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What do you think the other Avengers think of Peter's trans status? I imagine Thor would be pretty impressed that humans can transition like that haha

*rubs hands* Oh man I’m so glad you asked about this!

  • So first of all, Thor is Asgardian. It’s been mentioned in some of the newer comics (namely, Loki: Agent of Asgard and The Young Avengers) that Asgardian’s don’t have the same societal perception of sexuality or gender that most human cultures do. Male, female, gay, straight, etc. are all just meaningless labels to most of them. Because of this, I doubt Thor would care that Peter is trans. If anything, Thor would be surprised that Peter’s transition is so difficult. Thor knows Loki, who is canonically genderfluid and can change his appearance from ‘male’ to ‘female’ at will. Upon finding out that Peter is trans, Thor would probably react like, “So, Man of Spiders, when will you perform the Trans Magic?”
  • Obviously, Tony “Daddy Warbucks” Stark would be supportive of Peter. I also headcanon Tony as trans so?? i might write about that in a separate post. Tony probably found out Peter was trans before he met the kid, while he was still researching ‘Spider-Man’. Tony knows, and he’s been on Peter’s side from day one. I’m a big fan of the theory that Tony designed a special binder in the Spider-Man suit, but also: Tony takes Peter shopping to buy him a ‘male’ wardrobe. As a philanthropist, he donates to charities that help trans kid, and as an adopt-a-dad, he does his best to finance Peter’s transition in any way he can.
  • Steve is also such a good ally about the whole deal. Sometimes, he’ll dress up in ‘civilian disguise’ and spend the day with Peter. Steve accompanies him into locker rooms, bathrooms, and all other “men only” spaces to make sure Peter feels safe (and honestly, who’s gonna fuck with you when there’s a 6′0″ beefcake at your side?). Steve also talks to Peter’s bullies like a total dad. When he found out Flash was calling Peter “Penis Parker” he showed up at the Thompson’s house and had a polite discussion with their son about the importance of respecting others.
  • Natasha has a different approach to bullies. She always tells Peter, “If you ever need a transphobe ‘taken care of’, just call me.” She says it with a smile, but Peter still can’t tell if she’s joking or not. She’s tried to teach him self-defense that doesn’t involve web shooters. They spar together after Peter finishes school on Tuesdays. Natasha taught him the ever-useful ‘leg scissor’ move, from one spider to another.
  • Bruce didn’t know much about the whole trans thing before Peter came along. Sure, he had heard stories on the news from time to time, but he had a very surface-level understanding of the matter. When Bruce found out Peter was trans, he took the opportunity to research as much about the subject as possible. He wants to respect Peter’s privacy, but he’s also very curious by nature. Tony eventually designates Bruce as Peter’s personal doctor (which excites the both of them). At some point, Bruce designs a form of testosterone that can keep up with Peter’s heightened immune system. Bruce also does most of Peter’s T injections, because Peter is squeamish about needles.
  • Clint is cool with it. He taught Peter how to skateboard. 

It’s Pride Month so i had to draw my favorite gay!! (These are my Popee headcannons, sorry if you don’t agree with them)

My name is Chloe Okami. I’m a trans woman who is a fire performer and photographer. I’ve been spinning and practicing photography for the past five years. I’ve decided to start a blog for my photographs and videos.

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“It’s Kevin.”

so funny how gay and bisexual men on here scream at bi women and lesbians and say “don’t use my romance/sexuality as a self-discovery journey” when gay and bi men habitually associate themselves with women and implicate themselves in women’s spaces and areas to get more acquainted and comfortable with their own sexuality and the way their gender ties in with their sexuality. i guess it’s okay for you all to use women, to comment on their bodies and their fashion and their habits and mannerisms, and to adopt some of those mannerisms to understand yourselves, but god forbid a lesbian or a bi woman approaches her sexuality/understanding her sexuality through mlm media. 

take a look at how gay/bi men refuse to accept that trans women (black and latina trans women) have always played a big role in drag culture. gay/bi men will wear fashion and clothing traditionally associated with women and be lauded for “subverting gender roles” and what not but a butch lesbian wearing men’s fashion or using he/him pronouns is seen as “replicating toxic masculinity”. trans women have to perform femininity to survive, whereas gay/bi men may use femininity as a means of approaching their sexuality and reconfiguring it for other gay/bi men only. bi women constantly talk about invisibility and erasure and try to formulate ways around it only for bi men to blame them for their own problems. 

art forms, roles, spaces, and ideas all traditionally associated with women may be used by gay/bi men as a method of self-discovery. that’s seen as radical. but lesbians and bi women can’t consume m/m media without it being seen as robbery or fetishization, lol. you men have some audacity thinking that you can get away with insulting women, using misogynistic slurs, touching their bodies and commenting on their bodies in “cool” or “humorous” ways, using women’s art or spaces or movements to understand yourselves, and then simultaneously scream at lesbians and bi women for trying to find refuge in gay/bi male spaces or media. 

the disparity between what is available for wlw and trans women and what is acceptable for mlm and trans men is humiliating and degrading. 


