trans people are biological too

A cisgender woman may hate her vagina because of the expectations of what genitalia is supposed to look like. A cisgender woman may hate her breasts because of how big or small they are, and the sexism she faces because of them. A cisgender woman may hate her menstrual periods because periods are painful and inconvenient.

A DFAB trans person is uncomfortable with and/or hates these things because they don’t match with the sex they’re supposed to be. They remind them of their birth sex and give people useless excuses to dehumanize and invalidate them.

Stop telling DFAB trans people, “Well everyone has issues with [x female sex trait]. It doesn’t mean you’re trans.” You are clearly ignorant if you say anything like that. Sex dysphoria is caused by and is something entirely different than what you are describing.

stargalaxy  asked:

I came across your blog and I was just wondering what your opinions are on all the trans rights issues that have been a huge thing lately ??

I think that trans people should use the bathroom of their biological gender. It’s far too easy for a pedophile to dress up as a woman and take pictures of a little girl in a bathroom.