trans* friendly


The terms “trans boy/man/guy/male” and the counterpart “trans girl/women/female” are NOT one word. 

In this context, the modifer “trans” is an adjective. It is describing the noun. What type of boy? A trans boy. 

You wouldn’t say a “prettydog” or “funnymovie” as one word, would you? I’d think not. So don’t make “trans [person]” one word either. 

Friendly Reminder:

Trans women are literally the most amazing goddesses out there, like they are just absolutely stunning and beautiful. Pre-transition? GORGEOUS. Mid-transition? GORGEOUS. Pretty much done and living the dream? GORGEOUS.

Trans women are literally the loveliest ladies out there, their hearts are of gold and their looks are on POINT. 

Special shout out to the trans women of color, you’re literally the most amazing princesses and queens out there–never forget how much you are loved and adored <3


Nonbinary people might not be completely comfortable with their bodies.

They might go on hormones.

They might use binding.

They might present more masculine or feminine.

In addition to this, they might feel just fine the way they are.

That’s okay.

You are not any less nonbinary by taking hormones, binding, or presenting as more masculine or feminine.

It’s okay.

You might not do any of these things because you’re comfortable with your body, and that’s okay too.

You might not be able to do any of these things because you don’t feel safe, and that’s alright; don’t force yourself to do any of these and put yourself in danger.

You know your limits and what you want.

You should love you for you, and that’s okay. 💕

Imagine your OTP is from a future absolute dictatorship, Person A is part of the resistance, and Person B is a transhuman who has a perfect body but is also incapable of thinking about much of anything besides how great the government is. Then, due to shenanigans, they get zapped back in time to the apocalypse that brought the dictatorship to power in the first place. This also means that Person B is turned into a normal human, so they have the ability to think independently for the first time since they were a very young child. (Bonus: Person C is Person A’s fellow resistance member who also gets sent back.)

@ any and all girls who feel unsafe w uber

in about a week this new app called chariot for women is coming out it’s basically uber except all the drivers are women, and it’s only for women (or males 13 and under)
part of the profits goes to women’s charities and they’re trans women friendly!! even if you don’t yet present as a woman if u identify as a woman they will give you a ride no problemo
so yes this sounds really great spread the word friends

FRIENDLY REMINDER: that each and every one of you are so important and you’re all doing so great! keep doing your best and i promise you, no matter how impossible it seems, it will get better. just know that im proud of you and if no one supports you, i support you :)