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5 things you’ll find in my bag

1. Notebook
2. Protein bars
3. Spare headphones
4. The lip balm my gay disaster neighbour gave me
5. The Preacher comic I’m continually trying to finish

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

1. Shitty folding table
2. Hot water bottle with purple stag jumper on it
3. Trans pride flag and fairy lights
4. Lots of nail polish
5. Rock rainbow

5 things I’m currently into

1. Mr Robot
2. Hamilton
3. Cooking
4. Aesop Rock
5. Photography, borrowed a camera from a bae and getting back into it

5 things on my to-do list

1. Renew my lease
2. Book leave at work
3. Find a better job
4. Take out the trash and get groceries 
5. Write some fucking fic I stg

5 things people may not know about me

1. I used to be really good at drawing and then fell out of practice, would like to pick it up again.
2. I’m technically a middle child of three brothers, but my older brother (who’s 13 years my senior) didn’t grow up with us so we’re both kind of big brothers.
3. I have really vivid dreams which take the form of very structured narratives, usually like horror movies. They’re not actually scary, just vivid.
4. I live opposite a Yates Wine Lodge - which for those of you not familiar is a dreadful chain bar full of middle aged drunk people screaming at each other. My phone tries to get me to check in there every time I get home. 
5. I used to be able to create stories in my head when I was a kid, shot like a movie, and be able to go back and replay/edit dialogue etc as much as I wanted. I lost the ability after I started writing but I remember it still. 

My city put up pride flags

I just wanted to show all of you the flags that Dayton put up for pride month:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio. The city put up the rainbow flag, the trans* pride flag, the pansexual pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, and the asexual pride flag along with some American Flags]]

I was so excited. Apparently whoever was tasked with finding pride flags to fly did some research. Here’s a picture of the flags from a different view point:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio- another view of the pride flags.]]

I’m not sure what the white one with the two rings and the rainbows in it is. Does anybody know?


Some newly-coined sexuality terms: XX-sexual and XY-sexual

Since I’ve seen asks for this sort of term, and have been feeling the need for this myself, here goes my coined words!

XX-sexual: sexual attraction exclusively for people with primary sex characteristics of a female, or AFAB people, no matter what gender they currently are

XY-sexual: sexual attraction exclusively for people with primary sex characteristics of a male, or AMAB people, no matter what gender they currently are

As for intersex people exclusively, those may fall under skoliosexual as intersex people are born as part of the nonbinary spectrum.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions, that would be quite helpful! :)

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I noticed there wasn’t a pride flag for Jewish trans people who use the genders in the Torah, so I made this! The pink is for more femme aligned genders, the blue is for more masc aligned genders, the yellow is for neither, and the purple is for both! It’s also loosely based on the Israeli flag! Feel free to use this and spread it around! @goodpositivitylgbt @nonbinaryresource @date-a-jew-suggestions @trans-mom @trans-positivity

- Mod Ford.