THIS IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTANDING THIS COMIC: this is part of a serious autobio series I started months back to document my gender transition. These took place months ago, during the early days, when I was very visibly trans. I’d only been on hormones for 5 months.

June 26th, 2016.  I had a hard time seeing myself as a real woman due to internalized transphobia toward myself, I was deeply uncomfortable with my body image when I wasn’t yet close to passing. It’s still something I struggle with from time to time, though not nearly as often. It can difficult to acknowledge internalized transphobia but it’s a real thing. I’m not perfect, I have hangups and baggage.

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The World in the Morning

A slice-of-life webcomic about acceptance, recovery and the process of learning to be gentle with one another

Self-discovery, great romances and the pursuit of his dearest dreams: 22-year-old Feroz Syed isn’t especially interested in any of them. In fact, these days it’s hard enough just to pull himself out of bed. While those around him stride onwards into a shining future, Feroz is content to remain a supporting character. But however quietly, however hesitantly, he keeps moving too.

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Feb 2012  

That’s me pre everything; The nadir of my life when I was trying to please others completely, be what I thought I was supposed to be; what I had to be, what society wanted. God I was so uncomfortable. But hey at least everyone else around me liked me, right? Everyone was looking and approving.

Dec 2015 

This was me hitting the 6 month mark on HRT. I was still very self conscious with my looks. I felt I still looked feminine. My masculinity wasn’t somewhere I was happy with. But I knew that I was still early in my transition so I told myself to give it time.

Dec 2016

I’m 1 year and 6 months on HRT and 6 months post op. I feel so much better now. I’m a lot happier with my masculinity levels and Just every day gets easier and easier. Everyone in my life is accepting of me and lucky for me, I didn’t lose anyone I cared about since coming out and it’s amazing to be able to go out and people not know that I’m trans. I got a job and I still have the job I transitioned at and it’s just a different vibe. Everyone at my newer job treat me as a cis male and it’s an amazing feeling. It’s amazing how much easier it is for me to approach people and talk to people. 

I’m still glowin up but this 2nd year on HRT has been a lot more pleasant than the first year and that’s something I wanted to share with everyone. Everyone, included me, thought that after 1 year that’d be what I got, but that’s far from the fact. I’ve had so many people tell me after their first year on T a lot still changed and I can also speak for that side of transitioning too.

So if you’re feeling down about your transition at any point, just remember to be patient and give it time.