Day 49 of HRT: Went to uni confidently wearing the get up on the left and people showed me no issue to it. Not even weird looks. No makeup either tbh, just a bra and shirt. Also wanted to show off my new bra. Hehe. If it weren’t for my GoFundMe, I don’t think I would have been able to buy these awesome things! Today was a day of good self-love and care.

!!!PORN BLOGS DO NOT REBLOG!!! Also seedy tumblr men, stay the fuck away.

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Found this grungy old military jacket in some of my stuff and kinda liked its aesthetic? It’s too baggy though, I’d have to have the back darted or something to give it some shape.

Really though, I just wanted to show off my top from @translifeline!

I’m gonna try not to say anything bad about myself in my photos from now on… doesn’t mean I won’t think it but w/e

New Sex-positive Videos Showcase Transgender Health Issues
Two new videos empower transgender people to make safer sexual decisions.

Project Inform and Outshine NW in Seattle have partnered to produce two sex-positive videos about transgender sexual health issues. The videos were written, directed, facilitated and performed by transgender community members. The first video follows a trans man as he meets someone from an online hookup app, and the second video follows a trans woman who decides to take PrEP and spends the night with a new partner. Check them out!

URGENT: Help Me Escape My Abusive Family

Hi, I’m Audrey. I’m a 21 year old mentally ill, autistic trans woman living in central New Jersey. One year ago I had a massive breakdown from dysphoria and stress, and after a brief hospitalization, was force to move back in with my parents when they refused to let me live any more in their second property. For the past year I’ve been forced to live in subpar conditions, with a “bedroom” that is nothing more than a five foot wide dining room with sheets over the doorways. I have very little personal storage space, almost no clothes (I have about three outfits, maybe four if I’m really being generous), still not a single bra after a year of hormones (I’m a decently endowed girl too; I’m wearing a tattered bra cami under my shirt in that pic)— Honestly the only thing I do have is an agreement for my father to pay for my hormones, and even that is constantly in jeopardy. Due to these living conditions, I also have close to zero privacy and am frequently overstimulated by constant TV noise day and night.

I am constantly subjected to deadnaming, misgendering, body shaming, and sometimes complete invalidation of both my sexuality and gender. I am frequently threatened with homelessness, physical violence, and while writing this post I was multiply threatened with institutionalization. My stress is so high on a constant basis that I have little to no memory retention, non-verbal periods, frequent dissociative episodes, and what energy that isn’t spent on scrounging for food or stimming to keep some stability is burned sobbing in bed and trying to avoid self-harm or suicide. I’m not happy that those aversions have become a daily struggle.

I need to get out. NOW. It’s been made clear by my parents’ actions that I’m no longer wanted here, and by my guess I have until May to leave. That’s less than a month. I have some friends who’ve offered to help me with money, but I still need more plus somewhere to live, if even temporarily while I find somewhere else to live long-term.

I need your help. If you would like to donate money, please follow this link (https://www.youcaring.com/audrey-eisenherz-549179). Even a dollar will help. If you don’t want to use YouCaring, you can also send me money through Google Wallet @ toa4461(at)gmail(dot)com.

If you want to offer me housing, please contact me through Tumblr Messenger, Skype username omnuspowered, Line messenger name Blitzfrau, or email me directly @ toa4461(at)gmail(dot)com. While I have a very slight preference to stay in an area where I can still access my endocrinologist through reasonable-distance travel (Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia, PA) I’m open to any offer regardless of location.

If you can offer neither, please, PLEASE signal boost this. I need to get to safety, and I can only do that with the help of others.