Well sadly I missed blackout and to make up for it I decided to be apart of transdayofvisibility. So here’s my lame selfies. One on the right is from today.

Not out and idk when or if it’s ever going to happen. But one can hope.

Genderfluid ( her/him )

Read this to possibly get free stuff and join a cool group

Want to join a creative social group full of queer feminist? Want to make cool jean jackets with patches and buttons and shit while making friends who are making one too? Then please consider joining our queer feminist group. The purpose of this group is to bring together a diverse group of like minded individuals and network together in a fun and creative way.   We are currently accepting applications as well as name suggestions for the group. To apply just send me a message with the following info

1. Name and Pronouns

2. Why you want to join

3. Skype name and permission for me to add you. The group will be meeting through Skype calls so this is mandatory. You do not need a mic or camera, just a platform for group chat.

4. If you want free buttons from me, you need to send me your address

5. What kinds of things you would like to do as a group! (ie movie nights, online games together, group book club…etc)


1. This is a group based on queer and feminist rights and ideals, so you must A. be a feminist and B. be a member or supporter of the LGBTA community

2. Be able to participate in group conversations and activities at least once a month. (the activities will consist of things you can do from your own home, like group discussions or stupid shit like group coloring night)

3. Be rad

4. Be wiling to support those in the group when they need help

If you have any questions please just ask me! Every member gets cool free buttons with basically whatever they want on them and eventually will receive a button with the group name on it. Sorry this is hard to explain but I hope this creates some interest.


I finally did it… or kind of did it… it was really hard ; u ;
I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, ughh I had a rough time translating
this, the lyrics for the talking parts might be wrong so I apologize
in advance, hopefully they aren’t that awful.

The first two lines are mimicking a heist notice as Kid say the first while Hakuba “reads” the second, even signed by Kid himself.


Ok I am so incredibly nervous to post this.

I have secretly been fighting myself for some time now about who I am. I have always felt that to be trans you have to experience some type of body dysphoria. But I don’t know if I actually feel this way? It’s an idea that was put in my head forever ago and now I don’t know what is right or wrong. I am friends with too many people who do experience it and do have to live with that struggle and I feel like I don’t deserve to even consider calling myself a boy. I feel horrible tho because here I am, dressing like a boy, feeling better when I look and sound more masculine but not saying anything because I don’t hate the body I was born with. I’m still trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong but I’m too afraid to ask my trans friends what they think, I don’t want to offend.

I hope by posting this I will start to learn what I need to, and maybe get the courage to start telling people what I want. This is the first time I’ve ever said this, and hopefully it won’t be the last:



My 6 - selfie transition. 1&2- My masculine presenting phase; I was convinced I was a boy. 3&4- My androgynous phase; I realized I didn’t just feel like a boy I also felt like a girl. 5&6- The current agender me; I don’t have to be a boy or a girl. I don’t feel like either. I don’t fit into the binary. As I said, I’ve gone through a few phases to get where I am. For a lot of people, it’s never an instant thing. Sometimes it takes a bit of experimentation, and that is okay. It doesn’t make you any less you, or your gender.