Hi, I’m Tristian. This is my body.
I’m a transgender male, also burn survivor. Over half of my body is scarred. I’m overweight with paranoia, anxiety, depression and active schizophrenia.

These are my insecurities.

I’m making this post to reach out to any and everybody who’s ever felt ashamed of their body. I want to reach out to all of the kids and adult and teenagers who have ever felt insecure with themselves in any way possible. Anyone who feels as though they don’t fit in.

This world is filled with people who have flaws. People who have imperfections.
And I would like to strongly argue that you are fucking amazing and talented and noticed. You are beautiful and interesting and for the love of whatever you may believe in you are worth it.
Every person is worth the breath and life that we all live.

You are not the words inside of your head.

people who would abort a fetus solely because it would be born dickless and homophobes should live apart from everyone else and procreate with each other because then there would be a dickfest among their new generations and hopefully homosexuality would become a widely accepted thing among all of their cis and trans kids and then they could come live with the rest of the world and disappoint their parents in a loving and accepting environment while their families die out or inbreed

how weird was it realizing that i actually do dress for my body shape? i mean i don’t dress to cover it, but i recognize that there are different ways to accentuate it and some ways work better for me than others. i love to bring attention to my calves and shoulders, as an example. i am very aware of my body shape and i know what i’m comfortable with. and i’m slightly terrified of what’s going to happen once i start hrt, but whatever, i know i’ll figure it out. maybe.

yo are any local to Indiana trans/gay/queer/etc kids or organizations planning a response to the new legislation? earlier today i was venting about the larger response of financial repercussions / vague boycotts that larger groups are threatening the state with & how i feel like these kinds of actions RLY disregard the fact that economically crippling the state only further hurt folks (specifically, poorer & less able to leave folks) living there, because as someone who grew up in that kind of poverty i know shit pours downhill, and someone asked what were ways to directly help, so i want to know if political groups in the area need support, donates, hell, even if theres just safe spaces that are struggling who can use some supplies ya know?

the fact that there is a more or less explicitly canonically trans character on kids next door seems like something that i wouldve seen mentioned more on this site


Holy shit I found a gem at this bookstore it’s about young two trans kids ohmygod holyshithxhztgsit and it’s a Manga and there’s like 7 of these volumes I need all of them

honestly i really wish the greater response to “something horrible is going on to gay and trans kids elsewhere” wasnt “lets invade or fuck the states shit up” and more “what do the people living there want to help them fight back”

I hate being a Trans kid bc Im like
‘Okay here’s something in case I have to run away’
‘50% of trans people are raped, especially trans feminine people’
‘Yell your pronouns at people if they don’t use them, walk away from the person who didn’t use them’
‘If you wear a binder don’t wear it for more than 8 hours and make sure to stretch’
‘some trans people are truscum/gender critical. Avoid them, they will cause you dysphoria.’
And it’s like I’m going through “Trans safety 101” through my head all the time and I want to educate others but it’s so exhausting to educate people. If you have the ability to educate yourself please please do because I’m always burnt out even though I want ya to know things.

i just read a reblog of one of my posts that was saying that its ok to remind trans kids that their trans headcanons arent canon because one time they “saw an author on ao3 get flamed because they didnt write a canon cis character as trans” which is literally the stupidest an fakest shit ive ever read in my entire life

my school is already putting up posters for the day of silence. when will the straights stop doing the least they can while calling themselves activists. maybe actually protect your lgbt students from harassment maybe provide adequate sex ed for lgbt students and perhaps have an assembly addressing homo/lesbo/bi/transphobia in our school and idk maybe when talking about suicide maybe talk about the extremely right rates of suicide among lgbt youth, SPECIFICALLY among trans kids and provide resources for us!!! I’m so tired of the lazy as fuck activism I’m getting from people who act like allies!!!