I feel sick

As a transman, I feel physically sick to my stomach with everything I’ve learned about transethnic/transfat/transabled identifying people tonight. I’m disappointed in the tumblr community for allowing this type of culture to grow and thrive. I’m angry that there are those out there so willing to undermine the difficulties real trans people must face. I’m pissed that there are people trolling by smearing their face with black paint and attaching the term “trans” to any part of what they’re doing.
Transgender identities are real. They are a constant struggle to live with. It’s not something to belittle, joke about, or try and “get in on”. If you do not have dysphoria, you are not transgender.
I’m logging off for a few days. I honestly feel that I need to distance myself from this toxic fucking community full of sick fucking people who have no respect.
Tonight has literally exhausted me. I have no patience for this shit anymore.

i have made a post like this but here it goes *deep breath*: 


it is when a child of one ethnicity is adopted by parents of another ethnicity.

white people just hijacked this term from adoptees and are using it for their racist motives. ‘transethnic’ is a real term. you’re just using it wrong. 

no stop

trans-ethnicity is becoming a thing again? and people are trying to make arguments that all those opposed to the idea are “cisethnic scum”?

can we really fucking not

please let this whole movement really just be people trolling and not taking themselves seriously.

i won’t even know what to do if they really believe they were supposed to be “born” as a part of another race because they just “feel” like they belong.

that has to be the most racist nonsense i have ever read and it is a complete mockery of the trans movement



Look, let’s just hash this out here. 

I am a young, half-Chinese ciswoman. I do not speak Cantonese or Mandarin (well, a little, but not enough for a conversation).

I have reaped some rewards for being Asian, but not a lot. I get the “good” stereotype of being studious, of being good at maths and sciences. Those are some privileges I’ve been lucky enough to live up to. I take pride in Mulan, both the character and the movie.

But I’ve gotten some shit.

I’ve had to sit in classrooms, eyes burning with tears while kids who I thought were my friends make “ching chong chang” noises to mock how Chinese people talk.

I’ve been objectified. 

I know that one day I will be propositioned for a “happy ending”.

I’ve had to listen to people make jokes about “you want happy ending? Me love you long time!”

I’ve struggled with maths and sciences because I felt a constant heavy expectation to be good at them.

I’ve grown up with only one mainstream media role model (Mulan) and thank God she was a good one!

My ancestors paid exorbitant taxes to come here. They separated from their families for months, even years at a time.

They were running from the Japanese.

They were escaping the crushing Communism that would come soon after they left.

They went without education.

They worked their asses off so that they could provide their children and grandchildren with the resources and opportunities they didn’t have.

They did this while learning English, while being constantly barraged with racist slurs and assumptions.

They worked the worst, hardest, most menial jobs that paid the lowest - because that’s all they could get.

Yeah, my grandparents owned a fucking corner store.
And you know what? They were really fucking good at it.

So if you want to say you’re “trans-Asian”?


But know that you better be able to tell me exactly fucking why you think we’re the same on ANY ethnic level.

You better be able to tell me why your experience is ANYTHING like the stories I carry under my skin - the legacy I carry, the responsibility I was born with to live up to the hardships that my family has endured to get me to where I am today.

You better be able to fucking tell me.

EDIT: When I wrote this a couple years back, I fucked up hard and used a word to describe myself as a mixed race Asian person that does not apply to me specifically, as I learned today. I called myself an angry “hapa” woman, having read in a book that it applied to all mixed/biracial Asian/Pacific Islander people. I have since been informed that the term is only meant to apply to people of mixed Hawaiian descent, and I have edited the title so as to not continue to appropriate a term that is not of my experience. I want to apologize for taking on the term, and I hope I have not hurt anyone by doing so. 

support trans and nonbinary people who pick a new name from their culture/ethnicity!

support trans and nonbinary people who are not ‘read’ as being from their culture/ethnicity but who pick a new name from it anyway!

you have every right to pick a name from your own culture or ethnicity, even if you don’t “look like it”. your names are beautiful and you deserve for people to use them and respect them!!



sophie okonedo as melisandre

zoe saldana as catelyn stark

chloe bennett as margaery tyrell

angela bassett as cersei lannister

lucy liu as lysa arryn

odeya rush as sansa stark

willow smith as arya stark

dascha polanco as daenerys targaryen

laverne cox as selyse baratheon

amandla stenberg as myrcella baratheon

Long rant about some people on tumblr (Because not all of tumblr thinks the same.)

Hello. I am a 14-year-old white “cis” female. Why did I put “cis” in quotes? Because you wouldn’t say “cis” to people you introduce yourself to in the real world. Not normally, anyway. Buckle up, individuals, because I can talk about topics like this for a LONG time. (Sidenote: Yes this will be an opinion. No I do not believe this opinion is ideal for EVERYONE.)

