trans* people of color

I’ve found myself wondering “Where are the trans people of color?” a million times.

In my life, I’m often the only person of color in a room of trans people. I’ve noticed it is harder to find pictures and reviews of products (like packers) in the non-white skin tones. I see fewer pictures of POC post-surgery, and fewer people of color documenting their changes on HRT. Selfies of trans people, binary or non-binary, tend to skew towards the white and AFAB side. Hopefully, this blog can provide a sense of community and inclusion for all trans people of color. 

This blog is a place where we can answer that question. Where are the trans people of color? We’re right here! We’re talking about how our day went, about our families, about coming out, about our pets, about our transitions, about our ups and downs. We are here. We exist. This is a new blog for TPOC (trans people of color) to submit selfies of themselves! Anyone and everyone is allowed to follow us, all support is welcome, but only TPOC can send selfies. 

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I was forcibly outed (i have no gender) on 2/9/16, which lead to two suicide attempts. 

It’s the second one that landed me in the hospital and got my school to tell me I have to go back to my family. My family is abusive, so I am now homeless and registered in the NYC homeless shelter system. 

If you want to help me financially, you can help get these things for me, or paypal to 

it’s totally okay if you don’t have money rn etc.! if you want to help me in another way:

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An adult teacher (whose job it is to protect the children they preside over) flippantly dismissed the fact that the child in their care had been beaten up in the boys’ bathroom. 

The power structure of transphobia ensured that this honor child would be so affected by a shattered self esteem, and fearing for her safety, that her grades–and therefore whole future–was going down the toilet. (And no one fucking cared about her needs)

And of course, trans people of color will be hit hardest. 

We have to do better as a society. 
Protect trans kids. 

–Mod CS

i… really love girls. like wow. every girl is so pretty and soft and i adore girls??? whoever’s idea it was to make girls like that A++

just every girl is amazing.

trans girls? terrific
sapphic girls? simply outstanding
lesbian girls? lovely
bi/pan girls? beautiful and perfect
nonbinary girls? no one compares
girls of color? girls of wonder
ace/aro girls? amazing

the only exceptions are terfs and swerfs. they’re trash and super bad.

Im tired of skinny white boys being the only gay couples in anything, like give me some black boys in love, give me trans boys of colour holding hands, give me dark skinned asian boys in love, give me some chubby boys holding hands, give me gay relationships where the boys have something other than a chiseled face and clear skin, give me gay relationships with boys who have acne and freckles and stretch marks, give me something else than skinny white boys making out shirtless p l e a s e
15 Struggles Black Trans People Face When Getting Health Care
Racism and transphobia won't keep these people down.
By Anthony Rivas

In addition to that, 40% of black trans people said they hadn’t seen a doctor in the past year because they couldn’t afford it while 26% said they didn’t see a doctor for fear of being mistreated. 

What’s your story?


looking around Tumblr (and the internet in general) i noticed a distinct lack of QPOC-related pride graphics… and anyone who follows my blog has probably noticed that i love graphics! so, as usual, i decided to make some of my own for people to use. they are extremely minimalistic, as is my style, but i hope they can be of use to people.

please feel free to use these as you see fit. if i missed something or there’s something specific that you’d like a graphic like this for, feel free to send me an ask.


  • clarification of the acronyms is included because while the meanings are obvious to some of us, there are still many people who are unfamiliar with them. let’s change that!
  • i decided not to focus on sexual/romantic orientations with APOC being the exception. why APOC? because not all asexual people self-identify as queer or as part of the LGBTQIA+ community, so none of the other graphics apply to them. however, i still feel that POC visibility and pride in the asexual community is extremely important.
  • i debated with myself over whether to use singular (person/woman/man) or plural (people/women/men) as the acronyms encompass both, but in the end i decided to go with singular as i envision people uses these graphics to show their own personal pride more than group pride?
  • the colors used for the non-binary pride graphic are from the non-binary flag proposed by thejasmineelf. these colors are by no means official or widely agreed upon at present.
  • i considered using “enby” instead of “non-binary person”, but i’m still not entirely sold on that term and i know that some people passionately hate it.