So something that bothers me.

I came out to my therapist as transgender last week and it didn’t surprise her because plenty of people my age call themselves transgender. I had to explain to her that I actually experience gender dysphoria before she said “Oh! So you’re actually transgender!”

Because people who don’t experience gender dysphoria are identifying as trans, my therapist and doctor did not take me seriously at first. You guys are making it more difficult for actual transgender people to be taken seriously and get the help we need. Stop identifying as trans if you’re not dysphoric because you are actually causing harm.

Hi there! I just wanted to let ‘yall know that QueerandAwareArts is run by a real human person and my name is Lucas! :)

I’m a 21 year old broke art school student. I’m a trans man/trans person and identify as queer in relation to my gender and sexuality. I’m an indigenous/mixed person. I love my friends and I like making queer related art. I have feelings about politics and I think that art can be used to make the world a better place. Yeah, that’s my self in 200 words or less.

Also, stay queer.


Honestly who gives a fuck if I as a trans guy don’t “look cis” like. I’m a boy. I know I’m a boy, no one can take that from me. So what if I’m not a cis boy, shit if anything I’m like a boy 2.0, New And Improved Boy, latest model Man. Heck off with your cis supremacy man I look amazing and so do all my other trans brothers.

Tips From a Trans Guy

-Walk tall, confidence is the key in everything you do. As a transgender individual not everyone will take you seriously but you need to be strong.

-Shave the fuzz. A smooth face is better than a fuzzy face.

-Vests honestly work to hiding chest thingies. Bajas do as well.

-Finding pants can suck for people. Even cis guys who lift unfortunately. Levis have these amazing jeans. They’re athletic fit which helps around the hips, and thighs which is my issue.

-Acne will suck once you go on T. Wash your face twice a day with soap and water. Acne wipes will help during that time. Lemon water (drink it, or you know I’m sure you can rub it all over) also clears skin and serves other amazing purposes.

-When using the boys bathroom, do not talk, do not interact. Do your business and leave. Do not make eye contact. It’s not the same as using a bathroom with feminine individuals.

-Dating can be hard. You look younger than you really are which sometimes isn’t a good thing. People younger than you will also be all over you. Like teenagers. Do not give in! One day you won’t look like a baby (cross your fingers), that means hopefully people your own age will date you! You could also try getting a tattoo if you’re old enough so people know you’re older than 18 .-.

-Also with dating. It’s a whole lot different as a man. You’re no longer girlxgirl or girlxguy (well the last one is possible but you won’t be the girl anymore). The dynamic is so different. It might take time to get your groove back so don’t get frustrated.

-As you get older and start passing (you’ll get there!). Privileges will open up to you. Your world will change. But that doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole! You don’t need to be a feminist but remember what it’s like to be a women and how the world treated you.

-Bullying can suck, even if you have an amazing support system. I have a warning for you. Do Not Engage. They will pick fights. Yes stand up for yourself but do not stoop to their level. Stay strong and keep your head up. You’re more than them.

-You will lose friends. It sucks but your true friends who are meant to be in your life will stick by you to support you. You will have an amazing support system even if you don’t have one now. If your family isn’t supportive then you can create your own in the future.

-Last but not least, be you. Stay amazing. Stay you. You’re perfect and some day people will see that. I promise.