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Alright, submitted for your approval. 

Here is what I hope will be a definitive trans woman pride flag.

I was really upset by how many different trans woman pride flags have been floating around, a lot of which seemed to not even have been made by trans women. Obviously, the effectiveness of a symbol is directly related to how recognizable it is, so over-saturating the community with flags has definitely hurt trans women’s visibility.

This is of course a necessity, because the oppression that trans women face is distinct from the oppression felt by rest of the trans umbrella identities. We thereby need a symbol to rally around that is itself distinct from the rest of the trans community’s symbol.

Overall the original trans pride flag has a very classic and recognizable look, so I attempted to preserve as much of the original design as possible. The main change from this is the replacement of the soft baby blue, which represents manhood in the original flag, with a thick blunt red.

  • The pink represents womanhood and femininity.
  • The white represents the transition itself, along with a distinction from the gender binary.
  • The red represents the struggle and violence that trans women face both in the process of transition and in everyday life, along with a reminder that we do have a shared history of resistance and activism.

If you like it please feel free to reblog it so that maybe we can finally have a widely recognized symbol of trans female pride. Non trans women feel free to reblog it as well.


This scene probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to everyone but the struggle of deciding whether or not to use one or another restroom sticks with trans people. Yes, she’s struggling with which alien bathroom to use, it’s heavily hinted trans symbolism as well. At some point in time every trans person will consider which one they should use. While this is an alien bathroom the symbolism still sticks, especially after season 1 depicting Pidge as a trans girl through the words she uses. It’s all subtext, yes, it’s not “canon,” no, but I see Pidge as a trans girl new into her identity, surrounded by loving and caring friends who support her. Pidge is important and could really help normalize transness, there’s other characters with the same kinda symbolism that can help normalize transness, it’s whether or not that the writers want to give us canon proof or not.


In the spirit of pride I made a whole bunch of pride Sams because I have no imagination and therefore am only able to combine other people’s creations. Hope you enjoy them anyway lol
If you want one in other colours hit me up.



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I’ve long been kind of annoyed with the traditional circle-with-lines-coming-off-it design. Its round but not round, a little too on the nose and imho kinda blasé. I decided to deconstruct it and make it a bit more visually appealing.

I also felt in these fucked up times a better symbol was needed for trans resistance and insurrection. Easy to recreate, memorable, visually impacting.

The break down is of course the masculine and feminine symbol for trans men and women, the combined symbol for genderqueer identities and the circle crossed by the lines for nonbinary genders. The direction of the lines implies movement, striking out in multiple directions.
Included above are a black on white and white on black version with a circle border as well as the glyph itself. The images are 17″x17″ @ 500dpi so if you want you can make stuff and it should be crisp. And because I’m leftist trash have some flags!

ALSO: PLEASE SPREAD THIS!!! I want this symbol and it’s ideal to be spread far and wide. I want people to know what it means and that trans people will no longer be forced to reside on the margins of society. We are here, and we are going to fight for our lives with all we have. So long as you’re art/group/statement keeps with these ideals and those of liberation for all trans people (keep it intersectional, folx) then use it! Let me know if you do (tag me/link to this post) cause I wanna see!

Enjoy, and keep fighting 💖

@queergraffiti I was fucking fed up with the homophobia and transphobia at my school, so of course I turned to good old-fashioned bathroom vandalism to spread some positivity :)

( “Support Ur Local Queer Kids” written in blue, with the MLM, WLW, and trans symbols beside it )

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maybe some more trans peter headcanons if you're up to it?

ayy i’m always up to it !

  • ok so i have a lot of thoughts about different ways that tony probably told peter about paying for his things BUT what if it was in the car when he also told him he could keep the suit so he’s like “i can keep the suit?” and tony’s like “yeah and i also talked to your aunt and i’m gonna pay for your top surgery and hormones anyway have a good day” and peter’s like WHAT and a tad overwhelmed by all that so he probably just deadass starts crying a bit and Tony’s like what. waht have i done wha have i done 
  • peter goes to the hospital as spider-man sometimes to say hi to kids and stuff and so one time he goes and there’s a trans kid and he’s like “you’re my favorite superhero” and he says he drew the spidey symbol in trans colors and peter’s like “ayyyyyyyy i’m trans all trans guys are superheroes bc i’m spider-man and i say so”

Okay this is like my third time submitting and pride month is over but I took some Bomb Ass Selfies ft. New fake piercings and a recently improved jacket

Michael, he/they, polyamorous panromantic pan-gray ace, 15


My buttons I’ve made at my work.

1. Anarcho-communism flag
2. “End Prison Slavery for the People”
3. “Black Trans Lives Matter”
4. “Punk Music Is Made By Black Women” with Poly Styrene on it.
5. “Queer and Proud” with the Pink Gay Triangle symbol on it.

Art by Maxx Bernard/Maxx Crow(me)