So let’s start off with how I myself was introduced to these said topics; I was walking to school with a friend I haven’t seen or heard from in two years and we were friends for 4 years. They (as requested I call them their proper pronoun) wanted to strike a conversation and we were talking about cartoons (This was back in August). I was talking about Gravity Falls and they got a little if not very upset that I liked the show. They kept on trying to ask questions like, “You know that show is white-washed?” or “You do know that Alex Hirsch is a racist pig, right?” I had to stop myself because (Friend), who rarely ever spoke about people in a negative way, has done just that. I asked them, “Excuse me? How?” I was genuinely asking and they told me “He tweeted something a while ago that ‘The person who invented the word ‘bae’ should be shot.’ The word ‘bae’ comes from black culture and therefore is racist!” Now me being me I was very curious and I wanted to see it for myself. “Where can I find the tweet?” I ask and they reply, “Just– Don’t even try. You won’t know what to look for. God, you’re so stupid! He’s just like every other white man!” At this point I was already sleep deprived enough and curious enough to ask, “’All white men’?” They got so passionate about what they were talking about all of a sudden. “Yes! All white men are TERRIBLE! They all treat women badly, they’re all racist pigs, and they’re all products of Hitler!” I was taken by surprise on the Hitler part. “Not all men are bad, though… A man (a doctor) saved my life when I was little when I failed to thrive–” “Oh my GOD shut up! I’m Jewish and you defending the spawns of Hitler offends me greatly!” I was silent for the rest of the way to school. 

I remember thinking “This is so weird!” Until we got in arguments over things like if I defended men, we weren’t friends or if I didn’t like Britney Spears, we weren’t friends. (I don’t like a certain artist. Chill.) So I haven’t spoken to them in a while. Another thing is that my WHITE older sister keeps saying things to my mother like “Dad’s just another old bitter white man.” or “We only have white people food.” A 19-year-old woman. 


You most likely aren’t an anti-feminist (because feminism is equality) you’re most likely anti-misandry (misandry is hate or strong dislike towards men)

There is no such thing as “reverse” racism. It’s racism. Discrimination or strong dislike of a particular race. 

Please PLEASE if you try arguing don’t use references from the days when whites owned blacks as slaves or when Hitler was still alive or anything like that! A great deal of those points you’re trying to make are probably not relevant anymore and you need better citation!

“Down With The Cis” people, read carefully as I type; Not all cis people are what you think they are. A lot of us are very careful when addressing you because we do not want to offend you! Just because some people on tumblr have told you to think this way or you think that way on your own will because of what you see on tumblr or anywhere else doesn’t mean you have to think that way! Wouldn’t you rather treat someone nicely and have them feel bad for treating you badly/ and have them give you a chance then to just hate and put yourself in a position you’re only going to regret later on?

Just because someone from a specific ethnic group/race/gender/sexuality killed, harmed, terrorized, or negatively impacted on your specific ethnic group/race/gender/sexuality doesn’t mean you have to lash out at people with similar (etc) as the ones who’ve negatively impacted your (etc).

No, doctors do NOT make up illnesses or diagnostics just to make a certain group feel oppressed. They went through eight years of college to HELP people. Not kill people in hate.

Please if you disagree with someone on views respectfully have a conversation with the person. Same goes if you’re offended, respectfully tell them to stop what they’re doing that is upsetting you. Also it wouldn’t hurt to know if they meant it or not, as they say, “Assuming just makes an ASS out of U and ME.”

I know I’ll get sneers and noses turned up at me. It doesn’t bother me that someone has different views than me. It only gets to that point when it hurts a vast majority of people or if a whole group is terrorizing one singular individual. 

Please remember there are kids SMALLER THAN ME on here that are very impressionable. Instead of teaching them to hate anyone or themselves for being themselves, teach them how to love their caretakers, teach them how to ask for help when they need it, teach them how to love their body and be humble and love others and teach others to love one another.

You know what? Listing my views:

If you’re trans, great!

If you’re “cis”, great!

If you’re hetero, great!

If you’re anything else on the spectrum of gender roles, sexuality, or romance, great!

If you’re not anything on the spectrum of gender roles, sexuality, or romance, great!

If you’re an individual human being who has the ability to love, care for, be positive towards, or be happy with other people, great! 

If you hate a specific group, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, race, etc, not great and I won’t tell you how to live your life BUT please do not force your views on other individuals! We all have opinions, boundaries, identities, etc, and there’s a really good reason for that! It would be a really BORING world with one race, one gender, one sexuality, etc. Why would you do it? Why would you force opinions or anything else on anyone?

I’m probably one of a few thousand individuals on tumblr who feel the same but not the exact same. I don’t post myself talking or ranting or myself doing anything normally but I feel like this should be established between the follower and the followed. 

I’m not just some tiny white teenage girl typing at her computer in rage, I am a human typing out my views on a computer for people to see and ponder on. Give it some thought, maybe. Ask questions, it’s okay. Tell me your views and why you think a particular way. We all have a voice, yo, and I think this is the time to let that voice speak.


Black people CANNOT be guilt of ANY CRIME (except rape) until white people pay for the crimes THEY have SYSTEMATICALLY committed against them first. Slavery, colonization, police brutality and cultural appropriation still have to be answered for??

As a transafrican person myself, I’m just fucking sick of it.

I know and hung out with a lot of people. Not all gays, trans people, women, and ethnic minorities cower in fear their entire lives begging for white liberals to save them.  Sure people live hard lives and deal with struggles. But they are not fucking babies in need of daddy white liberal to keep them warm and safe. Democrats controlling the country do not give a fuck about them. It’s all pandering bullshit. They pass laws which infringe on their rights, support foreign governments that murder them, and us our military to bomb them too. Fuck off man.