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I really wanna give a big hand to all the trans performers around the world, especially the young, inexperienced, up and coming, and sometimes closeted trans performers out there.

The trans actors who get miscast and try their best to be comfortable with roles that make them dysphoric

The trans singers who have incredible voices but they just aren’t in the right range to make them feel proud

The trans dancers who feel disrespected by the roles given in their choreography (especially partner dancing or sexualized choreography)

Just the trans performers who, whether out or not, really do have to adhere to strict gender roles to be respected when they perform to make sure they get the parts they deserve. Those who feel like there is no real place for them in the art world, and who still have to face the same struggle cis performers and artists do on top of that.

You are all incredibly talented and the hands you get dealt by those who don’t respect you do not at all reflect your abilities or talents. You will get to where you want to be soon and you will flourish and prosper as the best you possible. You are astonishing and deserve the world.


무대가끝났습니당~~😆😆오늘너무 즐거웠고 잊지못할추억으로 남을것같아요 너무감사합니다♡♡😘
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The performance has ended~~😆😆 Today was so great that I think it’ll be memories that I will never forget. Thank you so much♡♡😘
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[MUSIC SHOW] 161206 | THE SHOW - décalcomanie

SOLAR: We’ve reached 900 days
MOONBYUL: Our moomoos
HWASA: We’re never letting go



멕시코 KCON!!!
무대가 끝났습니다!!ㅎㅎ
다친사람 없이 무사히 마쳐서
너무 기쁩니다!!ㅎㅎ
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Mexico KCON!!!
The performance has ended!! Haha. I’m happy that we wrapped it up well without anyone get hurt !! Haha
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Lisa: Thank you for always supporting and loving us! ~ <3

Jennie: We will return with better music and shows. We are always grateful. I love you <3

Jisoo: I’m so grateful and I love you! We’ll work hard to be a better Blackpink ^^.

Rosé: Everyone. We’re always to thankful ~ From now on, we will not disappoint you and give you amazing performances. 

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Photo documentation from YOU MAKE ME SICK

Morgan M Page/Odofemi, 2015

Presented at Squirts at La MaMa Experimental Theatre (NYC)

While a supercut of scenes from popular films and television, such as The Crying Game, Ace Ventura, and Family Guy, depicting men vomiting at the sight of trans women’s bodies plays, the artist quickly eats a bowl of jell-o and (successfully) attempts to force herself to throw up.

“I am Dil’s unexpressed transsexual rage.”

Photos by Lippe/

I want to apologize for not attending a lot of EXO’s group activities. I am promoting in China very diligently because i want more people to get to know EXO. I, Zhang Yixing will never forget that i am a member of EXO. I hope you can understand me.
—  Zhang Yixing || 151121 Exoluxion in Macau ending ment

i’m on mobile and have to abide by tumblr’s completely unnecessary photo limit, but definitely check out the rest of jen richards’ tweets from today cause she goes into even more discourse regarding the importance of trans participation in the entertainment industry to not only improve their economic gain, but to just straight up improve the trans community’s overall safety in our transphobic world.

i became aware of these tweets thanks to @harinef retweeting many of them, tho she too helps to continue the issue by starring in TRANSPARENT, which certainly stars/features many other trans performers throughout its run, but only jeffrey tambor seems to receive any legit awards attention or recognition for his work. i love the show and hari, who earned the incredible opportunity to portray a trans woman character in a hugely successful show and obviously wanted (and potentially needed) the important gig for her creative and economic livelihood, but i am also able to recognize the negatives that come along with this partially thanks to what richards’ expressed in her statements earlier today.

maya taylor’s spirit award winning performance in TANGERINE, laverne cox’s emmy nominated performance in ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and jamie clayton’s leading role in SENSE8 (a show created by two trans women) help to greatly indicate how important and, frankly, easy it is to provide trans actors with roles so clearly designed for them, so hopefully we’re nearing a time when those opportunities become more abundant, without needing the “safety” of featuring a cis actor performing trans alongside them. it’s not only good for art, but ESSENTIAL to the trans community.

Let’s get it right!

Drag Kings are not women impersonating men! Drag Kinging is a performance of masculinity which comes in many forms. It’s important to remember that males, females, non binary, trans people etc can be drag kings! I am a non binary person who performs as a drag king, so when you say a drag king is a woman impersonating a man, not only is it very wrong, but also very close minded and offensive. GET IT RIGHT! 

I had the most incredible dream last night

I can’t even describe it. Partly because I’ve forgotten most of it and it’s still slipping away even as I write this… but also because it was mostly a good feeling more than coherent plot. Cuz you know, dream.

In the dream, I was watching an episode of supernatural with my entire family (in my childhood home, which was nice). I mean, like everyone. My husband, parents, siblings, and my sister’s husband and kids. And it’s so frustrating that I can’t describe this but I’m gonna try.

I know it must have been an old episode because I was wondering how I had never seen it. Also, it was back in the time period when Dean was always trying to bed the girl of the week. And anyway, the girl of the week was a transgender woman, which is incredible on its own by spn standards. But it wasn’t just that, because the entire theme of the episode was about understanding that transgender people are people too and that they deserve rights and I’m telling you, it was the most beautiful episode I have ever seen.

And then at the end, Dean and the woman have a total moment and start kissing and are maybe gonna have sex in the back of the impala but then they don’t, mostly because they realize that they reeeally wanna talk and they only have time for one or the other and it’s a really nice, good thing. So she wants to know things about monsters and then Dean starts asking her things about trans culture and there’s this whole part where they explain about slurs (and I remember thinking that this was them correcting the use of that slur last season and I was so proud of them although the episode in my mind actually would have aired before that maybe). But anyway then she explains that the slurs aren’t accurate anyway because she isn’t male and actually now that she mentions it, no part of her body is male anymore either and Dean’s just like “oh.” Which MeANs that he was gonna have sex with her when he thought she still had male genitalia and you guuuyyys that would be so beautifully above the whole performative masculinity thing and I was just floored.

And then, AND THEN, Cas comes out dressed as a woman. A WOMAN. Because this beautiful trans lady taught him that it’s okay and he realized he wanted it and it was the most beautiful and emotional moment in television history.

AND THEN. As tfw walks back to the car, Cas makes a joke to Dean about having sex with him in the backseat cuz he didn’t get to with the woman and Dean CONSIDERS IT and he doesn’t say yes but he does sort of gleefully say “that would really freak Sam out” and then they look at each other with this fire and then the episode ends.

And I just felt so happy? Because my whole conservative family had seen this beautiful thing and they were all sitting there with their mouths open and my six year old niece had been taught all about how transgender people deserve good things just like anybody else and I was so happy I wanted to cry