trans* flag


Happy Pride!

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LGBT+ Flags and Text Post Edits








Please like or reblog if you use! Credit would be much preferred, but it’s not necessary. I tried to cover as many parts of the LGBT+ acronym as I could with the text posts I had, but I apologize if I didn’t get your sexuality. 

Happy National Dog Day! You can celebrate dogs AND Pride with our Pride Puppies! Find them here [x] 🐶

We hope you’re doing something extra fun with your dogs today! 

Pastel Pride Flags

A lot of LGBT+ flags are bright, eye strainy, and hurt to work with, and since i work with them all the time I decided to make some softer pastel versions.

These are free to use, but please reblog if you do! If theres any you’d like but don’t see here, feel free to send an ask or message!