trans* fatshion

Okay you know what? I’m sick of not seeing any support for chubby trans people. So I don’t know how many people will see this, but here you go.

Shout out to all fat trans people. You are adorable and beautiful and handsome and 100000% valid. I know it’s hard, because you already hated your body once and then the dysphoria hit and made it worse, and I know it makes binding or tucking or finding clothes that fit an unbelievable and unfair challenge. I know it makes life hard, and the amount of judgement and lack of validation is ridiculous. Please know that I love every single one of you so much, and I believe in your ability to be fucking awesome.


None of these fit me!! Anyone want to buy them??

Just a heads up the first two are UK 5X which is a US 4X

The second to last one is US 5X but my personal opinion is that it might fit a US 4X size person pretty well.

Send me a message, buy more than one and Ill give you a deal :)