being trans almost being canon made me think about how Allen and Alma could be best trans buddies, smashing transphobia left and right.

They would be the pretties and most badass ladies of the Order <3 Allen’s personality would be mostly the same but she’d have a lot of trouble when people percieve her identity as “a girl in a boy’s body“ and find it weird (or refuse to accept it). This is why my beloved cupcake, Alma is so important as she’d be the lovliest sunshine until you hurt her girl, she’ll fight you. The irony is that the Noah actually respect their pronouns, unlike the Order that continues to percieve them as boys so Alma is a bit conflicted and but ends up saying “No, I can’t let you destroy the Order, there are so many transphobic people I need to save so I can rub it RIGHT IN THEIR FACES that TWO TRANS LADIES saved their sorry asses, then I’ll w r e c k t h e m“.

It could work with trans!boy Allen too, it would be terribly amusing if the Order gave Allen a girl’s uniform, while they gave Alma a boy’s one (poor Johnny didn’t have a choice, Central bullied him into it): But as they have similar size they just switch, so Alma would run around with her cute skirt while Allen can enjoy pants comfortably. Bonus: during Allen’s periods Alma is always on her toes, watching Allen’s every wish, bring him painkillers and rub his tummy when it gets really bad.

How long will it take for people to fucking understand that transgenders are as much as a normal fucking human being as any one of us alive on this pos earth and should be treated as such?!?!
Like seriously get it through your thick ass skull Jesus Christ
Rest In Peace to all the transgender lives lost, you were all beautiful and every single one of you mattered
And to the transgender woman/men you are amazing, special, beautiful, and loved and you better believe your lives matter. 💕💕💕💕💕💕

The Truth Comes Out

The Truth Comes Out

Words: 3,526

Pairings: Crowley x Reader

Warnings:  You should know me by now… Angst! Blood! Fluff!

A/N: ‘Kay, I know it’s been a long time since I wrote. A lot has happened between my last fic and this one. I moved across the country, started a new life. But I want to do a shout out to @killerofthesouth for the inspiration from her fic Will you Just tell Me the Truth?

“The Prophet still has not yet shown his face to me. But you should know Dean Winchester is back.” A demon’s voice rang through the bowl.

You turned and looked at him; your eyes shot a smoky red. He nodded and you were gone.

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not to get right into it but cishet aces make me really uncomfy with their pushy attitudes when it comes to whether they belong in the lgbtq+ community or not, like.. y’all already have the ace community itself yet you still want more.. i know y’all are of the cishet fold but can we stop with the self entitled whining for five minutes