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Dear lord, no time no hear.

Summarizing my last weeks: work work a week off with punches of work.

I’ve begun to make visual concepts for the film, which will have the title “Nikita 4 ever”, or N4E, and I will put up glimpses of it as it progresses. The shooting will mostly take place in May, next year, and we will be prepping a million things at the same time.
Swedish Public Television, (or SVT) sounds derpy right, wants to broadcast it by summer… which will be impossible, since I think we’ll still be in post-production.


Tired now, so will finish this here.

Kisses, love

Princessé 🙆❤

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We just released our first new short film HOMECOMING about two girls and their feelings for one another. LGBTQ content is something I have been wanting to push and promote for a long time now so I would really appreciate if people reblogged this post!
This Young Trans Filmmaker At Sundance Wants To Revolutionize Trans Storytelling
Brit Fryer, whose short film Trans-ience won him an Ignite Fellowship from Sundance to attend the festival and get started in the industry, wants to explore black trans masculinity in new and excit...
By Meredith Talusan
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Chrissi says:
Hello everyone!

Right, so some of you may have noticed my inactivity recently.

I have been very busy with my life on the pride scene, and my trans advocacy.
Whilst at Trans Pride (Which is awesome btw) I met Fox (different fox) who is a film maker, and has made some awesome videos, and Evie, who is a vlogger on My Genderation.
I mentioned my role on this very blog, and got talking about the amount of asks we get, and they thought they could help.
So, we decided to team up and answer some of the frequently asked questions that we get day to day.
This is the result, an 8ish part video series,and it ends up being really helpful, because you get three different perspectives on the same question.
The first of which is on Fox’s channel, and the second will be on mine, and we will alternate.

So have a watch and tell me what you think…

Also, if you have time, check out the My Genderation channel, all of you will love it.


Kick-Ass Chicks: Nicole Tran 

Tiny in stature, but booming with talent and style: that’s the best way we can describe filmmaker, Nicole Tran. This kick-ass chick has been killing it in Los Angeles working with several brands and style mavens to produce colorful video look books and more with her company, Ticker Productions. And get this, she’s in her early twenties! Get to know what makes Nicole tick as we take a tour through her personal stomping grounds and find out what inspires her.

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I can finally say a little bit about my current project.

I’m working with the MAC AIDS Fund to produce a docu-series, with PSA-style scripted interstitials, profiling a ‘day in the life’ of several trans people.

I’ve said before that I will only participate in projects that 1) have trans people in a decision making capacity, 2) pays trans participants, and 3) centers the voices of trans people of color.

I’m proud to say that this project does all that. Further, it’s in conjunction with the launch of a lipstick, 100% of sales from which will go to trans organizations and projects.

I’m thrilled to work with Silas Howard, a trans filmmaker I adore. We’re both white, but all the confirmed subjects are people of color and they will be compensated.

Check out the trailer for now, and I can’t wait to share more!