Androgyny is the presence of both masculinity and femininity within a person. Forget ‘androgyny’ and focus on HUMANITY!

We ALL have masculinity and femininity within ourselves!!! Society and its norms hinder this healthy dual expression, instead forcing us to suppress one and exaggerate the other depending on what we were ‘assigned’ at birth. We should be assigned nothing but HUMAN!

Love yourself and ALL its parts! Be proud to be YOU!!!

Model: Ivan Fahy

Her name was Lamia Beard.

Her name was Taja DeJesus.

Her name was Penny Proud. 

Her name was Ty Underwood.

Her name was Yazmin Vash Payne. 

it’s important that we pay tribute to Leelah and Zander, but it’s also important that we pay tribute to the five trans women of color murdered in 2015 so far. I have seen next to nothing about these women. They are just as important as Leelah or Zander. They deserve the same recognition. They deserve the same respect. Remember their names. 

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(Sometimes I don’t know how to help the folks in my life who are trans and have to put up with bigoted shit like this all the time, but I thought seeing lots of notes on this post might help at least a tiny bit.)


BREAKING NEWS - Russia is moving to ban people with “mental disorders” such as fetishism, exhibitionism, and voyeurism from driving. For some reason, they have chosen to include transgenderism among this list, under the guise that various “mental disorders” such as these are seen as a cause of road accidents.

In other words, Russia’s brutal campaign against LGBTQIA civil rights continues even further, this time targeting its trans citizens. The world’s taken notice— but when will it take action?

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TW for suicide

Dan Savage: Parents Of Trans Teen Leelah Alcorn ‘Threw Her In Front Of That Truck’

Dan Savage has extremely strong words for the parents and therapists of Leelah Alcorn, the trans teen who died by suicide after leaving a note on Tumblr.

"The suicide of Leelah Alcorn this week actually made headlines – something, sadly, that the mainstream news media too frequently ignores. Alcorn is the transgender teen who committed suicide by walking in front of a truck early Sunday morning. On her Tumblr page, she had scheduled a suicide note to post, which it did when she was no longer alive to unschedule – or postpone – it.

Alcorn also scheduled an apology post, which was published sometime after her suicide note. It was an apology to some, but not to her parents, who apparently had caused her great misery. 

"Mom and Dad: Fuck you. You can’t just control other people like that. That’s messed up," were her final words to her parents in the apology note.

Dan Savage on Twitter went on a bit of a rant, posting tweets saying Leelah’s parents should be prosecuted for her death.”

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Trans Lifeline opened up in November to provide a resource for transgender people with suicidal thoughts. In the US, the organization can be reached by phone at 877-565-8860. 

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Meet the Republican lawmaker who wants to make “being transgender” a crime 

It’s apparently not enough for some Kentucky Republicans that transgender people are discriminated against by ignorant private citizens. So one brave bigot has decided to take the fight against social progress to a dehumanizing low by imposing $2,500 fines on schools that allow transgender students to select which gender bathroom they’ll use.


CAMH (the organization that does #BellLetsTalk) is partnered with a psychologist who performs trans conversion therapy. Over 500 trans preadolescent and adolescent transgendered children have been treated by the doctor who works there. Please do not participate in this as the money raised will continue to support trans conversion therapy. Thank you.

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This week, the New York Department of Financial Services is issuing guidance to insurance companies this week requiring them to cover all treatments related to a person’s transgender identity. This would include psychological treatment, hormone therapy, and any transition-related surgeries.

The guidance came in the form of a letter from Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D). As reported by the New York Times, the letter instructs that any policy that includes coverage for mental health conditions “may not exclude coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of gender dysphoria.”

Transgender people are regularly denied coverage through their carriers and can often not afford the treatments required to transition their bodies into alignment with their gender identities. A 2011 study found that 19 percent of transgender people lacked any health insurance, compared to 17 percent of the general population. Only 51 percent were able to obtain employer-based coverage compared to 58 percent of the general population. A majority reported wanting to have some type of surgery but had not yet, largely because they could not afford it themselves.

New York becomes the ninth state to guarantee transgender coverage in health insurance, joining states like Massachusetts, California, Vermont, and Colorado, as well as the District of Columbia. At the federal level, progress has also been made through the lifting of exclusions for transgender coverage from Medicare and the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program.

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  • Stop excluding trans men from your feminism posts 
  • Stop excluding trans women from your feminism posts 
  • Stop excluding non-binary people from your feminism posts 
  • Stop assuming someone’s gender by their appearance when you reblog something
  • Stop erasing the trans community, period

Let’s make sure you Rest In Peace, Leelah Alcorn.

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After Canada passed a bill in February making gender identity a protected class under human rights law, Sen. Don Plett proposed an amendment that would make “sex-specific” facilities, including restrooms, an exception. In response, trans rights activist Brae Carnes took matters into her own hands.

Her campaign shows exactly why “bathroom bills” are so dangerous.