Okay, so whether or not you agree with how subtle Leighton Grey & Co. went with representing Damien’s trans identity, his story arc/ending was a great, subtle way in representing the difficulties and nuances of performing vs. over-performing his gender (with Damien’s goth identity acting as a metaphor).

Damien feels “embarrassed” at showing a part of himself that isn’t stereotypically goth, like many trans people feel uncomfortable or up for ridicule if they showcase interests or present in such a way that is like their gender assigned at birth. He feels that in order to be validated, he needs to act as goth as he possibly can 24/7– like how trans people feel pressured to overperform their genders.

Even though his goth interests are a huge part of his identity, and he originally entered the goth subculture to make himself happy, he soon felt like the goth stuff was the most important thing about him.

The player character’s interest in Damien despite his “normal” behaviors is what causes him to reflect on WHY he felt the need to perform goth to such an extent, in a way that made him feel uncomfortable expressing parts of his real self.

Through this reflection (and not, may I note, the PC’s love alone), Damien concludes that he would live a fuller, happier life if he allowed himself to be a three-dimensional human being instead of just manifesting one character trait (goth, gender).

This is not a pitch-perfect metaphor– for many trans people, performing their gender “perfectly” is often a matter of life and death– but it is useful for those in the nonbinary/trans umbrella who feel the need to embody only masculine/feminine/androgynous/whatever traits in order to be respected as their gender (even if they’re in a relatively safe environment).

And it was just a really cool, subtle way to tie goth/trans stuff together??? 

Honestly, really good representation all around, in my humble opinion.

EDIT: tumblr user supergaysatan (who I can’t tag for some reason) pointed out this article on the difficulties of being both goth and trans, which adds a deeper layer to this analysis… just gotta figure out how to word it, and then I’m going to probably make another edit to add more thoughts no one asked for (but y’all should read it)

Let’s get it right!

Drag Kings are not women impersonating men! Drag Kinging is a performance of masculinity which comes in many forms. It’s important to remember that males, females, non binary, trans people etc can be drag kings! I am a non binary person who performs as a drag king, so when you say a drag king is a woman impersonating a man, not only is it very wrong, but also very close minded and offensive. GET IT RIGHT! 

Tiny brain: drag is good

Bigger brain: drag is bad

Expanding brain: drag is good

Lit up brain: drag is not an identity, but a style of performance, and as such has no intrinsic progressive or regressive character beyond that with which it is imbued by its practitioners. It is no coincidence that the most radical period for drag politically was the early years when it was dominated by poor black and brown transfem people, who have since been displaced, at least within the mainstream image of drag, by white folks who present as cis gay men in their day to day lives and carry that privilege with them. And before you protest, yes, all identities, especially those related to gender, are performative in a sense, but ask any trans woman and they will tell you that performing trans womanhood is a far cry from drag performance, and the two aren’t really comparable.

Exploding brain: drag is boring

I don’t trust anyone who calls themselves an activist and refuses to take down posts they know are meant to exclude one oppressed group, because they think the over all message is important, or because they choose to interpret it as excluding things like pedophiles.

If the post is excluding an oppressed group specifically (from the group they are supposed to be in anyways), then that was the message of the post, and you, personally, interpreting it differently, still promotes that message of excluding vulnerable groups, bigotry, and only serves to further harm said groups.

I really wanna give a big hand to all the trans performers around the world, especially the young, inexperienced, up and coming, and sometimes closeted trans performers out there.

The trans actors who get miscast and try their best to be comfortable with roles that make them dysphoric

The trans singers who have incredible voices but they just aren’t in the right range to make them feel proud

The trans dancers who feel disrespected by the roles given in their choreography (especially partner dancing or sexualized choreography)

Just the trans performers who, whether out or not, really do have to adhere to strict gender roles to be respected when they perform to make sure they get the parts they deserve. Those who feel like there is no real place for them in the art world, and who still have to face the same struggle cis performers and artists do on top of that.

You are all incredibly talented and the hands you get dealt by those who don’t respect you do not at all reflect your abilities or talents. You will get to where you want to be soon and you will flourish and prosper as the best you possible. You are astonishing and deserve the world.


[VID] [170421] Seunghyun’s Instagram Live (challenge yourself not to fall in love with him after watching this xD)

cr: kou yuu


1. A song that he sings for his grandma xD (probably has something to do with the reality show that he is doing with his grandma? xD)
2. Soba song.. or not lol he said he forgot how it went xD;;
3. Home (by Michael Buble), but it started with “please watch my show, please watch my show” xDD
4. Sakura (by Shimizu Shota)
5. Marry Me (by Goo Yoonhee, original song) (video part 2)
6. Only Human (by K)


Seunghyun basically said that this time, for their 10th anniversary album, all of the songs are good, and all of the members are especially putting in a lot of efforts into it, for example, as Hongki himself said on Hongkira yesterday, he is currently busy writing lyrics.

He said lately all of the members are really busy practicing that they haven’t got any proper sleep. He also talked about the fanmeeting that he is going to do with Minhwan, he said since its only the two of them, we should look forward to their performance there. :)

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