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Fall Fashion for Trans Guys Who May or May Not Still Be Closeted

In my opinion, Autumn is probably the best time to be a trans guy! Just look at what comes up when you search “men’s fall fashion!”

But why does this make me so happy? Because it instantly gets cold enough for big sweaters, long-sleeved plaid shirts, closed-toed shoes and long pants. And what’s more, the department stores carry this clothing in bulk.

But what if you’re not really out yet? What if you can’t sneak over to the boys’/men’s section while you’re clothes shopping with mom?

The most besterest thing about fall is you can find all these things also in the girls’/women’s section.

Some things that can be a closeted, dysphoric trans guy’s best friends during fall:

Boyfriend pants. I shit you not, they’re literally fitted like men’s pants. Buy them a size larger than you need and you’re instantly presenting as masculine, and make sure they’re not cuffed. The pockets are big, and if you can’t find them at walmart, the best brand I found is on by the store helen belli. They’re soft, inexpensive, durable, and arrive in about 2 weeks.

Button up white shirts. Women’s button up whites are easy enough to find, but they’re often fitted in the waist and have little boob-pockets. So what do you do?

Stick a vest or a nice sweater over it! Vests and sweaters are always available in stores during fall and winter. Buy some in different colors that make you feel more masculine. Maybe buy a size larger than you need if you feel self-conscious about the fit around your bust or waist area.

Large sweaters and sweatshirts! These were my life-saver in my youth. I would get the most neutral-looking ones (usually black or gray) and I would buy them two or three sizes too large. They would engulf me and give me a shapeless figure, which I loved. Worn with a pair of baggy pants, or cargo-shorts my brother outgrew, this outfit gave me a less-feminine appearance and helped make me feel more like myself.

Beanies and knitted scarves! Beanies. They’re good for attempting to tuck up your hair (bobby pins are your bffs in this case), or if you have a short cut they’re good at hiding it if mom likes to style your hair like a cute little pixie cut or with little clips and such before you leave for school. I never went anywhere without my beanie. And why scarves? I never liked them, but they can be used in different ways to hide a thin, feminine neckline or collar bones, or just because scarves look cool and keep you warm.

Socks and shoes? So, my sock choice was always meant to make my legs look more boyish. Now I like crazy socks. But if you’re looking for less femininity in your ankles, mid-length black or white athletic socks are good. And shoes are generally neutral, go for a pair of black or tan vans, or some kind of high tops or hiking boots, and you’re good to go!

Plaid. Enough said ;)

I hope this has helped, It is in no way intended to uphold gender roles, only to help those of us who wish to feel more comfortable in our own bodies.


Here’s some snap chats of my tux dress 😀 I designed it myself! 😛 as a genderfluid I was really worried about wearing a dress but wanting to be in a tux yet nothing about the tux excited me. It’s a button up with ruffles on the front bro?? And this was for Prom bro. So I combined the two!
If anyone else wants to make a tux dress, I recommend getting a skirt that best compliments your body type (for me, that was a skirt that hit me at my tiny waist and a high low skirt is just really fun!) and getting a tux shirt with a cummerbund,then putting the cummerbund over where the skirt meets the tux shirt. For the jacket I used a small blazer instead of a suit jacket because I didn’t fit into any of the guy’s jackets at the men’s warehouse department 😢 but it looked better with something that fit me anyway. then for the look overall I went with a white black red color palette since that’s a common color palette for tuxes. Accessorize as you please!
The outfit pieces:
Jacket- forever 21
Tux shirt, cummerbund, bow tie, button covers- the men’s warehouse department
Ameynra Fashion High Low Skirt, White Chiffon, with ruffle and underskirt (I got the medium and requested the front to be 14 inches and the back is 37 inches)
Thigh highs- hot topic
Shoes- Mina’s shoes (some cheapy shoe store I found next to DD’s discounts)

A few fashion tips for our Transfeminine friends

This is simply a list of a few tips you can use to relieve some dysphoria you may have about certain aspects of your body. This is meant to help with a few key problems that are common among transfeminine individuals specifically amab people. You may not be able to relate to all of these or some of these tips may not be helpful to you specifically due to dysphorias or for safety. We sincerely hope that some of these may be able to help a few people make some changes that will improve how they feel about themselves. 

1. A very common problem among a lot of our taller friends trying to find feminine clothing to wear, is that pant legs are just never long enough. Current fashion trends however do relieve some of this. The solution to this is really simple, you can roll up the legs of your pants just slightly; this will look as though they are shorter on purpose! 

2. If you feel like your legs are too long, you may want to avoid high-waisted bottoms, as this exaggerates the length of the leg and appears to raise the point where the leg actually starts. You can look for low-waisted pants or avoid leg dysphoria all together by using a mid-length (or longer) skirt or dress that hides the leg length.

