So as it turns out, Heinous dropped a bombshell on us. Marco’s been keeping up the ‘Princess Marco’ persona in private.

This means I was wrong about this all leading up to Marco comming to terms with being trans, because they already did that a long time ago. She’s known she can be a girl and has been presenting as one behind the audience’s back this entire time.

With an episode full of metaphors and double entendres, with people calling Marco ‘Princess’ and ‘she/her’ without anybody questioning it, with Marco easily referring to herself as a girl to an audience of people who know them as one, with a sense of familiarity, and a fuckload of *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*’s from the writers, it’s safe to say that this is confirmed.

She’s literally a closeted girl. 

Marco Diaz is a closeted trans girl.

All Evidence That Could Possibly Indicate Trans Girl Marco #37

*Marco explicitly refers to herself as a girl, again - Season 2, episode 19*
Relevance Level: 11
Explanation: Whelp it fucking happened. Marco is now as close to an explicitly confirmed transgender character in a kids show that there has ever been. She set up (or agreed to) a fucking merchandise line where she’s a girl, a main villain thinks of her as a girl and uses she/her pronouns and is never corrected, she refers to herself as a girl, she likes to think she’s pretty. She’s being threatened here but look how happy she is.

Maybe Marco will never be confirmed, 100% canon, maybe Disney will never allow it. But nevertheless there she is. There she is for young girls to see, telling young girl’s that she may be silenced but she still exists, telling young girls that’s it’s OK, ya girl Marco’s got your back.

Alright so now that I’ve let the episode digest for a while, here are my thoughts on the episode:

The biggest relevation is the fact that Marco’s been secretly keeping up the ‘Princess Marco’ act this entire time.

And that, well, that completely fucking changes things. What this means is that we’ve been around about all this building up to Marco realizing they can be a girl. They’ve known this entire time and have just been keeping it a secret from the audience.

In that sense, Marco is, canonically, a closeted girl sort of. She’s had this double (triple?) life where she’s an icon to hundreds of girls yet not presenting as who she is to the people around her in her person life. So Marco’s out and openly a girl as Princess Marco but closeted as Marco Diaz.

Which is, actually relatable. I’ve been out on tumblr long before I came out to my friends and started presenting IRL as a girl, and holy shit if that’s what they’re going for then that’s an incredibly goddamn nuanced potrayal of what being a trans person is like and I’ll have to give them props because, like, damn.

Trans Marco being “canon”

This episode didn’t involve Marco coming out as trans in any explicit way, so it’s hard to say it’s fully “canon” yet. What we DO know from this episode, though, is that Marco is undeniably coded as a closeted trans girl. So from that perspective, it’s canon; that’s definitely the writers’ intention. Marco is written as a closeted trans girl, as well as she can be given this is a disney kids show.

You can’t just brush off the trans marco theory as some headcanon that doesn’t affect you anymore, because really at this point it’s a fairly essential part to marco’s character. People haven’t been noticing this, because the notion that Marco is a girl is so polarizing anyways, like it’s some argument that has to be made when it’s pretty clearly there.

You could say we’re all looking too much into it, but really, much of the staff has experience with writing LGBTQ characters and themes, even within the show.

And here’s the thing, though: I trust the svtfoe crew to write LGBTQ themes into the episodes more than I trust most of the fandom to pick up on them.

…Oh my god.



This… explains… why so many characters from other dimensions have been referring to Marco as a girl


They already know her as one.

She is an interdimensional celebrity.

Oh my god.

This includes Pony Head, too. The fact that she called Marco “he” in episode 2 and now calls her “baby girl”? There’s. there’s. An explanation.

It all makes sense.