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BOOKS I READ IN 2016: Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee

What makes you think I want to keep doing that? I want to be my own person, be liked for who I am, not just for copying you!

Don’t you dare say that my sexuality doesn’t exist. It took me a long ass time to find it and to finally understand it. So don’t you dare come here and try to make me smaller by telling me that my sexuality is bullshit

The same with my gender.

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So here is a short film I made in response to #LGBTFansDeserveBetter it’s about an LGBT+ disabled couple and superheroes. Please reblog this, seriously! It is the culmination of two months of effort and it means a lot to me to get this positive representation out there. Please check it out, or at least spread the word!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Stonewall riots recently and how the leaders of that movement were some serious real life superheroes. So, I drew Sylvia Riviera, Marsha P Johnson, and Miss Major Griffin-Gracy fighting for justice!

It's 4am just ignore me my brains going wild

Know what I need?

A teen(16-17) trans!boy superhero. And like, he has some cool ass superpower. Like maybe he’s a painter and gets in some kind of crazy accident and now has paint-involved superpowers!! (Bonus points if he’s Bi or Pan)

Also, he has a 13-14 year old little Non-binary sibling who’s his sidekick. Little sib is like real tiny but has rad superstrength + their skin is like, rock hard.

They fight crime, especially the homophobic/transphobic/racist/etc kind.

And they teach lessons about sexuality, race and gender(+etc) and how you shouldn’t be jerks and should be more accepting of people because they are all human- Well maybe not that one Genderfluid alien they work with sometimes but hey the alien still has feelings.



… feeling insecure, because holy fuck you and your OCs are amazing. For real. I wrote novels for years. Creating characters from scratch is HARD, and yet you’re out here doing it flawlessly, bringing a magnificent soul to life with just your own imagination.

Amazing skill and talent aside, you’re brave as hell. To create and put it out there for the world to observe takes guts. And for all my bravado, I am not that brave. OCs I’d love to try out in the RP community - including a trans superhero I hold dear to me - remain in their little homes because I’m too afraid to put them out there.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is: if you RP an OC you brought to life - you are so brave and so talented and so goddamn creative. I’m sorry you don’t get the love you deserve.

We’ll get the elitism to stop. Until then, just keep being awesome. You and your OC are appreciated and loved.

i just want stories about trans people that dont revolve around their transition. i want trans superheroes. i want trans kids fighting against their corrupt government. i want trans people just living their fucking lives and be shown as so much more than their transition.

Reasons to read MHA:
-canon trans man. It isn’t a joke, it isn’t some major plot point. Just a trans superhero.
- almost no fan service. The most you’ll get is Mineta making a perverted comment, but that’s frowned upon by most characters.
-implied autistic characters. None are confirmed yet (that I know of) but much of the cast is coded
-Over coming depression and anxiety character arcs
-Implied gay relationship. Once again, not confirmed yet, but with the direction the manga has been going, it’s more than just queer baiting tbh.
-Coolio character designs and abilities
-Speaks of parental abuse, the fear of becoming your abuser, and the acceptance of your past and that you are not who raised you.
-Speaks of PTSD, and unlike media such as Iron Man 3, it’s relevant for the rest of the manga.
-Speaks of the fear of aging and loosing yourself
-Very hopeful tones!! As you can see, the manga is so much about overcoming obstacles and growing as a person.
-Positive representation of mentally ill youth and LGBT+
- Very supportive fandom!
-Read My Hero Academia please

teen boat is canonically jewish, citing his “boat-mitzvah” as the last time he dressed formally

we can assume from the specific terminology that at age 13 teen boat presented as female, since thinking of a pun that works with the gendered term “bar mitzvah” is simple enough that any supposed error can ipso facto be taken as intentional; additionally, teen boat clearly chose his own name, given that any adult who named their infant son “teen boat” would not be able to make it through 14 years or more of childrearing without being investigated by child protective services

teen boat is the trans jewish superhero we have all been waiting for, my friends


Demiboy Gerard during revenge era who makes short comics and posts them on the mcr twitter once a week or so. All the comics involve trans superheros and villians. Sometimes, he’ll revisit an old character and have their pronouns be different than the time before or maybe their cape which used to be one pride flag changed to another. Gerard even takes request for different gender identities and superpowers just so he can give the trans fans a bit more representation. When asked why he’s being cisphobic by never having cis people in his comics he just replies by saying “why dont you read the other billions of comics where the only characters are cis” and things like circling a random faceless background character and saying “this one’s cis”

this is so brilliant i love sassy ‘down with cis’ shirt-wearing trans person gerard lmao

// mikey