Nate (THEY/THEM)During my 17 years of being alive i’ve struggled with my identity. I didn’t think of myself as a boy for the longest time but i still couldn’t consider myself a girl either. I’ve come to the conclusion of being non-binary. One day i broke down in tears after being screamed at by strangers. Luckily this was in front of my dad. I thought he would be angry with me but he wasnt. He picked me up and held me in his arms and told me “I don’t care what you consider yourself, you’re still a princess and no one treats a princess that way”


                                                Pride Ga(y)laxies!

“The stars are many and varied. Some we know very well, some we are just discovering. But they are all wonderful.” quote by shimozu

Gay Pride (used the pastel flag)

Bi Pride

Pan Pride

Trans Pride

Genderfluid Pride

Non-Binary Pride

I had a lot of fun making these! And if you don’t see your galaxy up there yet don’t worry! I’ve got a ton of batches to go!