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My name is Chloe Okami. I’m a trans woman who is a fire performer and photographer. I’ve been spinning and practicing photography for the past five years. I’ve decided to start a blog for my photographs and videos.

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It’s Pride Month so i had to draw my favorite gay!! (These are my Popee headcannons, sorry if you don’t agree with them)

I really wanna give a big hand to all the trans performers around the world, especially the young, inexperienced, up and coming, and sometimes closeted trans performers out there.

The trans actors who get miscast and try their best to be comfortable with roles that make them dysphoric

The trans singers who have incredible voices but they just aren’t in the right range to make them feel proud

The trans dancers who feel disrespected by the roles given in their choreography (especially partner dancing or sexualized choreography)

Just the trans performers who, whether out or not, really do have to adhere to strict gender roles to be respected when they perform to make sure they get the parts they deserve. Those who feel like there is no real place for them in the art world, and who still have to face the same struggle cis performers and artists do on top of that.

You are all incredibly talented and the hands you get dealt by those who don’t respect you do not at all reflect your abilities or talents. You will get to where you want to be soon and you will flourish and prosper as the best you possible. You are astonishing and deserve the world.


무대가끝났습니당~~😆😆오늘너무 즐거웠고 잊지못할추억으로 남을것같아요 너무감사합니다♡♡😘
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The performance has ended~~😆😆 Today was so great that I think it’ll be memories that I will never forget. Thank you so much♡♡😘
#iMissYou #SinceISaidThat #Aroha #iMissYou #More♡

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Hey cis people heres some advice!

DON’T out trans and nonbinary people without their permission!

Just because they have come out to some people/are ‘out’ DOESN’T mean we feel comfortable or safe being out or open about being trans/non-cis with everyone!

And even if they are comfortable coming out it’s STILL rude as heck (not to mention potentially dangerous) to out a trans or nonbinary person without their permission or knowledge. It should ALWAYS be their call on who to tell AND who tells the person/people.


[VID] [170421] Seunghyunโ€™s Instagram Live (challenge yourself not to fall in love with him after watching this xD)

cr:ย kou yuu


1. A song that he sings for his grandma xD (probably has something to do with the reality show that he is doing with his grandma? xD)
2. Soba song.. or not lol he said he forgot how it went xD;;
3. Home (by Michael Buble), but it started with โ€œplease watch my show, please watch my showโ€ xDD
4. Sakura (by Shimizu Shota)
5. Marry Me (by Goo Yoonhee, original song) (video part 2)
6. Only Human (by K)


Seunghyun basically said that this time, for their 10th anniversary album, all of the songs are good, and all of the members are especially putting in a lot of efforts into it, for example, as Hongki himself said on Hongkira yesterday, he is currently busy writing lyrics.

He said lately all of the members are really busy practicing that they havenโ€™t got any proper sleep. He also talked about the fanmeeting that he is going to do with Minhwan, he said since its only the two of them, we should look forward to their performance there. :)

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[TRANS] BTS to perform for Seo Taiji’s 25th Anniversary concert

Seo Taiji will be holding a concert for his 25th anniversary since debut. BTS who performed Seo Taiji and Boys “Classroom Idea” at 2016 KBS song festival, that was praised highly by Seo Taiji himself. Seo Taiji has said that juniour groups to perform at his concert were recommended directly from him (BTS being the first to be decided to participate). The music and arrangements etc will be decided with one another to suit the artists best


Former Produce 101 trainees that have mentioned Yongguk!

Yoon Jaechan - “At first, he looked really shy and I wanted to get closer with him. As I got to know him better, I realized he’s super pure/innocent and he’s super super kind.” (trans cr.)

Lee Insoo - Mentioned that they are close friends during his live (trans cr.)

Kim Seongri - Mentioned on instagram that people should support “Yonggukie and Yehyunie from 너였다면 team” and that they are very passionate trainees (trans cr.)

Joo Wontak - Complimented Yongguk on how well he did during the 너였다면 performance (trans cr.)

Lee Gunmin - spotted shyly raising his hand in support when Yongguk mentioned that he was friendless at the beginning of the show

Joo Jinwoo - spotted holding a Yongguk slogan during concept evaluations

anonymous asked:

Been seeing some Fallon Fox things recently and it gives me this thought. If you think Fallon has no biological advantage like upper arm structure or bone density ect, are you for the complete elimination of gender divided sports leagues? (Now I think about it I can say the fallout of it would be interesting.)

