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Straight cis white women need to realise that a. they are not going to face the worst things that will come out of trump’s presidency and b. 66% of white women voted trump so we should maybe stop pretending being a white woman makes you exempt from racism

Voted ;)

No issues to report and the gentleman behind the counter only asked what type of stone my necklace was. I replied with a smile.. “I think based on the price it is fake.” He said, “well, it’s very pretty.” 

I was called Ma’am by the poll workers and they were all very polite.



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Gender Fluid Loki Matters

Al Ewing put a close to the amazing story arc started by Gillian for Loki. This amazing ending finally gave genderfluid people a character who was beyond the binary role they were placed at birth who came above it. Cut to only a few months later and Jason Aaron makes a terrible Loki design and writes Loki back as the wicked “man” that she had just escaped being. Now this Loki could not be the Loki that became goddess of stories escaping fate. This Loki could indeed be a new Loki created to fill the gap when 616 was remade. That said they sure do act like it is the Loki that had escaped their fate.

It’s like they are proud of the story but not of the results. With Loki 2016 announced, the Mighty Thor’s look at Loki, and Marvel’s editors constant refusal to address Loki as gender fluid. Now these could all come around and be good things but I just somehow doubt it (More so Marvel constantly needing to refer to Loki as different genders as different people). Loki’s story and evolution started from Kid Loki from Journey into Mystery is a powerful metaphor for what many genderfluid/non binary people experience in their lives.  This metaphor made Loki a powerful force for the community if only they had know it existed. Loki Agent of Asgard works hard to remind people Loki is non binary although Marvel never really helped people be aware of these facts.

Many non binary people are told they must make a choice, they were born this way and must live out life as this way they were born. Loki’s journey is the attempt to escape this in metaphor while allowing Loki to also be gender fluid in actuality too. Were often give a metaphor for being trans like X-men but without any kind of character that actually represents the group. We had finally in agent of Asgard see Loki flip genders, we see real representation with a very distinct visual. We also had it made clear with Odin as well as Loki that this isn’t just flipping forms like a shapeshifter. Loki says it’s still them in whatever state and Odin says “My child who is neither my daughter nor my son.” to clearly state Loki is neither gender. This is a very important part of making a metaphor also treat the marginalized group well.

So when Loki makes their escape from the fate of being Evil Loki becoming the goddess of stories we see how Loki finally won. Loki had never really been fighting Thor, Odin, Asgard, but fate itself. We see as Loki overcomes their struggle with having to chose who they would be, when Loki decides I am the goddess of stories, that’s who I am not taking the choices they were dealt before it’s an insanely important moment. Loki making this happen is able to escape the end of reality, is able to save good and evil, is able to scare away the oldest gods, is able to defeat evil Loki. This freedom shines in a moment that made me go, “That’s me, this is my hero, this is the person I want to see more of.”

Loki is my hero because Loki represents more than just tricks, quips, Tom Hiddleston’s career, Marvel’s best baddie but Loki represents a community of people who have long been told they don’t have the right to exist. Loki much like the god in Norse mythology truly is only bad because the others want them to be that way.  Loki as a person who has gone beyond that, who has gone beyond a binary morality, who has gone beyond a binary gender, that has gone beyond what we’re told. Loki gets to create their own story, Loki gets to give Loki the agency Loki needed. It’s stunning and wonderful and I feel like non binary people need this character. This is a character who deserves more books, this story arc matters, it’s the most interesting character I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and Loki is truly my hero. I can only hope one day my dream will come true.  

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Even if someone were to begin the process [of legally changing their name and gender] before election day, there is no guarantee that all of the necessary procedures will be processed in time — and in the meantime, trans voters are being left out. Therefore, there is important work that needs to be done to ensure equal voting opportunities for trans and non-binary people, no matter what state they live in.

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so i already asked dogsanddiscourse this, but he said he felt unqualified to answer because he's cis, so i was just wondering, is it okay to call myself trans if i'm an AFAB 'feminine'-presenting nonbinary person? because i wasn't sure if to identify as trans i need to have 'transitioned' in some way, or trans just means i don't identify with the gender i was assigned at birth. if you could help me that'd be great :)

personally, i think those of us who are nb and align with our agab/dont aim to transition should stick to just the nb label? like yeah nb is included under the T as a non-cis identity, but transitioning people face a lot of additional issues that we won’t really experience, and by adopting the trans label we’re kind of taking away from the complexity of those struggles

(IDing as a trans girl implies that you experience transmisogyny for example)

being queer and trans is feeling absolutely petrified with fear every monday at midnight when you have to walk past the house with the giant trump flag in the window while it’s dark and no one’s around :) :) :) :)

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What are your parents like?

They love and accept me as a trans woman, but they also voted for Trump and use the n word all the time.

Basically they’re not bad parents, but they are bad people. And that’s hard to accept but it’s the truth.

NU’EST Nominated For 1st Place on Today’s The SHOW

NU’EST is once again nominated for 1st place on SBS MTV The SHOW, to go on broadcast live at 8PM KST (timing on the poster is in CST). This makes NU’EST second nomination on The SHOW and on music broadcasts in general, after their first nomination last week.

Please remember to tune in if you can, set your mobile to Korean timing and vote 뉴이스트 to +821119 or 00821119 via SMS for Korean’s live voting (15%).

We are accepting any last minute donations until 1PM KST (in 30 more minutes), so beyond that please don’t send any donations to us as we would have transferred the sum to NU’EST Bar Weibo.

In related news, members will also be taking part in the Chuseok-themed Mission 60 segment during the program, so don’t miss it.

Source: Tudou Music Weibo

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did you know that also black and even trans women voted for trump

Yeah of course there were minorities who voted for Trump. You’ll find outliers in any group. But the demographics show that only 12% of black voters voted for trump, while for white voters it was 58%.

Based on this alone, its pretty safe to generalize and blame a Trump presidency on White People™ when making internet memes
Ellen DeGeneres: Host Bernie Sanders on The Ellen Show
Dear Ellen, We want to thank you for making us laugh, warming our hearts, and exhilarating our spirits. We truly appreciate what you are able to do for us on your show. It means the world for someone, such as yourselves, to selflessly use your precious time to bring joy to our lives. As a luminary with our best interests at heart we turn to you with hope that you could support us once more by hosting Bernie Sanders on your show. We have the utmost conviction in what Bernie Sanders stands for, but unfortunately the media either ignores or marginalizes his policies. As political reporters it is their responsibility to inform the American people; however, this is not the case. As United States citizens we deserve to know what is going on in our country. We resort to you, Ellen, with your evident care for others to not allow our best interests dissipate along with the integrity of the mainstream media. Because of your generosity, good will, and compassion we can obviously look to you with confidence that you will do what is right. By hosting Bernie Sanders you will provide us, your audience, our most important freedom, which is giving us the necessary tools to make an educated decision. Through your influence we will be able to decide if Bernie Sanders’ policies resonate with our souls, and that is all we ask.

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