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Get well / feel better card for a trans girl

Hi everyone. The daughter of a friend of mine has been in the hospital and is feeling pretty miserable. If any of you amazing artists out there are down to make a get well graphic to cheer up a sweet kid who’s feeling blue, her mom can print out the graphic or graphics and bring them to her! Even the simplest drawing would mean a ton. 

For people like me who can’t draw more than a stick figure, you can leave a reply to this post or reblog with a comment, and we can compile and print those out too! 

Her name is Amelia. Any encouraging words or drawings for a sweet trans girl that you can share? 

If you create an image, you can message me with the image or a link and I’ll update the post with the images.


Update: For people asking, how do I share an image?

If you create an image, you can message me with the image or a link and I’ll update the post with the images.

You can also reblog and add your image, just include some text when you reblog so I can see in the notes that there’s an image.

For text only messages you can reply or reblog with a message and I’ll see it in the notes.

Update 2: For people asking, what does she like?

I asked and her mom said she loves anime, Japanese girls, and cats!  


anonymous asked:

Do you know any good places for trans people who dont really know what to do as they start their transition..?

Hi there! There are a lot of great organizations and Tumblr’s with good tips, if you check out my trans resources tag you’ll find a bunch of them!

8 Tips for Coming Out as Non-Binary

Trans and Non-Binary Resource Masterpost

Trans Youth Support Network

TransYouth Family Allies

Here’s a masterlist from @transteens101

General resources:

Trans related terminology:

Understanding your gender identity:



Nonbinary resources:

Two Spirit:

Other Cultural Based Genders:

Transfeminine resources:

Transmasculine resources:

Coming out:

Trans mental health:

Trans advice/resource/discussion blogs and sites:

Hope that helps! Readers, free free to comment / reblog with suggestions, thanks!
Large Retail Stores: Start carrying binders for pre-operation transgender youth
Many members of the FTM transgender community face crippling gender dysphoria because of the size of their chests and the presence of female breasts. This problem is something that can be absolutely detrimental to someone's confidence and actually have a negative impact on their life, but luckily, can usually be stopped altogether by having expensive surgery. Unfortunately, not all people have the ability to pay for such surgery, which is where chest binders come in. A chest binders is a type of specially made compression shirt that reduces the appearance of female breasts but still remains safe, making daily life for these individuals bearable. The problem resides in the fact that these products are unavailable in most stores and can only be bought on specialty websites online. Kids that are in need of these products don't always have a way to purchase these things over the Internet, forcing them to participate in various methods of unsafe binding such as bandaging their chests in ace wrap or even duct tape which can cause irreversible damage to their lungs or even death. It's important for large retailers like Target, Walmart or Kohls to start carrying binders so members of the transgender youth can have the comfort and safety that they deserve and the ability to freely be themselves.

Or for pre-op any age. Or for people who don’t identify with a gender. Or for people who just want one.

Sign this petition from the Transgender Human Rights Institute: Enact Leelah’s Law to Ban Transgender Conversion Therapy

“In the pursuit of honoring Leelah’s last request we the petitioners call upon the President of the United State - Barack Obama, and the Leadership of the House and Senate to immediately seek a pathway for banning the practice known as ‘transgender conversion therapy’.  We ask that you name the bill in memory of Leelah as Leelah Alcorn’s Law and protect the lives of transgender youth. 

'Conversion therapies’ have been documented to cause great harms and in this case, Leelah’s death.  Therapists that engage in the attempt to brainwash or reverse any child’s gender identity are seriously unethical and legislation is needed to end such practices immediately. Transgender youth have one of the highest suicide rates in the nation.  We must not allow therapists to increase those rates with therapy methodologies that have been demonstrated in harming transgender youth.

All major psychological associations speak to the heart of harms that can happen to transgender youth when attempting to discriminate and change their gender identity.”

Read the full petition and sign it here. I don’t usually share petitions because there are so many of them out there, but with so much conversation happening around this story, we may have a chance at getting legislative attention, and with Obama we have a sympathetic president! 

Sign the petition to enact Leelah’s Law

To my queer friends struggling with a big decision today, share your truth at the *right* time, not just because there’s a national day for it. Be smart- you’re already honest and brave.

For those who are happily out and about, today’s a good excuse for a shindig!

(Here’s a handy infographic in case you’d forgotten how to laugh ;)


See how a supportive parent can really help transgender youth through their transitions. #TransMonth #TransAwarenessWeek

We love and support all transgender folks. If you or someone you know is feeling suicidal, call the Trevor Lifeline at 866-488-7386.

Ok I posted my jazz hands to Twitter but I wanna post here, too, because I loved I Am Jazz!! It was a great representation for the trans community, and Jazz was such a wonderful person. She’s gonna end up being a role model for a lot of folks 💗💙💗💙

im so passionate abt speaking out against transphobia tbh idk i have spent MONTHS working through internalized transphobia & homophobia to be able to be vocal abt being trans & i used to be terrified of even telling ppl.
its so important to support trans youth & vulnerable trans people so they dont have to go through that they are All so important & lovely