No.  Your logic doesn’t really follow here.  The biggest thing that provides advantages in athletic competition is the presence or absence of testosterone, which increases hematocrit (red blood cell count, and thus oxygen carrying capacity and waste elimination) as well as increases in muscle mass.  In the absence of testosterone Fallon doesn’t have an advantage.  The NCAA and the IOCC back this up.  I think your ‘ask’ here is predicated on the assumption that a trans woman maintains some sort of athletic advantage from having been shaped by testosterone, but science shows that once the testosterone is gone, the advantages are gone.  When athletes and bodybuilders use huge amounts of steroids, they get bigger and more muscular than is possible without it, and when they stop taking it they lose all of that unnaturally large muscle mass.  Without the presence of the excess testosterone the body can’t keep that advantageous musculature.  Same with a trans woman who undergoes HRT–once her hormones have shifted to the cisgender female range, her physiology does as well, and those ranges are averages.  Arguments that trans women have denser bones than cisgender women have been debunked (and I believe the same bone density argument was used in the past to prevent black women from competing with white women in athletics as well).  Claims that trans women have longer bones, different muscle insertions, and different leverage are similarly silly as those attributes have a wide range of variety across all human beings regardless of gender and the differences in male and female skeletons are so minute that determining sex (birth or assigned sex in this case) on the shape, size, density, and appearance of a skeleton is not an exact science.  Many skeletons known to archaeology are assumed to belong to people of one sex or another until dna testing reveals them to be of others.  A recent example in the news were some of the “maidens” from the excavations at Pompeii.

Anecdotally, I am myself am still a very strong and fairly athletic woman (physically), but I believe that has more to do with quirks of my genetics and upbringing than my birth assigned sex.  When I started HRT I lost thirty pounds of lean muscle.  My endurance has decreased.  My strength has decreased.  I might be strong, but I can’t deadlift the back end of a car anymore.  I was a natural athlete as a child and I had a childhood that involved what is now not a socially acceptable level of hard labor, and even after transitioning I was a blacksmith for a year and a half, and I attribute my relatively high levels of strength and athleticism to a lifetime of being a runner, laborer, weight lifter, and special forces soldier.  I’m trying to get back into more athletic shape and I will say now that pre-transition working out was easier and I had far less difficulty in shedding body fat.  I’ve also always had relatively wide hips and narrow shoulders (in terms of skeletal structure), though my heavy musculature pre-transition concealed that fact.

I do support men and women competing directly in most athletic competitions to be honest, but at the absolute highest levels of sports that depend on muscular strength and endurance men and folks with levels of testosterone in the standard cisgender male range (or above) tend to have an advantage.  

That being said, I think women’s athletics still have a lot of room to improve and find greater heights of performance than can be achieved due largely to social factors.  I think men are encouraged to pursue athletics and sport and physically vigorous activity from birth and women are actively discouraged from these pursuits.  Even when women are encouraged in athletics, their culturally perceived femininity is seen as more important than their pursuit of athletics.  Without the enormous amount of money, science, technology, and active cultural pursuit of female athletic performance potential that we see in men’s athletics, I think it’s going to be a while before women (as an overarching group) actually maximize their athletic potential at the absolute pinnacle of sports because there is so much cultural pushback against it (example:  the recent elimination of women’s bodybuilding from the Arnold classic and the Olympia) .  I think we have a long time to go before we can definitively say what the peak of female performance is and whether or not sports should be segregated by gender in the long run, but for now I would say gender segregation should remain in place. 

(Although the presence of weight classes in combat sports does seem to mitigate some of the advantage issues–an episode of ‘fight science’ a few years ago showed Lucia Rijker–a female championship boxer weighing 140 pounds at 5′6″ tall, punched harder than Moe Ganyu–a male olympic boxer of identical height and weight.  Additionally, she punched as hard as the 6′ tall, 203 pound mixed martial artist Houston Alexander who was known for his knockout power).

At any rate, I’m not an expert, but I would suggest you look at the IOCC’s guidance and studies on gender, performance, and trans inclusion.
“I can’t untangle my queerness from my politics or my magickal practice.”

“With a prompt—I described Sea-Witch as “an actual witch, but also the place I live”. That inspired me to expand that concept, of someone living inside of the body of a being who was intentionally vague/contradictory in nature. I wanted there to be other witch gods besides Sea-Witch. I loved sci-fi and fantasy as a kid, mostly in the form of video games, and I enjoyed work that blended the world-building of sci-fi with more incongruous pieces that juxtaposed the fantasy style in unexpected ways.

Dreams are a huge part of my writing, and have been for a long time. I am interested in writing in the style of dreams. Dream-logic and dream-landscapes and dream-narrative are very compelling to me, I feel like they are a good way to short-cut the way we understand the information we are given. It makes us take a step back and sit with and interpret what we are being given for ourselves rather than throwing it against all our preconceived ideas straight-off. When done well, it resists allegory and simplification.”

Let’s get it right!

Drag Kings are not women impersonating men! Drag Kinging is a performance of masculinity which comes in many forms. It’s important to remember that males, females, non binary, trans people etc can be drag kings! I am a non binary person who performs as a drag king, so when you say a drag king is a woman impersonating a man, not only is it very wrong, but also very close minded and offensive. GET IT RIGHT!