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So I’ve done a decent amount of shite recently. I graduated high school, I got my first tattoo, and I got drunk as hell and went night swimming with my best friends. Summer so far has been pretty fun.

LGBT+ Flags and Text Post Edits








Please like or reblog if you use! Credit would be much preferred, but it’s not necessary. I tried to cover as many parts of the LGBT+ acronym as I could with the text posts I had, but I apologize if I didn’t get your sexuality. 


Pride bubble teas!
I wanted to make an ace one for myself & then thought it’d be cute to do some of the other pride flags. Does anyone else think these would make cool stickers/ have more flags to add to this tasty order of drinks?

Check out the Redbubble link on my profile for stickers.

My city put up pride flags

I just wanted to show all of you the flags that Dayton put up for pride month:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio. The city put up the rainbow flag, the trans* pride flag, the pansexual pride flag, the bisexual pride flag, and the asexual pride flag along with some American Flags]]

I was so excited. Apparently whoever was tasked with finding pride flags to fly did some research. Here’s a picture of the flags from a different view point:

[[image: downtown Dayton Ohio- another view of the pride flags.]]

I’m not sure what the white one with the two rings and the rainbows in it is. Does anybody know?