this pressure where you are not allowed to appreciate looks of the other gender because if you do, you are into them or not your sexuality is so weird

like I’m gay okay and I find girls hot. like girls are beautiful and your makeup is amazing I’ll fucking tell you you look amazing! but that doesn’t mean I’m sexually or romantically into you tho

- straight guys can appreciate other guys appearances and are still straight

- straight girls can appreciate other girls appearances and are still straight

- gay guys can appreciate girls appearances and are still gay

- lesbian girls can appreciate guys appearances and are still lesbians

- bi people can appreciate people’s appearances and guess what, still bi

- and yes, aces too can appreciate people’s appearances and are still ace

honestly so weird that this is a thing, like I’ve been called cute by hetero guys don’t mean they’re gay or bi lol

people are just hot. literally tell people they are cute if you find them cute. they got a cute t-shirt, nice hair or face tell them! you’ll make their day. (but obviously only if you are in a safe position to do so tho)

GEMINI sun, scorpio moon x AQUARIUS sun, virgo moon // trans man + nonbinary person; couple aesthetic, requested by @bitter-sister

support trans men who name themselves after their favorite characters

support trans men who name themselves something “common” in the trans community

support trans men who have a name close to their birthname or some variation of it

stop shitting on trans men for their names. they already have to deal with enough people disrespecting them.

“if you didn’t discover that label/tumblr/the internet, then you wouldn’t have identified with that bullshit gender.”

no, i wouldn’t have. i would have gone through life thinking something was wrong with me and every time someone uses the wrong pronouns/name, i would have felt like throwing up.

but i did discover that label/tumblr/the internet, and i realised that i wasn’t the only person who felt like this, and that made me feel supported and safe and happy in my own skin.

so kindly fuck off.

I hope pregnant trans men are doing ok. I hope that them and their children are healthy and I really want them to know that having babies isn’t just a thing for women, and that their gender is still valid. Your kid will love you regardless of your gender identity, don’t worry about it. I hope they have a safe, healthy birth with no complications and that they recover from it well.