3. Another common issue to have, is to feel as though your shoulders are too broad or prominent. The key to this, is instead of simply finding clothing that hugs the shoulders tightly, try to find tops that add more of a thickness to the hip area, this can mean that the shirt flares or “poofs” out on the lower half, giving your top half a more of that “women’s bathroom symbol” look (I promise it’s not as lame as it sounds). You can also use a more flared dress to add volume to your hips to balance the shoulders, you can even cut it with a belt around the waist to add a curvature to your waist and balance between top and bottom of your body.

4. If you’re uncomfortable with your height or really any aspect of your body, and it makes you very uncomfortable, here’s a good one that’s really underrated: TEXTURES, PATTERNS, AND ACCESSORIES!! The brighter and more obnoxious, the better. Yes people will look at you, but they aren’t actually looking at you, but what you’re wearing. I’m not saying just pick out the literal worst obnoxious thing you can find at a thrift store, you can be fashionable and trendy at the same time. This is a very good trick to distract people from your most self conscious parts, and tell people that you’re confident with how you look, which is also something that subconsciously makes people feel more positively about you, which is definitely not a bad perk to have! 

5. Jumpsuits are the best fashionable yet comfortable outfit without actually just wearing pajamas for the rest of your life, but nobody said you couldn’t wear one to bed! A jumpsuit is great for reducing height, it’s loose fit helps to avoid all the discomfort that comes with a lot of the tight fitting clothes made for feminine individuals, and despite having been considered a more masculine item in the past has taken on a recent turnaround as a feminine fashion item. However this is a little more ‘up there’ in the fashion realm and isn’t for everyone, but it’s not an item that typically comes to mind, so it’s good to put the option out there.

6. This next one is really only going to help if you’re comfortable with your legs. If you feel like your butt just isn’t getting the attention it deserves and you’re feeling like it might be a little smaller than you’d like, you may actually want to try high waisted bottoms and especially in the summertime, short shorts are actually quite effective and making a butt look a little bigger if you’re comfortable enough to try it. This isn’t typically a strong dysphoria, but any dysphoria is valid and deserves to be addressed.

7. If you have a body shape that makes you uncomfortable, don’t feel bad about layering up! This doesn’t have to mean hiding away, as you can put on a light cardigan or poncho over many things including a two piece outfit or even a dress while still portraying confidence. Scarves can also make a chest look a little more prominent. Remember to allow flow in your choice of clothing, ignore sizing, because we all know how screwed up women’s sizes are and it’s much better to be comfortable in a larger size than to wear a smaller size and be uncomfortable.

8. If you are a little larger, and are uncomfortable and wish to smooth out your shape, you can use high-waisted shorts and skirts to do just that.

9. If you have dysphoria about your face and you have long hair, you can add layers to your hair or add some texture such as curls to cover a little more and create a little bit of a distraction, the same way wearing patterns and accessorizing can help. Coloring your hair or even altering the color a little, like brightening a light colored hair can also have a similar effect.

10. Love yourself and have confidence with everything you wear! In the end it really doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you like it and you are comfortable. You will see yourself more than anyone else so don’t just try to impress everyone else. Any concerns about how you look are valid, but please try not to get too caught up in trying to conform to impossible standards! 

If you have any good tricks or tips please feel free to share! Everyone deserves to feel good and feel positively about themselves. You are by no means obligated to look or dress a certain way. And always try before you buy! Its horrible to get something cute and come home to wear it only to realize it makes you feel dysphoric. And be safe, it’s okay if you need to dress or present a certain way in order to protect yourself. But people’s opinion about how you should present is completely unimportant because the problem lies with them, not you.

If you would like help addressing a specific issue, feel free to send a message or an ask and we will try our best to help you find a solution that works for you. We hope this can help at least a few people to find something that can help them overcome a dysphoria!

When I was in my third year of college, a classmate who had attended a panel I was on tweeted for me to stop looking at her and that I was “no better at being a girl” than she was. While the statement was obviously a specific instance of transmisogyny against me, I couldn’t help but feel that this was something I wasn’t alone in. I reached out to several other trans women who, like me, had trouble making eye contact yet were scared of being perceived as staring. I know my brows are powerful and glare is intense, but I still have trouble merely looking directly into another person’s eyes. Trans women are perceived as inherently predatory and dangerous and cisgender women are socialized to fear our presence. Trans-exclusionary “feminists” likewise view us as possessing the male gaze, something that is unavoidable unless we are not looking at all. Many trans people did not grow up having normal relationships with others and may be awkward with eye contact. Perceiving the moments when trans women look at people as us having bad intentions is never okay. In fact, it is usually cisgender straight people who stare at us who have the bad intentions instead. By getting to know trans people instead of making judgments like these, you can help end the stigma of our very ability to interact with others.