9 years of differences, 4 years of testosterone, 3 different states, a handful of gender identities, names and pronouns later… I am still learning what loving myself looks like. I may not be where I wish, but thank god I’m not where I used to be. (Note 16-year-old Andrew rocking an Assembly Required shirt… If only I had known the true meaning of that.)

This tired boy needs a haircut and some sleep. Problem is there’s no time for that and my life keeps getting busier and busier. Got everything in to the insurance company today for approval of top surgery, have my driving test Thursday, and next week I start the steps to becoming a local volunteer firefighter! Talked to the Chiefs and everyone yesterday and they’re happy to have me just have to jump through all the hoops before I can go into burning buildings lol
-Elijah @badass-boytoy


‘11 Things To Never Ask A Transgender Person’ Released By BBC Free Speech

Talking about transgender issues and experiences can be tricky, unless you have the right language to talk about them.

“Things Not to Say to a Trans Person” brings together a slew of people from the United Kingdom across the gender identity spectrum to discuss frequent – and often inappropriate – questions they often get as trans individuals.

Understanding how to talk to transgender people starts with educating yourself  and this new video from BBC Free Speech is here to help. 

This Thursday (31st March) is Trans Day of Visibility

It’s that time of year again! That awesome day where trans people share their selfies and stories. It’s one of the two largest trans advocacy days, the other being Trans Day of Remembrance (20th November). That day is dedicated to mourning and solemnity, while this day is a day to celebrate being alive! Like last year, I’m not sure of the absolute official hashtag, so I’m guessing there’ll be a variety in use, such as: #tdov #transdayofvisibility #trans day of visibility #trans visibility #trans pride

This day has been recognised since 2009 and is increasing in popularity and support each year, but there’s still a long way to go in spreading the word. Visibility is something that the trans community often has to struggle for, so this is our time to step out of the shadows, take pride in who we are, and show the world that we exist and we’re here to stay.

If you are trans

This is your day. No matter your gender - whether you’re male, female, or any nonbinary gender - anyone who isn’t cis (ie. whose gender is different from the gender they were assigned at birth) can participate. This is a great opportunity to get involved in the community and be visible. If you’re comfortable, post a selfie. Share your story. This is your time to be proud of who you are! It can get hard and lonely sometimes, but there’s a whole community here who have your back.

If you are not trans

Please also get involved - don’t leave this day just up to us. Today is a day for you to support and listen to the trans community. Show us some love by reblogging some selfies and reading some stories, whether you browse through the tags listed above or stick to your mutuals. Now is a perfect opportunity to learn about our wonderful community and to look at some beautiful people. It’s a win-win, really.

Above all, I hope everyone has a fantastic TDoV! Have fun and keep it positive.

Dear trans men
You are manly enough
You are trans enough
I don’t care what you enjoy doing, what you like to wear, what surgeries you do/don’t plan to have, or what everyone else says
You know you the best

Dear trans women
You are Womanly enough
You are trans enough
I don’t care what you enjoy doing, what you like to wear, what surgeries you do/don’t plan to have, or what everyone else says
You know you the best

Dear gender fluid /non binary people
You are awesome
You are valid
You have a right to be respected
You have a right to be happy
You know you best